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VIDEO: Ando, Park, Berba and Welbeck’s Goals vs MLS All Stars

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  1. King Eric says:

    smartalex – Spot on my friend. Zibbie is a fucking mental case who is nothing but a violent mixed up weirdo.

  2. Rai says:

    What a strange strange dude

  3. wayne says:

    you’re a fucking coward zibbie took you hours to come back and make attacks when everyone was asleep.i don’t believe a fucking word you say all that bollocks last week about going to chicago fuck me.Oh and i didn’t start this you did by making accusations lies and i’m still waiting for answers,start shouting your mouth off much as you like still doesn’t change the fact you’re a lying cunt.
    yeah i’m a embittered tyrant i grew up working class in a union,fucking clubs are going bankrupt and ticket prices are going through the roof because of players demands,you fucking thick stupid lying bastard.were is my proof stop writing lies that also includes zibbies journal or zibbies fantasy life or whatever the fuck goes on in that fucked up brain of yours.

  4. denton davey says:

    StateSideAussie @ 18:59: “If you are prepared to state that you will never, ever use any statistics in support of any argument that you make, then I’ll go along with that. Otherwise it’s not a case of “lies, damned lies and statistics”, it’s just about you cherry-picking stats to suit your own ends while dumping on any stats that someone else presents.”

    I’m not “dumping on” the statistics you presented so much as saying – by quoting Disraeli’s famous quip – that statistics can be turned-and-twisted.

    I don’t dispute that Dimmy has a superior “scoring ratio” to TheWayneBoy BUT let’s not forget that Dimmy almost never shoots from distance whereas Rooney does so frequently – and this kind of long-range shot is almost-always NOT successful. So, Rooney’s proclivity to shoot from distance massively impacts the denominator in the statistical equation.

    However, this “clever” statistical rejoinder is really beside the point that I’ve tried to make – Dimmy has – OK – let’s be polite – “under=performed” in most of his big-game performances. The hat-trick against LiverPoo was, quite literally, the exception which proves the rule.

    What you – and the other DimmyLovers – have to take on-board is that he has had one superb half-season in three full years at OT. He has massively under-performed away from Old Trafford and in the CL. Most of his goals last season were scored at OT, against the weaker opponents from the EPL which is the very-definition of a flat-track bully. He missed those two chances in the FACup semi-final and – I’m not sure, but I think it was in 2009 – he took a very slovenly penalty that was easily saved which played a not-insignificant part in the exit to Everton in the same competition.

    I’m still NOT a BerbaHater – I consider myself to be a BerbaSceptic. I always acknowledge that the guy has superb “silky” skills but he just doesn’t seem to mesh with the up-tempo style that SAF prefers. He doesn’t bring out the best in TheWayneBoy, who is the most important attacking player in this iteration of SAF’s UTD.

    YET, the silky skills and sublime touches are there for all to see BUT there’s more to winning than that. It’s a team-game and that’s why I consider Dimmy to be a square peg in a round hole. At the end of it, it’s not about “cherry-picking” statistics to suit my argument – or yours – so much as judgement (and, of course, opinion).

    Finally, let me say that I don’t “dump on” others who have contrary opinions but I simply try to propose an alternate way of looking at the issue. I do wonder, however, why the BerbaLovers are so thin-skinned and seem to take personal offence to a different viewpoint/opinion. Just saying……

  5. King Eric says:

    denton – A flat track bully he may be in your opinion but without those goals we wouldnt have won the league.

  6. smartalex says:

    denton davey

    As this thread slows to a crawl I wonder, should I use this opportunity to speak my mind?

    I’m never shy to express my considered opinion. However, expression is only preferred if truth is successfully conveyed. My thoughts centre not on the content of your comment, but on the delivery.

    Intrigued? Please, advise me to express clearly and directly in this regard.

    My well-intentioned feedback is all that I offer.

  7. willierednut says:

    Ffs Denton? You’re starting to embarrass yourself man, with this obsession of Berbatov.

    Give it a rest. I’ve always enjoyed your posts, but if you look around, you’re all on your lonesome fella.

    I’ve been critical of certain players on this blog, but you carry it on every fucking day.

    No ones saying, you can’t have an opinion. Just try and broaden it out. Stop with this fixation on Berbatov.

    Help me, to help you, eh?

  8. Zibbie says:

    @wayne I,m here fucking twat, I live in CST fuck head, see you bring your bile to another thread. You start the shit you racist fuck. And recruit other manginas.
    Leave me out of your group of hate fucknut.
    You show your true colors most see you 3 are the problem not me.

