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Vida: Chelsea Had A Good Start Last Year Like City

Nemanja Vidic has played down the importance of the difference between United and City at the top of the table, claiming that it’s where we are with weeks left to play that matters.

Midway through November last season Chelsea were 4 points clear of United but we still went on to finish 9 points ahead of them. Vidic reckons that we will continue to focus on ourselves and come good like we did last year.

“There is a long way to go,” said Vidic. “We have not reached the stage where there are six games left and they are five points in front and we have to think about what we have to do. It is a long season, we still have to play them again and they have to play the top four or five teams. There is a long way to go. Last year at the start Chelsea were playing unbelievable football. But in 10 months you are not going to play great football all that time. There will be good days and bad days. It is important to think game by game. That is the great thing about the players at this club, we are always looking to improve ourselves and never think so much about other teams and I think this is the key to improve, it is the key to playing well.”

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  1. MG says:

    Well said Captain

    Morning United ;)

  2. sayyidhashim says:

    Let us see where City are after they play the Dippers, the rent boys and the gooners

    If they win all those matches then it’s going to be tough to stop them, especially with our midfield issues

  3. g-man says:

    what midfield issues? lol


  4. Alom says:

    Very well said Vida!!

  5. GreedySwede says:


  6. Red1990 says:

    City will have tough times with bin dippers as well as arsenal. But I really hope Napoli will kill them tommorow.

  7. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    @sayyidhashim, I know everybody says we have mid-field issues and maybe a top class mid-fielder is needed, but if we don’t win the title, it won’t be because of that. United, overall, have a much better squad than City. I don’t think anyone can dispute that. Out of their team, the only two people I would remotely want to have at United are Silva (for obvious reasons) and Toure (because we need this type of player). Everywhere else, I will say we have better players than them.

    Also, even if they beat Pool, Arsenal and Chelsea, that does not mean they will win the title. Does anyone honestly think they can maintain their current form? No chance in fucking hell. Even the so-called Invincibles ended up drawing 12 games, Mourinho’s Chelsea dropped a lot of points, and even Sir Alex’s best teams have dropped shitloads of points. The fact is that not only have City not been really tested as of yet, they haven’t faced any sort of injury-crisis yet. Now, it maybe that they may never have their primary players injured.

    But what happens when Silva, Kompany and Toure grow weary after playing every game or what happens when one of them loses their so-far blistering form. These are just a small sampling of the variables that determine the Premier League equation. There are countless more that make it up and the team that solves it – which is more often than not Manchester United – finish as Champions.

    Again, please note that I am not saying City “will” have a breakdown. But it has to happen sometime. The freak result against United has skewed everybody’s perspectives on both the Manchester teams. People are forgetting that we played a large portion of the match with 10 men and also that we were the much better team in the first third of that game. That result has given City the confidence they needed to keep their run going which they are doing capably. Because of that everybody and his mother is picking them to finally stop United’s reign of terror on Manchester and England.

    The good news for us is that – despite the so-called mid-field issues, despite having more players on the treatment table than off it, despite have some key players suffer a shortage of form – we are still only 5 points adrift at the top. And we’ve played nearly every difficult fixture that we usually face in the season. We have a much easier run-in, not only right now till Christmas, but overall. In fact, when the fixtures were released everyone thought that the F.A. had done a number on United again. But that fixture list is going to prove to be the greatest gift the F.A. has given United. If we play like we usually do in the second half of the season and our medical team finally prove they are worthy (cue Costas), then I can see us pipping City.

  8. King Eric says:

    Balaji – Great post mate. This midfield issue is becoming a cliche. We have nearly 70 per cent possession in most games. Yes we need one more player but think Carrick, Fletch, Cleverley, Giggs, Park, Ando will do until Tunni and Morrison, Pogba et al step up. We are doing ok but the strikers arent firing at the minute. This notion that certain players would make the difference is false unless it was a proper world class player. Cunts like Nasri etc wouldn’t make a jot of difference. A back in form Carrick will.

  9. King Eric says:

    The above is just MY humble opinion of course.

    Anyone hear the phone in on Saturday and “Keith”.? It was fucking comedy gold. The lad always goes off on tangents and fancies himself as a manager that knows better than Fergie. He was bemoaning Rooney playing on the right wing on Saturday. Didnt know he was? He then said he isnt calling back as its taking over his life and he is been treated like an idiot. Oh don’t go Keith. My money says he will be back on the blower tonight.

