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United’s wingers under scrutiny

David Moyes will be weighing up the merits of the players in his newly inherited Manchester United squad, with some changes in personnel expected this summer. The Scot will surely want to bring in a player or two of his own, and there may well be some exits from Old Trafford over the course of the summer.

One area that Moyes will be looking to strengthen to boost Man United title odds will be on the flanks. Most United fans will agree that the likes of Nani, Ashley Young and Antonio Valencia did not have their best campaigns last season, and it is fair to say that they will be playing for their future in training this summer.

With Wilfried Zaha being added to the Red Devils’ squad this summer, the Premier League champions have another option out wide for next term. The young England star’s addition may well result in one of the other three leaving the club – but which one?

Nani has shown the United faithful glimpses of his ability, but it has been all too seldom. The Portugal international has failed to live up to the star showing of countryman Cristiano Ronaldo, and has at times looked disillusioned and uninterested. Sir Alex used Nani sparingly; Moyes will have to decide what role the unpredictable winger will have in the new United. Football betting sites indicate that Nani will have suitors should he become available this summer.

Ashley Young has been hampered by injuries, and has struggled to recapture the form that he showed immediately after joining the club from Aston Villa. The England international was also blighted by claims of diving last season, and looked to lose confidence. Young can play on either flank, and as a second attacker if needed. This versatility is in his favour, while he is also the most incisive when coming off the flank.

Antonio Valenica’s fall from grace has been startling – the Ecuadorian wideman has went from United’s player of the season to one of the only under-performing players. The South American’s ball control has been awry at times over the last 12 months, while his ability to beat a defender and cross has also waned.

At their best, all three are worthy of a place in the United squad and can be real assets for Moyes. The problem is that none of them have been anywhere near their best of late, and as such the new manager must assess their merits and worth to the club.



  1. Phillip Kotler says:

    United are in dangerous position, the premier league has lost it’s front cover star and someone will replace him and it has to be Moyes.
    Mourinho will drag Chelsea into the title race. He’ll go big and sign a great midfielder for Ramires to partner, he’ll buy a Cavani or Lewandowski. He might even try and bring Robben/Di Maria or Coentrao..
    City have the quality to contend with anyone with a semi decent manager to get the best out of Silva, Garcia, Nasri, Dzeko,Tevez,Rodwell who all flopped last season

    Imagine United to be a Car, I expect us to be missing something expectedly after Ferguson retiring. Metaphorically speaking, we will lack nothing materially or visibly but we will no longer have a 5 star Mechanic (Fergie).

    I think Moyes needs to unveiled on July 1 with 2/3 signing to show intent on the New Era.
    We need world class players coming in that show We are not letting up.
    That we are not going away or that we won’t be giving anyone an easy ride.
    I want signings to be made that announce Manchester United “FAVORITES TO WIN THE TITLE”

    We have to go big, Chelsea shouldnt be favorites, we need RVP type deals to scare the media, Jose, the haters and City off.

    Bale should be a target, the PL’s finest has always been within our sights history,we shouldnt let up.
    Fellaini,or Baines,
    Thiago or Strootman Or Modric.

  2. wayne says:

    just like Pep going to Bayern,no fucking way on this earth the current manager should be getting removed it’s absolutely fucking disgusting but Pep is the ‘name’ manager
    BOHICA, bend over here it comes again,everyone jack’s off to Bayern and the German league,Bayern are fucking ruthless, horrible,bullies to the highest degree.Get rid of a top manager because he’s not cool enough,any German team that ends up getting half decent players Bayern just buy them to eliminate the threat because no other team can match their resources.
    Why the fuck is their a love fest with the fucking German league,there’s Bayern Munich and no one else what makes that such a great league.Please don’t say look at Dortmund that team was a fluke now all the players are being sold.The German league is laughable in regards to it being competitive,just getting back to the hype m/c and sheep mentality that rules our society

  3. wayne says:

    Fuck Bale he’s had a career year i’ll bet anyone he goes backwards next year.If Spurs were smart they’d get rid while the hype is in overdrive.If Madrid really want to pay 80 mill,Spurs would be fucking retarded to turn that down ,one footed wonder with ltd skill set

  4. Phillip Kotler says:

    Wayne –

    Good players improve, Ronaldo scored 23 in 2006/07, then 40′s, then 27 in 09.
    Messi hit the 35+ mark in 2009 and never looked back.
    RVP finally improved his fitness and scored back to back 25+ goal season playing fully fit.
    Footballer peak at different times and Bale is beginning to peak now and at a much smaller team. Ronaldo was trick pony and nobody remembers saying he was finished in 2005. Messi was injury prone or too little for the middle. RVP was too injury prone to ever fulfill his potential. It would be a mistake to something like that for an electric player like Gareth Bale.
    Imagine how he would do at a stronger team like United,City,Real where they are more than 1 threat in the starting XI.

