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Van Persie: Last Few Months Proves I Was Right To Leave Arsenal

Ahead of today’s goal and draw against Tottenham Hotspur, Robin van Persie reflected on his reasons for leaving Arsenal for Manchester United.

“After eight years at a great club, Arsenal, I’d always had a good feeling, right up until the last training,” he told Sky Sports. “After eight years, sometimes you feel like you need a new challenge and I found that challenge at Manchester United. I really feel like I am surrounded by champions. What I like about being here is that whatever the style of the opponent, we try to deal with it.”

Despite all the slagging off he’s received from Arsenal fans, Van Persie has remained respectful of his former club, but has no doubts he made the right decision in swapping Arsenal for United.

“I have huge respect for Arsene Wenger, he’s a great man,” he said. “Even with my move, he’s been a gentleman. I’m really thankful for that. I had a great time there and I don’t have any bad feelings towards the manager, club or fans. In those eight years we gave everything. Sir Alex said last week that ‘Robin is here at the right time, the right moment, at the right club.’ I do feel that this is exactly the right timing of being here. Since last summer I’ve wanted a big challenge and this was the biggest challenge for me. Every day tells me I made the right move.”

Van Persie famously said that he listened to the little boy inside himself when deciding to join United, and that little boy was screaming for him to join our club. Whilst some Arsenal fans foolishly claimed he was a mercenary that was leaving for the money (something he could have earned more of at City if he hadn’t rejected them for us), our number 20 has said this season has justified his move. United are top of the league, five points clear, whilst Arsenal were knocked out of the League Cup by League 2 side Bradford and are an incredible 22 points behind us.

“When you have a difficult choice to make in your life, you have to stay close to yourself,” he said. “I had to think what my heart wanted. I know why I went, it’s for good reasons, and if you look at the last couple of months I think it explains it all. I’m seeing things again that I didn’t see for a long time. When I first went to Arsenal years ago I saw things from Bergkamp and Henry which I’d never seen in my life before. Now I’m seeing those things again and that makes me really happy. It’s like a kid in a sweetshop. It’s like ‘Yes! This is good, this is nice.’ This is why I did it. I’m having fun.”

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  1. Micheldu9 says:

    Manchester the home of city.they are the ones I fear.jose will be in charge next season.

  2. AlphaRS says:

    It’s quite clear you’re an Arsenal fan. You surprise me because every Arsenal fan I’ve come across on this blog has been polite and had well thought out opinions. RVP is realising his potential at Manchester United and he will achieve things that he could not have done at Arsenal.
    Arsene Wenger said himself that RVP turned down £300,000 per week from Manchester City to play for Manchester United. So your assumption he is only playing for United for monetary reasons is ill informed.

  3. Dan-young says:

    Micheldu9 .. Your blatantly a sado that has been following this blog for years to try To have an arguement with united fans to satisfy your pathetic needs you low life cunt. Or did you genuinely take the time out to create an account to express your opinion on rvp?


  4. Dela says:

    MY GOD!!

    Tell me I’m not the only person who saw that analysis of the Rooney penalty incident on MOTD2??? The referee thought he “kicked caulker” ???? I mean its SO bad when Alan Hansen is the voice of reason! As far as I know we don’t have brain dead officials in games, there’s no way on planet EARTH that the ref, or the linesman, would have seen Rooney as the one who did wrong there. BBC… seriously… vet your fucking “pundits” better. Jesus H Christ!!

  5. kanchelskis says:

    Lol. Micheldu, kick the stool away and be done with it. That’s valuable oxygen you’re wasting!

  6. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Costas – you can’t help but put fools in their place but you are right about feeding trolls. Looks like michelle cockadoo came on here to release some frustration, lying clown probably has posters of van persie all under the rock he claims as a home, coming out with crap about having a bar in barcelona, you lying boring cunt michelle COCKADOODLE, your hatred for manchester united has only increased due to van persie leaving your beloved team.

  7. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Dela – i saw the “analysis” from pat nevin, claiming it looked like rooney kicked the defender from the “refs point of view”, hallmark of an A.B.U all over that. Stone wall penalties don’t come better than that, yet some how rooney “kicked him” never heard so much bullshit. I think we can only blame pat nevin’s Groucho marx glasses for missing it or is that actually his real nose? The lying bastard.

