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“United Would Never Sign A Player Like Balotelli”

Just like with Carlos Tevez at Manchester City, Mario Balotelli’s fall from grace has been fairly dramatic. After being hailed as a hero and a legend, City fans quickly became tired of his antics after his selfishness at the Emirates on Sunday helped end their hopes of winning the league.

Speaking to Dutch magazine Voetbal International, first-team coach Rene Muelensteen has claimed that Sir Alex Ferguson would never sign a destructive player like Balotelli.

“Manchester City don’t have a well-balanced team,” said Muelensteen. “They only have individuals who play for themselves. You can see that they lack the right team spirit. There’s no chance of Balotelli playing for Manchester United – a player who gets up to the sort of antics he does has no place at our club. I don’t believe Sir Alex would sign a player like Balotelli. We shouldn’t get in people like him – they only bring about frustration.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. MG says:



    You’re stuck then Cedars can see it just fine :lol:

    Cedars issa no read latest Mancini phone a friend above? :lol:

  2. MG says:


    I have an idea – Google Hayley McQueen dressed as Batwoman


  3. CedarsDevil says:


    I certainly did, issa funny s fuck

  4. parth_312 says:

    @The Left Bank ..

    Super Post mate. Couldn’t agree more. We need a magician, and maybe we have been spoiled by the likes of Cantona and ronaldo. Bang on about the rest, too.

  5. TonyBee says:

    I say Holmes did you say you were in Worcester…..

    cos I is just down the M5 about twenty minutes from you …..

  6. Mikekelly12 says:

    Whole heartedly agree pal. I just worry and I know I shouldn’t as it, as you say, won’t affect the outcome. I will try harder in future to stay positive. After all, win it or loose it, I’m never gonna stop supporting United so what the fuck is all the fuss about. Come on UNITED. Get stuck in!!!

  7. CedarsDevil says:


    I’ve had my doubts about you mate, you should either grow a pair or simply opt for wearing a bra!

    ha ha ha

  8. Clint-Iamyourpapii says:


    Is this it pal?

    If it is Oooh Mama, thats my Batgirl !
    Whenever I’m feeling slightly Batty….”Sweets cans of Mary, To do the Batmobile, Batgirl ! ”


  9. Mikekelly12 says:

    As the boys will testify, I always turn up to Old Trafford in my Victorias Secrets 2 piece lingire set!! I where crotchless so my plums can breath!!

  10. CedarsDevil says:


    Trying very hard not to picture that image! ha ha ha

  11. Clint-Iamyourpapii says:

    I really hope Everton beat Liverpool. David Moyes deserves it after the effort he’s gone to with Everton to keep them afloat, Like SAF he controls everything at that club which is respectable and great to see he’s been there so long and maintained their quality. Guys like Jelavic,Osman, Cahill can hopefully get a few goals in. Those lads deserve it too. With Guys like Tim Howard,Phil Neville, Darron Gibson….i’m a Everton fan for this tie.

    Also if they win, they’ll have one eye on the FA cup final and might ignore the United match and rest players or be distracted.


  12. kanchelskis says:


    Totally agree. I’m siding with Everton for far more reasons than just that they are playing Liverpool. They’ve always loved the competition and have embraced it as their only real chance of silverware they can hope for in their current financial situation. If you can forgive them for ’95 and also for dumping us out unfairly a couple of years ago (Welbeck pen not given, Berba’s epic fail in the shootout), then you can get right behind them, as I will be!

    Their team is better than Liverpool’s, and they’ve played with more passion and willingness than the shower from the other side of Stanley Park.

    But we know what Liverpool are like. They somehow ‘turn up’ for big games like this, meaning they get lucky and bumble their way through. I really hope they don’t this time. Want Everton to do them for a change.

    After extra time and lot of injuries, that is ;-)

  13. Clint-Iamyourpapii says:

    I have suspicions SAF is plotting a bid for Modric.

    He has been pushing Arry strangely for the England job repeatedly in the past and has pressured the FA to quickly appoint him as he’s the “best around”.

    I reckon SAF is trying destabilise Spurs so players are unsettled & feel betrayed and isolated plus there is one less obstacle to get past, as everyone knows, Daniel Levy is one tight arse business man, he aims to triple profits on players and can squeeze milk out the of flattest tits around.