  9. wayne says:

    Now I’m a racist lol what a loser,you made accusations I’m still waiting to see the comments.You start all the trouble on here then blame everyone else.
    At 19.23 you said don’t understand why people tear other utd players to build up berba,I made one simple comment asking for proof.instead of giving me the proof I received five abusive posts before finally defending myself.that’s all you do start ranting and raving and getting abusive trying to deflect from the original simple question that was asked
    I have no doubt you’re either mentally ill or a junkie you have serious problems.
    Oh and after all the nonsense I’m still waiting for proof and your comment was plural so I’m expecting to see a whole lot of cut and paste comments slagging utd players and building up berba

  10. wayne says:

    One more thing if you can’t produce these so called comments made by more than berba defender
    It’ll be clear to everyone who the trouble maker and liar is
    Before you go to sleep tonight maybe get the nice nurse to wipe the dribble of your chin and
    change your diaper,might not make you so horrible

  11. smartalex says:

    Nonchalantly bandying false accusations of racism or violent crimes against women diminishes the actual victims and the abusive crimes they suffered. When words like wife-beater or racist are used without context or reason in place of common swear words it is accepted that the accuser is referencing their own guilt.

    -He performs the abhorrent acts. Fear of recognition, retribution and ridicule force him to hide.

    -When he feels threatened, he reaches in to himself to find his weakest points, and attacks those places in the person he feels threatened by.

  12. denton davey says:

    smartAlex @ 17:17: “Intrigued? Please, advise me to express clearly and directly in this regard….My well-intentioned feedback is all that I offer.”

    Of course I’m intrigued and would be more than happy to hear your feedback – after all, isn’t feedback the life-blood of this (or any other) blog ?

    KingEric – of course his goals played a key role in winning # 19 but you’re making an argument-from-silence – how do you know that those goals might not have come from elsewhere ? Admittedly, most of those goals came early on – in his stellar first-half of the season – and, admittedly, who would have been the-man-from-elsewhere ?

    BUT, having made those admissions is not tantamount to retracting my opinion. I’ve never said he was “lazy” or “useless”; what I have said – repeatedly (and, obviously, to the irritation of some, over-and-over again) is that he’s largely been a disappointment. AND, let’s make this point again, I’ve not blamed Dimmy or personalized my criticism/scepticism. Yeah, sure, he’s said all the right things although let’s not forget that he also cashes in a cheque for almost 100,000 quid a week so he’s not an ingrate. BUT the fact remains that in five out of six half-seasons, his performances have been disappointing. “Disappointing” is my very-carefully chosen word because I really expected more from him; much, much more than he has delivered.

    To be fair, I am not sure how much of that “disappointment” is his fault – square peg/round hole – and how much of it was due to inflated expectations on my part. But, be that as it may be, I’m still not convinced – and remain perplexed by his loyal defenders’ inability (or refusal) to come to grips with Dimmy’s failure to live up to expectations. UTD paid 30.75 million for a guy who was supposed to do more than reach the expected level-of-performance in one out of six half-seasons. Sure, he didn’t force SAF to pay that money but – get real ! – SAF paid that money because he thought that Dimmy would reach the expected level-of-performance on a consistent basis when he was surrounded by better players.

    WillieRedNut – I’m not forcing you to read my opinions. Lots of other guys see my name and just move on. However, some of the guys who disagree with me – you, King Eric, StateSideAussie are the ones who spring to mind – don’t seem willing to accept that we can share a difference of opinion. Indeed, sometimes a difference of opinion leads to much more interesting discussion. It’s in the remoted hope of interesting discussion that I continue to belabour my points.

  13. smartalex says:

    denton davey

    O would some power the giftie gie us to see ourselves as others see us.

    I’m not sure that the Bard would enjoy that gift, for to live in ever-present knowledge of others experiencing ourselves, would drive a man insane. Still, feedback is good.

    I expect that to any infrequent reader almost all your comments would be enjoyed as intelligent views articulately and pleasantly given. Whether they agreed to the logic or thrust of your views, or not.

    As a regular RoM reader, to me most of your comments are repetitive. The same key words and catchy phrases are redeployed with monotonous frequency and dubious connection. I find myself staring into an abyss of impossible perception as those mind-control moments launch me through the spectrum of your common threads. Reminded of opinions never accepted, and complicatedly linked, I lose the plot, and consequently another comment goes into the ‘pending’ box in my brain.

