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Valencia: I Am Angry

Antonio Valencia has been one of United’s best players this season, which is why it is so frustrating that he picked up a hamstring injury in his ten minute substitution appearance against Ajax.

After suffering a nasty injury the season before last, which saw him miss most of the season, he admitted he was worried this latest injury would keep him out for a long time.

“After my last injury experiences I feared the worst,” he said. “I was anguished but after tests the medical staff have confirmed a muscle rupture in the hamstring. It’s important but not grave – I should be back in a month. I am angry because it has happened at such a key moment in the season for United. I have developed and played some good matches and that’s the worst consequence of all this. But now the doctors have calmed me down and I have to recuperate and then help the team in our race to win the Premier League and Europa League.”

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  1. utd_fc says:

    Read on ESPN’s site that Vida’s supposed to be back before the end of the season? Now I’m not one to believe the regurgitated bullshit that ESPN’s writers come out with but I’m really hoping they got one right this time. Any truth to this lads?

  2. CedarsDevil says:

    Feels weird to be posting at this time, its 4.30 AM here. Got up at 3 and had coffee, cannot sleep because of this frigging storm. The sound of the wind and thunder is driving me insane!

    Read some posts regarding Arsenal here. My take is they are a proper club, I would rate them higher than Chelsea or City any day. As for producing talent I agree with King Eric and Giggs12, it is a myth.

    Liverpool were a proper club too until KK Kenny came along.

  3. CedarsDevil says:


    The Daily Fail reported the story yesterday as well. If true then its fantastic news

  4. CedarsDevil says:

    So its the dippers v the seagulls later today, how ironic. I am sure KKK and Poyet will enjoy their post match glass of wine, probably have Suarez in there too for some giggles

  5. lununcle says:

    he will be alright real soon…he is a real fighter…maybe 3 weeks…

  6. Indian Devil says:

    Pathetic design the new kit is I must say, well the designer I am sure is a shitty fan as only they can come up with this piece of shit :lol:

    Agree with cedars that I don’t hate Arsenal as much as I hate Chelshit, Bitters, dippers and the leeds scum, the rivalry with them was always great and they are also a club of principals when it come to finances unlike chelshit and shitty.

  7. Majestykizo says:

    Antinio valencia is my muscule man and he has been united best playes so far,so his one month absence will really affect our partern of futbal. I dnt always trust Nani. AV can be usefull on both flanks.

  8. Mikekelly12 says:

    I obviously can’t speak for everyone as I do not and will not ever know their real reasons, however, a lot of people professing their love for Arsenal (ok, not love but respect) do so in the knowledge that they are not a threat to us. It wasn’t so long ago when they, as we did, bought in big name players and challenged us for trophies and people weren’t so complimentary about them. I remember people not having an issue with Chelsk until they became successful (although be it short term). A lot of people don’t mind the spuds, but mark my words, if they started challenging (purely hypothetical) regularly I’m sure an intense dislike for those boys would manifest itself in some.
    On a weird note, I had a dream about George Graham last night! He was cycling with a young child on the back and I nearly ran into him on my bike! He asked me how things were going at school. I could be wrong but it may be a sign that Wenger is on his way out!!

  9. samuel - united WE stand says:

    I cannot believe poyet and so many blinkered fools out there are actually believing that all these uproar was only about a mere handshake and not the fact that suarez is a racist.

    “Goose” poyet seems determined to back his muppet compatriot which clearly shows they’re both two peas in a pod. People like gus poyet and his clans who don’t take matters seriously because they’re evidently ignorants themselves is what is wrong with world.

  10. samuel - united WE stand says:

    It’s just a kit, i don’t get all these emotional outcry like a bitch over it. What’s the issue? are people upset that their pretty patterns aren’t sewn on it?. OH DEARY ME!

  11. Costas says:

    Looking at this thread’s title, I can’t help but wonder when a “Anderson: I am hungry” thread will pop up.

