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Valencia: I’m Excited And Humbled By #7 Shirt

Antonio Valencia has again expressed his delight at being made Manchester United’s number 7 after Michael Owen was released this summer.

“I’m excited to be wearing the no.7 shirt in the coming season,” he told the official site. “It’s a number I really respect because so many great players have worn the shirt and made history for Manchester United in it. Now I hope I can write my own. It’s a new adventure but it’s something that I’m very relaxed about and also humbled by. All the players are feeling good about the new season. There is a great team spirit amongst everyone. I love being part of this team – I have some good friends here and I laugh a lot with guys like Evra, Nani, Anderson, Bebe and Chicharito, but everybody in the group has a laugh together. When we have to work, we take things seriously. When the time is right to enjoy ourselves, we do that too. We are all looking forward to the new campaign. On a personal level, I want to be involved in every game, but to be honest I think more from a team perspective and I’d love us to win all the competitions we play in, particularly the Premier League and Champions League. We are Manchester United and those are the trophies we should always be aiming to win.”

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  1. Keano16 says:

    What a shock, he’s pleased to be given the #7.

  2. GAZZARO says:

    SAF should give our famouss No.7 shirt to Lucas Moura instead. With his terrific dribbling skills and pace, Moura can be the next CR7. Valencia is a good player, he has good pace but no dribbling skills unfortunately.

    Beckham in the past may not have terrific skills on the ball, but David is a very good looking guy and that’s why United gain a lot of money from selling the famous No.7 shirt. Unfortunately, I don’t think it will happen to Valencia, and therefore it’s the wrong choice for SAF to pick Valencia for No.7 shirt.

  3. Christoff says:

    quality player – let’s hope this season he can stay fit and become a major player

  4. FRO-NAM says:

    What a great example of a professional footballer! One of my fav players of recent years!! Such a desire to win and do well! Always evident especially when we lose the ball he’s the first one runing back using his strength to win the ball back and boom……down the line he goes starting an attack!

    Just imagine if he had 2 feet!!! WOW! That would be scary!

  5. Red Devil says:

    What a great way to start the thread..Wow…! Just Wow…!

    What else was he supposed to say?


    Ok, So No.7 shirt should only be given to good looking players or players who can dribble…hmmmm…
    What would be your definition of good looking mate? Or what level of dribbling would be good enough to qualify for that honour may I ask…?

    Good Lord…absolutely incredible stuff…

  6. prasan_UTDfan4life says:

    @ Gazzarro

    So you want the #7 shirt to be given to a player who is not even a Manchester United player as of now? Quite incredible if you ask me, and with that comment you have shown an absolute disrespect to Antonio Valencia who has been brilliant for us ever since he signed for us!

    On topic, absolutely love Antonio Valencia, built like a beast, pace to burn and has a mean shot up his sleeve! Looking forward to a great season from him! All the best Antonio! :-)

  7. calebkzh says:

    Good one mate! We should give the #7 to someone who isn’t even on our squad! Stellar comment!

  8. keegan4england says:

    The Glazer issue is here to stay. There’s nothing we can do. We could boicott games, protest, etc but to what avail? They are the private owners and the fans have no power. Any movemnet to boicott I feel would have a negative effect on the team – is this what we want?

    For the season ahead we need to channel our frustrations towards making OLD T a famous atmosphere and not only for big games v City and Dippers. Season tickets are not being renewed, but is it that hard to walk away?

    The squad could be better but we have players coming through who last year gained valuable experience. All we can do is get on with it.

    Well done Valencia on having the number 7!

  9. keegan4england says:


    TRIPE!!!!!! Good looking players should wear 7?

    Just get out.

  10. sp says:

    Js imagine if he had movement off touch line to link up play instead of hugging it all day all night, hard worker and all that but does he deserve to wear 7? Am not sure.

  11. chozi says:

    who d f #$%$ is this Gazzaro fella??? Antonio Valencia is by far the hardest working man in the squad and deserves the #7.

