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Van Persie: We Fought Hard For Result We Wanted

Robin van Persie, who has now scored against Chelsea, City, Arsenal, and twice against Liverpool, has reflected on today’s 2-1 victory over Liverpool.

“It was an unbelievable goal with great combinations,” Robin told MUTV. “Carrick was involved, Danny Welbeck was involved, as well as Tom and Shinji, and then it went out on the left to Pat, who put a really good cross in and it was a good finish. It was a great goal – especially the build-up. Everybody felt the importance of this fixture during the week and we are really happy with the result. We had a good first half and it should have been more than 1-0 in my opinion. In the second half, Liverpool played for all or nothing with lots of attackers so we had to dig in and fight for each other, helping each other out where possible. We did that and we fought hard. We got the result we wanted. We didn’t really want that because when you have a two goal lead you want to keep it for as long as possible and they scored after five or six minutes. Then we had to go again and we had to find the right balance to try and score a third goal but not forget our defensive work. It was only a one goal difference so it was a bit tricky and they had a couple of chances, but overall I think it was a deserved win. It was a great game and a very honest game. The defence was great again and it was a proper football game.”

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  1. Tom says:

    @king Eric ….. Carrick is world class mate …I think his distribution is the best there is after busquets (hate him for his antics but wat a player)).barca r in another league mate .. Clev is very good too but Europe is difft he ll be up against ozil ,alanso they r immaculate at paasin ,through balls .Our wingers am not sure off …whom do v play ??? Forwards and defence v myt just pip them but our mids I worry off

  2. King Eric says:

    Gorse – Ha. Sickener mate!

    aig – Hey up pal, you well? I agree to be honest but like you say in Carrick and Cleverley we have a great two in middle of park now. God Tom covers some ground. I aren’t just regurgitating what Hansen said last night BUT Carrick’s passing second half was bizarre and most unlike him. Unless you were 9 feet tall you had no chance of controlling his passes. Every pass was to chest!

  3. King Eric says:

    Tom – Oh I agree mate. Hate to admit it but Busquets is much better than he is given credit for.

  4. aig alex is god says:

    King eric

    All good here mate. Hope you and the little one are doing well

    the goal against the run of play by Sturridge unsettled us. We looked a totally different side and were shaky and uncertain after that. A bit similar to Chelsea and city where we lost control after the opposition scored a goal. A good thing though is Ando being back. Fingers crossed he can stay fit and find his pre injury form.

  5. Raizzen says:

    I feel like there’s more to Welbeck’s game than scoring. His movements off the ball, his speed, his pressure. Lots of dangerous movement (or goals) were down to his movements and speed off the ball. But of course being a striker he’ll be judged by his goals. But I wouldn’t mind a striker who’s not scoring as many goals as the next striker. We have loads of this kind of player.

    A kind of assist-before-the-actual-assist player, who’s as equally important as the person scoring the goal himself!


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