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Van Persie: United Could Be My Last Club

Robin van Persie has today revealed that Manchester United could be the last club he plays for as we take care of and value older players.

“For the next few years I will be at Manchester United – and maybe longer. United could be my last club,” he said. “You have a number of clubs in Europe where older players can find it good, where they are valued. You used to have that at Juventus and AC Milan, Manchester United today is a good example. So who knows how long I will stay at the club. There is a new challenge for me every day at United. My development is an ongoing process. That gets an extra boost when you are surrounded by new coaches and team-mates, all with their own ideas, in a totally new environment.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. muizzh says:

    no matter, please be in the best shape to beat Chelsea on Easter Monday.

  2. Andromeda says:

    Its too early for this talk…

  3. kanchelskis says:

    Cattermole and Fletcher out for Saturday (and indeed the rest of the season)

    For me, that means rest RVP up for Chelsea.

    Play Wayne after his 2 in 2.

    I trust RVP to maintain his momentum while he misses one match, more than I do Rooney.

  4. Ash says:

    He could very well become a United legend. If he remains fit and continues to play the same way like he is doing now then I see no reason why he won’t end his career here. He is 29 so another 3-4 quality season from him then a mentor type seasons after that. I can’t see RVP playing in his late 30′s. I think he will retire in 35 or 36.

    I think we will win atleast 2 Champions league with RVP. :)

  5. kanchelskis says:


    Hate to play devil’s advocate here, but …

    … Maybe if RVP had scored that sitter in Madrid, we’d still be on course for one this season.


  6. Joffrey Baratheon says:

    How is it too early for this talk? He was speaking to a Dutch magazine and he was responding to a question with a professional and realistic answer. He’s not kissing the badge and proclaiming his undying love for United.

  7. Ash says:


    Yeah he should have scored. Don’t know why but RVP tends to miss sitters in knock out games. I remember him missing a sitter against AC milan last season for gunners. Maybe he gets nervous. But whatever he is currently one of the best finishers in the world. :)

    As far Madrid game goes it still gives me a sick feeling that we were robbed that day. Anways don’t want to discuss that. Let us win the league :)

  8. The Left Bank says:

    I for one hope he does finish his career with United even if that is a few years from now. It’s good that he’s making these comments as he’s obviously fitted in well here.

    He’s a consumate professional and as much as he’s been given fresh life by the likes of Ferguson in players like Giggs and Scholes in training, he can be a role model for other players coming through.

    Let’s just stay focused on what’s ahead of our noses: the FA Cup and the PL.

  9. Jigpig says:

    Lets hope we have a lovely Easter weekend and come out of it with 3 points and a semi final against $hitty to look forwards to.

  10. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Wayne Rooney is on form right now the LAST THING fergie would do would be to rest wayne at sunderland. Play Roo in BOTH GAMES. He looks like he’s up for it and hwne he’s up for it, there are few who can stop him and i don’t think they play for Sunderland. I also agree that VP should not start against Sunderland. We should start Hernandez with Rooney and rest VP for the big one on Monday.

  11. Andromeda says:

    Its time to make either/or choices as the end of the season looms large, premier league is still our number one priority however I do take some adventure with our current lead at the top.its worthwhle to try and win that replay against Chelsea in the FA cup, with the current quad and resting some of the key players such as Rafael, Vida and Giggs we can do the job more than enough.I am optimistic that Fergie will utilize the squad to guarantee us a happy easter weekend.furthermore our lads have done great jobs in their international breaks, the likes of RVP, wayne,shinji, chica have all scored so perhaps they are all i a good mental state to rediscover their form once again, I particularly fancy Robin to hit the target, we are badly missing his rockets.
    As for Chica, hope he won’t suffer the jet lag as in my opinion his presence will be crucial for the Chelsea game”he is our official rentboys slayer”

  12. mill says:

    Rooney and Welbeck up front vs Sunderland.
    RvP and Hernandez up front vs Rentboys.
    I’m sure we’ll win both games !

  13. kanchelskis says:

    Seems bonkers not to start Hernandez against Chelsea. He just knows how to score against them.

    Think mill’s prediction might hold, though think he might find a way to accommodate all three of Rooney, RVP and Hernandez against Chelsea.

  14. Andromeda says:

    Mill, sure mate..I think that is the right attacking formula, however as Fergie put it recently”in modern football era, its not important to field your freshest team rather than your strongest team”so it depends on how much fuel we still got in them.

  15. Andromeda says:

    Sorry let me restate Fergie’s quote”its not important to field your strongest team but rather your freshest team”

  16. WeAreUnited says:

    btw is the former footballer of liverpool Ian Rush deluded? for real is he?

    Before you check this out, you have to remember that RVP has scored 23 goals in 38 appearances and Suarez has 29 goals in 44 games. So he has played 6 games more than RVP.

    Look what he has said. Quote: . “Obviously Lionel Messi and Ronaldo are on a different planet when it comes to the number of goals they score each season but it would be unlikely they’d be scoring as many in the Premier League.”

    Is he for real??? And I will talk only about Ronaldo and not Messi. One thing what I can say about Messi and for those who doubt him, if he can play in the Premier League. The lad has raped many english teams and if Suarez can score what he scores, then Messi would double it. Also do you guys really think, that if Messi comes to the PL, he would play for Reading? No, he would play for Manchester United or one of the top 4, so he would score very much and strenghten any team.

    On to the issue, does Ian Rush know that Ronaldo has actually played in the english league? And that he scored in his best season 43 goals for us. Does he remember that? How the hell can he make that kind of statement about Ronaldo?