    Say if Arry leaves, it leaves players on the brink. Spurs potentially won’t make the Top 4 looking at their run in, will their players hang around for a 2nd season without Champions league football?
    One of the trio of Luka,Bale and Van Der Vaart will escape them for sure.

    Its just a theory, but I reckon SAF has already thought of this and is secretly hoping all goes to plan. However the flaw in it is that Chelsea might come in for Modric again and then it becomes a transfer tug of war which Levy will relish and Chelsea will win it because we won’t get involved and Modric will choose and london+cash.

    Anyway, its theory as I say again. But Imagine Tottenham win the FA CUP. This will excite England into giving Harry the Job and then the chain of reaction sets off as my theory suggests. Modric is not a player that excites me or has me craving him, but I do know he is a great passer, plays the centre mid role fantastically, he’s feisty too and 26 years old. He’s good player that would suit United’s 4-4-2 but the only problems are, is the fella worth the £35m-45m he’ll be tagged with. If I was desperate, I would pay £30m tops but I don’t know SAF could surprise us all.

  14. wayne says:

    Mike i like to bet horses so i’ve been through the supersitious rituals also following Utd,lucky shirt etc but over the years realized there isn’t such a thing.My Mum was so supersitious,never walk under a ladder,don’t put a umbrella up in the house,never say pig in the house,spill salt throw some over the right or left shoulder etc.My Mum would always buy trinkets from Gypsies who came to the door so she didn’t get cursed but that’s like Friday 13th for most people it’s just another day but for those who believe it’s a unlucky day if anything bad happens that’s the reason although even if they’d had a worse day on Thursday the 12th wouldn’t even think about that day as being bad luck.
    Utd would have to have a complete meltdown not to win and if it happens so be it but it’s better for the players to feel the fans are loose and positive than OT being tension filled because the fans are worried.I wasn’t surprised by the result against Wigan the team had been on a great run of form so were due a bad game and Wigan aren’t that bad and are battling hard yet some of the the post match comments on Rom just left me shaking my head
    End of the day Utd are 5pts clear with 5 games left it’s a fucking great position to be in we are UTD let’s get behind the lads and finish the job,by the way my first post wasn’t directed at you there is a lot of lads who are supersitious on here,to outsiders would come across as a lack of belief and that’s not the club or the fans.

  15. Phil Jones shagged Max's mum! says:

    DDG, Rafael Rio Smalling Evra, Valencia Carrick Scholes Nani, Rooney Welbeck. Thinking Smalling and Nani need a game. Let the ginger prince do his stuff for 70, 75 minutes, then give Clevs a run out. I expect United to go at Villa from the start. All about getting that early goal. Villa’s confidence is shot to pieces. Score early, and they could collapse. 3 0 United.

  16. Clint-Iamyourpapii says:


    Forgiven & Forgotten it is….can’t dwell on referring decision for too long :D
    I support anyone but the Bitters when the Dippers are concerned !


  17. Clint-Iamyourpapii says:

    Agree with ya, Phil jones’s ….mum

  18. wayne says:

    if this has already been posted sorry Sir Alex putting everything in perspective

  19. Giles Oakley says:

    Jeet, that was one of the best posts I’ve seen here, eye-opening, evocative, emotional, great story-telling, great sense of time and history, it read like a short-story. More of the same please, as I know nothing about football in the Sub-Continent.

    Samuel, absolutely right about Stephen Ireland. Hope it’s not one of his good days, or we’re in trouble!

  20. Max says:

    @ phil jones…..where’s Phil Jones in your lineup if u back + support the lad so much ha?? Piss taker aren’t u ya bellend?! And even Smalling in the lineup as well. Shock!!!! Deep down we all know Jones is not right for us. I hope he doesn’t come close to making a starting lineup for these 5 games left. LIABILITY!!!!!

  21. Phil Jones shagged Max's mum! says:

    :D Got her rattled!

  22. wayne says:

    Fuckwit alert,Fuckwit alert

  23. kanchelskis says:


    Young, Cleverley, Fabio, Giggs and Berbatov aren’t in it either. They’re all probably shite too, aren’t they?


  24. kanchelskis says:

    And Hernandez. Also shite and a liablity.