    He burned Rio and Co for Pace at OT. He can now play down the middle scoring against the likes of United, Arsenal, City this season. He has scored countless long range shots cutting in from the right hand side. He scored plenty individually crafted goal and can cross down the left wing like no other.
    Bale has better free kicks than Ronaldo or Messi in my opinion, very precise and placed unlike Ronaldo who toe-punts and hopes for the best and scores 1 in 5/6.

    Bale,Suarez, RVP are the top bracket in the PL.I’d say Aguero aswell.
    Then its Mata,Hazard,Rooney,Cazorla,Kagawa,Silva,Yaya, Dembele.

    Bale is a Manchester United-esque transfer target if the past is still relevant, we signed Andy Cole,Teddy, Yorke. Cantona,Rooney,Rio, Carrick, Van Der Sar.

    The price tag should not scare us, in modern times prices inflate, hell we can afford it.
    Bale at £45-50m wouldn’t hurt any big clubs pockets, its like saying Ronaldo or Messi are not worth 80m.

    The pro’s outweigh con’s, we need to sign up the premier leagues best like we did last summer.

  5. mara says:

    @IDWT 11:15
    SPOT ON! Kagawa came here becauase he wanted that, he would come for free. Glazers are our biggest problem. They want every world class player for free. Our squad need very serious reinforcement. You all will see how good SAF was when Moyes takes the lead. He took more from this squad then they can offer. You will see that, but lets hope i m wrong. No one can have more success with this squad than SAF. Every other manager will need more money for the players. Galzers get use to invest almost nothing and get everything. I hope that aint gonna work any more, even if we finish 5th or 6th on the end of the season.
    FletchTHEMAN we played like shit against Scothland. We always mess things up at the end. It is in our bood. We are team for big games. Small game and we loose.

  6. wayne says:

    Phillip people’s opinions mate i seriously don’t know how anyone can put Bale even close to Ronnie.Most players are going to burn Rio for pace if the there’s a space to run into,to even mention that on how good Bale is is just silly.Utd got overrun the first half against Spurs the whole Spurs team looked like world beaters because players weren’t being picked up,Utd were fucking horrible the first half
    Just don’t rate him as high as the hype m/c,he’s quick strong and one footed,very useful player but on Ronnie’s level not a fucking chance.No price tag scares me mate not my money,do i think Bale is worth 50 mill,no and don’t even think Spurs will sell him for that.How many long distance goals has he scored against good teams? he is so fucking predictable can only go one way can’t cut back onto his right foot,bangs in long distance goals against the likes of West Ham and Wigan when defenders are letting him cut in and giving him the room to get a shot off.Any quality defender would have that for breakfast every day of the week.
    Think if you check out Bale’s stats he has his great games games against weaker opposition

  7. wayne says:

    mara Utd’s transfer spending has doubled under the Glazer’s so what are you going on about?,the squad doesn’t need serous reinforcements needs a couple of players,Utd will finish 5th or 6th,yeah ok mate.Utd have never spent a lot of money on rent boys NEVER so what are you rambling on about,not making any sense

  8. Phillip Kotler says:

    Im not saying Bale is on par with them because nobody is.
    I’m sure people said the same thing about Ron when he was having his first good season “He can’t score against the likes of Arsenal,Liverpool,Chelsea”If memories serve me right, he barely scored against them or a rubbish Man City. Apart from Penalties and Free kicks, I can’t remember more than two !

    Moving away from Bale. I think United should be signing the very best. We have open spaces in our squad and spots that need refreshing/filling in.

    Left Back – Evra has 1/2 season left in him top….what about Baines? Coentrao possibly cut price?
    Midfielld – Carrick needs a partner ! – Strootman,Modric,Thiago,Gundogan,Fellaini, Vidal. Two would be great.
    Winger – I have no confidence in Valencia + Young. Zaha is young and Giggs is too old. Nani could do with a replacement.

    Moyes needs 3 signing with him on the opening day of the season, a message needs to be sent to anyone that thinks the dynasty is collapsing.

