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VDS: City Only Played For Point

Edwin Van der Sar has been critical of Manchester City’s tactics in our 0-0 draw against them last night.

Our local rivals have aspirations of being a top four club, however last night, showed they have all the ambition of a midtable team at best. Fancy playing so defensively at home on derby day! You would never see a game like that for United at Stamford Bridge, the Emirates or Anfield, yet at Wastelands, Mancini employed such negative tactics. City used to give us a better game when they were shit, but last night was stale and boring.

Van der Sar is disappointed to leave with just a point after dominating the game, particularly in the 2nd half.

“I don’t think it was a good point for us,” said Van der Sar. “The game was quite one-sided. We got the ball on the floor and passed it from player to player but we didn’t create a lot because they shut us off well defensively. But City didn’t really come forward and leave their defensive position. They were clearly aiming for a point and hoping for more whereas we really wanted to win and tried to play like that. It didn’t really materialise for us but they were more defensive.”

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  1. King Eric says:

    slim – Of course we arent showing title winning form as “Fergie is the boss” said we havent even got the car out the garage yet. You didn’t see the game ? well if you did you may change your opinion. We had a swagger last night with fast crisp passing but just blunt up top. When do we ever show title winning form this early? All the players are saying they are full of confidence with this unbeaten run. They will only get better with key players to come back. Horrible virus’s, players not even training. Villa are in for a beating on Saturday. Been a moot point but by fuck do we miss Wayne when he is on song. When is he due back anyway?

    I am actually VERY encouraged by last night. People may mock BUT when Scholes, Fletch and Carrick are on song they aren’t many better midfield trio;s in Europe.

  2. King Eric says:

    aig – Hello mate hope you are ok. Spot on about Spurs.

    Anyone see Fabregas’s tackle? I havent watched motd yet but will tonight. People bang on about him but he really is a snidey, sneaky horrible little cunt. Do not like him.

  3. aig alex is god says:

    king eric

    hi mate. Doing well, hope you are ok too.

    Saw the tackle. Wasnt a good one at all. The good thing was he and Wenger both apologized to McCarthy after the game.

  4. King Eric says:

    How many draws did we have the treble season? Costas????

  5. King Eric says:

    Word has it Wilkins was watching Munich reserve game today? Wonder how my old man takes Ray’s sacking being mates with him and that!!!

    Take it Reserve game still on?

    aig – Yeah fine thanks .

  6. King Eric says:

    Not trying to put kiss of death on it but we should do Villa Sat. they have nine out. Carew, Petrov, Heskey, Cuellar, Agbonlahor plus more . One player though I do like the look of there having seen him a few times for their reserves is a young kid called Brian Bannon.

    The Chav’s should beat Sunderland but with Essien out and the spirit at Sunderland and agent Stevie you never know. Arsenal will drop points at Everton. Who do the bitters play?

  7. KD says:

    hi guys, any links/streams for the reserve game happening right now?

  8. says:

    @King Eric – bitters play Birmingham away, so anything can happen, besides foster in goal, so you never know if he shows up or not.

  9. ryan7 says: has a live stream

  10. Whiteside Curler says:

    Ha – always thought Wilko spoke too much sense to be a rentboy. Maybe we could hire him as a consultant for a couple of weeks just to get the insider info?

  11. Costas says:

    @King Eric

    That was 13 draws mate. In the league alone. 22 in all competitions. But as magic as that season was, our winning record wasn’t that impressive. It was the last time the league was won with less than 80 points. But, we made sure we won the games that mattered.

    Why are Chelsea and Arsenal playing on Sunday while we are stuck with that ridiculous Saturday noon kick off? Anyway, Sunderland were hit with 7 last season at the Bridge. I hope they give a better account of themselves this time..

  12. Kings says:

    King Eric – Hello mate, hope you are well. Should have won that mate, we totally dominated them. They are nothing but a bunch of overpaid mercenary cunts who cannot play as a unit. No more than an average team. If this team can beat Chelsea, then surely there’s no excuse for us not to. Great seeing Rafael square up to that ugly little troll just before half-time. Here are a few pluses from that game that tells me we will click into gear, and come the new year, will be top of the table:

    1. Our back 5 are back to how we know them best – Rafael and Evra are possibly the best full-back combination in Europe and had they been on in the last 5 minutes, we would have won it, especially with the pace that Chica gave us up front. Should have kept Berba on with him. Shame Evra and Rafael are missing for Saturdays trip to Villa.

    2. Vida and Rio look like the partnership of old. Vida is a rock, nothing gets past him. Successfully neutralised the threat of the overhyped Tevez and David Silva, just like Rafael did with the equally overhyped Bale, when we played Spurs at OT recently. I heard Bale begged Rafael to let him out of his pocket so he could play against Inter at White Hart Lane. Lol

    3. Our Midfield looked composed and assured and in the last 15 minutes, Carrick looked like the player from 2007, with his intricate passing. Fletcher’s energy was key for us and his tackles on Yaya Toure and Munster Man Tevez epitomised his qualities. Scholes – run out of superlatives for this man – a class apart.

    I agree with you, Villa should be there for the taking. Another overrated team in my opinion, still baffles me as to how we lost against them at Old Trafford last season.

  13. says:

    1-1 now at the reserve game against west brom.

  14. willierednut says:

    King Eric – You know as well as me mate, the treble team was something else, didn’t know when they were beat. How many times did we win games late that season? Oles winner against the dippers, European cup final, Giggsy home to Juventus and one that some might have forgot about, Yorkey away to Charlton. Special team


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