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Van Gaal: United are the biggest club in the world and I would love to manage them

Louis van Gaal has given an interview with the BBC this evening where he claims United are the biggest club in the world and he would like to become our manager. United aren’t expected to confirm the appointment until the season has ended though.

“I would love the job,” said Van Gaal. “I hope that I shall be the one. It’s the biggest club in the world and it’s a fantastic challenge. You (the media) are thinking I’m the man but the most important thing is whether Manchester United are thinking that. You have to wait and see what the club decides. It’s always the same – it’s always a process and you have to wait for the process, the press are always too fast.”

Watch the interview in full.

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  1. Anomander says:

    @Gary thanks

    I remember Fergie saying something similar to a journalist before our champs league final with barca.
    Journalist: “If you could have one player from Barca, who would it be?”
    Fergie: “Thats the dumbest question I have heard”

  2. edcunited1878 says:

    @ Anomander and @ John….here you go!


  3. John says:


    Don’t remember mate myself but Fergie was similar in the way he used to deal with the press. BAN HIM!! :) :)

    I however clearly remember his interview in which he was lot calmer and humble after Wembley CL final against Barcelona :D :D

  4. m09538061 says:

    “Welder Wanted”
    Must have experience with re-fitting bus roof’s….applications to :-fao Brendan “clueless” Rodgers Liverpool FC kkklanfield
    Liverpool L4 0TH.

  5. John says:

    Van Gaal is the PERFECT fit for Manchester united football club. He has this BEAUTIFUL ARROGANCE that we love as United fans. I love it in players as well. WE ARE THE BEST SUPPORTED CLUB IN THIS WORLD WITH HOLLYWOOD HISTORY.

    The happiest day in my life will be knocking Real Madrid off their fucking perch.

    We Knocked Liverpool thanks to fergie.

    I don’t know why myself but I fucking hate Real Madrid :( :(

  6. WeAreUnitedd says:



    THE BIGGEST TEAM IN HE WORLD, this is how you get that confidence to the team! no shitting on it and saying even SAF could not make it top4 or aspiring to be city.

  7. Fletch™ says:

    Rio Ferdinand on FaceBook:
    47 minutes ago

    Nemanja Vidic – What a great player… a top professional footballer at Manchester United. He’s a strong defender that attacks the ball like no one else I have played with. Has all the attributes of a top defender by being aggressive, competitive and is better on the ball than he is given credit for!

    We formed a defensive partnership that was expected to get the better of any strikers we played against and more often than not we did!

    However it wasn’t always like this, it took time for us to grow into a dominant force after a start where even I questioned if he was the right guy to come in after his first few training sessions!

    But 8 years on he is a credit to the club, a winner and a great guy on and off the pitch….Vida!

    Top post from Rio!

  8. WeAreUnitedd says:

    I still can’t believe WE HAVE JUAN MATA the spanish warrior! still a bit amazed that RVP is here haha and it has been 2 years

  9. John says:

    Reporter: “I am very impressed with your training sessions………….you are very passionate about it…….”

    Van Gaal: ” (Bit confused) I am a trainer coach. I have been always like that. May be you have to see my training sessions more.”

    Reporter: ” I am going to see it on Carringhton.”

    Van Gaal: “what?”

    Reporter: ” Manchester United Training Ground.”

    Van Gaal: ” Oh hahahahahaha…………..I don’t know.”

    One thing is sure Louis Van Gaal WANTED to become Mancester United Manager and the guy is very very very very very very HAPPY and ENTHUSIASTIC for ” getting ” the job.

    You just feel he has already signed the contract by his body language. Happy days ahead. I am as excited and passionate as a supporter to see Louis Van Gaal managing our club. Can’t wait. Its exciting time as a red.

  10. Fletch™ says:

    van Gaal scaring the reports! :lol: Bring it on.

    Q: Do you know a lot about Manchester United?
    A: It’s a stupid question! United are the biggest club in the world!

  11. Fletch™ says:


    “I am not saying we are going to win league next season, but that is our goal..and anything less is not worth thinking about”

    “Certainly top four is not something that we will settle for!”