  9. King Eric says:

    Wayne. Spot on as usual mate. Fucking Pellegrini will no doubt struggle in Premier league. He is a joke of an appointment. No mark cunt. Typical city, joke club buying sixtymillion of rent boys despite having no manager. I wouldn’t bother with mara pal, never got a fucking good word to say on United.

  10. King Eric says:

    Wayne. Ha football geeks jumping on bandwagon. Like sheep. Quality, So true.

    Fletch. Yeah mate respect for Phil Neville. Loved at United, won the lot, went to Everton and they love him. Their adopted Scouser ha. Great pro and sound bloke.

  11. King Eric says:

    Yeah the hype of German football is boring. Like you say Wayne what competition is there when Bayern cherry pick from their rivals. Piss take. It was Spanish footy being wanked over, now it’s German. Pound to a penny there won’t be two German sides in final next season.

  12. King Eric says:

    “serious reinforcements” Does it bollocks just needs couple of quality additions.

  13. Phillip Kotler says:

    Too right, it will be an all Manchester affair. :D

  14. FletchTHEMAN says:

    David Beckham linked with Manchester United Ambassador role according to the Mirror

    Seems a strange way to say please?!

  15. wayne says:

    King Eric hi mate just the way it is,every year Bayern can make the CL number 1 propriety because the league is that weak,be nice if Utd could rest key players every game before CL and still win easy.Put any of the so called European super teams in the prem were it’s competition every week be a different matter for all of them
    This year think Dortmund knew probably wouldn’t have the same players for very long and made the CL priority so Bayern win the league by 25pts,then trigger Gotze’s release cause before the final and low and behold Dortmund’s key player get’s injured.I’d bet any money won’t be 2 German teams in the final next year the only good thing about the German is ticket prices but to hold it up as a model for every other country in terms of competition and quality i just shake my head,don’t fucking get it one bit

  16. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Manuel Pellegrini?!

    What’s he won! A couple of cups and the Argie league with one of their powerhouses. How hard can it be eh? Rumor is he has really been brought in because he is a disciplinarian.
    City needing some tough love according to the owners.

    Hope it’s years before they get it right ;) Hope the sheiks get bored and piss off by then.

  17. wayne says:

    Phillip i rate Baines but don’t think left back is a priority,Evra had his best season in 3 last year and i was impressed with Buttner considering it was his first season plus if Fabio comes back Evans can play left back,don’t think Utd really need anymore defenders.Utd need to make midfield signings but by all accounts Powell and Januzaj are the real deal so have to take that into account when deciding how many to bring in.We disagree on the wingers i rate Tony V very highly and think Young has had a raw deal with the fans been unlucky to have had a series of injuries this season and end of last ,not bothered about Nani either way not a huge fan for many reasons but if he stays i’ll support him if he goes won’t lose any sleep

  18. United till I die says:

    @ wayne

    Agree with you on Evra still being up for the job for another season and Buttner is a solid replacement if necessary. We have a good bunch of defenders with Evans, Jones and Smalling all being able to play 3 of the 4 defensive positions if the need arises.

    I’d like to see Nani stay but at this point it’s not looking good. Valencia had a poor season by his standards and I’m hoping he will bounce back this year. I definitely wouldn’t get rid of him after one down year. If Anderson gets the benefit of the doubt for 4-5 years the players like Valencia should get the same.

    Personally for me Young is a squad player and if someone came in with a good offer I’d consider taking it especially if Nani ends up staying. I haven’t seen much of Powell or Januzaj so can’t really comment on them but if we can bring in 1-2 players that compliment Carrick and Cleverly in midfield ill be quietly confident at the start of the season.

  19. Sparkz says:

    Bale – nowhere near Ronaldo’s level but how many players are? He’s a terrific player in his own right though, I’d have him at Utd in a heartbeat. And as for him only doing the business against the weaker sides…if memory serves me correct, he scored and assisted against us, City and Arsenal last season. No more predictable or one footed than Young or Valencia and a lot more productive/flexible.

    People hype up the German league more on their financial structure. Low debt by all accounts…fan ownership….cheap tickets. The football isn’t very competitive tbh (though Bayern have only won 2 in the last 5 years….Wolfsburg won it in 09, Dortmund won it in 2011 and 2012)

    Also you can’t criticise Bayern, they’re doing pretty much what we were until the oil money rolled in. Go back a few years and we were by far the financial monsters in the Premier League, nobody could compete with that. Used to be able to buy top players from other Premier League sides like Keane, Cole, Yorke, Teddy. And just like us…Bayern dont rely on a sugar daddy, they earn their own money. A lot to be respected, and we as Utd fans can’t criticise them, they’re our German equivalent.