  25. Max says:

    @ Phil Jones…. Ye its all very well predicting a 3-0 win u bellend! BUT HOW MANY TIMES HAS THAT HAPPENED THIS SEASON AND THINGS DONT GO THE WAY WE WANTED IT TO. Football doesn’t work like that and u should know that by now. We all thought we’d win comfortably against Wigan the other night…same can be said about when we played B-Burn @ home. Get a bloody grip for christ sakes! People need to STOP these bloody predictions already!!!!! Its 1 thing to predict a drubbing and to actually go out there and score 3 goals and keep a clean sheet. If only football was that easy…..

  26. kanchelskis says:

    Max says:

    same can be said about when we played B-Burn @ home.

    Strangely, I don’t think Fergie’s planning to drop Rooney, put Carrick at the back and play Park and Rafael in CM tomorrow. Just a hunch.

  27. Costas says:

    Ha. Maxine is upset. Someone get her a tampon.

  28. CedarsDevil says:


    Thanks for that

  29. BombsOverEmptyhad says:

    jones needs to fucking improve.
    he’s had a few games, then injured himself, then he’s been terrible.
    and yeah, when i say ‘injured himself’ i really mean that as his tackling is atrocious and bad for his health, more so than the opposition player he’s trying to disposes.
    but jones out?
    thats ridiculous, he’ll be a legend

  30. wayne says:

    I perdict it’ll be 3-0 by halftime Villa are fucking rubbish,should make the bet Rooney will score first always a solid choice,wonder what the odds are on a Rooney hattrick after getting yanked the other night should be chomping at the bit

  31. CedarsDevil says:


    Villa are not rubbish mate, after all they got a point at Anfield

  32. Max says:

    All those lads mentioned are world class! I love each and every1 of them! Hernandez is class and his class will shine through. He’ll score a couple vital goals in the run in mark my words. If we can just get the right delivery and service to the lad in the box, the goals will come there’s no doubt about that. We need to start crossing and getting the ball into the box + creating goal scoring opportunities. That’s what its all about. We’ve missed Nani big time! He’s one of my favorite players no matter how frustrating he can be some days. He’s world class and his delivery is simply top drawer. Young will also have a big role to play with 5 more games to go. I believe thw lad has what it takes to be a success @ United! He’s had a great first season for us and he’ll only get better. I have a feeling Mickey Owen might just be on the bench tomorrow instead of Berbatov and its a real shame too but the Bulgarian seems to be on his way of OT. Its a pity because he’s a top top player and I’ve really enjoyed watching the lad over the last couple years. He oozes class and has scored some lovely goals over the seasons. It just looks like his time is up. Football can be a cruel game @ times and this is one of them. Top scorer last season and hardly sniffing a place this season. Credit to him though. He’s behaved like a true gent and got on with it the best way he could. I’ll miss the lad. That goal against B-Burn at OT last season was simply incredible. The buildup to it was out of this world. How he set it up inside our own half with Paddy Evra…….wow what a goal. Will never forget it. He’s given us some great moments and for me in my opinion he’s a United Legend! I wish him all the best. Top player! Top man! Top pro!

    Fabio is quality! I love watching the lad. He started against Barca in the CL final! How unbelievable is that! He’s got a big future @ Utd. He’s like his bro Rafael, quick, ferocious, driven, determined, fearless and can play with both feet as well as playing on the left or right. He was superb against Everton in the Reserves the other day. Its just ridiculous that this Joners fella has come in with this massive price tag and label and he’s forced a lot of our youngsters out of the reckoning and places in the team. I wasn’t happy when we signed Jones caus I knew this was gonna happen and so it has. A lad starts a champions league final against BARCELONA and now finds himself playing reserve team football all because of one man with a massive price tag and label has come In and disturbed the works at our club! Its all very well buying for the future BUT the problem with buying Jones it that we already had players for the future at the club in place. Smalling, rafa, evans, fabio and lads like Mike Keane, Michele Fornasiser, Marnick Vermjl and even Scotty Wootton and Reecey Brown were waiting in the wings to try and stake a claim and force their way into the team. Imagine how fucking pissed off they must have been that United had gone out and bought Phil. Its not fair on these lads. And that’s why you’ll see in a couple of years time we won’t have any of these lads at our disposal as nobody wants to play reserve team football forever. Greed is the root of all evil. There was nothing wrong with the likes of the twins, smalling evans etc. These lads are top players! There was no need for Jones to be signed and that’s a fact! I’d love to ask Fergie why he got greedy and signed the lad? If we never had players like Smalling etc ok I would have been alright with buying jones. I just can’t understand why all of think it was a BRILLIANT move to brting jones in. And that’s all I have to say on the matter! End of Story! I’ll NEVER be a fan of Jones. He’s a liability and simply not United class. Boo hoo just caus he’s English innit ha? Do me a favor! He’s proper gash and that’s a fact! BOOM

