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Van Gaal straight from World Cup to United

Manchester United have confirmed in a statement today that Louis van Gaal will be on the tour with United, meaning he will be joining up with the squad almost as soon as the World Cup finishes.

Holland play in the semi-final against Argentina tomorrow, but if Holland make the final, they will be playing on July 13th, just ten days before United’s first game of the tour in America.

“Louis van Gaal will be involved for the full tour with his first match in charge of United taking place against LA Galaxy in the Chevrolet Cup at the Rose Bowl on Wednesday, July 23. Many of United’s World Cup players will also be in attendance for the tour’s duration, including Wayne Rooney, David De Gea, Shinji Kagawa and Juan Mata. As well as the return of familiar faces, new signings Ander Herrera and Luke Shaw will also be part of the travelling group to make their Manchester United debuts. The final squad will not be confirmed until Friday 18 July when the Reds fly to the States. A number of the club’s youngsters may also join the group.”

New signings Luke Shaw and Ander Herrera will also be on the tour.

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  1. trevor knightsmith says:


    Your response should be ” pass the dutchie from the left hand side”

  2. kingshadieofafrica says:

    Opik is right, apart from the fact that we had a non existent midfield last season, the team was also slow all round especially where it mattered the most which was in attack. rooney and rvp’s best role in attack is to play as target men albeit rooney’s poor first touch. Both players are hardly runners on and off the ball. this affects the teams defence cos their lack of running allows opposition defenders more room to play a high line which was the game in almost every game we played last season.
    what quick forward players give to a team is that they created panic with their runs on the ball and stretch defenders out of position with their runs off the ball thereby creating pockets of space for other players to drop into. barca has all the technicians in the world but the day messi is unavailable, they look ordinary. same goes to bayern with robben, madrid with bale and ronnie.
    infact there is revolution currently going on in the football world, tiki taka is on its way out and is being replaced with speedy attacking football. one can use the champions league finalists or the ongoing world cup finalists as examples. they all play a quick attacking game which utilizes the quickest players in their respective teams.
    currently bebe and welbeck are the quickest forwards in the team and unless van gaal signs some quicker and more skillful, we will still struggle with rooney and rvp upfront.

  3. Marco Soares says:

    RVP and Rooney didn’t seem to be a problem when we won our 20th title, I agree that having pace in attacking areas is essential at times but to replace quality and technical footballers for pacey (not so technical) footballers will have its short comings, any team would go that root then if its as simple as that, Chicharito should stay cause he adds the elements of pace to our attack and so can Welback, ideally a signing like Sanchez may have worked well but he seems to be going to Arsenal now so we move on, but please a combination of Welback and Bebe upfront (just thinking of it is giving me an aneurysm)

  4. OpikBidin says:

    Bebe and Welbeck are quite technical, at least their first touch and dribbling is better than Rooney’s. What makes them have the upperhand is not only their pace, but also the fact that they are strong, this means they are less prone to body charges

    RVP and Rooney is a problem even during the 20th title. look at the madrid game (welbeck was the best player BTW) or games where we need to grind results.

    not technical huh, look at Benzema or Diego Costa. if you have aggresion, hard work, power, pace and a brain to understand tactics, it doesn’t matter if you aren’t a technician

    and Chicharito should go for his own sake, he won’t get many games here, I’m sorry for him, but he should go. I think Atletico Madrid’s game is perfect for him

  5. Marq says:

    Pace means nothing if the opposition defends deep

    Anyway, I have no idea how to refute that too, lol. Welbeck & Bebe ftw! City and Chelsea will surely be quaking in their boots!

  6. OpikBidin says:

    Pace means nothing if the opposition defends deep….

    how about we look at the fulham game at OT where Fulham defended deep. Were mata, Januzaj, Rooney, RVP, Carrick, Fletcher able to do something…

    This is why I say pace and power. Bebe and Welbeck doesn’t only have pace, but the also have strength. It isn’t easy to take the ball from them, they are tall, and have great body strength. Welbeck has unpredictability in the box while Bebe has his rocket shot.

    If the enemy just defend deep, will Rooney, RVP, Mata and Januzaj be useful…I think no. But put Welbeck and Bebe, and you can see how frightening they are.

