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Van Gaal: I want class of 92 to stay

Louis van Gaal has revealed that he hopes for all of the class of 92 coaches to stay on at the club next season.

“Nicky Butt is already assisting us, Paul Scholes we shall find a role for him and also for Phil Neville, I believe. That’s what we want. But it has to also be possible and we have to look at that. We have to adapt to the qualities of these people. It’s not an easy job. We have to speak personally with them – that’s why we have to wait and see.”

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  1. ashtheking says:

    He will first want to have a solid staff with him. Like he said it will take time. Give me top 4 and a FA cup.

  2. Tommy says:

    @John will hate that, looks like Phil Neville is staying, oh dear mate hahahaha, “Philipe Neville, born and bread, born and bread, born and bread, Philipe Nevile born and bread, he hates scousers” Good to see the class of 92 stay on, Butt will continue his successful coaching role with Warren Joyce for the under 21s, Top lads!

  3. The One says:

    Way to go, LvG!! Some of LvG’s decisions just goes to show that some united fans are plain prejudice and bias, hahaha!!

  4. John says:


    Doesn’t matter as long as the main man calling the shots is LVG. I don’t care of past players in management and coaching as their playing ability means fuck all in coaching aspects.

    I like Scholes and Giggs but if you or anyone else are raising your optimism level based on LVG press conference then you don’t have a clue. LVG will do what is essential to implement his football philosophy to Manchester United which is very new for the club. He is not someone to give a fuck to anyone or anything else beyond his philosophy. You might have noticed how many times he repeated the word philosophy. Sir Alec, Nicky Buck, Bobby Charlton. :) always respect the legends but either they should be able to adapt to LVG philosophy or get lost where they belong or accept the roles they are fit for.

    Don’t expect fairy tales Tommy, I hope Giggs will be great but for that he should be a sincere good student of LVG first. Even then there is no guarantee. Clarence Seedorf in AC Milan is an example. Fergie retirement moyes speech shall be the plain for his life and legacy.

    Tommy lad, there is nothing like fairlytale or nightmare in life or football. It’s cause Vs effect. If Albert Stuivenberg proves to be better manager then Giggs then who knows? Or Giggs succeed then even better. But it’s wide open until it FACTUALLY happens.

    Actually LVG used his first press conference very smartly to set the right tone for his next 7 or 8 years in club. Dutch coach for more than a decade, eh?!


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