  10. wayne says:

    Big thing here is Utd are staying in touch,it’s hard to see City maintaining this pace and hopefully we’ll start getting a break from injuries
    It’s been said a million times but it’s true,how teams deal with bad weather,injuries,3 games a week,pressure is who’ll win.The grind will start in December,before anyone can say how good City is they’ll have to pass these tests.Apart from the Tevez comedy routine City have had a perfect season so far let’s see what happens once a few bad results start happening.

  11. Booch says:

    Hi Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think city will fall down before xmas and the best team in the world Manchester United will be on top Anyone agree or disagree

  12. WillieRedNut says:

    Hoping city fall and crash….reeks of desperation on our part. They will drop points along the way. We’ve gotta be ready to take full advantage of it. City are playing out their skin atm. We’re toiling, somewhat. What they don’t know though, they’re up against a formidable force. United, under Fergie, have been through this path so many times, that the path has been renamed, Sir Alex Ferguson’s way. So, let city get all the praise. We’ll catch up to them. They won’t ever see us coming, until it’s too late!

  13. planetx6 says:

    love the guy

  14. utd_fc says:

    Like the guys keep saying, we need to focus on ourselves and forget what City are doing. Obviously they can’t keep winning throughout the season so as long as we focus on our own results we should be just fine. The season is long and hard and it is nowhere near soon enough to call out a winner.

    But I do disagree with Balaji, City have a massive squad, which is, by most accounts, better than ours. But our advantage lies with Sir Alex and how wonderfully he gets the best out of what he’s given.

    I still think we need one CM though. Esp, with how injured Cleverly has been. Although I must say its good to have Carrick back as a cover for the back 4

  15. LoneStarRed says:

    It will be absolutely priceless to see WoMancini get that same pained look on his face that Andre ” Villash-Boash” has now. The how could this be happening to me I REALLY need some fiber in my diet look. And why do I call him WoMancini? Because he seems to spend more time on his appearance and hair than Dimatteo did at WBA? They remind me of the characters in “One Night at The Roxbury” . Not a hair out of place. And in DiMatteo’s case….not a hair. I was watching the Abu Dhabi F1 race and WoMancini was there , at the Ferrari garage of course. During the race there was a shot of four or five men standing around of which WoMancini was one. They were all striking a pose and trying to look oh so cool and suave. It was HILARIOUS! It could easily have been five women trying to outdo each other. Exhibit A:

    On a solid analytical note, WoMancini has shown that he DOES NOT stand up well to the combined pressures of a closely contested race and managing a dressing room of personalities . I expect him to crack.

  16. denton davey says:

    LoneaStarRed @ 16:03: “WoMancini has shown that he DOES NOT stand up well to the combined pressures of a closely contested race and managing a dressing room of personalities . I expect him to crack.”

    You could add that success in getting into the knock-out rounds of the CL will massively ramp-up the pressure. For that reason, I am well-and-truly in two minds about ManShitty’s CL adventure – of course I want it to end badly, just not too soon !

  17. WillieRedNut says:

    I think it’s in our interests, that city stay in the champions league. Once the boring group stages are done with, we get to the nitty gritty of the knockout stage. That’s when we’ll see if city are the real deal, or not.

  18. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Cittay have a CL, cups and Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool again between now and Jan 3. We don’t see a top 4 team until 3rd week of Jan since we played them all already. We can take stock at the end of Jan.

    DentonDavie, Agree about the CL adding to the equation. As we say every year,
    the Table, come the end of May, doesn’t lie. We will see.

    Brining on Benfica! This is what CL footie is about.

  19. LoneStarRed says:

    @ DentonDavey, Willie and Fletch Very true lads. I was watching a CL match with them and WoMancini was going nuts on the sidelines. He gets very emotionally involved which can be exhausting in the long term if coping mechanisms are not in place. SAF gets worked up as well but he has shown how to last. As mentioned, we definitely want them in the CL for a bit to keep the pressure on. The pace and inexorable demands of the EPL , FA, Carling and CL will tell on him. Also, isn’t Toure gone in January for the African CON. That will deprive them of a key cog in their gilded machine.

  20. Captain Park says:

    Well said Balaji Sivaraman, absolutely agree!

  21. Cantona7 says:

    Enjoyed that – and feel much better after reading it and the comments. Shitty have a difficult few weeks in front of them whilst on paper we have games that we should win. It’s gonna be interesting.
    By the way, love the link to WoMancini’s site. What a prick. Shitty and him deserve each other. 19

  22. CHRISTINO says:

    united should buy a a good midfielder and strikers, like diego forlan, snielder for the team to be strong


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