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Van Persie: I can’t wait to get my hands on the trophy

Robin van Persie has scored 25 goals in the league for United this season but only one of them has been in front of the Stretford End. Our Dutchman vows to make amends to this statistic.

“I’ve also scored quite a few goals in the second half at Old Trafford, but in those games it’s just so happened that we’d changed ends and we were attacking the Stretford End in the first half,” he said. “I don’t understand it. I want to score more goals there, though. In fact, I promise I will score more goals at the Stretford End. I’m aware of the statistic and it’s time to change it!”

Van Persie thoroughly enjoyed celebrating the title win after our 3-0 win over Aston Villa but he is still desperate to get his hands on the trophy.

“This is the feeling you dream of,” he told the official site. “Everything is about lifting the trophy. There were some great pictures taken after the Aston Villa game, on the pitch and inside the dressing room, but there was one thing missing from them all: the trophy. That’s the picture that will be framed in my house: me, lifting the Barclays Premier League trophy. I can’t wait for that moment.”

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  1. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Hope he starts making up for it this season! Home to Swansea! Be a great send off for the home support! Always good to keep the goals flowing of course!

  2. Little Red Ant says:

    only a few days to go !!

  3. party like its 1999 says:


  4. Hans says:

    They are not doing the fucking Poznan now! I really hope Sunderland go down!

    QPR and Sunderland down, us Champions ! That would finally lay the ghost of last season to rest!!

  5. FletchTHEMAN says:

    53 days until Paul Scholes contract is up. :(

    Some very nice comments from Xavi Hernandez

    ‘In the last 15 to 20 years the best central midfielder that I have seen — the most complete — is Scholes. I have spoken with Xabi Alonso about this many times. Scholes is a spectacular player who has everything.

    ‘He can play the final pass, he can score, he is strong, he never gets knocked off the ball and he doesn’t give possession away. If he had been Spanish then maybe he would have been valued more.’

  6. MansionOfTheReds says:


    that’s a REALLY old interview dude. But its nice to read those words again :)

  7. FletchTHEMAN says:


    Cheers mate, just enjoying the last few games and hoping we get to see Scholes play again.

    Sir Alex seems interested in getting him on again. Hope it happens at the home game v Swansea.

    If you want recent.. Check out this link showing Scholes still ranks 2nd in overall pass completion percentage in the league this year.


  8. FletchTHEMAN says:

    David Moyes to spend a year at United as Ferguson’s #2! 8O

    What are they smoking over at the Daily Fail?!

  9. Costas says:

    Remember how long ago it was when Smith scored that rocket in the Charity Shield against Arsenal? That was RVP’s debut in England and that’s how long he’s waited for.

  10. Diego says:

    …Because all the best players dream of playing for David Moyes, right?
    Get a grip. The day Moyes takes over from saf will never, ever come. If it does, it’s time to get hold of them anti-depressants…

  11. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Gary Neville’s Premier League Team of Season!

    DeGea, Rio, Carrick, Robin Van Persie! Get in!

    1 City Player? About right! :lol: :lol:

  12. wayne says:

    Fletch it makes sense to me mate,Moyes has always been 3rd fav to take over,most of what i’ve heard on tv he isn’t going to renew his Everton contract so he comes in for 2 yrs as Sir Alex’s assistant and gets groomed to takeover the transition would be smooth
    He ticks most of the boxes,can work with kids,has a great eye for talent,great tactician,clearly a great motivator players play hard for him,British so unlikely to want another job if he became Utd manager stability is important.The knock is he’s never won anything and never experienced the high pressure that comes with a job like Utd.A 2 yr apprenticeship under Sir Alex would get him ready,for one i’m all for it i’ve rated him for years

  13. Jay says:

    I don’t want David Moyes even though he is a good manager he has never won anything. Laudrup has been here a year and has already won a trophy, I would rather have AVB or Pellegrini than Moyes. Our players are winners who need a winning manager. Look at Götze who is going to Bayern Munich, Klopp said Götze could not turn down the opportunity to work with Guardiola. Players also come because of SAF, now which top player is going to think that about Moyes. I am not saying that I expected Moyes to win the premier league when he was at Everton but there was the Europa League, FA Cup, League Cup that were all up for grabs if he had won a few of those at least we can say he has a few trophies but he has nothing to show for 10 years.

