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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Mikael says:

    That pic is now on my desktop, thanx!

  2. bchilds says:


  3. The Edge says:

    aaaaaaaannndddddddd screensaver.

  4. Bestie says:

    Get them out!!! Love United

  5. Drabik says:

    Some interesting reading in the Manchester United programme ahead of their game with Hull, where boss Sir Alex Ferguson has made an impassioned plea for Red Devils fans to try to quell their unhappiness about the club’s financial situation after their debts were revealed to have risen to £716m. Ferguson said: “We mustn’t allow the situation to be divisive. We could be perceived as being split which I believe would be harmful and inaccurate.”

  6. kel says:

    Guys, i am very worried about this problems. What will happen? Why are they doing such a dangerous thing? What happen to gill? is he trying to harm the club?

  7. pondave says:

    Watching the Hull game and can hear the chants at OT of ‘we want glazer out’!

    Still though the media is dismissing the anti glazer movement as a ‘small minority’ of fans.

    Lets all make them sit up and notice!!!!

  8. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    Media are nothing but wind up merchants. They keep going on about the one fan calling for Fergie to resign. Thats how petty they are. They are more interesred in advertising than actually telling people what the reality is. Remember bad news always sells.

  9. DebRed says:

    My Desktop too…
    Sorry for my lack of knowledge on this, but can any one give a detail of the green and gold colors and their significance with United.

  10. stretfordendole says:

    Great Anti-Glazers singing at the ground today, not just the Stretford End but the whole ground.

    Re the media, both the Guardian and more surprisingly the BBC reports heavily mention the anti-Glazers songs from the stands.

  11. shebangsthedrums says:

    @ DebRed

    Green and Gold were the old Newton Heath colours, which was the club name before it was changed to Manchester Ubited.

  12. shebangsthedrums says:

    @ DebRed

    And moved from Newton Heath to Old Trafford.

  13. giggs11gerrard0 says:

    Brilliant in the ground toay lads, atmosphere was superb for the anti Glazer chants!

    If we continue this it will make people take note, green and gold noticable today, a lot more for wednesdsay when everyones colours arrive in the post!

  14. Dave Mack says:

    All these posts that are for keeping the anti Glazer campaign going ….. what does that say about your respect for Fergie?

    In Fergie I Trust. Let’s not let the ABU’s take our eue of the ball now we’re at the business end of the season.

    LU – IFIT

  15. mags the red says:

    This is about securing the future of the club before it goes completely down the pan. You are entitled to your opinion but why should we sit back and allow who are tantamount to crooks fleece us all taking millions out of the club that we have followed for over 40 years. Why should we watch them dismantle what Sir Matt and Sir Alex have built as they continue to sell players to service their debt. We want Glazer Out , we want Glazer out

  16. mags the red says:

    Dave Mack – you can trust Fergie all you like in yer blinkered little world – if we don’t get the Glazers out there will be no Fergie soon & far worse than that pal, there will be no United. This is about MUFC and WE THE FANS ARE MUFC. Not the players, not the directors, not the manager – don’t forget that.

    The fans have always been there and always will be – they (The Glazers) need to know how disgusted we are with being ripped off and they need to sod right off!

  17. Dave Mack says:

    Mags … intersting that you suggest I’m living in a blinkered world!!

    The financial condition of the club has improved significantly over the last week (succeful bond issue lowering the interest payments and an new airline sponsor) and while the way the current owners bought the club is far from great …ask yourself would why has all this broken out now?

    The only answer I have for that is that there’s a lot of powerful interests out there who want to unsettle, distract and ultimately destroy MUFC. (Top of that list for me would be middle eastern oil money but all the ABU’s and the outdated socialist agenda of those behind MUST.) Sad thing is they’re all using our own fans to help achieve that goal.

    My trust is built in one man Sir Alex Ferguson and if he says he’s got all the money he needs and that “he’s no complaints whatsover about the Glaziers”….and as far as he’s concerned … “they’ve been terrific owners” ..that’s good enough for me!!!

    LU – IFIT (Love United – In Fergie I Trust)

  18. manchuchu says:

    Anybody who thinks they can use my beloved club as their fucking personal family piggy bank is fully entitled to develop leprosy of the crotch and die a slow agonising death by Snoo Snoo.

    I still have that 90s green and gold jersey and I’m fully intent on dusting it off.

    Fuck them scrotum-headed Glazers!

  19. mags the red says:

    Dave Mack as I say you are blinkered. Fergie has to say he has enough money; they are his employers. I have not seen the colour of it yet. Yeah the debt has improved this week, instead of now paying 42 million pound on interest on debt we are paying 45 million interest on bonds. We dont need anyone outside the club to destroy MUFC the Glazers are doing a good enough job themselves. As for regarding MUST as having an outdated socialist agenda I would argue that everything that MUST has predicted since 2005 has unfortunately and is unfolding. They care about MUFC, you care about MUFC, Fergie cares about MUFC the only greedy parasites that do not care about MUFC are the Glazers who you are defending when they are ripping us all off to line their own pockets and not invest in the club.