    As for Arsenal, as much as I hated them back in the day, at least it was nice knowing that we had a rival that didn’t buy their success. In that sense, even to this day I’d rather have them as our rivals over Chelsea and City. Unfortunately, I think Wenger’s time has come and gone. I mean, how many of us got a case of deja vu this week? Everytime February and March arrive, Arsenal drop out of every competition within weeks. I am not an expert on their finances, so I don’t know if the cost to build the Emirates is still limiting their transfer funds. But even so, Arsenal can surely do better than Djourou and Squilacci in defence? Wenger’s problem isn’t the roster itself. It’s that he’s as naive in his tactics now as he was 5 years ago. The game has passed him by and unlike Fergie, he is not adapting.

  12. Costas says:

    Speaking of Anderson and other players that mysteriously vanish for months, where’s Michael Owen?

  13. Mikekelly12 says:

    He’s on twitter!
    Here’s a great advert for british boxing!

    Fucking two bit punks, what an embarrassment!

  14. smartalex says:

    denton davey

    You may have always been sceptical of Young, but it is only recently that you have beaten him regularly, in the same manner as your previously selected target Berbatov was addressed. Apparently, it is your way. You had one drum whose incessant beat drove many to desperate distraction, now we hear the ominous sounds of another drum being played. Hence my short comment at 15:00

    denton davey – Did you get a new drum for Christmas?

    Of course you’d be happy to be proven wrong about Young. Your snide interjection at 14:56
    “The time has come for Ashley Young to “prove” that he was worth the time/effort/money” was designed to create a platform for you to shred your target. You want to expound verbosely on Ashley’s deficiencies (real or not), and intended to be enabled by the dismayed responses you were hoping to generate. It is your way.

    That won’t change, recent years have proved that categorically. Which is why I make no attempt to change you. Instead, I point out my harkening ears, as your new drum warms up.

    So many wonderful rhythms stem from your nimble fingers that your strange habit of disrupting the melodies of others with turbulent off-kilter drum solos was greeted by me with only a mild shrug and a playful question. Of course, that was enough for you to throw a few more barbs at Young. More to come from you in that regard, no doubt.

  15. LoneStarRed says:

    Tony V. is awesome. NO team intimidates him. He is willing and capable to take on any and all comers. I love watching his warrior mindset on the field. The look of calm self assurance without being cocky is exactly what you want to see before battle. His directness and single minded attack of the opposing box unnerves defenders. Get well soon.

  16. Costas says:


    Ah, good old twitter mate! At least it relaxes us when we wonder if a player has secretly retired and we haven’t heard about it!

  17. King Eric says:

    Red Nation. Frank Warren? He is a fucking cunt mate. Dodgy as they come! Then I suppose when you are dealing with boxer in the East End you have to be.

  18. King Eric says:

    Costas. Hello mate. Anderson: I am hungry. Quality. Superb pal.
    Also spot on about Arsenal falling apart in Feb! Remember Gallas crying on the pitch against Brum in Feb!

    Mike. Hello mate. What a come down. Been up all night. Top Rave. Spot on about the rivalry business.

  19. smartalex says:


    Thanks for that link to an Arsenal fan’s perspective of Wenger. In support of the theories discussed here on Arsenal’s youth development under Wenger, here is an edited excerpt:

    “Wenger’s amazing youth policy? The 1989 league winning team featured Merson, Rocastle, Thomas and Adams, all products of the youth team. Wengers invincible team, on the other hand, featured Ashley Cole. In fact, all Wengers’ trophy winning Arsenal sides comprised almost uniquely purchased players, most for quite large sums of money.

    “Yes, the team now can boast Schzesney, Gibbs, and Wilshere. But it is also the worst Arsenal team for fifteen years. Where are all Wengers’ other fine youth products? Well, they are rattling around the lower divisions, mainly. This summer represented a hugely embarrassing climb down for AW, where long term projects like Denilson, JET, Eboue, Bendnter and Traore were suddenly cut loose, following in the footsteps of Senderos, Merida, Barazite, and Nordveit. You can’t’ argue that Wenger doesn’t give greater EXPOSURE to his youth project, largely through his pioneering approach to the Carling Cup. But does our first team profit from a spellbinding array of youth team products. Any more than Liverpool with Gerard and Carragher or United with Fletcher, Welbeck, Giggs? No, it clearly doesn’t. Do his cut price buys at age 16-20, with the exception of Fabregas, turn into club legends? No, they don’t.

