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VDS: New Goalie Decided… But It’s Not Neuer

Edwin Van der Sar has revealed in the Dutch press that Manchester United have decided on his replacement, but it’s not Schalke’s Manuel Neuer.

“United have made their decision,” he said. “It’s not Neuer, but I can’t say any more than that.”

Peter Schmeichel has claimed that Bayern Munich-bound Neuer is the best keeper in the world though.

“He is probably the best goalkeeper in the world,” he said. “He is 25 years of age but he’s very mature in the way he plays. He doesn’t make mistakes – I haven’t seen him make a single mistake – and the way he played yesterday, he wasn’t lucky in the way that he saved the shots and one-on-ones, it was very calculated. I just thought his overall game was fantastic and absolutely well-suited for Manchester United.”

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  1. cuzzy says:

    Would love to see either Julio Cesar or Gigi Buffon. Both are great keepers and are experienced players. Proven keepers and have won it all with respective clubs. But we will probably sign Stenklenberg

  2. bchilds says:

    I don’t care who it is, I’m just hoping we don’t see the circus that entailed after Schmeichel left us.

  3. Clint-IamYourPapii says:

    We Need To Replace Edwin With Experience !

    1- Buffon
    2- julio Cesar
    3- Neuer
    5- Akinfeev
    6. Shay Given ???
    7- Lastly De Gea Because hes too young

  4. Fred says:

    I like your choices Cuzzy. Both top keepers.

  5. aditya says:

    it is supposed to be de gea, with all the news about him buying a house in manchester and atletico telling him to sign or leave, but i still hope its lloris or neuer

  6. T4M says:

    Any choice made will be a good one.

  7. vidic is titanium says:

    lloris is not as good in real life as he is in football manager. maybe the new keeper is himself again?

  8. redroy says:

    Ray Clemence anyone?

  9. Kings says:

    Paul Cooper for me.

  10. King Eric says:

    Kings – Hello mate. Was gonna say exactly the same thing. How good is Buffon these days? I aint convinced.

  11. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Also think that Lloris is to short. We have 3 keepers all 6’4″ or taller.
    Kuz is 6’3″. Last 2 real failures were under 6’3″. The problem is that the prem has so many tall defenders and the game depends heavily on being able to defend crosses. The Shorter keepers just can’t manage as well.

  12. King Eric says:

    Ha. Every time I have seen Lloris he has conceded about three fucking goals.

  13. Diablo says:

    We cant keep relying on VDS,he will go one day and that worries me,he has been the best keeper since Peter the Great! whoever takes over will have to be special,very Special,only time will tell what happens,let hope some of the VDS magic rubs on the chosen one.

  14. willierednut says:

    Go for the BFG.

  15. sir_ryan says:

    vidic is titanium did you see play Lloris? He s really good. If Lyon beat real madrid last year it was because of him.
    King Eric : of course he conceded goals but who will not with shit lyon and france?
    No one is better than VDS but I think he can be a great one with experience. I think he is at least as good as Neuer

  16. Reno says:

    Don’t be surprise that Fergie chose to have VDS successor within the current crop of players…. Since VDS has narrowed the scope down, it’s hardly to say that surprise might not happen… Football is football, things always could and would happen… Just hope that VDS successor won’t choke under the pressure of playing between the sticks at Old Trafford behind ones’ the world’s best center halves.

  17. albDEVIL says:

    it’s gonna be Neuer, i can feel it, all these bullshit stuff are media promotions, next we’re gonna be stronger and still eager to win more trophies

    love u

  18. kim firth says:

    if its not sure it will be the same problem like before!if barthez who is a world cup winner found the job hard,cant see anyone replacing van der sar like composed neuer!

  19. Kings says:

    King Eric – Hello mate. In my opinion he has been poor for the last 5 years and he’s had his fair share of injuries as well, especially with his back.

  20. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Barthez had amazing reflexes. Lloris and Akinnev have the same. What they lack is the size to dominate in crossed ball situations because of their lack of height. They do fine in less physical leagues. The only question is how their skills will translate to the prem. Can you predict how a 6.’1″ keeper will do against the Stokes of the league. Same problem with McGreggor, fine in a league were the crossed ball is a rarity. Not a criticism of the lads, who are all really quality keepers. Just don’t think they will help us at United. The second feature is the quality of their distribution. Has to be top drawer.

    Think we can have high hopes for Lindegarrd as well, but he is for the future. Anyone have stats on de Gae v Madrid and Barca? He will not be afraid of those sides because he will have phayed them more than any other prospect on the list.

    THink we could go for a current prem keeper if we don’t get Steks, Buffon, or deGae. I’ll hold my peace o that as I don’t want to get crucified. Just saying.