  20. salfordred says:

    All I can add to this is I wish that our fans would not listen to the paper talk. As a journo I know how things are made out for stories, any coincidence all this about the Glazers coincides with a bad run in form? Yes we have debt, yes it is an issue. Is it something that is problematic? No. The Glazers always knew this would be the way… whilst we won three leagues in a row a European Cup a World Cup it wasn’t a problem. People say we sold Ronaldo for the money fact is he always wanted to be a Madrid Boy, he stated it from the very beginning so to recourperate 80 million on the boy is something else. All you do with these campaigns is make us look as stupid as the Scousers, to all the pathetic fan out there who believe in lazy journalism, believe hype the fact is all this is driven by someone else’s want to make money. Dont be an idiot for godssake, do you not think someone has made quite a few quid of all those green and gold scarves. WERE RED AND WHITE if you aint then you should go watch someone else, go join the likes of the amatuer team that set up when the Glazers came in. No instead you sat and watched and loved it for three years whilst we won the lot and only now that form has got rough you look to the Glazers as an easy target. I’m not saying they’re great, I’m just saying all our fans in this minority are making us look like stupid Scousers!

  21. 7seagulls says:

    did anyone see what went on in the NE quadrant in the 2nd half yesterday? i was in the east stand so i couldnt see it but everyone was looking over – i can only assume someone got thrown out for unveiling a banner of some description. fantastic LUGH chanting though all round the ground

  22. reder1k says:

    Green and Gold is being ignored by the Media.
    Need to step it up or we’ll be stuck with the Grazers forever!

  23. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    Media still saying that its a minority of fans against the glazers. They won’t get behind us and I think it boils down to the failed takeover of 98/99.

  24. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    By media I meant Sky in the above post. Also when will people start to realise Sir Alex Ferguson and United aren’t the same thing. Fergie may say everyone needs to stick together, we do but not just for the team but the glazers too. Not criticising the man because at the end of the day you don’t bite the hand that feeds you, but coming from a working class background he of all people should and probably does understand why a lot of United fans are pissed off at the glazers. DIE MALCOLM DIE

  25. Dave Mack says:

    Salfordred ….brilliant post. Thank God there’s more and more of us seeing that this is the time to get behind Fergie and the team and not to be distracted by useless protest. All the ABU’s love this.

    LU – In Fergie I Trust.

  26. alsolo says:

    Salfordred – I completely support your message. I understand the importance of the issue but what kind of difference can a bunch of people do with their chanting? So you’re wearing old colours of the different team that a cantury ago became United and now Glazres are gonna quit? Don’t be silly guys. All this “i can’t sit back and watch” talk is for rebellious teenagers. Scousers talk a lot of bullshit. And do nothing. You guys want to be compared to them? As far as I know the only real chance we’ve had to prevent this situation with Glazers was back in time when they were buying the club. Group of fans started buying shares of the club to stop Glazers takeover of United. But multi-million army of United fans back then didn’t do the same and Glazers eventually bought all the shares. Now what’s the point? You can’t compete with them financially. Go chant your chants, ABU’s will be happy

  27. mags the red says:

    You are right Ronaldo wanted to go but the fact is we did nt replace him. I agree that we should back the team but I am sick of people like us putting money into a Florida business and not MUFC. I am sick of struggling to fund ever increasing season ticket hikes; money that is not reinvested into the club.

  28. Red Dave says:

    where is reliable to get youre green and gold scarf without being ripped off or its not helping the anti-Glazer cause?

  29. mags the red says:

    They were on sale on Saturday in the Trafford for £2.50.

  30. Boxndice says:

    Purchase your Green And Gold through MUST outlets – On Saturday it was the Premier Inn and The Trafford. All funds go to getting this job done the right way. Get behind MUST and Duncan and lets get focussed.

  31. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    So the fans chanting Glazer out are wasting their time are they? Embarass people like alsolo salfordred & Dave. What a sad day? I suppose you lot can afford the regular price hikes season by season. The problem is more complex than people realise and wasn’t as simple as everyone buying shares as one of you so simply put it. Did any of you try and buy any? Did any of you have any? This situation hasn’t just come up recently many supporters have been trying to do something for years. Its just a shame these days that OT is full of the prawn sandwich brigade and the flash photography day trippers. There are a lot of fans like yourself like to bury their head in the sand thats fine go do that but to compare us to the dippers, rebellious teenagers and calling us embarassing is out of line. If you don’t want to get behind us I suggest you shut the fuck up. United is more than just success on the pitch but thats a concept hard to grasp for some out there.


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