  20. Phillip Kotler says:

    Theres nothing wrong with cherry picking talent, all the top sides do it.
    I think we should be taking Bale of Spurs’s hand to be honest.
    Its not as if we’ll get Suarez,Mata or Yaya Toure.
    The same goes for Baines, we should be taking him before City or Chelsea come knocking.
    Even potential good players like Jack Wilshere should be targets if he becomes world class within the next few season.

    I believe we should be cherry picking the best talent, that also means Strootman or Thiago etc etc, there should be signings that show we are not letting up.

    I hope the reserve signings like this right back fom Uraguay are the last we see.
    Where is Angelo Henruquez or Rodrigo Possebon ? Signed for the reserves weren’t they?

    I dont mind the Chicharito,Bebe,Obertan,Ronaldo signings, they come with a risk but Reserve signing lI’d rather never hear about.

  21. wayne says:

    Sparkz don’t think so mate before the oil money Dippers and Gunners Utd’s main rivals how many players did Utd sign off them,never happened.Bayern poach off their main rivals year after year and no one can stop them because they have such a big advantage.Bayern make the CL priority every year not the German league,when has their dominance been challenged for a sustained period,get the odd team showing up but it never lasts because no other German teams can hold on to star players.Utd have never been huge spenders don’t know were that came from i went back to 1992 and apart from the odd big signing,Veron,Rio and Rooney never splashed out huge amounts on players and none from their main rivals whoever that might have been at the time
    Just can’t name 3 games as proof Bale performs against every team the same way,it’s in black and white majority of Bales goals and assists and when he really turns it on is against weaker opposition,that’s a statistical fact

  22. Tope99 says:

    stop saying bale isn’t on ronaldo’s level.He is 24 and ronaldo did as much as bale is doing when he was 24.No one expects bale to be scoring 50 plus goals like ronnie because ronnie wasnt doing so at that age and even if he did Bale is still going to improve as a player and he will be the second best winger in Europe.At this moment yes he isnt on ronaldo’s level but 50million aint a lot for his talent

  23. Sparkz says:

    Na we never used to poach off our rivals granted, but we still had huge financial advantage over everyone else. And we were still able to regularly buy players from other PL teams (until the early millenium when Fergie started looking more abroad).

    As for Bale – those were just the 3 games off the top of my head. Googled his stats for the season and there’s not much to suggest he’s a flat track bully. Utd, City, Arsenal (home AND away), Liverpool – he’s basically done it against all the big teams bar Chelsea. And that’s just this season, haven’t looked at his stats for previous years. Granted he’s got a lot of goals against the weaker teams as well – but that’s coz there’s about 14 “weak” teams in the Premier League and only 5 or 6 strong sides. Pretty much every top player scores the majority of their goals against weak sides coz you play against them more often lol.

    I think if he was a Utd player we’d all be raving about him, he’s bloody brilliant. Almost single handedly been winning games for Spurs at times. I know the media in this country love a bit of hype, but now it’s got to the stage where anyone they hype up automatically becomes overrated – and that’s not the case.

  24. wayne says:

    Tope99 lol maybe you should check Ronnie’s stats,Ronnie is 28 and left Utd in 2009 so unless i’m mistaken was 24 when he left Utd,erm just done a little more than what Bale has achieved to this point.Like i said mate Bale isn’t even fucking close to being Ronnie so i won’t stop saying it because it’s a fucking insult to Ronnie when Bale is compared to him.

  25. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Lok Gareth Bale is abaolutely NOT on Ronaldo’s level. This has nothing to do with fucking bias. That is just completely fucking ludicrous. Youre comparing bale to a man who now routinely scores 45 plus goals every season? You fucking serious? If not for the freak that is messi, Ronny would have the last four Ballon d’ors. When I see people do this, it is an insult to the footballing monster that is Ronaldo. Bale is a good player but is not on Ronaldo’s level. Bale is not even the best player in the fucking league. Its like me saying Mata is as good as Messi. What a fucking joke. I dont care what Bale is doing at Spurs, it still is nowhere near what ronaldo did at United and that wasn’t even his peak. Please stop.

