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Valencia Début Set For Wednesday

Manchester United take on Boca Juniors tomorrow in the opening game of the Audi Cup in Munich. Sir Alex has today revealed that Valencia will start in that game, making his début, after missing out on the tour of Asia.

“Valencia didn’t join us in the Far East because he was behind the rest of the squad in terms of his fitness,” Ferguson said. “He’s been back at Carrington doing his endurance and speed work, catching up with everyone else.”

Nobody is expecting Valencia to fill Ronaldo’s boots in terms of goals, although it’s fair to say we imagine Valencia will improve on his scoring record at Wigan.

“We lost Ronaldo in the summer and he’s someone who gave us 26 goals last season,” he added. “It’s going to be hard to replace him and we hope we can find an answer to that. We’ve signed Valencia, who has a lot of potential – he’s young, very athletic and possesses good power. At 23 years of age I think he can develop at our club.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Sketch says:

    10-15 Goals from Valencia would be good. And many more Assists. I hope he has a very successful carer at united. Can Valencia play on the left??

  2. Mic says:

    I’ll be over the moon if he reaches double figures for goals, I expect him to play a part in unlocking defenses and causing problems to full backs which hopefully, in turn, will lead to goals. I completely forgot that we signed him, Tosic has been so good on the left and Nani on the right that I thought that’s all we had!

  3. Costas says:

    About time! I don’t expect him to get more than Nani mind you. All we want from him is a some good crosses in the box so that Owen will pounce and score.

  4. Giles Oakley says:

    When it was announced that United had bought Valencia for a moment I thought wow, they’ve bought the Spanish place. Then I realised, it’s only citteh who think they own a city.

  5. gazmask says:

    valencia and nani would both do well in a micheal jackson look-a-like contest so lets hope both produce some thriller performances down the flanks this year!

  6. King George the Switzer says:

    10-15 is probably a bit ambitious there, Sketchy. I’d be happy if he had that many assists to be honest. Maybe 5-6 goals in his first season.

  7. gazmask says:

    sorry just reading that back, that was ‘bad’. oh shit i done it again

  8. ash says:

    hope he improves his scoring record. for me guarenteed 20+ assists.
    but i dont know abt how many goals he will score.
    but i am eager to see him play

  9. Androo says:

    If he scores more than 8, I’d be very impressed. TBH, I’m not looking for goals from Antonio, I’m looking for good delivery from outside the box!

  10. boam6 says:

    i have high hopes for valencia looks like a real talent and the way SAF is talking about him he must be summat special, but i was thinking about summat i remember someone sayin about he is not good enough to fill ronaldos boots because he isn’t a goal scored but …
    Ronaldo wasnt a goal scorer before he came to united and in the first 3 seasons either he scored 17 in 137 games for united and 10 in 62 games for sporting
    can valencia step up to the plate not expecting him to score anything like ronaldo’s goals but people dont realise how many chances united create during the game havent got the stats but it must be double most teams except maybe barca, arsenal etc. but valencia scored 7 in 83 hopefully valencia could get maybe 7 for united this season that would be a good return i reckon and anyway valencias main strengths are his assists and his pace on the counter attack which i can see being deadly in the champions league valencia on the end of the ronaldo goal against arsenal last year maybe :) with united lookin like there gonna play a 4-4-2 we need two out and out wingers and i think this will be nani and valencia personaly hopefully they can deliver and provide the crosses to help us win a 4th trophy on the trot and next premier league to go ahead of the scum:)

  11. cantona7 says:

    Giles yesterday i was wondering where were you? How are you mate?

    I am excited by this Valencia. Great expectations here! Good luck Valencia!

  12. Gudjohnsen says:

    I don’t really care where the goals come from as long as they come. Wouldn’t mind Valencia to score only 3 or 4 if he would be providing 10-15 assists…

  13. cdonyi says:

    10-15 goals? No chance in his first season..if he gets in the high single digits that would be a good return for his first season at united…by nature tha lad doesn’t have a nose for goal…that will take some time to develop…10-15 *assists* is more realistic for him…

  14. Costas says:

    It’s funny how things can work out. When we lost Cantona, we thought that Sheringham would fill his boots, but in reality we switched our play and Cole had his best season at the club the following year. So while Valencia is coming to the club as the anti-Ronaldo, i wouldn’t be surprised if Nani(who like Cole until Cantona left, hasn’t stepped up to the plate yet) is the one that makes the breakthrough first. I hope i can catch the game somewhere.

