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Van der Sar Breaks Chelsea Record

Edwin Van der Sar has broken Petr Cech’s Premiership record for length of time without conceding a goal, surpassing the 1025 minutes set by Cech in the 04-05 season.

Earlier, most reds were more concerned about the 3 points. To pick up the 3 points, 5 goals and a new record, is pretty good going!

The record now stands at 1031 minutes… and counting.

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  1. Pride OF All Europe says:

    fecking love it! 5-0!

    The various players we’ve had at the back have done us proud!

  2. Red-Manc says:

    Well done to Van Der Sar, the whole defense has been solid this season so well done to them aswell

    United top of the league United United top of the league!

  3. Fuglis says:

    Another vintage performance by Giggs tonight!

  4. edwin says:

    Well done van Der Sar! My namesake and Idol! (apart form Schmeichel)

  5. luke says:

    Congrats to our Green Giant and the defence

    Carrick and Giggs today were unbelievable and i now understand why we paid 30mill for a certain Bulgarian

  6. Christovski says:

    Fuck, this is a great feeling. Long may this run continue.

  7. SalfordRed says:

    what a performance.
    Berba , Carrick & Giggsy were magnificent tonight. Ronaldo back on the score sheet will make hell of a difference to his confidence. Rio & Wes are back and thats great news considering our injury crisis. all positives tonight , now lets hope Liverpool drop points tomo.

    United top of the league United United top of the league!

  8. TheMightyReds says:

    VDS record, Giggs played quality, Park put in the miles as usual, Ronaldo back scoring, Berba playing like he did at Spurs, Vida scores again, Carrick running the midfield, Twas an all round awesome day for the best team in the Universe! Liverpool and Chelski will be shitting their pants! Hahahaha!

  9. Will says:


    love that ronaldo got a brace too, really showed it too.

  10. costas says:

    6 consecutive wins in the league and in whole and of course 11 straight premier league clean sheets.Well done lads!They have really turned a corner ever since coming back from Japan.And of course only Fergie could have done this!All week we were fearing whether Rio and Wes would be fit for Everton and here they were today!Rio did look a bit uncomfortable at times but it’s good to have him back.He might have missed most of the games of this 11 game run but it was fitting he should be here today.He is the one who has schooled Vida along.And finally a big thank you to Edwin.He doesn’t get many headlines but he is a crucial part of the defense.The success of United is it’s central nucleus:VDS,Rio,Vida,Carrick and Rooney.

  11. keanesmagichat says:

    the night couldnt have gone much better….. fingers crossed brucey will do us a favour tomorrow

  12. AZY says:


  13. Maik says:

    Carrick was awesome once again, player of the month with Vida, who has scored yet again.

  14. bchilds says:

    Well done to the whole team, what a fantastic record. Especially for a team so famous for our attacking flair rather than defensive steel – well done lads!

  15. corea says:

    and no Berba doubters ? where are you ?
    Rio and Wes back. Great feeling.
    Wes has every right in the world to be our first choise right back. but we have a very nice climate at the club. Wes won’t be disappointed while sitting on the bench and it is a very nice thing.

  16. Jake says:

    here here, all the berbatov doubters hang your heads in shame and brush up on your ability to make pointed football observations…

  17. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    … and counting

  18. olusanjo says:

    i am just loving it. for tomorrow, if anyone of liverpool or chelsea wins then that team that wins should loose when they both play at the weekend. if they both win, then a draw at the weekend. if they both drop points tomorrow, then they should also draw at the weekend. i really hope this will happen.

  19. Red Rooney says:


  20. Red Rooney says:

    This is a team effort. VDS and VIDIC are the captains of defense. Carrick/fletcher/anderson, everyone protecting the defense have also contributed largely to this success.

    Well done team and well done Sir Alex and the coaches for the tactics.

    I have the feeling this is the YEAR where … (to be continued)

  21. Manu says:

    Its no coincidence that if Carrick is on song, United will be on song. Lovely :)

  22. denton davey says:

    “no coincidence that if Carrick is on song, United will be on song”

    Good point – I was going to write that it seems to me that Carrick plays much, much better when he’s partnered in the middle with Giggs or Fletcherinho than with Scholes, who seems to get in his way.

    It’s hard to make too much from this match since the red card effectively ended it; only the final score was then in doubt. Good to see that the goal difference is fattened, too.

    I’m more-than-happy to see both Rio and Wesley back on the park; neither had much to do but they didn’t seem to suffer any physical reverse which is just tremendous news since the back four was getting pretty stretched.

