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Valencia: Manchester is my home

Last year Antonio Valencia parted company with his agent as he didn’t believe he needed one anymore. Having agreed a long term contract with the club he didn’t see the purpose of having an agent.

“I do not want to move from Manchester I am very happy and so I separated from Diego (Herrera). I’m happy where I live and I enjoy being in Manchester every day.”

Given how quickly so many players are to stab their club in the back or hold them to ransom over more money, it is refreshing to see such a great attitude from Valencia.

Unfortunately, he has had a poor season for the club but something remarkable happened last night. No, I’m not talking about us winning our 20th title, but Valencia actually looked like a proper winger again! He was taking players on and putting in good crosses, which is something we had started to see again against West Ham.

Following suggesting that he may leave the club this summer, Valencia, who signed for the club when he was 23-years-old, has claimed he wants to see out his career at United.

“Neither the club or the coach have said anything about that, I think it was a rumour that came about in Ecuador more than anywhere else,” he told Radio La Deportiva. “Manchester is my home, I would like to stay here for a lot longer and retire here before going back to Ecuador.”

Valencia now has two Premier League title to wins to his name and is grateful to the manager for the confidence he has given him.

“I am very happy, this is my second championship here,” he said. “I have the confidence that the coach has given me and when you go into a match with the confidence of the team, it gives you extra motivation.”

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  1. wayne says:

    i love Tony V big asset imo and underrated by a lot of fans,think Sir Alex realizes his importance to the team don’t see him leaving

  2. Marq says:

    We want our old Valencia back. Bring on next season!

  3. KeaZz says:

    Him and Kagawa are bringing the best out of each other at the moment. Great to see a burgeoning partnership develop between the two.

  4. Andromeda says:

    He was not in usual form this season so to speak, but on larger scale I always trusted him.I still rate him very highly and would love to see him next season finding himself among all the critics, we already seen signs of improvements last night and at upton park the other week.I am sure Fergie will know how to handle his current lack of spark.hopefully he will return stronger next season.

  5. samuel - united WE stand says:

    This is exactly what i’ve spoken about confidence with other united players, it is the fuel required to ignite the fire in a player and that’s what valencia has got back. Too soon to say he’s definitely got back to his best but improvement signs are there.

  6. edcunited1878 says:

    Just like in any other sport, players have to adjust. It’s easier to mark out Valencia when tactically smart teams flood the midfield and defend deeper. Like any true one-footed wingers, they need space and overlap support. Rafa has come into his own and cuts inside, while Valencia takes up the defending duties. Don’t mistake Rafa’s emergence without noticing the partnership with Valencia.

  7. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Players go through ups and downs. Plus, very few really give credit to the lengths it takes to come back from serious injury. Look at Hargreaves, an absolutely priceless little player brought low by injuries.

    Tony could have let doing his knee get him down. But that doesn’t seem to be the case.

    I actually think Scott is being a little harsh. Tony’s actually looked good for several games now. I’ve noticed at least.

    Come on then Tony. Let’s have another couple trophies from ya!

  8. KeaZz says:

    Fergie clearly hasn’t forgotten how deadly Rooney and Valencia were together last season. Sir Alex has afforded him all the support and patience in the world seemingly on his own this season to everybody’s frustrations. For whatever reason he hasn’t quite hit it off with the other strikers while Rooney has been used deeper or has been unfit. If last night is a sign of things to come with Wayne getting all diagonal with him and Kagawa giving him the old one two then I can fully expect Fergie being rewarded for his faith by getting his terminator back!

  9. WeAreUnited says:

    yesterday it was the valencia we know and we want. It started against WestHam after 50minutes and continued the whole game

    One of the best players yesterday- 100%. Him, RVP, Jones, Evans and Kagawa were immesne.

    the truth is, this season has been disappointing with a big D, because the lad has everything on him, i dont call him TERMINATOR or the silent killer without no reason, but this season he took the latter one it too literally. But to get rid of him? hell no, he deserves anotehr season like many oevr here have had.

    when SAF loses confidence in you, then you’re finished, before that, everyone deserves another chance. And I disagree with the injury comment, cause yes it could have and has affected him. but there is so much staff and work behind the scene that I don’t believe we would take a risk if he relly was that injured. But that being said, let’s hope next season he’s “back” and maybe just maybe we could go (if and when Nani leaves unfortunately) go for another winger!


  10. Saad says:

    He’s only 27. We should definitely keep him. He is at worst a very very good back-up winger. But I believe next season he’ll burn up the league and Europe because he’ll have Wielfried Zaha breathing down his neck, pushing him for a starting spot.

  11. Xyth says:

    I think he may have just rescued his Unitrd career with his more than decent performances in the last two matches.

    Nani, missed his last chance at Chelsea!

  12. mezza says:

    Watching him play this season he did lack in confidence as we saw in previews seasons. Great skill and potential at hand, hope winning this title will boost his confidence going into next season.


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