  12. warrored says:

    The serial champions have hid behind Moyes like fucking cowards. Van Gaal will leave them nowhere to hide.

    He’s perfect for United. I can’t wait for him to get the job.

    That interview shows he is just what we need. There’s a flag at United games that says ” Not arrogant Just better”…….it was made for LVG.

  13. Fletch™ says:

    van Gaal personally involved in decisions on Ferdinand, Evra and Giggs according to Matt Law

    @warrored Spot on. We don’t need another yes man or some one who is not absolutely tyrannical.
    Fergie was a tyrant and the Old Trafford staff only know that way. Not saying you don’t have sense about it, but rumors that van Gaal is a strong leader don’t worry me a wit!

    United need a Big boss involved in everything. It suits our structure.

  14. warrored says:

    The narrative for yesterday’s game was that it was an exhibition of the end of an era.

    Instead it was actually the beginning of an era.

    When Sir Matt won the European Cup a commentator asked him was this the end of a journey….his answer was “no this may just be the beginning”

    Ive got a feeling LVG is going to take us on a new journey of discovery

  15. Tommy says:

    I cant be the only 1 sick of a certain posters racist thoughts, @John, LVG is a very good manager, has been for years, SAF is better simple as that and youre only saying that he isnt because you knock everything British. Give it a fucking rest will you!!!

  16. Tommy says:


    More nonsence from you regarding SAFs retirement, to accuse a man of lieing about his reasons for retirement, a man who has done more for this club than anybody is a disgrace, and im just glad this club does not have supporters like you, because byoure not a United fan, nothing you say is ever positive

  17. Tommy says:


    I did see the questions sky were asking him on SSN, cringeworhty mate is a word id sum the questions up with

  18. John says:

    :) :) Here goes dumb Tom of “Tom and Jerry” cartoon. Carry on. :D

  19. Tommy says:


    I think Kagawa will be knocked off the ball too easily in centre mid, hes clearly not a midfielder

  20. Tommy says:


    How do you know SAF is backing Giggs for the job? Because you read it in a newspaper or on an internet blog, it must be true then, hes entitled to attend matches when he wants, you idiot

  21. Tommy says:


    If you want to blame anyone for the Glazer take over, blame Martin Edwards for floating thbe club on the stock market, MacManus and Magnier had no interest in buying United it was a smally investment for 2 rich irishmen, they would iof sold their shares to Glazer or another with or without the dispute with SAF

  22. John says:

    Well Tom, as much as I can’t give evidence re my opinion that Mr. Alex is backing Giggs, even worse is the case who ever holds the opinion otherwise. I think in recent charity event he openly vouched for Giggs. The way of appointment of moyes to till date evidence suggest Alex favours Giggs than Foreign manager esp he was in LMA as well and his comments there suggest as such.

    Re Glazers, its my similar opinion as above. So I stand by my opinion as SUCCESS covers everything and if it was any unsuccessful manager at that time, it would have been unanimous agreement amongst fans. Having said that, I am not interested in debate concerned with Glazer takeover. The reason is again SUCCESS under them. Further they have won lot of fans including me by sacking moyes first informing the press, exactly how the “players blamer” needed to be fired.

  23. warrored says:

    @John….your comments about SAF and the Glazers are fucking wide of the mark.

    I’ll tell you why.SAF dragged this club into the 21st Century kicking and screaming. He went through 3 Ownership structures and kept the club successful through all of them. He went from Private ownership to PLC to an LBO and beyond.

    If it wasn’t for SAF we’d be in the conference.

    Lolol trying to portray the Coolmore mafia as saviours and SAF as a gangster, mate get me some of that shit your snorting as I thought I got the uncut gear.

    Those cunts with their 99 questions against the greatest manager in our lives…i wonder why SAF and the club are gagged to talk about those 2 Sinn Fein cunts…..

  24. Fletch™ says:

    Wilson Interview in the Daily Star:

    Wilson said: “It was a great feeling and you can’t compare it to anything else.

    “The first goal was just sheer euphoria and then the second was a great experience. The ground is a lot different without 75,000 people, but just to play here even in front of a small crowd for the U21s is still a great experience. With all the fans here against Hull it was even better.