    For what it’s worth, I’m unimpressed by young Eckersley – his positioning seems poor and I think he would be found out against better opponents. And, now that Fabio and Rafael are on the scene, there’s no place for him or Danny Simpson. Basically, they’re both surplus-to-requirements.

  23. King Eric says:

    Not a lot else to say. Carrick is proving to be the best central midfielder around. Giggs having the season of his life. Reborn in that role in middle of park. As numerous people have said, where are all you Berba doubters? (Gary)! Good win, great to beat Rentboys record. Dippers and rentboys must be fuckin shittin it, seeing our lads finally getting out of second gear and looking immense. Considering all the injuries. No reason why we can’t go for all other four trophies. So much quality in squad and so many team variations. A different team available to combat any opposition.. An excellent time to be a United supporter. All you could hear tonight was our away support. “He’s crackin up, He’s crackin up, Rafa’s cracking up”. Quality.

  24. vidic will get ya15 says:

    good to see vds getting the chance to celebrate again like he is the goal scorer, awesome gk, wish we’d signed him when we got barthez, would be a couple of cl’s better off. build a nice lead up in the league now so we can concentrate on europe later in procedings, i’m thinking dippers will start to concentrate on cl and drop some serious points,

  25. luke says:

    Cant understand why people are slagging off Berba doubters! i myself was one! Anyone would have to admit that he made a sluggish start to his United career so it is only fair to be objective and point it out, jus as fair as it is to say that he is really startin to grow in the team now. I’m all for supporting a player when he’s going through a rough patch but lets be intelligent enough to acknowledge it when its happening without getting on the players back. January has definetly been his month and while it may have taken him a bit longer to settle then most would have liked he is clearly starting to pay off on the 30 mill spent.

    As for Giggs…nothing i say can do him justice…his performances are just a joy to behold in the centre of the field..picks out passes, reads the game like an open book and breaks away intelligently

    I’d also like to point to absolute gem of a ball that Tevez played to Giggs for Ronaldo’s first goal who then went on to lay off a beautiful pass for Ronaldo. Just felt i should mention it as it seems to have been overlooked by most

  26. BrisbaneRed says:

    This about sums up UTD’s position, courtesy of The Daily Mail:
    “It is the fact that while the momentum is now building for a United side in perfect harmony, Liverpool continue to battle on in a state of total disarray. United, it would seem, are in control.”

    “Total disarray” – I like that, due in no small measure to the idiotic outbursts from their manager. Wouldn’t be surprised if ‘Pool dropped a couple of points at Wigan, and as for Sunday’s game v Chelsea well anything can happen. A draw there might see Aston Villa move up to 2nd place.

  27. Marq says:

    Compare VDS with Scott Carson today, what a difference. Carson had a shocker of a game. It was amusing to see Carson trying to convince ppl that there was a foul for the goal that he dropped for Tevez, and he was going on & on, even his teammates looked disgusted. Would have been better for him to jus take it on the chin and admit it was a howler and maybe he would have earned more respect & trust from his teammates

  28. denton davey says:

    “Wouldn’t be surprised if ‘Pool dropped a couple of points at Wigan, and as for Sunday’s game v Chelsea well anything can happen. A draw there might see Aston Villa move up to 2nd place.”


  29. Anon says:

    According to the previous record was just 925 minutes…

  30. SULLY [South Africa] says:

    Vidic deserves huge credit for that record, in my opinion even more than EVDS… But then again, make no mistake, I ai’nt taking anything away from our Dutch maestro… How about Vida for the Player of the Year gong??? Anyone…

  31. Pride Of All Europe says:

    haha just thought about Rafa’s FACTs. Isn’t this a fact:


    Love it ;-)

    I’m reckoning the scum will sneak a win tonight but draw against Chelsea? Any takers?

  32. Anon says:

    off topic here:
    Ryan Giggs becomes PLs all time highest assist giver with the two last night. Goes past Henry (62). He now has 63!,,12306,00.html

  33. Hakan says:

    To keep eleven clean sheets is a brilliant achievement, not only by Van der Sar and the back four, but by the whole team. Players like Park and Tevez are very important in this respect. I agree with all the praise for Carrick and Berbatov.

  34. EastStandManc says:

    Well done VdS and Giggsy on both records!

  35. suhayl says:

    Well done deserve it, what an incredulous record to break….and that with a makeshift defence at times…8 different defenders have been part of this amazing rearguard. Take a bow lads….each and every one of you from back to front…from front to back…

    All the lads were awesome tonight…esp tevo, giggsy, carricko and berba..and dollar


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