  33. Max says:

    Ye we thought Swigan were rubbish didn’t we ha and look what happend!!! Football is a funny thing and anything can happen on a football pitch. I’ve seen it time and time again over the years! Its just a game and just because were Manchester United doesn’t mean were gona rip every team that comes to play at OT every 2 weeks. I hope we do win 3 or 4 – 0 and I hope Rooney can get a couple tomorrow and hopefully Hernandez can do the same. BUT football like any other sport has its ups and downs! U can’t win every game as it showed on Wednesday night and u can’t play well in every game. Life doesn’t fucking work like that people!!!! So get on with it and stop these fucking dumb predictions!!!! What will be will be! Life goes on!

  34. wayne says:

    Got a short attention span so don’t normally read long posts,just scanning through and cutting to the chase another negative Jones post by Maxine

  35. James21 says:

    Hissy Fits. :D

  36. Phil Jones shagged Max's mum! says:

    Swigan? :shock:

  37. wayne says:

    Fuck me do you ever leave the house in life anything can happen might get run over by a car,mind you if one stays inside could be a earthquake and the building could collaspe.What to do,what to do,nuclear bunker is always a option not much sunlight,vitamin D deficiency not good for mental health.
    So anyway could easily see the fulltime result being 5 or 6 nill.Fancy Norwich to turn over City what do you figure Max 2 or 3 nill Norwich,fucking City are cooked

  38. CedarsDevil says:

    Birth control does that to some

  39. wayne says:

    That’s what i’ll be doing at the pub later on

  40. Costas says:

    Swigan. :lol:

  41. Clint-Iamyourpapii says:

    When we lost to Swigan I was bitterly disappointed, lets just hope Jones doesn’t play against
    Aston M’Villa .


  42. MG says:


    Oh yes

    Ooh Mama :lol:



    Just 20?

    I think The famous Sherlock and his ever intriguing Watson need to meet then – cause for happiness indeed my dear Watson!


  43. MG says:


    On a serious note.

    Do not touch my girl.


    Watson which way, down south from Worcester M5 or north?

    I love it when a plan comes together :lol:

  44. Max says:

    I’d like to think Norwich can get something from the game but to be honest I just can’t see it happening. Tevez and Aguero upfront. It means goals. Norwich also have a couple goals in them with the likes of Pilkington and Holt so let’s hope they score more than city do. But I just can’t see it. I’ll be more than happy if we do our business caus its in our hands. That’s what counts for me. Won’t even be watching the city game. Can’t bare watching those bitter cunts!!!!!

  45. Saad says:


    From a Birbhum native, I gotta hand it to you. That was a beautiful piece of literature, dost! Thank you.

  46. jaschadavid says:

    Fergie would have a heart attack if he signed balotelli. (Touch Wood)

  47. Truthseeker says:

    Are we all forgetting teh lunatic that was Eric Cantona before his stint with Sheff Weds?!?!?

    Balotelli is just as young as that (lets be honest), violent, French prick who (you’d never want in your team and who) went on to become my boyhood hero, and whose name became a footballing institution by itself.

    If Fergie can tame Cantona – who actually had two fucking brain cells to rub together – then I’m sure the greatest sports psychologist that has ever lived can get something out of this arsehole. Even for a season.

    No denying, Balotelli is REALLY good – even when he doesn’t WANT to be good.

    His two goals against Sunderland (one pen) from fuck all are why city are as close to us right now, and shows that even begrudgingly he can score from nothing. Kind of like a younger Wayne Rooney (remember THAT Newcastle goal??).

    That’s is why I’d have him playing alongside Rooney. If I couldn’t get Aguero first, of course.


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