    “I feel like I can deal with the physicality and pace of the game. I just need to try to get as many games as possible under my belt for the experience.

    “If you’re getting on in the club, you have to be progressing so obviously scoring for every age group is a good sign. I’ve got where I am now but I have to kick on.”

  25. warrored says:

    @John….your answer to Tommy it sounds like your on LSD or pissed.

  26. Tommy says:


    Hes been like it all season mate, hes got it into his head that us brits no nothing about football, which is clearly obviously the case with him coming from that football (soccer) hotbed that is the USA

  27. FBr David Lee says:

    judging from the interview, he managed to command respect from the journalists til they apologized to him a few times.

    from a hindsight, that is what we need too, a manager with a reasonable amount of ego to prevent the media from over-sensationalizing and attacking the club.

  28. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Loving Van Gaal already. Looks like he knows how to handle the media. “That is a stupid question” HAHAHA. How the fuck do you ask a manager of that capability if he knows Manchester United. Do they know how long he’s been doing this? LOL Media put in their rightful place.

    A manchester United manager is a manager who takes no prisoners with the media. Van Gaal looks like that man right now. Hope he chooses us (as he did say other clubs are interested).

  29. Mark Reid says:

    Here come the Dutch

  30. FBr David Lee says:

    Mark, then it will be Manchester van United. Here comes the vans.

  31. united till i die says:

    Probably just waiting until Monday to announce it to try and take a little shine of City winning the league. I’d much rather it was already sorted but after this disaster of a season another 3-4 days wait won’t hurt.

  32. Sushi says:

    Whatever Van Gaal or who ever does We MUST get Toni Kroos, we desperately require him and I don’t mean someone of his mold I mean actually him. Pull out all the stops do whatever it fucking takes like the vermin Real and Barca do when they want someone.

  33. John says:

    As much as I don’t like City, have to say I am happy for Manuel Pelligrini winning his first major trophy in Europe. He with his football philosophy thoroughly deserves this reward. In totaly he is much better than Jose Mourinho and definetly is a big brother of Rodgers who has similar philosophy of football.

    I think the fact that Pelligrini is just going through his first season as manager in English football is not much documented with respect to his league title achievement. However, hopefully this shall be his last :)

  34. lecho says:

    I had some reservations about the guy, but now with all the news and rumors I’m getting more and more excited. Bring on new season!

  35. NBI Red 21 says:

    Well it doesn’t look a done deal. I don’t see why LVG would lie about not having signed and not knowing whether he got the job. He is obviously a candidate though.

    After Moyes I don’t think United will rush into anything and they don’t need to. A season end review makes sense. They need to be careful and get this appointment right and by right I mean at all levels, I mean the Club:-

    - need to consider how much power to give the new manager – i.e. can he tear up our successful youth development blueprint? Does he have full say over contracts and transfers?

    - are they going to push him to work with existing staff for continuity and how can they make sure those staff are not marginilised, is there a minimum period he needs to work with existing staff?

    - length of contract. How long a contract do United want to give the next manager? Especially if its a likely short term appointment like LVG who has a reputation of falling out with owners and boards?

    - will ths manager behave in a United way or will they be a Jose like manager which is not what United wanted

    - what are the alternatives, what happens if it all goes wrong.

    The Club has to be thorough this time and show they aren’t just jumping at a snap like last time, as a listed Club that will be important for investors to see too. It must be thought through and done properly.

    On LVG, I am not going to get excited about his appointment until I see what he does, alot of people going gaga on here for LVG will have the knives out if he starts getting things wrong or looks to be taking the Club in the wrong direction. My position even if he is appointed is to wait and see what he does, proof of the pudding is in the eating and I would like to see how he manages United before I take a view on him. Obviously if he does it like Moyes it will be an early one! But I expect him to be more likely to succeed than fail but who knows?

    The guy has been out of Club football for 4 years. There are questions over his man management skills. He has been sacked within 2 years from the top Clubs he worked for, Bayern and Barca. He is also someone who has won at top level. He does favour more Dutch and German style players. He has promoted youth but not as much as is made out, he also buys experience.