  7. kingshadieofafrica says:

    you are refering to individual pace imho, when a team plays a high tempo game, it wont matter how deep a team defends, cos the tempo of their play is bound to create openings faster than a team that plays with a slower tempo. (chelsea vs atletico ucl s/final second leg). now to make the most of these openings they will need quick players that can cover those few yards in the shortest possible time.

  8. wayne barker says:

    Well there is going to be World Cup repercussions with Rooney and RVP both had injuries prior to the World Cup both worked hard to be fit for the World Cup that can have lasting effects apart from RVP against Spain both really didn’t show much.In RVP’s case he’s going to need recuperation and Rooney is notoriously a slow starter after a holiday
    Bebe no doubt had improved form last year Danny imo not so much but both are only 23,with Utd having a easy start both might get their chance,it also depends on who comes and goes and Bebe will have to have a impressive pre season to have any chance of making the squad

  9. OpikBidin says:

    Here I list the reasons why Bebe and Welbeck should be our main strikers

    1. Pace
    Bebe and Welbeck are faster and have better acceleration compared to Rooney, RVP

    2. Power, Physique
    Their body build is strong, can’t be easily knocked down, tall. suited for PL and brawling games. Bebe and Welbeck are Bisons.

    3. Technic
    Their first touch, dribbling are quite good, better than Rooney and Chicharito. Bebe also has his rocket shot

    4. Tactical understanding
    This is one of Welbeck’s strength, knowing how to play in different positions and can carry specific instructions, like man marking. unlike a certain Rooney(who can’t defend the right side from Coentrao and can’t man mark Pirlo)

    5. Mentality
    Welbeck is a big game player and thrives under pressure. look at his game vs Real Madrid and against Bayern. You can also look how he carried the team with his goals when RVP and Rooney(later) was injured. he doesn’t hide. Bebe also has a good mentality to make a comeback after being mocked in his initial move to Portugal, becoming one of the most important player in his side with his goals. Bebe also has good performance against Sporting and Benfica.

    6. Rasicm
    take a Mancunian, a Youth product over a Scouser.

    7. Fairy tail
    Isn’t it like a fairy tail story for a local lad and fan to become the main player of his team. It’s also a fairy tail that a homeless lad that played in the streets is suddenly becoming a big club main player.

    I think the opposition will be really happy if Carrick, Fletcher, Januzaj, RVP, Rooney and Mata play at the same time. no pace, no strength, just defend deep and counter fast.

  10. OpikBidin says:

    oh yeah I forgot one more

    8. Defensive capability
    Welbeck can play as a defensive forward and press fast-intelligently. RVP can’t while Rooney just chases the shadows. I think Bebe with his pace can also be a defensive asset from the front.

  11. Marq says:

    So you are basing your suggestion to sell RvP, Rooney & Hernandez because of one game which they couldn’t score, in a season that every inch on confidence was sapped? How about the other 36 games?

    I can get it if you say have Welbeck & Bebe on the bench, but to even suggest selling the 3 players that make up almost all our goals is….

    Nvm, don’t bother to reply, lets just say I disagree to the extreme

  12. trevor knightsmith says:


    Who is going to score the goals, it won’t be the prolific Welbeck or Bebe will it .

    I think the opposition would be extremely happy to see those two as our strike force.

    I would rather give James Wilson a chance over either of those two

  13. OpikBidin says:

    Well, how about Welbeck scoring run when he was trusted and played as a striker, with a heavy burden replacing RVP and Rooney in December-January where our schedule was packed.

    Or how about Bebe who saved his team from relegation and scored 11 from 28 of his team league goals.

    Plus, when RVP and Rooney returned and played, we didn’t get better results, it was even worse, the play was also so slow and labored.

    I don’t base it on one game, how about against Liverpool, WBA, Stoke, and others where RVP-Rooney was ineffective. the WBA game also stood out because by subbing Welbeck in, we now have a runner on the channels and behind the line, plus the pace, hardwork and tracking back.

