Guillermo Varela has done a great job for Manchester United at right-back during the injury crisis. Team mate and now, good friend, Marcos Rojo has sung the praises of the youngster.

I am very happy for him as he has been playing well. It’s not too long since we met and we’ve become mates – he’s also my chauffeur! He takes me to all the matches as we live close by, so he’s been doing all the driving which is fine by me.

In the last few months we have spent a lot of time together and we have become really good mates. He’s a really good guy, a great person and a big player for United.

Varela has spoken of his pride at Rojo praising him and revealed he sees his long-term future at United.

Of course, when a team-mate of Rojo’s stature praises you, it gives you great satisfaction – it makes me very happy and I’m really pleased. We’re friends beyond the pitch as well, we go to matches together and it’s good to have that relationship inside and outside of the team.

I feel enormous pride in being able to play for a club like Manchester United. I think the important thing is that we keep working, and I want to keep working to keep a regular place in the team so that in time I can reach 50, 100 or 200 games in the shirt.