  8. fergie is the boss says:

    samuel – I have made the point the past few months, we are not getting the breaks with the officials, the shitty game and reading game was starting to gain my curiosity, the Swansea game got my attention. And the spurs game, was the straw that broke the camels back, 2 huge errors, and a third when spurs fouled one of our players during one of spurs chances, which was 6 or 7yards from the ball. The fact remained, the welbeck foul which the spurs defender falls over the ball, and the rooney pen were 2 outrages decisions, and it has cost us 4 valuable pts against swansea and spurs. They say it balances out over the whole season, but its starting to tip in the other direction

  9. AlphaRS says:

    BBC analysis is shite. No surprise there. Red Nev and Sky Sports wipes the floor with any of those cnuts. 5 points clear with 15 games to go. I’ll take that.

  10. Dela says:

    @samuel – Ye mate, I’ve heard a lot of extremely stupid shit on MOTD over the years but that has to be right up there. He topped it off at the end when asked to clarify it by saying “The ref can’t give it from that angle,” WHAT? He had a clear view of it, it was clear that Caulker stuck his leg out, didn’t get the ball, and knocked Wayne Rooney over. But it’s not even that, he was asked to admit it was a penalty and that was his response, that the ref can’t give it, he didn’t even admit it was a penalty. ABU shit indeed mate, nice to know he was paid with taxpayers money for that bollox.

  11. fergie is the boss says:

    heck the liverpool game I could see it coming, the kagwa foul before half time pushing kagwa into reina, how liverpool had 11 men on the pitch that day I have no idea. No question the hissy fits chelsea the pundits and the ABU media had, has cost us more than we thought, we all said after the Chelsea win, good luck getting the breaks. And it looks that way, much like the Swansea draw, how spurs got a point out of that game, boggles the mind. This was a typical 2 0 smash and grab win, spurs played well, but we should have got the 3 pts

  12. Daniel88 says:

    De Gea = plenty of good saves but his mistake cost us

    Vidic = top class, motm contender
    Ferdinand = his distribution was shocking and has been for several games now
    Evra = struggled with no natural wide protection in front of him
    Rafael = excellent, what do you expect ?

    Jones = excellent defensively but shouldn’t have been playing in midfield
    Carrick = excellent defensively but wouldn’t get on the ball when we were under pressure
    Cleverley = alright display seems as he was played out of position

    Kagawa = disappointing,
    Wellbeck = showed some incredible touche and pace just missing some finesse
    van Persie = big game player, couldn’t get into the game because he was isolated.

  13. WeAreUnited says:

    firstly the liverpool decisions for not sending wisdom off and giving us a penalty and the reina incident

    Now these two the welbeck foul which the spurs defender falls over the ball, and the penalty

    and it has been like this the whole season.

    I am glad we are fighting against the odds.

  14. fergie is the boss says:

    Dela – remember how shearer and the rest of the ABU media tried defending BA’s goal against united, what was their excuse? BA was not interfering with play LOL, so evans would have made that clearance if BA was not in that position

  15. Dela says:

    @fergie is the boss —-> Yep the Swansea game in particular came back to me today after the Spurs equalized. I remember Fergie saying at the end of the game when he was asked if we were 7 points clear, he said “We should be 9,” and he was right, the ref ignored a terrible foul and they scored within seconds after it. Today the ref literally must have had a case of temporary blindness because there’s astronauts orbiting the earth that saw that fucking foul. After Drogba in 2010, I’ll never listen to another fucker who says it balances out. It doesn’t, and because we’re United, the breaks we get are the only ones highlighted.

    But this is how it is analyzed after almost all our games now and it is starting to get to me. Even the City game, after we were denied the third goal from Young, right before they scored their first goal, you’d think that’d have been up for serious discussion, but nope, instead the questions being raised were about whether Rafael went down easy for the free kick that RvP stuck away, and then to add insult to injury, the outrageous lie that Rio provoked City fans by celebrating in front of them. And don’t even get me started on the build up and reaction to the Anfield game in which we were all implicated in chanting about Hillsborough wrongfully too. We NEED to use the hate as energy and make them all suck it at the end of the season.

  16. Dela says:

    @fergie is the boss –> Yep, I remember it now that you mention it, claimed he wouldnt be active and interfering with play unless it came back out to him? LOL,gee I wonder why Shearer would see it that way :-)

  17. Costas says:


    Ha. Kanchelskis nailed it dead on with one sentence. You know, I sort of understand what’s going on in an Arsenal fan’s head. RVP wasn’t the first to leave them and do well elsewhere. But comments like these are their worst nightmare. They could always blame Adebayor or Nasri’s departures on them being money whores, but RVP’s hit them hard. Deep down they know why he left and that’s what gets them. Let Michel have his fun over here. He can’t keep relying on his inflatable girlfriend for that.