  14. wayne says:

    There’s always luck that goes along with winning knock out competitions so i look at his consistency over the years and over the course of a season.He’s always finished just below teams that spend a small fortune and he never has nothing.Year after year he finds players from lower divisions and turns them into quality premier league players.Look at Gibson key player in Everton’s midfield he’s had a good season,Moyes has turned his career around,Moyes is very well respected among other managers for his tactical ability
    In regards to players not coming because Moyes is in charge just don’t see it,if he works for a few years under Sir Alex and Utd have a top team and continue to win trophies and pay good wages,who the manager is in most cases will be irrelevant .Sir Alex hardly came from a European powerhouse still didn’t stop top players wanting to come.
    The name Manchester United is a bigger name than Pep,Maureen or any other manager anyone can mention

  15. FletchTHEMAN says:

    I doubt VERY MUCH that that article has a shred of evidence behind it.

    That said Moyes at #2? With no guarantees?? Could work well. Couldn’t be worse than what we have now. He could even be put in charge of tactics in the League and FA Cup runs to give Fergie a break, and put in super oversight of all development teams, as Pep was for Barca B.

    But as to the story. Think it’s straight up cods wollup!

  16. wayne says:

    Fletch the reason the story broke was there was a lot of overnight betting action on Moyes being next Utd manager he went from 7/2 to 1/2 so someone has bet a lot of money

  17. Andromeda says:

    Just heard the news that Moyes will be our assistant manager, well to be honest he is in the best frame to take this role after spending an illustrious career with Toffees.I will be delightful to see this happening.

  18. Diego says:

    I pretty sure the manager of the club plays a very big part in players deciding who to join. One might say it just comes down to money, but having a well respected and proven manager certainly will help. There’s a common occurrence that the nationality of the manager will have an impact on the nationality of the players he signs, prime example being Wenger and France. Even Klopp said that Götze wanted to go to Bayern to play under Guardiola. Money might be the #1 factor when determining where a player ends up, but I’m sure the managers also plays an important role, and I seriously doubt that many of the top-tier players have heard much about David Moyes.

  19. slayer says:

    Heard news about United swapping Nani for Claudio Marchisio. Anyone has any idea how good is this guy from Juve? Although just another possible rumour from soccernet but just curious about this midfielder. Btw, Jupp Heynckes from Bayern has a temper like SAF. I might consider him as SAF replacement ^^ if he is much younger since he has a good ability to find great players for a team. Well, Moyes is quite fine since he has been doing quite a good job in Everton for many years. Perhaps with his ability to find players with limited budget, he might done much better if he has that money.

  20. wayne says:

    Diego we’ll just have to disagree mate I rate the Utd name over any manager any day,every player and agent knows Utd are a top club from top to bottom.

  21. ididnotzeeit says:

    Should Moyes come in as a #2, I’d be delighted. Gives SAF a chance to personally groom a possible replacement for down the road and gives us a fresh take on the bench, not to discredit Phelan but Moyes is a proven manager and the two Scots combined would be quite the all-star cast.

    This mention of Moyes having not won anything is rubbish. What he’s done at Everton, on the budget he’s done it on, is a fucking masterstroke. That side would be nowhere near where they are without him imo. He’s a fierce competitor and gets every inch out of his players. The fact they battle for a CL spot is a god damn miracle. To say he’s not done well in Europa League is a false tale. How could he when his squad’s thinner than Kate Moss? He sets priorities and achieves them, simple as. He’s made fantastic cup runs and there’s not many outside the top 5 who have better records against the league’s elite teams and that in it of itself speaks volumes to his quality.

    He ticks so many boxes that it would be lunacy to rule him out as a potential candidate when the Gaffer calls it a day. We all know SAF will have a huge say in who replaces him and this perhaps is a chance for Sir Alex to get him familiar with the club and owners and let Moyes show he’s up to the job when the time comes. I’d welcome him with open arms next season and suggest for all of the star gazers out there that speak of Pep or Mourinho, take it for what it’s worth, but, a humble scottish lad who isn’t afraid of massive challenges and gets everything from his players is 3 characteristics he shares with a certain legend who’s entering his twilight years.

  22. Diego says:

    Rumors going around that Bayern have made a €40 M bid for Vidal, so that could set some wheels spinning I guess.

  23. King Eric says:

    slayer – Marchisio is quality,.

  24. Redblood says:

    I rate Moyes highly. With the budget he has, he has worked miracles at Everton,


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