    All the comments that you submit that do not address those recurring hypnotic subliminal messages are very different and eminently readable.

  14. wayne says:

    smartalex repeat the same lie long enough sooner or later people start believing,denton is a republican lol

  15. willierednut says:

    Denton Davey – It’s not about opinions this time. Your constant attacks on Berbatov have become tiresome. Again, you say, some other player would of scored the goals Berbatov scored last season, that ultimately, helped United win the league. He did score those goals man, so what is your point? You say, you’re not a Berbatov hater? Your posts, disprove this. You keep saying, I’ve never said he’s lazy? Fair enough, you attack the guy, in other ways. Like, he scores his goals at home mostly. Who cares where he scores his goals! They all count fella. As you can see though, It’s not just me, who sees this going on with you and the repetitive attacks on Berbatov. I hope you will take some of my points on board, but I fear you’re far too stubborn on this subject.

  16. denton davey says:

    Wayne @ 0:42 – I’m Canadian, NOT American, so I’m not ” a republican lol”

    WillieRedNut @ 0:51: “Fair enough, you attack the guy, in other ways.” I don’t attack Dimmy, I merely criticize him – and, more so, his blind worship by the BerbaLovers. Of course all goals count; but for UTD games at OT were almost all “easy” compared to the club’s away form – don’t you think it’s relevant to point out that Dimmy made little contribution to improving the away form ?

    Don’t worry about me “taking your points on board”, I greatly appreciate your knowledge and insight but – obviously – we have a different view on some of these points.

    I know that a lot of you guys find my posts “tiresome” but I find the uncritical BerbaLove to be even more so; I tend to respond to statements of BerbaLove that uncritically praise the guy – some balance is needed, I’d think. But, maybe I’m just wasting my time – it’s hard to convince people to look with someone else’s eyes.

    Don’t forget that in the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

  17. King Eric says:

    denton – Not getting into a long post as at work but Blackpool away and West Ham away spring to mind. Six points right there. May not have scored at Upton Park but his introduction made a world of difference.

  18. smartalex says:

    denton davey

    It is disingenuous of you to say “don’t you think it’s relevant to point out that Dimmy made little contribution to improving the away form ?”

    That sentence alone is enough to turn your statement into a horrible sneaky attack.

    Firstly you employ trickery and complication in order to make your points. Saying “Don’t you think that it’s relevant to point out” is sneaky because you’re asking a question about the expression of an opinion that will waste our time. Any answer given will be irrelevant and also ignored, if not attacked. Make your statement and allow us to judge that statement.

    Secondly, you are taking a group consideration and using it against one member of that group. If it can be considered that “Dimmy made little contribution to improving the away form” then it is equally true that “ALL of the players made little contribution to improving the away form” and this should not be used against 1 player.

    It is because you show this unfair bias against Berbatov that your actions must be disliked by United supporters.

    You do attack Dimitar Berbatov. It is not true or accurate to say that you merely criticise him.

    Further, you are completely wrong to say that the ‘uncritical BerbaLove’ requires balance, actually he is over criticised and unfairly attacked, and the scale requires balancing positivity. Also, your admittance that you are trying to redress that ill-perceived imbalance is confirmation of your unfair and over-bearing criticism.

    You think people are too nice to Berbatov, so you are addressing that balance.
    Stop that right now.

    Only criticise him when it is due, not when you are reacting to another fan’s love.

  19. willierednut says:

    Denton Davey – You’re missing the point here. It’s not about Berba lovers, or Berba haters. It’s your refusal, to give the guy a break. You don’t want to seem, to do that. The thing about you and other fans that don’t like Berbatov, would probably take judas Tevez over Berbatov. There is no balance in your argument fella. You’re quick to point out, the 2 chances Berbatov missed at Wembley. Now, if you were really all about balancing out your argument, you would add, that Berbatov had been dropped by Fergie. Which imo, made him lose his mojo in front goal. Imagine this, if the Berb had of been playing regularly, before the semi final at Wembley, would he of taken one of those chances? His form, in the first half of the season, would suggest, yes. We know he’s a confidence player. Most strikers are.

    By him being dropped, to allow Rooney to get himself back into form, impacted greatly, on Berbatov’s form and confidence. That’s a balanced argument Denton. No mater what you say, his goals helped achieve a record 19th title.

  20. h williams says:

    hope anderson gets to play futher up the field this season. nice to see him score

  21. h williams says:

    great goal from park


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