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Van der Sar: I Love Fergie Arguing With Refs

Sir Alex Ferguson was criticised for giving the officials a bollocking during United’s 4-3 win over Newcastle earlier this week.

Edwin Van der Sar has stuck up for his former manager, claiming his rant showed passion and was performed for the sake of the team.

“When you see Sir Alex arguing with referees and linesmen, he is showing passion that has taken him to the very highest level of the game,” Van der Sar told The Mirror. “In a way, you are seeing Sir Alex at his very best. This is the passion he has always shown for his ­players and for the club. I saw him make his point often enough when I was playing for the boss at United, so I think I know him well. And everything that Sir Alex does is for a reason. When you see him arguing with the referee at half-time, like he did against Newcastle, he is hoping to create something that will change the game in the second half. He is purely doing it for the team because he stands up for his players. And, as player, I used to love that about him. I think every player gives a bit extra when he sees that his ­manager is fighting too. It really is a signal towards the players.”

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  1. Shmoo says:


  2. Costas says:

    The last couple of sentences nailed it dead on.

  3. manc in aus says:

    Spot on Edwin, exactly how it should be, great to see the fire in the gaffers belly.
    By the way, how immense was vidic yesterday, great to see him back, rock solid.

  4. c.megalodon says:

    Well said by a Legend.

  5. markynorbs says:

    minc in aus.
    Yeah, Vida was excellent yesterday, great to have him back will be a huge boost for the rest of the season and will hopefully plug our leaky defence.
    By the the way did you score tickets for the A league all stars match? Sold out in seconds! Piss take.

  6. Marq says:

    This is what I was saying. Yes maybe it was a wee bit out of line confronting everyone just before the second half against Newcastle, but it set the tone for everyone, that if a 70 year old man can be so fired up, the players should respond. We havent seen Sir Alex at the technical area so aminated for quite some time already. Time to show the fire & passion!

  7. United Till I Die says:

    Well said VDS – I thought it was just me.

  8. gfunk says:

    im sorry but isnt this what every manager should be doing???? if i was an up and coming manager id harass and mither every fucker…………. from the tea lady to the head-steward……. does my fucking nut to see stewards push our players away when they are celebrating a goal…….. id say…….. ‘hey get your fucking hands of my players, if anyones gonna touch em, itl be me, in there…..’

  9. MyCowIsTheBest says:

    Deadly accurate statement from VDS. Legend.

  10. belfast red. says:

    When you see S.A.F still so passionate after all this time just makes you realise how lucky we have been. He is a living legend. With him at the helm anything is possible. Happy New year people keep the red flag flying!

  11. Giles Oakley says:

    Of course VDS is spot on, but I wish he hadn’t said it. The more those close to Sir Alex reveal the secrets of how he does his magic, the less it will work, and the more others will make use of the tips. What happens in the dressing room stays in the dressing room…oh I forgot, it was in the technical area in full view of the world’s cameras…


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