  26. wayne says:

    Sparkz ok the players you mentioned Keane less than 4 mill,Cole 6 mill,Sheringham 31/2 mill,Yorke was 12 mill.Utd have always been constrained to a large degree by having shareholders.It really is a myth Utd used to bully teams and buy all the best players,it just never really happened.Mainly a combination of smart buys and quality lads coming through the system.In the 13 seasons leading up to the takeover Utd ave 18mill per year in transfers,Rio 30 mill,Rooney 28 mill and Veron 18 mill were only the 3 huge signings since Glazers Utd ave about 36 mill per year it’s doubled.
    We’ll agree to disagree about Bale i just don’t see him as world class and don’t get the comparisons to Ronnie,different league imo.He’s a good footballer but not a cut above most quality players who’d fetch 30 to 40 mill range not 60 or 80 mill that’s mental imo.

  27. wayne says:

    sorry Veron was 28 mill think we sold him for 18mill

  28. Sparkz says:

    Obviously saying Bale is on Ronaldo’s level is a joke. But tbh, if we’re only looking for wingers that are on his level then we’ll be waiting a very long time! He’s one of the best in the League, and at his age is only gonna get better. People saying he’s overrated etc are just talking rubbish IMO…as I said, if it was a Utd player performing like he did this season, not one single person here would even think about calling him overrated. (I also think he’s the best British talent to emerge since Rooney in 04, although a fully fit Wilshere could have something to say about that)

    @Wayne – I wasn’t talking about the price tags mate. I was referring to the fact that we were streets ahead of everyone else in terms of revenue, sponsorship etc. Which meant teams found it difficult to compete with us in the transfer market. Just like German teams can’t compete with Bayern.

    Keane was one of the best centre mids in the country, and we broke the British transfer record to get him (£4m seems like nothing now but it was costly in those days). Cole was the best striker in the League, and we got him. Yorke was the second most expensive player in the country behind Shearer if I’m not mistaken. Right down to the modern day – Rio, Rooney, Tevez, Berba, RVP – we’ve regularly bought the top players from other English sides, as well as guys like Young, Berg, Teddy etc.

    I agree that we’ve never been purely about splashing out on big talent – our philosophy has always been young players (from our Academy and from other teams) + smart value buys + marquee buys. Just saying that it’s silly to criticise Bayern, people call them the Manchester Utd of German and with good reason.

  29. Wakey says:


    Are you forgetting the bids last season which consisted of
    RvP £24mill
    Kags £18mill
    Hazard £30mill
    Lucas £35mill

    Kags had already been done when Hazard was pretty much sealed to join us before Chelsea’s situation changed and they offered more wages. Even if we assume that Lucas was a direct replacement for Hazard (I’m not sure it was mind you as by all accounts that deal was in the works while the Hazard deal was still alive) in RvP and Hazard we have two players who United matched the transfer fees of City in RvP’s case and City&Chelsea in Hazards case. Thats not being cheap.

    The only place you could throw the cheap comment at is wages but that’s called being responsible rather than cheap. 50% of revenue in business is considered to be the right level to spend on wages not over 100% like city or over 80% like Chelsea. With the wage inflation caused by these clubs we are even in a situation where pretty much every club but United, Arsenal and Spurs are spending percentages on wages that year by year is pushing them closer to bankruptcy . City and Chelsea’s owners will no doubt be able to work out a way to prevent that via their own funds BUT most clubs including United don’t have that protection. Ultimatly its a privilege to play for any club with history and prestige that clubs like United have and like RvP players should be willing to fit into our wage structure for that, if they don’t and just chance the money then do we really want those mercenaries

  30. Wakey says:


    Oh and additionally the PLC had the same wage structure as the Glazers. In real terms however it wasn’t increasing anywhere like it is under the Glazers as they were less aggressive with driving revenue (including sitting back and not trying to change this when Chelsea got their money then wondering why we couldn’t get close to competing as the PLC were holding revenue back not to mention wasting an extra 20% over the norm on agent fees making every transfer more expensive than the same deal chelsea had agreed)

    Oh and they were also the masters at trying to get players cheap. Ronaldinho for example where the deal was done before United tried to know a few million off the agreed fee in an attempt to keep shareholders happier and to manage the share price

  31. wayne says:

    I just don’t see them as a German Utd mate i think they have a massive advantage and have had for years and are a bully club,don’t like them never have never will and i don’t rate the German league any better than any other league were one or two teams completely dominate the resources.Just don’t see how people can say the German league is thriving when 90% of the teams are pretty well championship quality clubs

