Robin van Persie has gone public to dispel the City myth and has claimed that Manchester is 80/20 red to blue.

“I have to say, I spoke to Nigel De Jong a couple of years ago when he was playing for City and he said ‘in Manchester, you only have City fans’,” Robin explained. “I said ‘Okay that sounds a bit weird but whatever’ and he claimed United fans are from all over the world, and from different cities. But I have to adjust him on that and say it is definitely not true. It is at least 50/50 in Manchester or it might be even more after what I saw last Monday, maybe it is 80/20 United. I saw so many people looking so happy. There were so many fans – it just came out of nowhere. There were more and more as the tour went on and it put a big smile on my face. It was a day that nobody will ever forget. This was just incredible. There were so many people, so many people who were so happy and so passionate about this championship.”

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