    So if LVG comes no one can say he does not have relevant experience in the CL and he has about 5 years experience at at top level Clubs. Which is less than Mourhionio and on par with Klopp and Pep. He can’t also be that much in demand as he has been ot of Club football for quite a while. The EPL will also be a completely new kettle of fish for him. I am not sure how he he will do here.

    Let’s see how he does. It would be a reasonable appointment given what is available and I think most fans would be cautiously optimistic, i.e. the Club don’t seem to be going for Klopp and he seems committed to Dortmund. Pep is not a right fit even if he leaves Bayern imo. Ancelotti is not going to come to United with no CL when he is working with Ronnie and Bale.

    He would be a more qualified alternative to Moyes, 4sho. And he won’t be intimidated by the size of the job or the players. Fingers crossed if he’s appointed it works out.

  36. WilliamAR says:

    To claim that we are the biggest club in the world, and say with much confidence and assurance that he would love the job and speak so confidently about the challenge he will face if he comes to the club just speaks volumes to me. a complete contrast to Moyes.

  37. Mark Reid says:

    It seems like it’s only a matter of time.But the man still has the Dutch to manage in a World Cup and might even win it.

  38. NBI Red 21 says:

    Also some people on here repeating the nonsense that Vidic was offered a new contract are spreading nonsense, that is just a press report, the same ones saying LVG and Sneijder signed for United. Moyes, the horses mouth, clearly stated that the decision for Vidic to leave was mutual, i.e. he did not want him as a player at United any more. Anyone is business who hears someone leaves by mutual consent knows they were basicaly fired. Moyes priority was to keep Rooney, make himk captain as he wants, so VIda out of the way fitted in. Moyes never once said he wanted to keep Vida or in fact anything much about our captain. So all those saying Vida abandoned ship need to at least cool their heals and cover their gobs as there was more to it than that and no one can doubt Moyes did not want him as he said so himself.

  39. NBI Red 21 says:

    I don’t see why people are getting so excited that LVG said United are the biggest Club in the world, he was just stating a fact, the only people who contest that are Madrid but on “research” we have the largest global fan base. In fairness to Moyes he did say positive things about United when he joined, and I remember people getting initially excited about some of the things he said. What is clear is that LVG wants the United job and made a public come and get me to the Club. Let’s see how the board react to that!

  40. NBI Red 21 says:

    If LVG was trying to get the press pressure about United job off him so he can focus on Holland, saying what he did and putting the press focus and pressure firmly on the United board was smart, though I am not sure how much the board will like that kind of public statement.

  41. Gary Mitrovic says:

    NBI, by all accounts it’s a done deal. He won’t answer specific questions until he’s unveiled as the new manager. I wouldn’t say it was a come and get me interview, it’s virtually agreed bar the shouting.

  42. NBI Red 21 says:

    @ Gary – I don’t know if its a done deal, neither him or the Club have said it is, but it may well be that formalities are being concluded and he will be annouced shortly. But till the fat lady sings….! I will wait for the Club to make it official, the press can be nuts when it comes to United. It does look like it may be him though.

  43. John says:

    Its a done deal guys, be happy :) Remember Moyes sacking, our woody is the mole at United. He whispers it to press first :) new season new start with announcement of new manager is the plan :)

  44. John says:

    I don’t think United holded all the cards re Van Gaal simply because there are PSG and Monaco who can do better with manager of his pedigree. I think it will be a two way give and take negotiation with Van Gaal in strong position than United given the availability of managers who they can trust with rumoured transfer kitty.

    The reason is if next manager somehow fails miserably, Glazers will fail miserably too. They are investing on cashcow by “managing money”. They are not the owners like oil clubs. They simply cannot afford to play with cash and they are smart when their pocket is hit hard. Thats shat happened with moyes appointment and thus they directly participated in Van Gaal case.

    Dutch respected newspaper had already broke news of meeting between Van Gaal and Joel Glazer weeks before moyes was sacked. So it is a thorogh careful planned appointment of Van Gasl.

  45. andrew maina says:

    No more silly experiments with inept and clueless british managers please. Get Van Gaal in already!

  46. dugz7 says:

    @ Moseley Scholes

    spot on and lets hope so !


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