  32. Phillip Kotler says:

    Comparing him to Ronaldo is pointless.but I see why the Bale haters do it because theres nobody really good enough out there to compare The Great Bale to :P
    Lets talk facts;

    Bale is the premier leagues best player with the best skill set at moment,
    Pace,strength, dribbling, free kicks, long range shots, and individually winning games,
    He can play left, he can do the Robben role down the Right and can play up front like he did when Defoe got injured.
    He;s scored 21 premier league goals in 33. and 26/27 overall. At the age of 23 turning 24 this July.
    In previous seasons he scored 12 and 11, so he finally beat the 20 mark.
    He won PFA player of the year and footballers writers award.

    All this at 5th place Tottenham Hotspurs.If this was being done at United, we would be singing Viva Bale and Bale will tear you apart etc etc.

    Hes scored 49 in 127 in the last 3 seasons
    Chicharito has 50 in 117 in the last 3 seasons.

    Ones a sub earning his place and the other a Winger that is developing into a goalscorer.
    You wouldn’t compare Chicha to say Raul would you now?

  33. kel says:


  34. Wakey says:


    Nothing to do with the PL or Fergie (and the other managers) imho but rather a combination of FA Policies and the media.

    Firstly we have this ridiculous situation where players get England Senior team call ups way too early. There will always be the occasional Freak player such Owen who as a Teenager justifies a senior call up as a teenager but in reality most shouldn’t really even be ceding considered for anything but the occasional inclusion in the senior squad for experience until they are around 23.

    They should be experiancing tournaments at the youth levels to learn what its really about but we end up with too many players where the FA and the Managenent of the squads see players missing out on way too many youth games to sit on the senior bench and while their age group from other nations have countless youth finals under their caps ours are lacking. the media doesn’t help as they build up a frenzy about young players, just look as Ox, a player who Wenger has used sparingly because he clearly feels he isn’t ready for more than a cameo role in the squad at the moment but were the media were pushing for him to be included innEngland squads at the expense of payers who played regualrry and had big gam experience.

    Then we have the piss poor U21 setup. With the limit on overage players now the reserves are u21 the players jus aren’t experiancing any real physical challenge at this level. Was bad enough before but now most of the players they come up against are at roughly the same level. To push themselves and to take he next step toward the first team they have to go ou on loan and that’s hit and miss as its taken out of he clubs hands. Its an act of faith by the paren club that the managers handling of the player, the clubs training techniqiue and the general atmosphere are comparable with Uniteds setup. Even if it is they are reliant on he manager either having the ability or the balls to play the loanee as often as that player really needs. Many won’t risk young loan players in any match that’s considered key. Infact it often ends up being an fluke when the get good levels of game time such as Welbeck at Sunderland where it was other players availability that ended up getting him serious game time. Then when players go on loan it disrupts the youth sides by never having a solid team

    Its why I firmly believe that for the good of clubs and for the home nations development the PL teams need B sides in the lower leagues so the young players are always in control of the players and so they can guarentee them competitive game time that they can’t when out on loan

  35. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT. says:

    of course we would be singing bale’s name because he would be our player. That is nothing out of the ordinary. Oh and Gareth Bale is NOT the best player in the premier league. Just because he won the Pfa awards means nothing. They are popularity contests for the most part. I already know three players better than he is in this league. This completely useless notion that oh because he’s doing it at Spurs and not at United means he deserves just that much more credit. How about arguing that the best player on the best team in the land is the best player in the league. This is ideally the way it is supposed to go.

  36. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Dannysoya – spot on. There’s a hype machine behind bale and it’s hit over-drive. I recently heard ‘arry redknapp claiming he’s the 3rd best player. Bale is good and has potential but you’ve got to be fucking joking me.

  37. Ash says:

    I feel people are underrating Bale. The boy has talent and can be a part of any team in the world. Yes its a fact. I still remember the time when we missed out on bale for 5 millions and spurs got him. I dont think we will spend 50 millions on bale as I would prefer two solid midfielders in those 50 millions but to say he wont fit here or he is over rated is just not correct.

    With all due respect to our current squad but we are lacking flair. We are lacking true match winner. How many we have now. RVP, rooney and to an extent Hernandez thats it( Kagawa will become one for sure). We need a winger , a winger who will score 10+ goals consistently. Nani could have been that but he turns out be inconsistent. I watched spain u-21 play that day and have to say wouldnt mind few young jewels joining us. Thats what we are missing. A flair, a player who could join hands with Rooney, RVP, Kagawa, Carrick , Hernandez, welbeck and create havoc. I wont be lying but I miss ronaldo like players. Players like Tony V are good but we would be lying to ourselves if we say we dont miss ronaldo like player.