  14. wayne barker says:

    Bebe’s not even guaranteed to be part of the squad come start of the season, playing for a ave team in Portugal is a completely different animal to starting for Utd.He showed improved form and maybe the potential Queiroz saw in him to recommend him to Sir Alex is finally beginning to blossom but he’s still a hell of a lot to prove,same as Danny he has to improve to be considered Utd’s num 1 striker

  15. Marco Soares says:

    to make assesments of last season is stupid, It was a bullshit season, RVP and Rooney have earned the right as our main attacker’s (I don’t like Rooney personally) but how can you argue with their records, Welback did do well during Dec/Jan but it was during our easiest of runs (was Moyes a great manager too at that time then?) and in the game against West Brom Welback came on after we were 2-0 up if I remember and we were cruising against a shit West Brom side, Fellaini was bossing the middle of the park for fuck sakes so your arguments are pointless, invalid and lack any sort of substance

  16. trevor knightsmith says:


    Bebe is rubbish, and if Welbeck was a striker he would feature on the leading scorer’s list, but he doesn’t , and never will do. a good footballer he is, a striker he is not .

    Bebe has been playing in a tin pot league, if he was any good he’d be banging them in for United.

    Rooney and RVP were good enough to win the league until we employed Moyes , another one of your favourites, along with Cleverley ad Fellaini .

    Can you not see the pattern? it is not difficult, they are not united standard and never will be

  17. OpikBidin says:

    I will be disappointed if Rooney and RVP still start at the start of the season, their performance in the worldcup isn’t too good, plus they have had injuries.

  18. trevor knightsmith says:


    Don’t get me wrong, I cannot stand Rooney, and RVP is aging , but we have to find someone better than Bebe and Welbeck .

    As for the world cup, Rooney scored 25% of our goals, whilst Welbeck didn’t have a shot on target ( just a pointless stat like your west brom one)

  19. OpikBidin says:

    They deserve the chance, and RVP-Rooney must compete for the striker spot. Bebe and Welbeck are strikers, they are not wingers, they are not midfielders. Playing them as a winger won’t do any good.

    If Welbeck was a striker…
    Well, he did prove his worth with his goals when he was a striker, not a winger

    Bebe has scored for us, even when he was shunted at the wing.

  20. Marco Soares says:

    RVP and Rooney still had better World Cups then Bebe (Oh Wait…)

  21. Tommy says:


    With all due respect, you clearly missed the bit I said apart from a few exceptions, Youre Verons, Tevezes, Heinzes amongst others, Agueros been angling for a move for a while, You can look at Spanish and Italian clubs over the last 20 years, its full of Argentinen playerswith 4, 5, or 6 clubs on their CV, Not inaccurate at all, On Tevez you do realise he was constantly turning up late for trainng in his last season at United in his last season, he had a terrible attitude, because he wanted out for more ££££££ss, Hes a disrespectful fucker as well in 5 years in England, he couldnt be borthered to learn the lingo, he should of been deported, but thats beside the point, if Di maria came to United I would give him 2 years, 3 at a stretch before he would want to leave.


    Im glad youre not the manager with all due respect, Welbeck is a big game player and thrives under pressure. look at his game vs Real Madrid and against Bayern.” Likr the 1 on 1 sitter he missed, if he scores that, the game could of been changed.

  22. wayne barker says:

    Just give the Moyes analogy a rest,both RVP and Rooney missed large parts of the season thru injury,seriously blaming everything on Moyes is childish,tedious and boring and just not factually accurate.

  23. Marq says:

    Still invalid, so you point out 4 games in a season everyone lost confidence and form, and based that to sell them? Still gotta account for the others you know. How do you explain our 12/13 season where they scored for fun? Surely they didn’t change much in just 2 years.

    Welbeck did get a run as forward before, playing beside Rooney throughout the 11/12 season. He scored 12 in 38 games.

    As for Bebe, 14 goals as a forward in a very very very poor league against many opposition you have never even heard of, means nothing

  24. OpikBidin says:

    WC 2014

    Rooney only had one goal, same with Fellaini and Nani

    Plus Welbeck wasn’t played as a striker. so it’s pointless

  25. trevor knightsmith says:

    Bebe and Welbeck have never scored goals on a regular basis for United and are poor strikers.

    Saying Bebe has scored for us means nothing. Cleverley has scored for us (against everton I think), doesn’t make him a footballer though .

    Welbeck has more than enough chances as a striker, and is not up to it.

    With Bebe and Welbeck as the strike force, the opposition would be pissing themselves (laughing that is, not with fear)

  26. OpikBidin says:

    Well, At least Welbeck didn’t miss 2 sitters like Rooney, or miss an open goal like RVP.

  27. red war says:

    Bebe is a very good player – for a first division portuguese team that is fighting to avoid relegation.

    Welbeck has real potential. And if he doesn’t come up to the expectations, the 2015 summer, will be a striker crisis summer.

