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Van Persie: Every Game Is A Big Game At United

Robin van Persie, who repeatedly speaks of how much he is loving life since joining Manchester United, is still buzzing about our game at the Bernabeu last week and is looking forward to the big matches ahead.

“I have played a couple of big games for United already and I love that,” said Van Persie. “The smaller games are important too – because they are the games that make you champions. And when you are at Manchester United every game is a big game. But the matches against teams like Real Madrid are the icing on the cake. Games against Man City, against Liverpool in the Premier League and Real in the Champions League are fantastic because you have to be at the highest level every time.”

With United 12 points clear at the top of the league, carrying an advantage in the Champions League round of 16 following our draw at the Bernabeu, and still being in the FA Cup, Van Persie reckons we could be on the verge of achieving something special and wants to play in every game.

“The way this season is going it feels like it could be very special and I am loving it,” he added. “I love games like the one at Real. Huge games when you don’t really know what is going to happen. Where it is a thin line between winning and losing the game. I love the buzz, excitement and drama. I live for that. And I can’t imagine that day when I stop playing and it’s all over for me because I know I will miss the buzz so much. When you play games like that in the Bernabeu you give your all. Because we didn’t have the Reading game for almost a week after that, you know that you can give it everything and we all did. I like to play more games straight in a row. I love that as I get into a rhythm and get used to a game every three days. And when you don’t play for more than a week, it can take you 10-15 minutes to start the next game because you miss that rhythm. So I prefer to keep going, to keep playing game after game. That’s why I want to play against Reading. I really hope the manager picks me.”

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  1. Andromeda says:

    And every minutes is precious at united, glad you see the difference.

  2. kanchelskis says:

    Wow. He must be cracking up if he actually believes that.

    They could only win the league by goal difference, with the money they’ve spent on players, and with the almost non-existent injury list they had, and he thinks he’s the best manager in the country?

    Di Matteo, Moyes, Fergie, Clarke, Laudrup. All of those have every right to take issue with that claim.

  3. jigpig says:

    Jeepers I’m sure Roberto is suffering from the early onset of dementia…!!

  4. max says:

    My team I’d like to see start tonight – david, rafa, nemanja, chris, alexander, Luis Nani hugo almeida da cunha, tom, ando, ashley, wazza, robbbbbbbin

  5. iced earth says:


  6. rnicolas says:

    I’m loving this guy at United. Him and Evra being foreigners are coming in and realising what a big thing the club is.
    I had my doubts over his move, and i’m eating every single word i said – proudly doing so.

    Will never ever doubt Sir Alex again.

  7. Keano16 says:

    We’re gonna do the treble!!!

  8. kanchelskis says:


    Haha. Someone had to be the first to use the T-word didn’t they. Let’s see if we can finish the job against Madrid, then get past Chelsea in the FA Cup (if we progress tonight), then I’ll start to believe it’s possible.


    Rooney and RvP? No way. Welbz and Chicharito tonight for sure.

  9. Red says:

    Mancini considers himself to be England’s best manager.

    Poor sod must have hit his head or something…

  10. United till I die says:

    I’m sure it will be Hernandez and well Wellbeck starting tonight and any future FA cup games. Hernandez deserves a start for his recent scoring form alone. It’s a shame the lad was dropped for the Everton and Madrid games but a run out In The FA cup will do him good.

  11. iced earth says:

    valencia smaling vida buttner

    nani tom ando young



  12. kanchelskis says:

    @iced earth

    That’s the exact lineup I predicted shortly after the Madrid game. Very rare you can predict Fergie’s starting XIs, but I’m still pretty confident we’ll see that one tonight. Basically nobody who started on Wednesday, apart from Welbeck.

    Reading will have one eye on their game with Wigan, so could well field an under-strength XI as well.

    I think having – most likely – a game against Chelsea on the other side of this one, will only add to that. If they thought they might get a pop at a Champo team in the QFs, they might’ve given it a real go this evening. As it is, I think they’ll consider any cup progress a bonus.