    Our answer to this could be and that to a big could be is Janujaz. The boy has got loads of talent. It was a shame that we didnt see him against west brom and again saw the likes of Giggs get a game time. Anyways we need some flair players, if he are to play some exciting football.

  38. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Underrating? Bale? Are you joking?. People acknowledge his potential and quality, if he was signed by united then no one would blink but he’s been made out to be in the same league as some of the most consistently high quality players that produce more often than not at the top level, he’s got improvements to.make but the last thing bale has been is “underrated”. Everything the lad does is over blown, he’s certainly not worth the ridiculous fees being banded around

  39. Ash says:

    When I said underrated I meant here. People here are saying he is not that great. How could you say he is not consistently performing. He has single handedly taken spurs to top. He may not be like Ronaldo. But why compare a ronaldo of now with bale. Bale currently is one of the top stars in the world.Bale at 28 may become like ronaldo. Clubs like Real madrid, Bayern Munich, Man united are not stupid if they are ready to spend 50 millionn on a player. Hell real madrid are ready to pay 80 milllions for him. How come he is not among the top.

    You say everything he does is overblown. It is so because of his talent. I am not saying he is worth 50 or 60 or 70 millions. WHat I am saying to undermine his qualities is not correct. Just because he doesnt play for us or Barca or Bayern doesnt make him less superior. Peopel may not want him here, fine. Even frankly I wouldnt want us to spend 50 million on one player. But he certainly is among the top right now.

  40. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Agreed on januzaj, I think he’s less direct than bale but he’s got more technical ability in my opinion, the lad has all the ingredients to be a top top player bur he needs first team exposure. Moyes has to hand the lad his debut, give him a decent amount of game time and let him blossom gradually. Out of all the younger players, he’s one I don’t want united missing out on, he has to be a first team player, forget the loan bollocks.

    I will so add that sentiment for nick powell too, he hopefully recovers from injury and then needs to kick on by challenging for a first team place more frequently. The likes of cole and lingard might need a loan spell now, need to kick on or stay and get game time in the cups. Same for michael keane, wonder what is going on with will keane? Gone an entire season without football and I wonder how much drawbacks that would be for him, he’ll need to put in everything to get back to that level of almost being a first team player, anyone have an information on him?.

    I can see henriquez goibg on loan again, the lad has huge potential to be a top class striker and i’m sure moyes will take a look at him when he starts and see if he’s ready or not.

    As much as people are calling for signings and rightly so, the midfield needs upgrade but the younger players are the foundation and need to be nurtured for the first team.

  41. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Ronaldo has been playing at the highest level since he was 17, he had a few improvements to make but he’s been producing for a longer period and is established. 2 seasons from bale doesn’t rank him at the same level as a ronaldo, messi, xavi, iniesta e.t.c, he’ll have to maintain this current level against the very best for a much longer period. No one is directly comparing him to ronaldo but and some fans/managers have done so, we’re just sharp enough not to fall for it. Assuming united were interested, I don’t see the club having any realiastic chance of getting him, both in terms of levy wanting to sell abroad and the ridiculous price tag british premium he’ll h have on him, I think just because these big clubs are desperate, it doesn’t.mean bale is valued at those price tags.

    It gets over-blown because of the media, he’s got great quality but the spice it all up far more than reality shows. For all bale’s brilliance, he does get found out by tactically adept teams, they deny him the avenue to be effective and he has looked annonymous. All i’m saying is, great player he may be but he’s not at the level he’s tagged with, he needs to keep improving but I doubt he’ll reach the levels of ronaldo, the portuguese is a phenomenon and a unique talent.

    I’m not saying because he plays for a lesser club then he isn’t a top class player, that has no bearing on my view of bale, I think he deserves all the eulogy but let’s not push it into fantasy world

  42. Ash says:

    See Bale cannot be compared to Ronaldo, Meesi or RVP now. But thE way he has been playing he may turn out like them. Thats what I am saying. He is 23 now so he has time. Who knows if he keeps on playing like this he well may score 40+ goals also. Last season he scored 26 goals. Now that is some amount of goal for a winger who is 23 only. At this moment he cant be compared to Ronaldo or Messi.

