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Valencia: There’s A Lot Of Pride In Manchester

Ahead of tonight’s game against Fulham, Antonio Valencia has spoken about the pride in the city of having the best two clubs in the country, although is focussed on making sure United have a points advantage ahead of the derby.

“There’s a lot of pride in Manchester that our two clubs are the best in England,” said Valencia. “But now we are focused on Fulham because our challenge is to win all our matches and to arrive with an advantage over City on derby day. I’m not saying whether that game will decide the title but it’s clear the winners will deliver a morale blow to the other club. So I expect a big battle and for us to avenge our 6-1 defeat at Old Trafford.”

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  1. . says:

    you are the man mr Valencia, i salute you

  2. Number Se7en says:

    Tear them all apart Antonio !

  3. RedPharoe says:

    6-1 defeat… I don’t know what he’s talking about….

  4. Gorse Hill Red says:

    6-1? Is that the year United beat City to the title? God I hope we do.

  5. CedarsDevil says:

    Lay off the booze Antonio, what 6 – 1?

    Now get stuck it you mighty REDS

  6. King Eric says:

    Go on Tony lad. Those bitter blue cunts have fuck all to be proud about. Any oil rich billionaire could buy a club and make them challenge. Built on sand with fuck all foundations. God I hate them.

    Cedars – Hope you are well mate. Cheers for the comment on the Rio thread pal.

  7. CedarsDevil says:

    King Eric

    Always a pleasure my friend, hope you and yours are well too. Pity you won’t be there tonight but at least we will have wee James there, sure to give em hell….

    Come ON UNITED

  8. WillieRedNut says:

    I can’t hear you?

  9. CedarsDevil says:


    You deaf mate? ha ha ha

  10. devil without a cause says:



  11. devil without a cause says:

    valencia, forget the 6-1 mate…….. know it would be hard to get that off your head but it was just a one off……….. dont be too concerned about the one battle that we lost, just be focused that we win the war…………… all better then…… all’s forgiven then………

  12. WillieRedNut says:

    Very quiet on ear?

  13. devil without a cause says:

    if premier league would have been a classroom then
    * arsenal is a boy who studies very hard, but still fail to achieve success……….
    * man city is a boy who spends a lot of time in buying costly books, but never gets time to study!!!!!!
    * chelsea is a boy who comes first in all exams, but fails in the final exam!!!!!
    * man united is a boy who just passes in all exams, but comes first in final exams……

    * and liverpool is a boy who has stopped studying a long time ago but has tremendous pride just bcoz, once his grandparents were great…….. :-P

  14. CedarsDevil says:

    devil without a cause

    Great stuff!

  15. WeRUnited says:

    HAHAHHAHAH devil without a cause…. SO TRUE :::: hahahahahhahahahaah i laughed loud hahahaha

  16. TC says:


  17. PLT says:

    They can have their 6-1 win if it means we can have the title. Valencia should be the first name on the teamsheet this evening against Fulham – this is a such an important game given City’s draw at weekend – we’ve got to be full strength tonight!

  18. reddevil689908 says:

    come on u reds!!!

  19. Zibbie says:

    Tony is so Valuable!!! He wants Man Utd and Man Utd wants him,

  20. LoneStarRed says:


    Following is a link to a piece on Valencia. The author must have read my post on Tony V. and then penned his column. But no less than Pep Guardiola calls him the best winger in the WORLD.

  21. Humanoid says:


    Excellent link. Antonio V is like the perfect mixture of David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo, to me.


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