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Valencia Out For A Month

Antonio Valencia was rested last night in order to help bring Ashley Young and Nani back to fitness. He was brought on in the second half though and ran through the defence before giving the ball to Rooney, who set Chicharito up for our second.

However, he only lasted ten minutes before being subbed off with an injury.

“He has a hamstring injury unfortunately,” Ferguson said. “It will be four weeks. It is a bad blow for us.”

This is desperately disappointing news for United, considering that along with Michel Carrick, Valencia has probably been our most important player this season. After coming back from an injury, he has gone from strength to strength and his presence will be missed.

Fortunately, Nani and Young are back, although neither of them have looked close to being as effective as Valencia has been this season.

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  1. parryheid says:

    Defies description,of all the injuries this is by far the worst and right at our big push.Argh

  2. KVN says:

    When you look at the games he’ll miss it will be Norwich and maybe Spurs. Because of the international break he’ll be back mid March. Disapponting yes but blessed by having that international break.

  3. lordrt says:

    Nani and YOung will have to up their game and stay injury free till Valencia is back, will miss his powerful runs on that right wing :(

  4. Tafara Phillip says:

    If Nani and Young can take up the mantle for the next few weeks, Tony will be back in time for the City game. Both should be fresh and raring to go so Come On You Reds.

  5. Abhay Sundaram says:

    Nani- 31 games, 8 goals, 13 assists.
    Creating 2 goals every three games cannot be ineffective.
    He frustrates a lot, but I see him making a bit impact over the last leg of this season.

    Young hasn’t done badly either, 6 assists and 4 goals over 20 games. What both these wingers give us is something different to Tony V, and that is goals. With Cleverley back, I expect them to both score a few between them.

  6. RED-LEB says:

    He’ll be back for our game at shitty !! that’s what matters !

  7. United till I die says:

    Wouldn’t be surprised if the boss is over playing this one making it sound worse than it is. A couple weeks rest and Tony V will be back for the spurs game. In the meantime young and nani can get plenty of minutes.

  8. Clint-iamyourpapii says:

    I don’t think Nani + Young should ever start together :(
    The balance isn’t there. Valencia or Park plus Young or Nani brings balance.
    With Evra attacking, Young cannot defend or position himself to protect his full back. This was evident against Chelsea & Ajax. Fabio sat back but whenever he went foward, we was left naked because Young didn’t know where to stand.
    Nani is a better defender out on the right. He did a decent job in covering his full back in the past, whether its Rafael or Jones. But once a in a while, Nani loses focus and it all goes sloppy.

    We can’t risk both sides being so naked in my opinion. Also United tend to play better when emphasis is put on one winger rather than two. We have more men in the middle plus its a versatile 4-4-2.

    It should be either ;

    Nani -Carrick-Scholes -Clevs

    it feels odd seeing ; Nani – Carrick – Cleverley – Young, Doesn’t feel like enough to win a difficult game. We have to adapt it, two wingers leave us to open, even if Wazza drops back.

  9. Jonny says:

    If only we had Ravel “the next Chris Eagles” Morrison lol

    I’m just pleased it is only a month. There aren’t any HUGE matches he will miss. Most important is Spurs away, but you might prefer Park over Valencia anyway for that match to keep Bale under control.

  10. Jonny says:

    Actually looking at the fixtures, Europa league semi final second leg is 2 days before City away.
    If one team were to get knocked out with the other still in it that could swing the title?

  11. Doghouse says:

    Wasn’t it a Nani and Young pairing that destroyed Arsenal?

    I love Tony V, he’s All Kinds Of Fucking Awesome™, but with Nani on the right and Young on the left I have absolutely no fear at all for United. Young looked to be getting back his sharpness last night, Nani has been quiet, but he generally doesn’t do so much on the left as the right anyway. We bring those two lads back into the attack and every defender in the country is going to shit bricks.

  12. Giggs12Gerrard0 says:

    17 days before Spurs I think he will be ok and he is genertically our most conditioned player.

  13. hulme 69 says:

    Agree with Clint about Young + Nani starting together. In potentially tough games, we can be too exposed.
    Yes , they were great against Arsenal early in the season, but the Arse were meagre opposition that day.
    Glad to see Young get a goal though -hopefully that will boost his confidence somewhat.

  14. Costas says:

    He’ll be really missed at White Heart Lane. As it was evident last night, with him out there, we have a more direct and effective approach. Unfortunately, I am afraid he’ll have lost his momentum by the time he’s back.

    United have had a funny habit of losing crucial players this season. Valencia is the 4th case in point after Vidic, Fletcher and Cleverley.

  15. Spence says:

    Massive blow, but Giggs should cover the left with Nani on the right for the next two PL games. We’re quite lucky with our injuries at the moment, more coming back than going out; it could have been a lot worse than a month.

  16. TK99 says:

    Costas …trust me he will not lose the momentum..he’s so good and consistent .

  17. KingOfStretfordEnd says:

    Bad blow yes, but we’ll cope with it. Such an effective winger, its and understatement.

  18. Sparkz says:

    He’s been brilliant for us, and its a big blow. As others have mentioned, good thing there’s a break in between anyway. Thing about Valencia is that every time he gets injured, he comes back twice as muscular! He’ll be an absolute beast after this one, trust me!

    I’d hardly say Nani hasn’t been as effective though, his stats say it all tbh. Gives him a chance on his favoured right wing position as well. Agree with Clint about the defensive balance though, I’d prefer Park instead of Young for some of the tougher assignments i.e White Hart Lane.

  19. scholesyfan says:

    There goes our best player. Nani was awful yesterday and young wasnt anything special. I would much rather prefer welbeck playing wide right

  20. King Eric says:

    I love Tony but Nani is fucking quality too. Those dismissing I suggest you re watch our early season games. Nobody was missing Tony. Nani was tearing teams apart. scoring goals too. Bale? Rafa will have that cunt is in arse pocket as usual. United will adapt. Its what we do.

  21. King Eric says:

    Fuck me. Nani and Young had been out a while with the latter not playing since December. They were bound to be rusty. Anyone remember Nani s goal away at stoke. Or Arsenal. Or youngs double against Arsenal. West brom? We will be fine. Fuck Spurs. Aint worried about going there.


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