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Van Persie: Vidic wants to die for the cause

Robin van Persie has sung the praises of captain Nemanja Vidic, who made his last appearance for United at Old Trafford last night.

“Nemanja has been great,” Van Persie told MUTV. “He’s been playing here for eight-and-a-half years and the thing I always say about him is that he puts his head where people are scared to put their feet! That is Nemanja. He wants to die for the cause, in a good way. He is very brave, a great player and he’s won everything at Manchester United. It was a special day for him too.”

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  1. Moris Koome says:

    we love him all,werever goes God be with him

  2. Tommy says:

    I always remember something Drogba said when talking about his toughest opponent. He said “My toughest opponent is Vidic, because he really puts no value on the safety on his own body and has even less value for the safety of his opponents”

  3. gra mar says:

    @tommy…that’s a great quote.

    It’s funny when you think of the difference between the blood and guts approach of Vidic paired with the ‘I don’t want to get me shorts dirty’ approach from Rio and yet they were a great partnership while being complete opposites in term of style.

  4. Tommy says:

    @gra mar

    Its because they compliment each other mate, you couldnt partner a Vidic with a Stam or a terry style defender because theyd constantly jump for the same ball and probably take each other out when jumping for a header lol, Rio cleans up when Vida wins a header, great partnership

  5. gra mar says:

    @tommy ….that’s true all right…it was like a Land Rover defender paired alongside a rolls royce.

    Still though I always liked Pally and Brucie who used to look like they’d gone a few rounds with Lennox Lewis after every match. Pallister especially used to look completely fucked after 20 mins but always managed to get the job done.

  6. Tommy says:

    @gra mar

    Pally was a bit more physical than Rio but he was the Rio type, he could play, pass the ball from the back, he always looked knackered like, he always admitted he hated training and used any excuse to get out of it, prob why he was always knackered lol

  7. Fletch™ says:


    7th in the league and still UK’s biggest club by a margin!
    Man United still England’s most valuable club despite David Moyes disaster as Forbes reveals world top 10

  8. Martin Thomas says:

    Yeah…. Like he wants to fight for the red cause so badly, he fucked off to Milan…
    A fine defender, true enough. But he will always be behind Stam, Buchan, and McGrath….


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