  43. Tope99 says:

    Ronaldo was sold for 80mills and if bale is bought for 50 mills its okay because ronaldo developed faster than bale.If bale progresses good he will be sold for about 80mills and that is if he improves with more goals and consistency.

  44. Sparkz says:

    I dont really care if Bale ever gets onto the level of Messi and Ronaldo – they’re two of the all time greats lol. Chances are nobody in our lifetime will get to their level.

    But is your quality as a footballer now dependent on whether you’re as good as those two? Bollocks. Whether you think Bale deserved the PFA Award or not (and I don’t think he did – Mata, RVP and Suarez were all more worthy) – you can’t deny his quality.

    Okay he’s only playing for Spurs, but unless we sign a player from one of the big boys (which we almost never do) you could say that about any player. I.e. Chicharito was “only” doing it at Guadalajara – did that stop him from doing the business at Utd?

    FWIW I don’t think we’ll sign him but let’s not pretend he’s not a brilliant player/Utd quality.

    Yes he’s overhyped in terms of people putting him as the 3rd best player, but most British players are.

  45. Wakey says:


    See I think januzaj is one of the players who could most do with a loan as long as we can find a club that will play him regularry. He is lightweight and coupled with his lack of first team football that’s an issue. You can blood the likes of Kagawa, Silva and mata who are lightweight as they have bags of first team experience to help them out but januzaj imho needs atleast 6 months out on loan to get stronger as I don’t think with his lack of first team football he can get enough games at United to gain the physicality and the first team experience to push on

  46. The One says:

    Off topic, I don’t know what Graham Taylor is spouting after Ingurland have failed miserably again at int’nal level. Idiot, if they’re good enough, they’d be pursued left, right and centre, it doesn’t matter how young they are…and they’d be given the chance to play regularly too!! Fact is, there aren’t enough good English players at top clubs and this situation is made worse by the FA’s academy policy of restricting clubs from taking on players outside a certain radius from the club. A top club like us can easily produce the goods, given the coaches and training facilities we have….case in point, the Class of ’92. Subsequently, the FA came up with their short-sighted ruling, forcing us to turn elsewhere for top class youngsters….STUPID, SHORTSIGHTED FA!!!!!

  47. RedAllTheWay says:

    Ronaldo was vital to United winning the CL and PL double. scored over 40 goals. that was when he was how old Bale is now. So no, Bale is NOWHERE NEAR Ronaldos level. probably never will be.

    BUT, don’t let the fact Bale isn’t as good as Ronaldo get you twisted. If a winger scoring 20+ goals was a small feat, why haven’t our wingers done so ? in fact, apart from Ronnie, can anyone name a winger who has scored 20+ goals in a season ? So yeah, Bale is a really good player, & one that could only improve us..


    Rafael Vidic Rio Evra

    Carrick Fabregas/Strootman

    Nani/Welbeck Kagawa Bale/Ronaldo


    & we’ll have the likes of Jones, Smalling, Evans & Fabio to cover at the back, have Cleverly, Anderson and maybe fletcher to come in centrally, and Hernandez as cover up front. i decided to take out rooney becuase i doubt we’ll keep him while signing 2 other big players.

    But that First XI could very well be ours next year. good mixture of youth and experience, with good pace and flexibility throughout the team. seriously, we’re only one good winger and a DM and maybe one more CM away from being able to challenge any team in Europe, and have a good chance of beating them no matter how many decisions refs like Cakir give against us !

    only thing i’m worried about is the lack of English quality in our team. i know people might slate me for this, but especially with home grown rules and all that, United have always targeted the best english youth. for that reason, signing Luke Shaw or even Leighton Baines wouldn’t be too bad. But the main thing I want is for Nick Powell, Tunnicliffe, Keane (both) and Wootton to be given their chance as well as the likes of Januzaj, Lingard, and that absolute beast of a CM whose name i have no idea how to spell hahaa.

    I just don’t want Moyes to make more than 2, maybe 3 signings MAX. because we are United, & we don’t buy our first team. we usually have a mixture of youth being brought in, promoting through our own ranks & a marquee signing every now & again.

    Either way, next year excites me. I think Fergie has really brought an amazing team together, and with a signing or two, we could really dominate with this team for a few years yet. only shame is, we won’t have the scotsman that we all love in charge, but i have faith in Moyes !!


  48. Saad says:

    Missing Manchester United fan. Please spread the word among all those living in England.



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