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VDS: Three Points More Important Than Any Record

I’ve always been surprised when Arsenal or Chelsea fans try to compare their 49 unbeaten run or brilliant home record to United winning the Treble. Not losing a game doesn’t mean as much as winning. You could go unbeaten for a season and pick up 38 points, but it is only through winning games that you get your hands on the prizes.

Whilst I was pleased for our lads with their great defensive record this season, I wasn’t too concerned about it. As long as we were winning, I wasn’t arsed how long it had been since we’d conceded. I’d far rather win 5-4 than draw 0-0.

Edwin Van der Sar, whose record ended in the 2-1 defeat against Newcastle in the week, has today spoken about the importance of points on the table over records.

“It would be stupid to say you were not interested in making records,” said VDS. “You go into every game not wanting to concede, as that is how you win games. But if it came to setting a European record or winning the game 2-1, I would go for winning 2-1. It’s a team effort and if my name is honoured, it is a shared thing. It’s the same for every player – Cristiano Ronaldo scores 42 goals in a season, but all of them had to be set up. I am not eager to direct it to myself, you see the bigger picture.”

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  1. costas says:

    Well titles,not records,win you medals.VDS was on an amazing run but at the end of the day what he and Fergie will care about is if that will help us winning the title.

  2. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    the headline is what ive been saying for a few weeks now

    but im still delighted for van der sar man

  3. james f says:

    “You could go unbeaten for a season and pick up 38 points”. LOL! That was class!

  4. Mic says:

    To be honest, VDS has been a great servant to football, I think he deserves what he’s got, he’s written his name more so into the record books and rightly so, vastly underrated, sure his performances have dropped but he’s still a top top keeper.

  5. kaihnsn says:

    arsenal can go unbeaten is a season but if you have 18 draws and 20 wins it give you nothing. the most important thing to get as many win as you can.
    and winning with united styles.

  6. Mr Santos says:

    Scott, that’s exactly what I’ve been telling Arsenal fans for years, “You could go unbeaten for a season and pick up 38 points” and I couldn’t agree with VDS more, “Cristiano Ronaldo scores 42 goals in a season, but all of them had to be set up.” Shame CR doesn’t appreciate that.

  7. SULLY says:

    Mr Santos I cant agree with your utter tripe “Shame CR does’nt appriciate that” EVERYTIME Ronaldo was asked about his amazing 42 goals he always responded it with mentioning “my team-mates have certainly helped me alot” Even when he was presented with the prestigious FIFA Player Of The Year award at the gala in Zurich he hit the similar line about how he’s team-mates have helped him achieve that feat. So dont come and spout shit please!

  8. edwin says:


  9. ancha says:

    i damn agree with u SULLY….

    many of the fans…i hate to ssay..this…..hates him so much..they make sure that they criticize him….for watever stupid reason they may find… really sick of it…..and plz for GODs sake…he is not playin for madrid shite yet…and he isnt a chelski..r liverfoolst….player…..he is playin for UTD…with such a class and quality……GIV HIM SOME RESPECT….and plz dont go barking abt the summer….agn….yet if anyone one wanna go for it….then i have a long reply written down already for reply….

  10. wazza says:

    leave CR7 alone.had seen a pic in paper, his car was parked in d car parking area for d disabled. lol :-)


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