  18. kanchelskis says:


    Rafael had a great game, right up until the end, when it cost us. He thought we’d won the ball and started trotting upfield. We hadn’t, and when BAE got the ball, he had all the time in the world to measure his cross cos rafael was nowhere to be seen. Love the guy, but still has very slight concentration issues. Today’s was costly.

  19. fergie is the boss says:

    Dela – if you followed my post, you would have seen me giving my real concerns about these decisions, even after the win, lets list since the chelsea win, reading, shitty, newcastle swansea liverpool spurs, these were a mix of banana skin matches and big matches which we could have lost allot of pts gained. The spurs game was has bigger joke as the Swansea one, which was hilariousness. I found the welbeck foul even more crazy than the Rooney pen incident, how about how spurs fouled one of our players during one of spurs chances. Can someone tell me how spurs did no get a cad for the parker dive? and the lenon dive which was even more hilerious

  20. AlphaRS says:

    Don’t you think the whole team was the blame for not closing the game out? Just like the Chelsea game in The Capital Cup. Keeping possession and not giving it away cheaply in the closing stages. Somebody needed to direct the team on the pitch but it just didn’t happen. A team with the experience of Vidic, Rio, Carrick, Rooney, RVP, should know this.

  21. Daniel88 says:


    Its a stretch to blame Rafael.

  22. Marq says:

    I’m not sure if we are talking about the same incident here. Was it the instance Welbeck was about to get a clear run to goal through the centre late in the game? I think he was called for an offside rather then fouling the last defender

    The cross leading up to their equalizer, my opinion is that both Rafael & Valencia is at fault. Rafael had no business thinking of an counter attack with 30s of the game left, so instead of running forward he should have just have gone for the ball. Valencia, he did neither defending nor try to push out, God knows what he was doing standing there so far away from his man who went to retrive the ball that he couldn’t react

    P.S. Don’t feed trolls. They are a sad bunch who probably need some help from mental institutes if their idea of fun is going around looking for trouble

  23. denton davey says:

    To me, the key moment in that match occurred when LittleRedRafa got free down the right side and crossed the ball through the box – DannyTheLad was a step short and the chance trickled away.

    In my estimation, IF Chicharito had been in Welbeck’s position he would have run hell-for-leather to the far post – not loped forward – and slotted it home for a 2-nil lead.

    I know that this is an unfair comparison but while DannyTheLad’s athleticism is astonishing, his finesse and game awareness are still raw. That moment can be classified as an example of “growing pains”. He’s still a long way from being the finished article but he was a real handful for the Spurs’ defenders so it’s painful to isolate one incident – but “goals change games” and THAT was an especially clear-cut example of the truth of that cliche.

  24. lordrt says:

    a good goal for rvp, then we failed to see him for the rest of the match. consistency is a big problem in the team so far, the gaffer needs to work on this and also i believe rvp needed a rest and chicharito should have come on for the last 15 minutes or so.

  25. Kesiero says:

    a little off topic from Eritrea
    The negative approach from the manager cost United the precious three points yesterday. He was very cautious and gave Spurs too much respect. What made me and many others become fans of the greatest club in England (Manchester United) was the attacking style of the club. But the way United approached the game, it was pretty boring to say the least. When i saw the starting line up comprising so many defenders in it, i felt it was gonna be a long night, and indeed it was. The only chance United created was when they scored, but Spurs had so many goal scoring opportunities to win the game specially in the second half. Why Rooney was left on the bench is beyond me. Kagawa is still adapting to life in England and seems not the finished article i was expecting to see after two prolific seasons in the Bundesliga. Why the manager chose him ahead of Rooney is appalling. The way the game unfolded yesterday against Spurs, Spurs should have won it. If the Old man gives Spurs that much respect, i can’t imagine what he is going to do against Real Madrid…………!!!

  26. calebkzh says:

    We have a growing tendency to just hoof the ball upfield in the later parts of the second half. We played a brilliant first half yesterday. Great energy, moved the ball and kept it well, but past the 70 minute mark, our possession play fell apart thoroughly.

  27. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Robin van Persie: “Makes you feel like you are surrounded by champions”.