  21. utdforever says:

    lol willie..

    BFG it should be! Nobody would get past him! haha.

    Gutted Neuer doesn’t want to move abroad.. but then the press said that De Gea wasn’t too hot on a move abroad either so I’m confused.

    Unless a deal has been done in Germany and this is all a smoke screen ?? lol… one can dream!

    Sad though as it’s hard to think that a top young goalie would choose not to play for the best club in the world! Idiot! ;)

    My bet is that an agreement with De Gea has been made.. young he is but have you seen his displays for Athletico? Impressive!

  22. MUFCReidy says:

    We’ll probably buy someone shite as there’s no “value” in the market.

  23. King Eric says:

    Don’t forget. BBC2 now at nine. Sir Bobby Charlton: Football Icon.

  24. King Eric says:

    Quality programme so far. What a man. Absolute legend. You can just see how much Manchester United mean to him. Superb stuff. Great footage of sir matt as well.

  25. ahjs says:

    Kings says:

    “Very much so mate. We don’t want a repeat of the post Schemichel fiasco, prior to the signing of VDS. I just don’t think he is the right man to replace VDS. If we want to sign someone who keeps on getting injured, we might as well buy Chris Kirkland.”

    Well, I wouldn’t pick Buffon now either. He’s not too old but he’s visibly in decline – I thought you were saying “maybe” to signing him 12 years ago.

  26. scan74 says:

    paddy roche is where the smart moneys going

  27. denton davey says:

    WillieRedNut @ 16:43: “Go for the BFG.”

    Hiya Willie, assuming that “BFG” stands for BigFuckingGerman (not BIgFuckingGoof) then I’d suprise you and agree wholeheartedly. Neuer would be a ten or fifteen year investment in creating a strong foundation on which to build.

    This is one of those transfers in which money is really no object – within reason. Let’s not forget those years-in-the-wilderness before Edwin was signed.

    Plus, wouldn’t it be just wonderful, wonderful, wonderful to stick it up Bayern’s jacksie after their “hardball tactics” during the Hargreaves negotiations ? And, even if Neuer decided to stay in Germany, I’d still have the schadenfreudische delight of knowing that UTD have forced Bayern to pay an extra fifteen or twenty million Euros.

  28. Alan says:

    Don’t think Neuer was ever considered.

    As anyone else noticed a German player has never played for United’s first team.

    Maybe something to do with the WW2 bombing of OT?

  29. willierednut says:

    Big friendly giant Denton!

  30. Kings says:

    ahjs – Is there an echo in here? Only kidding mate. Yeah as I said, 12 years ago after Schmeikes announced his retirement, him and VDS were the two stand out candidates to replace him. Fortunately we got VDS in the end, but there is no way I would want Buffon at United now.

  31. giggs says:

    apparantly it is skeetenberg according to a source on man utd talk back site

  32. nmostonred says:

    @denton davey

    Spot on Davey from Toronto…………Chelski were interested around 18 months ago in him………..dont think he’ll be coming OT tho……..

  33. Gozatron says:

    Seems like i’m the first person to say this.

    Fergie won’t buy another keeper, at least for now.

    I think he’ll put faith in Kuszack (sp?) or Lindergaad (sp?)

  34. ticredgoat says:

    It makes no sense to me to have bought Lindegaard if he is not the replacement for VDS.
    We need an experienced keeper. DeGea is good in his age group but at 20 years old coming in to replace VDS would be a very big mistake. Should have bought DeGea for the number 2 keeper instead of Lindegaard. Stekelenburg would be a good choice. They want too much money for DeGea and Neuer. But what I’m reading out of Manchester, the 23 year old keeper from Portugal is now the front runner.

  35. Stevie says:

    Don’t tell me the replacement is Anders Lindegaard…..

  36. John Tring says:

    You guys are so naive. There’s only 1 keeper in the market who has set the world alight. And he’s not a million miles away. His name? All hail Manuel. Manuel Almunia that is.

  37. Matt R says:

    I’d be happy if its Akinfeev, Julio Cesar, De Gea, Stekelenburg, Lloris or Rui Patricio – Neuer however would be first choice.

  38. ticredgoat says:

    Well why did SAF buy Lindegaard if he is not as good as Kuczszak? I’m hearing Kuczszak is a better keeper. Why waste money buying Lindegaard?

  39. Ah-Boo says:

    Hey neur is diff to take him out frm bayerns deal as we knw we are their rivals so stekelenburg wil be perfect i think.

  40. Rully Fauzi says:

    marcus horizon from indonesia,fergie…..sign him up !

  41. I AM NOT A MAN says:


  42. sparky8 says:

    Just hope its not Manuel Almunia, can’t do worse than that!


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