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VDS: United Want Me To Stay… So I’m Staying

Ben Foster and Tomasz Kuszczak look away now…

Edwin Van der Sar has agreed to signed another year long contract extension which will see him stay at United until the end of next season, at least. Absolutely brilliant news!

“I would like to keep on playing so I have decided to sign another contract,” said Van der Sar. “The club want me to stay and I’m happy here. My fitness is good and I feel I can carry on playing for United. It’s been a hard time for all the family and when something like this happens it’s a tough situation. Luckily I was back in Holland when it happened because I was injured and it meant that I could be with her in hospital. It’s been a difficult period, but I’m happy things are improving at home.”

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  1. DEVILisRED says:

    muz be a pretty fucked next 2-3 days for foster & kuszczak.
    they muz be seriously considering their option next i guess.
    anyhow, great news for us! hope scholes will follow VDS next!

  2. King Eric says:

    Will go down as United great. Great news. Top top keeper, the best in the Prem. What a classy bloke as well. All the trouble with his wife and he agrees to stay. Well done Edwin.

  3. bchilds says:

    Great news, the back-up isn’t good enough for a first choice United ‘keeper so I’m delighted VDS has signed up for another year.

  4. Red Dave says:

    Superb guy, all class

  5. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    Best news for a long time, excellent keeper, quality guy. Best keeper in the league, possibly best keeper playing today.

  6. paddys-jumper says:

    great news , at least something good has come out of this weekend

  7. aig alex is god says:

    Thanks edwin. We dont have any good back up, nor do we seem interested in signing anyone so its good he is staying.Still performing very well despite missing quite a bit of games this seasons. experience shows in games like the San Siro on Tuesday. had it been Foster or Kuz we would have lost that one and by some distance

  8. 20legend99 says:

    Yeah, great news indeed. VDS is quality, we need him for another year. Kuz is decent and Foster is shit, so this gives us time to bring in a successor with a chance to learn from Edwin.

  9. Fred says:

    Love Edwin. Only weakness is he is a bit slow to get down nowadays, but his experience, cool head and distribution are all invaluable. He also pulls off the odd great save, such as from Pirlo’s free kick in Milan.

    Worrying to see Fozzy the Clown back on the bench recently. Can only think Kuszczak must be injured.

  10. RedDevilzAdvocate says:

    LMAO @ ” Fozzy the clown”, Fred you’re positvely wicked!

  11. JW says:

    What a player he has been over the last few seasons! Our only regret should be that we didn’t sign him when Schmichael left.

  12. 11am says:

    im a bit disappointed with this news, id love a new youngish keeper that we could keep for the next ten years. VDS is getting slower and i think he should retire

  13. smithy99 says:

    Class keeper, class bloke, true professional. Great news.

  14. Fze123 says:

    Great great news. At the moment he is vital to us and should start every game on because our shaky defence doesn’t allow us to rely on Kuszack, who is good but can improve, or Foster who should be sold in the summer. As soon as VDS came back into the first team you could see how calm and composed the defence has become and his return kick started our long winning run. VDS will only be here for another season and will then be gone I reckon. So if we are going to spend at all in the summer the money should be on a experienced keeper, who by the end of next season could be VDS’s replacement.

  15. Costas says:

    Great news. If that camera was more to the left, you could have seen me in the background! :D

  16. Carlow Redz says:

    A good move by United – now they must act in the summer and bring in some genuine long term cover with a view to taking over from EVS season after next.

  17. james21 says:

    Could never believe it when Utd didn’t sign him when the Great Dane Schmeichel left. What a great signing he has been though. Great News.

  18. King Eric says:

    11am – Are you serious? Edwin is a fucking top top keeper. You cannot buy that class, composure, ability and experience.

  19. 20legend99 says:


    The fuck you on about mate? VDS is the best keeper we’ve had since the Great Dane. Disappointed my arse.

  20. Always Be Closing says:

    @11am – hahahaha.



  21. redscot says:

    while Vds is class we all know this. I cant see understand why we are not poaching thon Lad @ the Brummies, erm …… THE loan signing. after Shay. Joe, summit. I will tell you now this lad is the next Keeper G/K for England.Right now at our club we go several issues, OUR Midfield yesterday was overpowered, and that’s without Cahill, our defense made me cry, I love my Club, Johny m8, take a rest, Wes Focus. I refuse to knock brilliant servants of this magnifcent MACHINE. Just can see a Ammers humping, and yipeeeee, C

  22. five says:

    Oh thank god!

    Brilliant keeper and in my opinion one of Fergies best signings

  23. Red Devil says:

    Thank God…..Fozzy the clown….hahahahahaha….Lol
    He’s still a United player, I dont generally like to slag off our players in public…but what the heck…..hahahahahahahahahahaha…

  24. Goodness says:

    I am an Arsenal fan, but VDS was the best keeper of the last six years. Many miles ahead of Petr Cech!

  25. SteniS says:

    Even when trying my hardest to stay objective, for me Edwin is still the best keeper in the league. He makes some great saves, he’s consistent, good with the ball at his feet, good in the air, commanding and gives a sence of security to the team. There’s no other keep who can match all those attributes in the league so having him another year can only be a good thing. If you’re good enough, you’re young enough!

  26. 20legend99 says:


    lol I feel sorry for you mate. Honestly, I don’t see how a club like Arsenal can’t find a decent keeper.

  27. james21 says:

    I Didn’t dare say that. I really have been impressed by Jo Heart and thought a while ago we should put a bid in. Under SAF Guidance he could be great. Shitty probably wouldn’t sell him to us but it might unsettle him to maybe put in a transfer request then who knows. I’d welcome him anyway.

  28. Fozzy the Clown says:

    That’s it… I’m going to a team that will appreciate me.

    Three Stooges here I come!

  29. LOMO says:

    he’s the man

  30. Little-Miss-United says:

    Wonderful ;D actually I wasn’t emotionally prepared to see him retiring soon

  31. brett1985 says:

    I firmly believe we must keep him for years as he is the best keeper since Schmeichel that we have had.


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