    Robin loves this club. Hear him talking about United. Class! So respectful of everyone.,26691,12606_8417689,00.html

  28. etu zacheaus bitja says:

    it was a great game and what a fantastic header from our star man rvp.the lads did play well and we should keep our heads down and concerntrate on the upcoming fixtures.not a bad point at the lane and man city players or fans should not think that we are going to drop points like last season.come on guys keep the defensive performances up.glory glory man united.

  29. DreadedRed says:

    We dodged a bullet. Wesley Sneijder has left Inter Milan for Galatasaray on a transfer fee of 7.5 million euros, the Turkish club was quoted as saying.

  30. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Knightsmith Cheers mate. Wilfred Zaha to ManUtd a bit like a tennis match from center court. Back and forth till your neck hurts. The Mail says a £12m deal is still on but the Mirror said yesterday that a £10m deal had collapsed.

    You can tell there is plenty of non truth in all these stories, if any of it is true at all.
    I think Palace wants to keep him till the summer, which would probably benefit both sides unless there is a pressing need to backup our wingers.

    Gone yesterday, here again today?!

  31. FletchTHEMAN says:

    This RvP Interview is really top drawer!

    Interesting discussion from 4:30min
    “#9 suits me great” Discusses #9, #10, #9-1/2.,26691,12606_8417689,00.html

    The entire interview is brilliant really.

  32. jigpig says:


    I agree with your comment about closing out the game, especially after Nani had been publically castigated for not heading for the corner deep into injury time in the Chelsea League cup match.
    Valencia had a chance to run for the corner injury time yesterday, all he had to do was knock the ball passed the defender and run after the damn thing, he should have been fresh enough to beat the defender who had been playing for 90 minutes. This would have given our defence a much needed breather.
    Instead, maybe due to a lack of confidence, he stopped and turned the ball back inside, we lost possession and the Spuds were back at us.

  33. Ash says:

    I enjoyed how our team defended. Maybe it was our finest defensive display in past few years I have seen. Bar Evra who got owned by Lennon everyone else did a fine job.

    I am a bit surprised De gea is getting some shit as he had a tremendous game. It makes me laugh when people compare him with Schmeichel or Van der Sar. They were complete products. De gea is still learning is trade. Give him one Premier league trophy his confidence will go sky high.

    Have to say I AM not disappointed by the draw. After watching Spurs yesterday I have to say they deserve to be in top 4. They are a strong side. Give them one quality striker I can bet they will easily finish in top 4. It will be a shame if they miss out on top 4 this season. Credit to them for playing well.

    I thought we were playing to deep especially in last 25 mins. We need to attack. But I thought Sir alex wanted to have this game over. This has to be by far our toughest challenge and if you ask me we passed with hardwork. City has still to travel here and also go to Everton. I laughed when dzeko said man united will continue to drop points. I like this care free attitude from their team. I don’t want their managers or players to praise us. Last season Micah Richards and Mancini praised us by saying United will win the league and it backfired on us.

    Just one big negative from this game and that has to be Valencia. I have been continuously defending him but he is having a torrid time. I don’t like our players getting criticized but its very surprising that no one is mentioning about Tony V’s poor form. We used to jump when Nani had a bad game but I can’t see anyone doing that with Valencia. He is neither attacking well nor is he defending well. Rafael played much better as winger than Valencia did in those 17 mins he got. There was a situation when rooney was alone in wings but valencia stopped and made back pass which resulted in tottenham counter attack. I still have faith in Valencia but he needs to get his act going. At this form I would prefer Nani.

    This is not resulted to our club but I have to take this out of my chest. Man how shit have arsenal become. It is very sad to see them becoming a mediocre club. They were playing shit against the most overrated team in Chelsea yesterday. As usual media were trying their best to prove Torres is not a flop. Speaking of arsenal I can bet they will play like cup final against us when we go to emirates in late april.

  34. denton davey says:

    Ash @ 14:36: ” I still have faith in Valencia but he needs to get his act going. At this form I would prefer Nani.”

    Me, too – but, then I’d prefer Nani to Valencia regardless of “his act”. For me, Nani offers a bag-of-tricks whereas AV7 is one-dimensional.

    It’s funny, though, that the less Nani appears the more love he seems to be getting, eh ?

  35. kel says:

    Actually you cant blame him. All United football fans wants to play for United. I wanted to play too. Even though i didnt went there, i had a sense of how the club will feel. Its a magnificent and grand feeling you get. You are thinking wow, im surrounded by champions, wow you feel so happy.


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