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Van Der Sar: RvP Absolutely Loves United

Ahead of Robin van Persie’s decision to choose Manchester United over Manchester City, countryman and former red, Edwin Van der Sar, advised him to join United.

Having met up with Van Persie at Sir Alex Ferguson’s statue unveiling, Van der Sar has revealed how happy Van Persie is at United.

“Robin is really happy in Manchester – in fact, he is over the moon with the choice he made to go to United,” he said. “It is well known that ­Robin spoke to me before he made a decision about his future and I told him what a beautiful club ­Manchester United is. The fact that it is all ­working out so well now, with Robin scoring so many goals in his first three months at the club, is ­absolutely fantastic. I met Robin when I ­travelled to Manchester to see the new statue of Sir Alex Ferguson being ­unveiled at Old Trafford last week. And I can tell you that Robin absolutely loves his new team. Of course, it could have worked out very ­differently. After all, he had been a big rival of players like Wayne Rooney, Ryan Giggs and Paul ­Scholes for eight years as an Arsenal player. But the lads at United know that Robin adds ­real quality. In fact, he is in the superior category.”

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  1. melvyn says:

    Rvp is awsome.but please when the time come to replace fergie make sure its mourinh!

  2. FletchTHEMAN says:

    City finally reveal how they will enter the record books for the Champions League:

    Only British team to ever finish the group stages on 3 points and without winning a single game.

    Roberto Mancini: “Is difficult when you don’t score goals” :lol:

  3. evisu says:

    Well City had the hardest group. Im pretty sure they would’ve advanced if they had easier group. Still, splashing so much money and not advancing 2nd year in a row its fucking hillarious.

  4. LT3313 says:

    I think Wes Sneijder should join now also,

    Inter want him out badly and I’d slot him straight in beside Carrick. Imagine him providing the ammo for Wazza, RvP and Tony V.

    Amazing the difference a great player can make, having gone so long without signing one…

  5. Doghouse says:

    I think we did the work to sign Van Persie when we stuffed the Gunners 8-2. You could see his frustration on the one hand, and his admiration on the other. He saw the light, eight years at Arsenal and they get turned over like that. Time for a change.

  6. Esteban says:

    Further to Proverb’s comment. In addition to porto, madrid and milan from today’s groups, potential opponents out of tomorrow’s groups are (1) benfica or celtic, (2) bayern or valencia and (3) shaktar or juve (or no one from that group in somewhat unlikely event chelsea goes through, which requires them to win and juve to lose away). Biggest worries would be madrid, juve and bayern. Assuming that uefa is corrupt, hopefully that cuts in our favor as I think the benefit of a glamour madrid or bayern v united matchup in first knock-out round is outweighed by detriment of losing one of those glamour teams.

  7. 3redstars says:

    Hello Kevin Strootman, Edwin here…

  8. Marq says:

    Gotta admire Dortmund

    Plays proper good football & brings through unknown players for fun

  9. Saad says:


    I completely agree with your comment @14:03. However, it is a sad reality that had we not been burdened with Glazer-imposed debt, we could’ve afforded RVP at least three years earlier. Then we would’ve been the beneficiary of RVP’s best years.

  10. Soccerisfootbal says:


    Three years earlier rvp was on the treatment table. He didnt really get over his fitness issues until the second half of 2 seasons ago. He has been on a run of good fitness and form for approx 2 years.

    And putting sneijder next to carrick makes no sense. Sneijder is your classic #10. We now have rooney and kagawa who can play those positions. To be frank, getting sneijder would be a waste of money. Besides his huge wages, he is 28 and will start to decline in a couple years, and is probably still injury prone. If we are to lose nani, there are plenty cam/wingers out there. Someone like gotze is out of our price range but there are a few decent wingers/cams in la liga like isco and muniain, etc, thst we should look into…but i dont think nani is going anywhere.

    We need to sign a proper box to box like strootman. He is scoring goals for fun this season, averages 7-8 tackles per game in europa so far, and makes driving runs just like anderson. So basically he is a tall and fit version of anderson but is more adept at tackling and has a better goal return. I love ando, and his talent is undeniable, but if he cant sort out his fitness issues he will be replaced soon enough.

    I know the hamstring issue isnt related to his knee, and it could have happened to anyone, but he will have to continue to make progress with controlling his weight or this could be his last season with us.

  11. rohan_19 says:

    IF sneijder is available at 10-12 mil why not go for him?
    imagine the creative from midfield when we play sneijder rooney rvp kagawa in the same team..
    it would be ”better than sex” :P

  12. Soccerisfootbal says:

    And concerning the derby i think we shouldnt expect any surprises (kagawa, valencia) if they don’t get any minutes tomorrow vs cluj. Makes no sense rushing them into such an important and difficult game without match-fitness. I believe we could see kagawa on the bench tomorrow, but valencia is probably out. No idea whats up with him, but im dreading going into the congested holiday fixture list with only 1 winger, who happens to be having an indifferent season.

    Im expecting the same lineup that we played vs reading, minus ando and plus cleverley.


    Basically a 4-3-3 type system

    Also i have to say it is a shame how we are handling de gea. I think he is being punished for the little trick he pulled vs an opposing teams defender (i forget which game that was, but it is the last game he played for us recently so im guessing vs villa). Last time he pulled a cryuff turn he got reprimanded and dropped for a few games. Looks like it has happened agin. Theres no way anders should be starting over de gea unless de gea is being punished again.

  13. Marq says:


    I don’t suppose creativity is what we need, we are scoring the goals as it is already, its our defence and the midfield pairing in front of it that is killing us. Sneijder won’t help us any bit. Besides, you would want to check on his injury record for the past 2 years before thinking he will be playing alot

  14. MyCowIsTheBest says:

    “In fact, he is in the superior category.”

    This is why we signed him. For all who doubted whether we shoud have signed him or not. And if another player who is also in the superior category becomes available at a reasonable price, we should also sign him no matter the options we already have for that position.

  15. Proverb says:

    Worst possible scenario is us losing to the bitters on sunday.
    Fucking hell, a british pound coin is always useful in england
    But we can do by shortening mankini’s stay in the sense of battering them on sunday. I’m for the view that if we beat them by a very convincing score line, mankini walk…

  16. REDCHIC says:

    I can’t take a loss on Sunday and dear god we should start with DE GEA!!!

  17. dazbomber says:

    I think City going out well harm them ,they will have all those players sitting on the bench or not even getting a game .massive egos festering and back bitting even if they beat us which i dont think they will i can see trouble on the way.

  18. tom c says:


    really? was under the impression it had to do with his wisdom teeth being pulled..

  19. King Eric says:

    Completely agree with SoccerisFootball , Sniejder would be a total waste of money. Does he even play in a midfield 2? He is a number ten. He is perennially injured and HE TURNED US DOWN the fucking greedy cunt. No that fatman’s ship has long sailed.

  20. King Eric says:

    dazbomber – Spot on pal. We thought last season us being out of Europa would help us. It didn’t , it hindered us. You ask any of our lads if they would rather play once a week or have games coming thick and fast and they will all say they favour the latter.

  21. Zulu-Utd Malta says:

    Ruomers are flying at present that L’pool are interested in Keisuke HONDA of Cska Moscow.
    You see the difference between us and the Scoucers ? They are intersted in a HONDA and we already bought a beautiful FERRARI coming by the name of ROBIN VAN PERSIE !!!!! :)


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