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Valencia: I’m apologised to team mates for red card

article-2648916-1E79824900000578-382_634x430During Ecuador’s 2-2 draw with England last night, Antonio Valencia was the victim of an awful late challenge by Liverpool’s Raheem Sterling, but fortunately for him, his standing leg wasn’t planted. If he hadn’t managed to jump out of the way, he could have been nursing the second bone break of his career.

In response, Valencia grabbed Sterling by the neck and strangled him a couple of times. Sterling was sent off for the challenge and Valencia was sent off for his reaction.

“I am sorry for the fight with Sterling,” Valencia said.. “I apologised to the team after the match and the coach. When he tackled me, I thought about Segundo Castillo [who was hurt against Mexico recently]. He nearly missed the World Cup because of injury and I feared I would too. Thankfully, I am okay.”

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  1. Tommy says:

    Horrible tackle in a friendly game, he should of squeezed harder, Good lad Tony!

  2. Jackie Spain says:

    What about the comments from that wanker Townsend? As the tackle didn’t have malicious intent it should have only been a yellow!

  3. MrC says:

    @Tommy , Jackie – too right! That tackle could have been a leg breaker. No need to Tony to apologize either. He should have belted that Scouse twat from here to next Tuesday.

  4. Einar Orn AEvarsson says:

    Nasty little shit. Pure and simple. Remember that Tony had a bad injury and I can imagine that keeps popping up in his mind every now and then.

  5. trevor knightsmith says:

    Jacke S,

    I agree, Townshend is a total wanker.

    What is it with this love in with the scouse ? they just cannot do any wrong ( apart from one that plays for united), and all the punters fawning over them, might not even bother to watch the world cup .

  6. cr says:

    Estamos contigo Antonio, te apoyamos siempre!

  7. lecho says:

    Speaking of Valencia I honestly don’t care about his limitations or drops in form, he has the guts to play in United shirt.

    Last season would be so different if more players would have the dedication to overcome their weaker moments Valencia has.

  8. BelfastRed says:

    Class pic. Getting that 4 screen saver. :-)


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