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Valencia gives up #7 shirt

Valencia shirtAntonio Valencia is on the team sheet for today’s Community Shield against Wigan with #25 next to his name, his old shirt number, instead of the #7 he was playing in last season. This means Nick Powell will have to change his shirt number, as he took on #25 after Valencia.

The shirt numbers for the coming season will be finalised next Friday but as it stands, our #7 shirt has no owner.

Valencia was voted as our Player of the Season by both the fans and his team mates in 2011-2012. He was rewarded for this great season with the legendary #7 shirt, but last year suffered from his worst form in his time at the club.

With the superstitions that players have, it makes sense that he would want to return to his former shirt number. And if he didn’t change his shirt, what number would we give Cristiano Ronaldo when he signs next week…

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  1. Costas says:

    There were times last year when I suspected it was too much for him. Didn’t want it to be true.

    I hope someone takes responsibility for the number 7 and 9 shirts. They shouldn’t be vacant.

  2. Tommy Taylor says:

    It’s twittertime.

  3. Jixie says:


  4. Albanian_Red says:

    No 7 goes to Robin Van Persie and i hope 10 will reserved for Adnan januzaj – he is real talent and was our best player so far

  5. soccerman says:


  6. Ricky147Redman says:

    Welcome back Ronaldo

  7. manu0888 says:

    Let him play without pressure.

  8. UTD1999 says:

    Robbo, King Eric, Becks, Ronaldo! Quite frankly Valencia was never worthy of wearing the No.7. shirt for UTD anyway.

  9. swgy flavian says:

    welcome C.Ronaldo

  10. adamultimo says:

    FINALLY. #7 belongs to a player that has charisma. like all the previous wearers. valencia on the other hand is shy and quiet. he suits #25 perfectly.

  11. ak says:

    Love to hear dat.moreover VALENCIA is n

  12. ManU says:

    the worst no. 7 in recent memory is not Valencia, it’s Owen. enough said.

  13. Alec Sverguson says:

    Owen must be returning!

  14. Unitedforeva says:

    I always knew Ronaldo would come back. Mourinho taunted him as reverse psychology so United wouldn’t be strengthened by his home-coming, but it has backfired! Oh, and Ronny will take a pay cut to come back provided all the United fans around the world stump up 10 pounds each towards his pay. As for Rooney, he needs a pay cut to stay on & no fans are keen to contribute…

  15. oche yusuf says:

    No 7 for CR and I think 9 is a better option for RVP.

  16. The Truth says:

    Never deserved it to begin with. Glad he’s gone back to plain old 25, which is more fitting for a player like him.

  17. reza says:

    Valencia did not deserve the #7 shirt. It was an insult to to the talent of Best, Robson, Cantona, Becks and C. Ronaldo. It’s preferable this so famous #7 remains unallocated.

  18. soccerisfootbal says:

    Lol i think the sarcasm flew over people head’s, we’re likely not signing ronnie this window (fingers crossed for next summer). with our luck i wouldnt be surprised to see ashley young try and take the number. i wonder if nani has the stones to ask for it. he could be very important for us this season if he stays fit, in form, and is willing to sign a new deal. there’s no question he is our most talented winger- he scored more goals than valencia and young combined last season despite all the injuries. with a run of games i’m sure he will be back to form.

  19. red says:

    He plays on the left,He plays on the right.

  20. Joseph Mweta says:

    I think c.Ronaldo is coming ,if not let RVP have it

  21. rajnair says:

    Is it confirmed that CR is coming back to MU?

  22. LexxytheRed says:

    Jumping on the Ronaldo band wagon are we?

    Its sarcasm

  23. KR says:

    Thank god that piece of crap is back to his old shirt, how degrading for us. Having one of the greatest ever wearing number 7 in Ronny and then giving it to a player who doesn’t even know how to cross properly.

  24. KR says:

    Can we just sell deadwood like Valencia and allow players with real talent like Nani blossom? Start Nani every game they way they were with Valencia and see how good he becomes.

  25. TraffordLord says:

    He doesn’t want the pressure. He wants to focus an getting his game back, why don’t all of you piling on him break your leg and see if you have the same mobility (or even confidence) you had before the injury. Valencia was awful last time out, it’s heartening to see a player with enough humility to recognize this and let someone else have a go while he sorts himself out.

  26. ronaldowati says:

    Welcome CR7

  27. Gerriered says:

    #TraffordLord thanks for that…best comment so far..i concur with you.
    As for Ronny or Bale we can only hope..and Owen did well apart from the injuries. he was a great pro. i hope TV25 will now get his act together..GGMU

  28. tear you apart ... again says:

    LA VALENCIA is a PROPER person* , which is more then unique in today´s world, not to even mention football players. Football-wise: good enough for United, no doubt about it, hard working, strong fast man.
    Though: he just isn´t n. 7, smtg he well aware of & that is why he chose that step back* to his own number & hopefully back to his previous form … Good luck, Tony

  29. veek says:

    i love that last line…

  30. Mr.Chainsaw says:

    I’m sorry but you’re clutching at straws if you think Ronaldo is returning because Valencia has given up the no. 7 shirt. The shirt has only just been vacated and just because it’s not been given to someone else straight away doesn’t mean it’s being saved for someone not yet signed. It’s not a decision to be taken lightly and with all week yet to choose who gets it there’s no point in throwing it at the nearest player.

    The next occupant of that shirt already plays for United. Wilf Zaha, and he’ll be a worthy one too.

  31. Sulayman says:

    When RvP Was Asked The Reason He Took #20 Last Season On Signing,He Said He Hoped His Coming Would Bring The 20th League Tittle To The Club And That Was Achieved,Now I Think,Though #20 Is Also Legendary But I Think That If That Should Return To Fabio Or Should Go To Adnan,The Sacred #9 Should Go To RvP As Our Most Potent Striker While The Most Sacred Jersy #7 Should Go To Willy Willy Boy (Black Ronaldo) Zaha And That Is My Opinion!


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