  12. billabongbob says:

    Antonio Valencia = Stevie Coppell, solid, unassuming, team players, no baggage….

  13. parryheid says:

    Fuck’s sake so shirts should be allocated on looks now ?

  14. utd_fc says:

    Fantastic attitude, work ethic, work rate.. Basically everything. He’s a true professional and i expect him to stay at the top for years to come.

  15. NutJack says:

    Bet he got No.7 shirt for his professionalism and an incredible work ethic, the exact same qualities both Ronny and Becks have.

    No other player in the current United side deserves it more than Valencia! Well done mate.

  16. Mahesh says:

    Lol at Gazzaro – He’s probably one of those idiots that posts “Love Man U…Best team in the world!” on every single United facebook posts. Ugh…#7 to a player who doesn’t even play for us. If you bothered educating yourself about football you would know exactly how effective that no-nonsense, direct wing play is…Moron!

  17. utd_fc says:


    in that case our dear old Wazza should be donning that #7 don’t you think ;)

  18. parryheid says:


    Ha well he is a looker right enough,

  19. eric keane says:

    lets give an honorary no 7 shirt to george clooney then

  20. jeet says:

    Ffs, who let that criyyert in?!! Somebody lock the effing backdoor, quick!

  21. Giles Oakley says:

    I noticed the advert for ‘Two Years Interest Free Credit’ at the top here. I wonder if we should alert the Glazers.

    Meanwhile, great to see Valencia sounding so happy and positive. Nice to see he mentions Bebe amongst his friends. There’s hope for the boy yet!

  22. Red Devil says:

    Giles Oakley

    You’ve always had that cheeky element in you….!

  23. 19 going on 20 and beyond says:

    Totally deserve the shirt, I think. Looking foward to tones of assist and a healthy goal ratio

  24. Dela says:

    Was my moment of the season last season…… Valencia goal against Blackburn (although Nani’s community shield winner came close!!). ValeeeeennncciiiAAAAAAAAA!!! :-)

    “Manchester United’s Goal…. Scored by number 7…. Antonio.. Valenciaaaa!!”

    Looking forward to hearing that :-)

  25. wiuru says:

    A true professional.

    A humble individual .

    A great human being .

    He has it all .

  26. yustaq says:

    That caption says it all
    Excited and Humble
    Tony val~well deserved
    We’re united…

  27. Dr. Mico says:

    What about the FA Cup Tonio? I take it very seriously. And it’s been way too long overdue. Just saying.

  28. nemzthered says:

    He deserves it as a man. He’s played for it.
    Who gives a f*ck of how a player looks? Performance speaks!!!

  29. Capitano says:

    @Gazzaro, why should the person wearing No7 be good looking, if i may ask????? “what are you up to??

  30. Rai says:

    Really pleased for Valencia he deserves it. Just curious though as to why Nani wasn’t given it? He has that “flair” element that people have spoke about, a bit more flamboyant than our other players…..don’t yell people…just thinking out loud!

  31. 0161-Jon says:

    @Gazzaro you massive tit. You have no idea.

  32. Sufi says:

    Valencia deserved it he was one not only one of the best player in our team but he was also one of the best in the premier league .

  33. Keano16 says:

    @Red Devil

    It wasn’t Valencia I was talking about. Of course I’d expect him to say that, I just mean that topics about things like him being proud of the #7, Kagawa being proud to sign for us, Chicharito saying he’d swap his goals for trophies etc are all things we surely already know and expect? But I suppose there’s not much else to talk about during the summer so fair enough! I guess I just miss the proper stuff when the football has actually started!

  34. Keano16 says:

    Oh and Gazzaro, you are a knob!

  35. 50 Shades of WillieRedNut says:

    Tony V is natural footballer. Worthy of the number 7 shirt. He’s got that pandemic! Right here, right here!

  36. Red Devil says:


    Fair enough mate….cheers

  37. 11kush89 says:


    beckham can pass the ball like a demon
    he crosses like no other
    his free kicks are still immense
    valencia can dribble round defenders all day long

    you are crazy


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