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Valencia – Player of the Year

Antonio Valencia was named the Manchester United player of the year, as voted for by the players, taking over form Nani.

“It’s great that they’ve put their trust in me,” said Valencia. “I’m very pleased that I have their support.”

Valencia also won the Sir Matt Busby Player of the Year, with 37% of the fans voting for him. Rooney came 2nd with 24% and Scholes 3rd with 12%.

Valencia also won goal of the season for his strike against Blackburn to put us 1-0 up at Ewood Park.

“I am very happy to receive all three awards,” said Valencia. “After last night, the longest night of my life, I will take heart from this. There should be 20 of these awards because all of my team-mates deserve one. I’d like to thank them and to thank my fans at home in Ecuador and Manchester United fans everywhere.”

The Jimmy Murphy Young Player of the Year is Mats Daehli, taking over from Ryan Tunnicliffe.

The Denzil Haroun Reserve Team Player of the Year is Michael Keane, taking over from Oliver Gill.

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  1. Milesplattingred says:

    No class have they fucking no class at all. I expect it from a thick cunt like Tevez but fucking shame on Mancini for letting this happen. The tiny strand of respect i had for him has gone.

    Also did you see that cunt Nasri in his shades. He looked like a cheap fat Romanian prostitute.

  2. Redbilly says:

    Congratulation Tony V. Powerful determined and no baggage . A true red. Was a parade organised for us if we’d secured the title?. If do the streets would have been jammed.

    Tevez- he’s so low he could walk under a snakes belly wearing a top hat.

    The man is very ralanred in the pitch and rearly gives anything other than 100%. Off it, he’s deplorable. I would be saddened to have a child consider him a hero.

  3. MG says:


    Could have always got James on the aeroplane to sort it out


    Morning Cedars, Morning United


  4. RedHound says:

    cheap fat Romanian prostitute


  5. Redbilly says:

    Tevez dislikes fergie because. He said no to his childish demands. He is a selfish man without honour if any kind. I’m glad he did it in a way. It exemplifies the club . He was on the parade bus , with the banner ONLY because the club allowed him back. Why ?. Anything is acceptable to them to win. Even going against their own principles. He and the banner are a shining example of what they stand for.

    As the man said ‘ you can’t buy class kidd’

  6. Redbilly says:

    Albert and co- fair point regarding ignoring. The thread topic. I’m a guilty. As the next man.

  7. MG says:

    I’m guilty too

    Though I think I read Costas saying – I apologise if I got it wrong – the Player’s player of the year was not started in the biggest game of the year.

    I wish I had a De Lorean


  8. CedarsDevil says:


    God bless you……….. You bring joy to the heart

  9. Albert Ross says:

    Redbilly – I have to admit that I am guilty of it too.

    When the distracting topic is as overpowering as this tevez placard, then nearly everyone falls prey to their emotion so the dearth of on-topic comments becomes obvious.

    I slipped under the radar when I was guilty, because others weren’t. Or perhaps I’d turned it off!

  10. Redbilly says:

    Albert- true . I think those posters who always stick to the thread who, go off topic with such an issue shows the strength of feelings. Rivalry and banter is one thing . That act was totally outside those boundries . If the roles were reversed I would consider it and comment on it’s bad taste and bad reflection on the club.

    Their only defence is, they don’t know how to conduct themselves during a period if success.

  11. MG says:


    Truly I am the opposite of a certain Argentinian


    That much I definitely am


  12. Redbilly says:

    Albert Ross- wanted to say. A couple if blue fans, though gloating did say that when they saw him with the banner, both ge Ann’s the banner made them cringe. Many would not admit it but felt it too.

  13. Redbilly says:

    Tevez us a hateful cunt .

  14. Albert Ross says:

    Redbilly – I guess that only blues whose desire to hurt reds is greater than their love for their club would feel pleased upon their first sighting of the banner and it’s holder.

    However, most of the blues who are dismayed, will quickly have shoved that emotion out, and replaced it with any view that takes advantage of the attack on Sir Alex. Only a few will remain as honest as the couple of blues you mentioned.

  15. RoMancing-the-Reds says:

    They say a man’s true worth is known by how he handles failure, and how he handles success.

    We all know how they handled failure – they turned bitter.

    Now we have a glimpse of how they handle success.

  16. Kace Kun says:

    From ‘Fergie’s Speech’ and ‘Red Hound’s 07:34′ post it can be deduced that:
    #govan legend
    PS:I’m not in anyway related Aguero Kun

  17. Albert Ross says:

    Kace Kun – it is clear that you are a Red.

    govan legend indeed!

  18. Marq says:

    Losing the title doesn’t make one an underdog, so the argument about that poster being a reference to that quote is wrong. Not that bitter fans with tiny brains can apprehand. So Liverpool won the CC, does that make all other teams underdogs to them in that competition?

  19. markynorbs says:

    Congratulations Tony V.

  20. markynorbs says:

    Congratulations Tony V.

  21. MG says:


    Are Barcelona the most inferior side to every one else?

    Still the challenge though they maybe gong through a cycle where they may have to change

    Of course the United hatred is such that knocking us down is the pinnacle of ABU agenda

    It’s okay Barca – we are here :lol:

  22. KingOfStretfordEnd says:

    I truly honestly respect and love Valencia. He gives you confidence.

    Love saying his name Antonioooooooooo!


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