  15. ash says:

    great point mate. even i think nani wiil be the one to replace ronaldo.

  16. Costas says:

    Thanks ash. I think it’s also imperative that we keep the spotlight away from Valencia as much as possible. We have to let him develop quietly and at his own pace. We know that the media circus will try to compare United post Ronaldo to the team we saw in the last 3 years in every possible way. But it will be unfair on Valencia to have to deal with that sort of pressure.

  17. Giles Oakley says:

    Hi Cantona7, thanks for asking. As for where I’ve been, I’ve got Advanced Prostate Cancer and the side effects of treatment are a bit rough, as mentioned in an earlier post today to the thread on Berbatov. Thanks to everyone asking where I’d been and for the good luck messages. To be serious for a moment, some people might think it odd to mention something as personal and private as this this on a football site, but I’m very keen to banish the taboo on mentioning cancer and dispel the embarrassment around it, hence my little jokes. More specifically prostate cancer is very treatable, especially if caught early (earlier than me, unfortunately), and every male reader of this blog will almost certainly one day experience symptoms that should be investigated. My message would be, if in doubt, check it out!

    Anyway, for those of you who like my wanderings down memory lane, I have promised Scott some more stuff soon. The next piece will be about Harry Gregg & Eric Cantona: Who Was the Best Streetfighter?

    In the meantime, I can’t wait for the new season, with all these exciting new players like Valencia whipping in crosses for Owen and Man-Boy Macheda.

  18. Cast says:

    First off I’m a liverpool fan, I was very happy to see Ronoldo leave the EPL, even though he is a wanker his pure ability to change every game is scary.

    I think Owen was a great signing and it proves that Alex Ferguson is a very wise man.

    Valencia may take a few seasons to blossom, I think Nani should come into his prime now that he doesnt have his fellow portugese player to overshadow him.

    I think Man U is much better balanced now, Maybe Berbatrov will get comfortable and actually do some good.

    Scarface is gone and thank God, he wasnt worth the money. The only reason he scored goals was because he played for Man U, shoot they even make Gary Neville look like he can play.

    It should be a very good season, Im hoping for a close race between the top clubs. although im a liverpool fan i predict the top of the table to be.

    MAN U

  19. Costas says:

    Once again, get well soon Giles! I am glad you are being so upfront so that others can take notice. Can’t wait for your new piece.

  20. BlackBabyJesus says:

    I don’t know you at all Giles Oakley, but IMO it is a great thing that you are upfront about it and helping to banish the taboo and embarassment surrounding prostate cancer and the like. Best of luck to you!

  21. Mark the Devil says:

    Best of luck Giles mate and looklng forward to some more pieces from you.

  22. theboogeyman says:

    Finally,a logical Liverpool fan!

  23. mancstan says:

    Shit, Giles, hope things work out for you.

    Few years back I noticed a small lump on my bollock.

    For months I kind of put it to the back of my mind, but was sometimes nearly in tears, planing funeral and will and all that.

    In the end I just went to the docs, had not been for years, so didnt know who the Dr was.

    Well, its the fist and (hopefully) last time I had a chap fiddling with me balls.

    It was only a cyst, but the relief. You have no idea.

    Lads, get yourself to the Docs if you have any idea you may have something. Even you dippers and Citeh lot. Yeah, balls, prostate, snigger, rude bits them, but caught early, they can do great things.

    Amyways. I want to see Nani given a good run of games on the wing, Valencia on the other. Can see great things this season with Berba talent, Rooney (him with great lungs and the talent, take note argie scum), and little mickey.

    Gonna be a better balanced team I think with winker gone.

  24. Muggaz says:

    yeah 10 points to you Giles – top man, all the best for your journey mate.

    Cast – as if you are a scouser, you have far too much eloquence for that!.

    As others have said, i’ll be happy with 5 goals from Antonio, he wasn’t brought in to replace Ronaldo, he was brought in to be a right winger, and as long as he does what is asked of him by SAF, we can’t ask for anymore. Best of luck to the lad.

  25. United_Macedonia says:

    what will be Valencias number does anybody know

  26. utdforever says:

    Lets not forget that Antonio has a fierce shot on him as well.. so between him and Nani I expect them to get at least 15+ goals this season. I wonder who will be taking free kicks this year? Nani? Antonio? Giggs? Hargreaves when he comes back will surely get the ball now that Ronnie’s gone. He’s wicked with the deadball. Any thoughts?