  13. UnitedFaithful says:

    Carrick is due a rest.Hope to see Ando-Clevs on midfield.That if Ando features tonight after his mini tantrum.

  14. iced earth says:

    i agree with you mate
    maybe welbeck will not start
    rafa smalling vida buttner

    valencia tom ando nani



    maybe a surprise inclusion ………………powel

  15. kanchelskis says:

    @iced earth,

    Of course, Tony V didn’t start either did he? Could do with some gametime to get his confidence up.

    Powell is an interesting shout too. Could leave Welbeck out and stick Powell through the middle with Chico up on his own.

  16. belfast red. says:

    Just hope the chance after hitting the wood work dosnt come back to haunt us. And i hope Sir Ferguson picks him to. Welbeck deserves a start to. His confidence will be sky high after the rm game.

  17. kanchelskis says:

    @belfast red

    We can hold on to the last time he had a nightmare. When he fluffed that penalty in the Southampton game, we all thought it would be damaging. But he made it his personal mission to make sure it didn’t matter. If things are tight at OT, I’d back him to do the same again.

  18. Andromeda says:

    Nani,Clev.,Andy, Young
    Welbeck, Chicarito

  19. belfast red. says:

    @kanchelskis i hope you are right man. No doubting he will trouble them in the home leg but will he get such a clear cut chance again?? I hope so because you know 99 times out of 100 he will bury them!

  20. wayne says:

    World Class strikers don’t dwell on misses,not part of their mental makeup.Wouldn’t surprise me to see him start tonight alongside Hernandez tonight he’ll be hungry to set things straight

  21. Chicho The Lesbo says:

    If RVP and Chicho play, United should win big!

  22. KenyaIsRed says:


  23. mara says:

    I would give RVP one half and Hernandez one…both are playing…and don t get tired

  24. DreadedRed says:

    Come on United!

  25. Redroy says:

    Lind rafa, smalling, evanz, buttner, valencia, kagawa, clev, nani welbeck, lil pea

  26. Busby says:

    This isn’t the Carling Cup. There is no reason not to play a very strong team tonight. The players have had enough rest and the next game isn’t until Sunday. For me we should just be bringing in our regular wingers into this game. Rooney should play along with RvP. The time for rest will be in a few weeks, this is a kind run of fixtures and we need momentum. Despite the wonderful results, we still haven’t hit top form. Lets do that and shut the critics up once and for all. In this instance, resting players like RvP will be counter productive. With a 10 day gap they will start the road game against QPR rusty and that could actually end up costing us.

  27. Daniel88 says:

    De Gea
    Rafael Vidic Evans Evra
    Nani Carrick Clev Young
    RVP Hernandez

    … tonight versus Reading.

  28. montanared says:

    @ Busby
    was thinking the same thing! We would regret it if we played a much weakened side and let this one slip, even a replay could be a disaster. Reading are in good form but at home we should be able to handle them. Even if Chelski get past boro away they have to come to Old Trafford for the quarters, that shouldn’t worry this team. We finally have a squad big enough and healthy enough to compete on all fronts and we should do so. On the other hand I do think we should rest Robin, 90 against the toffees and Real had to be alittle taxing, so let’s have him on the bench just in case. Team for tonight –
    smalling- vidic-evans-buttner

    maybe welbz or Kagawa for rooney depending on how the boss is feeling, same with carrick for ando

  29. Wee Toms Ligaments says:

    Agree with Busby. As much as Chicharito and Welbeck have earned a start, they still sit behind Rooney and RVP. No need to rest these two with nearly an entire week to recover.

    I hope it is a strong XI with no doubts as to Uniteds desire to lift this cup.

  30. Humanoid says:

    Remember when we all thought he wouldn’t come / wouldn’t be welcome / wouldn’t be a success?

    Ohhhh Robin Vaaaan Peeersssiiieee!


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