    RvP is already slow and so he becomes predictable. I love his touch and his technique, but let’s face it, his best days are past.

    Rooney is always tired. He was used as the ball carrier for many years, for so many games. Along with Carrick, Evra, Rio and Vida he was the backbone of a very competitive team. But he and the four I mentioned are the past. You can’t count on Rooney for the future. It’s sad that he was sacrificed and we never saw him really peaking. I loved the guy when he played along Ruud, but his unique talents were never seen at their best.

    Should we invest in new strikers next season? Yes. Should we trust Bebe? NO ! FFS ! NO !! Fairy tail my ass. This is no X Factor, this is football. Whatever some critics say, the result always matters.

  28. red war says:

    OpikBidin – the amusing troll

    FFS when did you come up with this? Bebe and Welbeck! I ‘m really laughing out loud.

  29. OpikBidin says:

    Well, I read somewhere that there are issues that Sporting and Benfica want him, and waiting for Bebe’s contract to run out.

    we should invest for the future. it’s time to put the burden to the next, Welbeck, Will Keane, Wilson, Henriquez, Bebe should step up and be tested

  30. trevor knightsmith says:


    Are you trying to tell us Welbeck doesn’t miss sitters?

    Barclay’s Premier League Leading scorers 20130 – 2014 :

    Position 4: Wayne Rooney – 17 Goals

    Position 15: Robin Van Persie – 12 goals

    Not brilliant I must admit (injuries didn’t help)

    But you want to replace them with Bebe and Welbeck

    Bebe isn’t even good enough to play in our league, never has and never will feature in the leading scorers list .

    Whilst Welbeck is at position 19 with 9 goals .

    Bebe and Welbeck just will not work .

    I agree with your list to step up and be tested apart from Bebe (But i hope you’re right)

  31. mjcRED says:

    Not too long now until Van Gaal gets his feet under the table and bangs heads to make sure we get the players to reinvigorate our uncompetitive, complacent and technically limited squad.

    An energetic, combative yet technically great midfielderTwo top quality Central defenders to replace the outgoing proven quality stalwarts.

    A wide left player not only blessed with pace, which for fuck knows how long has seemed to be the ONLY requirement for far too long now.

    I’m probably in the minority on here as I’ve not seen anything in Jones, Evans and in particular Smalling to suggest they can ever be considered anything more than cover. For all of Rio’s and Vidic’ individual injury issues over the last couple of years of their time at United, when fit they were still head head and shoulders above the others. The underwhelming trio we’re currently left with have had numerous opportunities to impress and cement their individual and collective places in the side and each has failed in any way to convince.

    Jones – far to reckless yet but of the three, the one I’m holding out a little bit of hope for.
    Smalling – out of his depth, not quick witted enough to deal with imaginative opposition switches off far to often and far too fragile.
    Evans – most impressive on the ball of the three, however nowhere near tough enough, instinctive and makes frequent lapses of judgment by switching off at key times. Far too injury prone.

    Rafael gives me major cause for concern, far too rash, petulant and poor defensively. Though I do enjoy watching him bomb forward, in the way you can’t help but look at a nasty accident.

    Let’s get it done United!

  32. warrored says:

    Haha Opik with his trolling!! Fucking Susan Boyle would score more than Bebe and Welbeck

  33. Tommy says:


    Not strickly true, isnt Susan boyle still a virgin?

  34. Mirainashe says:


    That’s the thing. I follow Serie A and La Liga furiously. And it’s absolutely not true that Argentinian players are known for being mercenaries. In Serie A the problem is the league and clubs themselves. They don’t keep players for more than two or three seasons regardless of nationality. There’s a lot of mediocrity in that league and lack of money that clubs keep moving players around. But I don’t know of any Argentine player who has been mercenary in behaviour. You have to mention names of those that exhibit mercenary behaviour since you seem so convinced. I know a lot of argentine players so I’m honestly perplexed as to where you got this prejudicial concept of Argentinian players being mercenaries. Aguero has been linked with Real Madrid ever since he got to City. It’s not “angling” for a move. He hasn’t come out in the media to force a move or anything. Tevez is an unstable personality but that is not the definition of mercenary. He is a hot head. Di Maria has never tried to leave Real Madrid and it’s only RM who have been trying to sell him from time to time. So it’s really a mystery to me


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