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Varela: I’m Very Happy To Be At One Of The Best Teams In The World

New signing Guillermo Varela was today unveiled by the club ahead of going to Turkey to represent Uruguay at U-20s World Cup. The full back, who claimed that his pace is his best asset, is delighted to have signed.

“I’m very pleased to be a part of this club, one of the best teams in the world. I’m very happy,” he said. “This is a huge club that has won everything and I hope that continues. I was here about a month ago for roughly a fortnight. It was unbelievable to be here. It was very special for me.”

When he was here on trial it was Javier Hernandez who he spent the most time with and he helped with the language barrier.

“He was a great help because he translated everything that was being said in English into Spanish for me while I was here,” Varela added. “I also got to know most of the squad. I’m lucky because there are quite a few [Spanish speakers]. It will certainly help me settle in and maybe learn lots too.”

Everything you need to know about Guillermo Varela

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  1. shakshamboo says:

    Welcome to Manchester United! Wish you all the best.

  2. shakshamboo says:

    Here are 30 mins of our new signing in action
    (watch after 0:45)

  3. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Kid is still young. Only 15 min for Penarol seniors. But you can see he is a main man for the national U20 side. Probably destined for the reserves but hopefully can push on for a place. Think it is good to get these youngsters early so they can learn the language. Communication essential for defense.

    Good luck to him. Welcome to the greatest club in the world!

  4. Kings says:

    Welcome Varela.

  5. FletchTHEMAN says:

    RE Robert Lewandowski confirmation on

    Mark Froggatt ‏@Mark_Froggatt 6h
    @paddypower As my name is attached to this, I’d lke to point out the relatively obvious forgery. Please check your info in future.

    Well done Mark!

  6. TheRadLegion says:

    No, you’re completely wrong son. It’s not one of the best teams in the world. It’s THE BEST TEAM in the world!

  7. Peculiar says:

    U ar highly welcom Mr V

  8. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Varela is another player with great potential, perhaps needs more physical improvement to make for the PL but he’s a first team player and will push on.

  9. David Arikpo says:

    Welcome to the red family

  10. Rukky says:

    Best wishes to d lad. Hope he can push from the reserves

  11. safichan says:

    Citeh signed jesus navas, a world cup winning squad member for 15million…and we signed zaha, a flop from U21 euro disaster with the same price…

  12. Jorge Curioso says:

    >> Citeh signed jesus navas, a world cup winning squad member for 15million…
    >> and we signed zaha, a flop from U21 euro disaster with the same price…

    And, per form, Zaha will prove to be an excellent investment while Navas will have a brief flash and then fade into the excrement of City’s overrated underachieving mercenaries.

  13. The One says:

    Welcome to the mighty reds son and be a legend for us.

  14. Little Red Ant says:

    Good luck to him and glad to see we print what he actually says unlike the two Bitters’ new signings who both quote “the project” in “their” statements – makes me laugh each and every time. Without Citeh my close season is a little less boring !!!

  15. lordrt says:

    Welcome lad, just don’t disappoint…

  16. King Eric says:

    Safichan. Yeah that’s the attitude you knob head. Zaha is surrounded by fucking garbage yet Navas who barely played was surrounded by top players. Nowt like giving Zaha a chance is there. Fuck me he hasn’t even pulled the shirt on and you’re slagging him off. Hate cunts like you.

  17. King Eric says:

    Navas gets homesick leaving his front door. Who gives a fuck about City anyway? 30 odd million for Fernandinho. Great business.

  18. Little Red Ant says:

    King Eric – couldn’t agree more – crickey he is a kid who has played all season and then under performed at an U21 tournament (probably due to his injury) where the whole team were shit. Who cares!
    Once that red shirt is on :o )

  19. domunited says:

    So weird not to see Sir Alex in this picture. I guess I gotta get used to it.

    Welcome, Varela.

  20. Redblood says:

    Safichan Go support citeh and their transfers. Its all about talent not $

  21. nesh says:

    @safichan says:
    Citeh signed jesus navas, a world cup winning squad member for 15million…
    and we signed zaha, a flop from U21 euro disaster with the same price…

    you must be joking right? Zaha watch out for that kid is gonna be legend….

  22. Rossimonkey says:

    Read ROM for years now and not posted before but what the f*** are you on about safichan?! Give the lad a chance eh?

  23. thecountgiggs says:

    Messi was a bit of a flop at the last world cup so he must be shite too. Try watching some actual football before making ridiculous comments.

  24. Saad says:

    Missing Manchester United fan. Please spread the word among all those living in England.



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