    “Several of our player releases look ill advised, from the refusal to extend Pires’ contract, to letting Toure, Lehmann, Hleb, Flamini, and more recently Gael Clichy walk away. We were always told that someone else better was round the corner. But it has not proved so.”

  20. CedarsDevil says:


    Morning pal……. You raise some valid points regarding the rivalry. To me personally its not about having a soft spot for Arsenal, far from it, however as Costas said I would rather be going head to head against them then any of the other so called big clubs. There are a handful of clubs that disgust me, the likes of the dippers, bitters, Leeds and Milwall, Arsenal on the other hand do not. I do not have any lost love for them and would hate them again as I did back in the days of Keown and co…

    King Eric – Looks like I was not the only one without sleep last nigh my friendt, albeit for different reasons!

    Morning all

  21. slim says:

    samuel – united WE stand

    its not just a kit, ya tit :-) . Its United kit and to be fair we’ve had to endure some terrible ones in the past. The AIG one looked like it was designed with Microsoft paint program

  22. CedarsDevil says:

    Really great to have my TV back, just in time to watch my favorite Sunday lunch time program, The Looney Tunes !

  23. CedarsDevil says:

    Mind you, Tom and Jerry still edge it for me as well as Road Runner, that coyote cracks the hell out of me, what a dumb fuck! haha

  24. Costas says:

    @King Eric

    Hi mate. I think this sort of curse begun right after they played in the Ch.League final in 06. The following season, they dropped out of 3 cup competitions within 10 days. Like you said, in 08 Gallas’ tantrum led to a horrible run of form that cost them the League and the Ch.League (and before that, in February they got dumped out of the FA cup and the carling cup by some heavy scorelines). In 09 they got picked apart by United in the Ch.Semis, in 2010 they got outclassed by Barcelona, last year they sensationally fucked up the Carling Cup final and this year they’ve done it again. It’s hard not to have some sympathy for their fans. Not for Piers Morgan though. His reactions after every costly defeat are cure against depression. :)

  25. King Eric says:

    Cedars. Ha. Got a bit of respite though as ruth taking tom out this aft so gonna get my napper down. To be fair he kips from ten till six now usually so no complaints.

    Costas. Spot on.

    “Wengers pioneering in the Youth Cup“? MYTH!! Fergie introduced kids well before he rocked up on these shores.

  26. CedarsDevil says:

    Just read that Gus Poyet feels sad for his friend and fellow country man Suarez… Sighting that the race row with Evra could eventually drive Suarez out of England…… No shit? Good riddance

    King Eric

    Enjoy what I am sure is a much needed nap!

  27. smartalex says:

    Roy Keane on ITV at half time:

    “You’re on about trying to do well for your manager and once again they’re letting him down. This is probably the worst Arsenal team I’ve seen in all my time of watching football. From the first minute when you see five or six of the Arsenal players wearing gloves, you’re talking about a reaction, you’re sending signals to the opposition. I don’t think a footballer should wear gloves when they’re playing a professional football game.”

    “They’ve been sloppy, which led to the goal, there has been no focus to their passing. It’s been slow it’s been sideways, it’s been backwards.”

    Roy takes the gloves off!

  28. smartalex says:

    Gary Neville on Boas:

    “I watched Villas-Boas’s hand movements during a press conference last week and, while I don’t know the guy well, I know what a manager under pressure looks like. He was twitching and shuffling and his statement that the players don’t have to back his project was alarming. A manager does need his players to believe in what he’s doing, which is why either the sceptics have to go – or AVB will have to go himself.

    “By his pronouncements, Villas-Boas must be thinking of making changes quickly, with stars such as Frank Lampard, Didier Drogba, Fernando Torres, Michael Essien, Florent Malouda, Petr Cech and John Terry all at risk. The key question is whether he gets the time to make those changes. Abramovich’s record at Chelsea doesn’t give Villas-Boas much cause for hope and he looks to me like someone swimming against the tide.”

  29. Red Nation says:

    Whats gloves got to do with anything? Keano is a crazy pundit LOL

    Henry wore them
    Ruud van nistlerooy wore them.
    Pires did too.
    Evra does.
    C.Ronaldo + Ronaldinho wear gloves.
    30% of footballers in cold areas of the world wear gloves.

