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VIDEO: Bebe, Park and Chicharito’s Goals vs Wolves

Chicharito stats for the season

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  1. StatesideAussie says:

    @Denton … there’s something different about Chicharito, isn’t there? Some special quality that sets him apart. I think it’s the calmness that he exudes. He’s one of those rare athletes who lives in a different dimension to everyone else, a dimension where they never seem flustered because for them, time moves more slowly and spaces are always larger, until it seems that the physical world is not an obstacle to be overcome, but actually a tool at their disposal, all ally, a weapon.

    But I wax lyrical (and perhaps stupidly) … Of course, it’s early days. And another poster (Dave Mack, I think) pointed out that sooner or later he will off days too, because everyone does. And that’s true: he’s on fire right now, but even the brightest flame flickers :-) It will be interesting to see how he deals with that.

  2. Tk says:

    Guys ,i think everyone of us remembers CR7 first game in the EPL against Bolton .He was 17 as i recall and he was very good ,not the finished article but you could easily predict that how great he’s gonna be.As for Bebe, i saw some reports in Portugal suggesting that he only costed us a fraction of the 7.4 m quoted .hope it’s true.Considering our financial resources, to have a player for 7.4m in this time means ,that he HAS to make it and i really hope he does, and i can fairly say ,that no one would blame me for having my doubts at the moment.

  3. gexmex says:

    pls find the differences

    this is a video about a young striker, named javier hernandez, early in his career, before anyone knew his name outside chivas.

    and this is by a very well known striker playing at the carling cup

    so maybe he can do a remake of the following

  4. StatesideAussie says:

    TK … “to have a player for 7.4m in this time means ,that he HAS to make it “. No. It means he has to to make it to the point where, if he doesn’t turn out for us, someone else will pay at least 7.4 million to take him off our hands. Given the rate of inflation in the transfer market, and assuming he stays for a couple of years, that shouldn’t be hard :-)

  5. bigphil2003 says:

    I remember Ronaldo’s first game – he came on, did a few stepovers and not a lot else.

  6. King Eric says:

    tk – Oh show some fucking patience for fuck sake lad. Like Fergie said not everyone can see potential. You give people a dozen games or 3 in fabios case then write them off. Frankly pathetic.

  7. King Eric says:

    summat else. Will people STOP comparing every winger we have to Ronnie. Ronaldo was an absolute one off. Nobody can compare to him.

  8. Costas says:

    Ronaldo was 18 and a half when he debuted. Bebe is older than that, but you have to look at the background of each player. Bebe is a very raw talent without the experiences that Ronaldo had at Sporting. It’s great that we are getting glimpses of him now, but he still has to go through a lot of work before we can judge him.

  9. Dave Mack says:

    Agree that comparing any young player to Ronaldo is harsh. Bebe has only just begun fully professional traing and it will be a couple of years before we can be sure of what we got.

    That said I did make a bit of a comparison of Hernandez to Ronaldo which I stand by and repeat.

    If you watch his entire 10 mins last night he was continually involved, hardly put a foot wrong ….. and most important ….. lifted the whole team.

    That’s a sure sign of world class talent (a la young Ronaldo)

  10. says:

    how much wages is chicharito on anyway?

    he is such a breath of fresh air though, when the game ended and he was walking off the pitch, the camera right next to his face, you could see him trying to avoid looking into the camera and you could see him trying to look serious and not break out into a giant smile…….he just looks like he really enjoys the team, his performance and just being there!!!

    perfect antidote for all the rooney shenanigans…..

  11. enzo133 says:

    Chicharito is the Mexican Cantona!

    Oh Ah Javier!

  12. utd4life says:


    Mate I just watched those 3 videos..particularly liked the last one..he knew what he was going to do once he got the ball and his execution was sublime..this just reaffirms the fact that he is a natural finisher..look at his finishing against valencia and wolves..he’s just so calm and either get that by experience or you are born with that..and this lad is born with it..

    As for bebe..I thought he had a brilliant game and was well rewarded with a goal..took on the defenders and that’s what you want in a winger..he bamboozled and outmuscled elkobi(guy looks like a monster) on quite a few occasions..I don’t expect much from him this season or the next to be honest..but he will get better with every game..

  13. pibe says:


    you reminded me of his first goal as a professional with chivas too..

  14. denton davey says:

    “The 1966 World Cup winners’ medal won by the England midfielder Nobby Stiles has been bought at auction for a record price by Manchester United, the player’s club for most of his career.

    The club museum bid £160,000 at an auction of Stiles’s personal collection near Edinburgh today but will pay £188,200 in total including commission and VAT – a world record price for a medal won by any of the England squad.”

    To me, THIS is great, gret news. Great for Nobby and great for his family, too. But, it’s also great for UTD and our legions of supporters to know that the club still has the heart and soul of the game – and its history – in mind. This is what I call “Value” in the marketplace.

  15. Tk says:

    King Eric…. as a Man Utd hardcore fan i have a very high standards and i respect other people point of view as they respect mine. People say O’shea is a squad player and i couldn’t agree more but from the start of the season he’s been playing in the first team and i,simply like a lot other fans, expect more from him.Carrick was getting a lot of stick and he has not been playing recently ,but was our best player yesterday till Hernandez came in .Park ,Gibson ,O’shea,Fabio,Evans and Obertan should start giving more.

  16. obertanthenewstar says:


    your a joker mate.. carrick did more than obertan and evans?? did u watch the match mate? seriously?
    did u not see what obertan did for the first goal? obertan will be class mate.. that was the first game hes started this season.. give the kid a break… he is fucking fast will great skills and quick feet… he actually runs at defenders and beats them!! he will be BIG for us

  17. Dave Mack says:

    Denton Davey as I posted on another thread …..

    As someone who, as a boy, watched the ugliest footballer with the biggest heart play at OT, I feared that when I heard he was auctioning his stuff that Nobby would just be the fogotten man. Sir Bobby may well have had a part in this but good for you for mentioning something that shows there still a heart and soul in MUFC.

    Great counter to alot of the negativity that too often goes around here!

  18. TheSevenOfOT says:

    Wow Gibson was…… I think Hamsik would be worth trying to bid for , don’t you all think ?

  19. redevil_83 says:

    golaaso by el chicaro
    arribaaa arriba anadale

  20. denton davey says:

    Carlitos to miss derby match on November 10th ??? read about it in Guardian online !!!

    And, don’t forget to read between the lines with regard to Roque Santa Cruz’s suggestion that Carlitos is “homesick” and wants out.

  21. Rooney > England says:


    I think we do need 4 top class strikers. the good thing is both Rooney and Berbatov are versatile and can play deep. Dont think Owen has a future and Kiko still has a few years left to become a regular. By that time Berba will have ended his United career and Kiko will be ready to step up. Sure Fergie wont mind having an ‘embarrassment of riches’ at his disposal. He has handled it before and it will make the players work harder knowing no one’s place is secure. Saying that i do agree with you that the midfield and Gk should be the first priority. Would by a striker only if someone is available for a good price. Want to see a few CM’s and a left winger.

  22. Tk says:

    Seriously i’m waiting the day when you come here and you say it……Tk you were right .

  23. andres0078702 says:

    If anybody wants to see one the best goals of chicharito I would recommend clicking this link



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