  17. mill says:

    Ian Rush is a shit Andy Caroll….Deluded !

  18. Warwick says:

    Ohhhh Robin. Van Persie! Love his positive talk about our club

  19. Denton Davey says:

    from Guardian Online:

    “Mexico blew numerous chances, including what should have been a couple of easy goals for Hernández. The Manchester United striker misplayed a bouncing corner kick in the 87th minute, getting only the back of his right foot on it. He pitched forward and into the net, but the ball popped skyward and over the goal. In the 28th minute, Jorge Torres Nilo sent a perfect cross in to Hernández, who was right in front of the goal and just a few feet from Guzan. But Hernández skied that one, too.”

    I guess he’s saving his best efforts for Monday against TheRentBoyz.

  20. King Eric says:

    No Ian Rush was a damn good striker to be fair just not a good record against United. Think he may have managed ONE goal in his twilight years. I agree to an extent I don’t think Messi would score 200 goals a season or whatever ludicrous record it is in the Premier league.

  21. wayne says:

    Obviously impressed with his new environment,could also be a shot at Wenger who has a tendency to get mileage out of players then sell.Earlier on in the season when RVP was talking about how much he loves the training and working with world class coaches who improve his game, how every game is a big one for Utd and how he gets a buzz off it
    With each statement he’s just showing the difference between the class and quality of both clubs

  22. roboo7 says:

    simple 4-4-2 against chelski thats when we are at our best.

    vs chelski de gea,rafael,rio,vida,evra,nani,carrick,cleverley,young

    vs sunderland de gea, smalling,evans,vida,buttner,valencia,giggs,anderson

    i would like to see powell play against sunderland but cant see it happening.

  23. WeAreUnited says:

    @king eric

    I also doubt he would score 200 goals, but that’s being ridiculous cause no one is saying he would score 200 goals and I know it was a metaphor only.. But what he said was deluded, cause Ronaldo did score 42 goals, which was a huge amount at that moment, when messi for example couldn’t score that much and it was in the Premier League.

    Players develope and now they’re scoring for fun. They wouldn’t be in the heights of 70 goals a season, but something in a line of 50 goals a season yes. but who knows? And people should understand that Messi probably would play for us or let’s say chelski, 2 great teams, so he probably would get the service and give alot of assists also, so to claim he wouldn’t score goals is crazy. It’s not like Reading would sign him.

    Look what Tevez did for WestHam, and Messi is the treble what Tevez is, million times better, and you think he wouldn’t make it? Imagine Messi playing for United and the team build around him, and then can you honestly say he wouldn’t score a huge amount of goals, look at Ronaldo who wasn’t even at his peak, when we build the team around him, he raped many teams by himself, Messi would absolutely do that. I went a bit off topic.

    BUT Ian Rush, check your rafa benitez fachts before you speak up.

  24. WeAreUnited says:

    when messi for example couldn’t score that much and Ronaldo*** was in the Premier League and Messi in spain.

  25. UTD4LIFE says:

    I dont think we need to worry against sunderland. we need to rest key players as we have Chelsea on monday then the scum on the weekend next week. City will struggle against Newcastle this weekend and we should beat sunderland. Ideal team for me against Sunderland;
    De Gea
    Smalling, Evans, Vidic, Butner
    Nani, Scholes, Anderson, Young
    Hernandez, Rooney

    Ideal team for Chelsea and City
    De Gea
    Rafael, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra
    Valencia, Carrick, Kagawa/Cleverley, Young
    Rooney, Van Persie

    I believe we could wrap the title up at city next week as i think they will lose to newcastle.

  26. medumtum says:

    Got to say Ian Rush was quality in his day. Still its quite mind boggling to see Cristiano and Messi score as freely as they are doing right now. Looking back only brazilian ronaldo recently, in the nineties, did it for three quarters of a season. Of course much of it is down to the supporting cast, if any striker were the focus of that xavi, iniesta tiki taka storm he would score, but that isn’t doing justice to the consistent brilliance these two have shown. Mind you scoring goals is not the only metric to judge an outstanding player, neither zidane nor maradona scored that many. What has to be acknowledged is how they have managed to keep the fire going despite such incredible success. For those who saw the genius of Maradona, Best and even Gazza sparkle all too briefly, both Messi and Ronaldo have done an exceptional job of keeping their talent bound to desire. They love football and they havent allowed distractions to interfere. Much of the credit has to be given to the set up at both Barca and United to ground these players. La Masia and Carrington have shown they can nurture such talents and I dont mean the skills, rather everything around it. Just hope we manage to find payers with such hunger in the upcoming youngsters. Watching Giggsy is often a lesson in just that; a love of the game and a desire to win.

  27. Heywood Red says:

    Don’t see that happening tbf. Been banging the drum for van persie for years so well happy when he
    Signed. Clicked early with the team which has been good. Just wish he’d put one of em away
    Against madrid.

  28. D GING€R PRINC€ says:

    D little boy inside me just smiled.RvP wil become a Legend at United

  29. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Morning Reds….. mmmm Sunderland away? Yes please!

    Put the Cats to the sword! :twisted:

    Words to motivate:
    SAF: “Remember this day”
    Wayne: “It was something myself and a lot of the players won’t forget”
    Chris: “What happened at Sunderland has motivated us all season”

  30. Andromeda says:

    Good morning everyone:)
    we are close to match day time, hopefully we have a point to prove at Light stadium.personally it was a hell of a day, utter agony and frustration that can’t even described.I am sure we will make an amend this time.


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