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Van der Sar: I Spoke To RvP For 55 Minutes Before He Signed

Edwin Van der Sar has revealed that Robin van Persie rang him up to ask him advice on who to choose between United, City and Juventus. Having played for two of the three clubs, Van der Sar was in a good position to give his verdict, but it was clear that our former keeper only wanted him to join one club.

“He called me up and said other clubs were in for him, but because I played for two of them, United and Juventus, he wanted to hear my thoughts about them,” he said. “So we spoke for five minutes about Juventus and 55 minutes about United. He wanted to know how good United were, what he would find there, how the players are, what Ferguson is like, how they train, how the system works. He has shown his quality already. I read a statement from Ryan Giggs saying that United have signed good players and good talent before, but this one [Van Persie] has everything. He has the whole package already, but that doesn’t always mean it will work of course. Look at Fernando Torres at Chelsea. His first year was difficult, but I think the signs with Robin are good, though.”

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  1. Valiant Red says:

    Guidance from a senior pays… Well done VDS & RVP.

  2. DreadedRed says:

    Why they needed a whole 5 minutes to discuss Juventus is beyond me.

    Well done United, our ex-Players are the proof that our pudding is best.
    Said one van to the other, move fleetly to United and score.

  3. FletchTHEMAN says:

    5 minutes for Juve 55 minutes for United hhhhhhmmmm yap, about right :lol:

    Legendary statement :twisted:

  4. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Ofcourse Robin was a Feyenoord lad, but he and Edwin got to know each other playing for the Orange.

    Wonder if Robin talked to Ruud or Yaap Stam, those lads might have had a different view ;)

    Speaking of the Dutch connection, wonder if we will see Büttner today.

  5. rory says:

    and no mention of discussing shitty….LOVE IT!!!!

  6. foge lewis says:

    VDS that was a good one, no matter what all clubs deserve their respect and i won’t say 5 minutes for juventus is ok but the fact stand that united wins his heart most just as Eden Hazard preferred Chelsea to United…… all the same, good one RVP…

  7. Redbilly says:

    How long dud they discuss city :-)

  8. TheCANTONA says:

    probably 5 seconds

  9. Warwick says:

    How long does it take to say, “Don’t be bloody shhtupid” – that’s how long they discussed going to city

  10. Redbilly says:

    Cantona/ Warwick- both spot on

  11. YorYor says:

    Robin: “So what about City?”
    VDS starts off the 55 mins on United.
    They don’t even get a single second.

  12. LoneStarRed says:

    Very good insight. That piece reveals a maturity I did not know RvP had. He could have had more cash at City. That tells me he is serious about competing and winning.

    The continuity that SAF provides was so crucial to getting van Persie. That VDS could definitively tell him EXACTLY what to expect at United was no small thing!

    Thank You VDS!


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