  27. redrick says:

    @giles oakley- have read some of your fantastic posts on rom, will be great to hear more, sorry to hear you been having a hard time, get well soon and take care.

  28. Macheda is GOD says:

    I just got this Ich on me it’s saying BERBATOV WILL SCORE
    I know it,I just know it.



    I am sure I can speak for everyone on this forum when I say we admire your courage and selflessness in speaking out on something so very personal.
    We are ALL right there with you my friend and I am sure you have the support of your family and friends too.
    We are ALL family here on ROM and as such you can be sure that our positive thoughts are being sent out to you.
    All the bset mate and we all look forward to you being back at full strength and contributing fully to the site in no time.
    I bet you are fully fit again before Hargreaves !

    Good Luck mate.

  30. King Eric says:

    Cast – Not a reference to the Scouse band is it? Fair play and you won’t be far wrong with that dependent on if you keep Alonso , which at the minute seems unlikely. He was your best player last season. I really do not believe Citeh will get top 4. No chance.

    Giles – Get well soon and really look forward to reading your next piece. Excellent stuff.

    As for Valencia I am really excited about seeing this lad play for United. Fast, powerful, direct, skillful, great crosser and a wicked shot. A winger but does play central midfield for his country to great effect.

  31. King Eric says:

    mancstan – Had the same problem myself which is always recurring. A small cyst on my ball sack.

  32. Duncan_E says:

    A. Valencia will be superb for us. He will give us last season`s lacking balance in midfield. Let`s just hope Hargo recovers soon.
    I cant get my head around alle the “abu`s” that constantly keep talking about our poor job in the transfer market this summer. MIchael Owen already proving that he can be good performer, and hopefully we get to see some positives from the wing-wizard Valencia tomorrow. Hopefully Obertan will gel in aswell..

    Keep The Red Flaf Flying High!

    Sorry about the poor grammar (Norwegian)


    Valencia is a great accurate crosser of the ball and that has been missing in my view – we will score lots and lots this season I can feel it in my bones.

  34. kagga says:

    What shirt number will Valencia wear tomorrow?

  35. DanS says:

    Good luck to the lad. Hope his début is half decent for him

  36. ash says:

    For the first time i have a heard a liverpool fan praising us. i think u are a true football lover.
    manutdchampion2008 should learn from him.

  37. boolman says:

    @Giles Oakley, May God give you the strength to fight this. You are like the GodFather of ROM.
    i would really like to see Tosic and Valencia on the wings. They have great crossing ability and work very hard for the team.We could rotate the wingers also playing Nani/Obertan/Ji.But the midfielders have to step up really to push forward and press high up the pitch, this will free up Berbatov and Rooney to attack more freely and frequently.

  38. Devilton says:

    No way that Obertan even gets 5 first team games this season. Even the lad himself has said he was suprised and doesn’t expect to start. He is a punt in the dark and nothing about him suggests he will be able to become a first team selection ahead of the players we currently have.

    I have more expectation from Tosic myself..he looks much more composed on the wings.

  39. Giles Oakley says:

    Many thanks again for all the good wishes and kind words, all much appreciated. Thanks especially to Mancstan for sharing his own medical problem by way of encouraging people to seek medical advice sooner rather than later. As I say, if in doubt, check it out! My example prompted several of my friends (much younger than me) to have check-ups and one was found to have diabetes, the other a different and unusual medical condition, both much easier to treat because they were found in the very early stages.

    Now I must get back to my groin exercises….

  40. red_devil says:

    goles oakley mate wish all the best. god bless u. i think valencia will score goals and he will create more chance than ronaldo but less goals than ronaldo. manutd will have top scorer in EPL goals from each player as follows if i am right.
    rooney – 20-25 (as he is gonna play more than owen)
    owen – 15-20
    berba – 15-20
    fletcher, carrick,naani – 15
    vidic – 5
    valencia – 9
    rest of the goals bonus surely another 20 goals from other players.
    come on manutd, i cant wait to see after waiting so long, feeling the trophy stays another season.

  41. TonyBee says:

    off topic:
    Could it be that Becks could be on his way back to United……
    Would he be welcomed back…….
    Fuck yes.!!

  42. theboogeyman says:

    Hell no,TonyBee.


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