    What next? long socks make you less dedicated.
    Shirts should be tucked in or you put in a scruffy perfromance?
    Long sleeves are distracting, rolling them up takes time off the game.

    I like Keane as a pundit but Neville is 19x better.

  30. smartalex says:

    Keane’s keen understanding applies to all manners of contest.

    Displaying weakness is commonly frowned upon in sport, business, war and other arenas.

  31. samuel - united WE stand says:

    fuck off. Although the kit isn’t my all time favourites and i would like it to be eradicated but The style of a kit in my view does not alter what united stand for, its history or traditions (Which is uge most important). The club run by businessmen whose sole aim is to drain every penny out that they didn’t put in so why are you Suprised that another style kit has been issued to continue this ploy?.

    Clearly united aren’t prepared to change it so what are you gonna do? get over it, it’s life. Weeping like some disgruntled demented walrus ain’t going to change Shit, that bastard malcolm glazer will still be blazing away on huge cigars wherever he is.

  32. samuel - united WE stand says:

    That’s uge typical british mentality from keane there. “Let’s show how macho by playing with flip-flops in a freezing country and that should bring success” – Yeah, all the british national football teams can testify to having success can’t they?. One wonders what wearing gloves or a russian hat has to do with your abilities or non abilities as footballers.

  33. CedarsDevil says:


    You seem upset my ever nervous United loving friend… What’s wrong?

    Do not worry about this whole kit crap, I said before that I would not care if our players played in pantyhose. We are a football club after all and not a fashion house….. It is sadly a state of affairs though

  34. CedarsDevil says:

    I made a promise to my good friend Willie that I will no longer have snide digs or otherwise towards Keane but I do reserve the right to say this


  35. WillieRedNut says:

    Whats all this soppy bollox about feeling sorry for Arsenal? Fucking sure I Don’t! Fuck em. I’m sure they were gutted when we departed the CL! Also, I remember listening to talkysporty when we lost the CL final in Rome. The vast majority of callers were Arsenal fans. Not city, dippers, or rentboys. All because we spanked them in the semi final. Evra made the comment about men against boys. Anyone who feels sorry for Arsenal is a mug.

  36. WillieRedNut says:

    England haven’t won anything Sammy, because they don’t posses enough quality players. Fuck all to do with gloves, hats and willy warmers! Lol.

  37. CedarsDevil says:


    I think your use of the word ‘because’ is racist…… Please offer an apoligy

  38. Red Nation says:

    looks like Chicharito is our weakness.

    Damn Gloves, its because of glove wearers like Ronaldo + Rooney we’ve underachieved aswell.

    LOL Keano makes me laugh.
    Samuel the russians are weak, they feel cold in a cold country.

  39. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Cedars – i’m relaxed mate. I’m just trying to make a point that regardless of alterated kits, united will still possess its history and traditions.

  40. Costas says:

    Well personally I am not a fan of changing our kit each season. I’ll wait and see what the new one exactly looks like, but having a new design each season leaves less room for creativity imo. But what can you do? We have a debt to pay.

    As for Keane’s comments, players have every right to wear gloves, lol. I can see where he’s coming from though. When he was in his prime years, seeing an opponent wear gloves because he felt cold was perceived as a sign of weakness. Times have changed since then. Arsenal aren’t the softest side in the world either. Remember our game at the Emirates last month.

  41. WillieRedNut says:

    There was a soft center to Arsenal yesterday. Sunderland bullied them. That will be a stern test for United, when we go up there.

  42. Costas says:

    I’ve thought a lot about that game willie. It’s on the final day of the season. If Sunderland need the points to achieve some type of goal, it will be a very hard game. The ideal scenario would be for us to wrap up the title by then (the E.League final is also 4 days earlier), but I think it will go down to the wire.

  43. WillieRedNut says:

    Costas – It’s the last game of the season? Hope it’s tied up before then.

  44. King Eric says:

    I happen to agree with Keano on this. I fucking hate seeing players in gloves especially on a mild day like yesterday. Would never happen on Keanos watch. Fags.


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