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VIDEO: Bebe Puts U-21s In To Semi-Final

Gol de Bebe @SpheraChannel by SpheraChannel

Bebe scored the only goal of the game in our U-21s win over Morecambe in the Lancashire Senior Cup. 904 fans watched United’s quarter-final win and they will now Fleetwood Town or Oldham Athletic in the semis.

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  1. bresh says:


  2. wayne says:

    Lol the amount of press Bebe has received and he’s still under 21

  3. ys says:

    Wow , I had totally forgotten that he is under 21 , how is he playing ?
    Any chance of him breaking into first team in near future???

  4. Ian says:

    He’s one of the allowed overage players. He’s about 22-23

  5. ys says:

    ok he is 22 , about as old as Welbz , any chance of him getting into the main squad ??

  6. ys says:

    ok he is 22 , about as old as Welbz , any chance of him getting into the main squad ??

  7. mocthezuma says:

    He’s 22.

    Lindegaard also played.

  8. Louis says:

    Fletch also plays for them

  9. Daniel88 says:

    Bebe is still at United. We need to cut our losses.

  10. MarkoWire says:

    Give Bebe a chance people. The lad has had some shit since his move. He scored a few pre season for us and he been knocking them in Reserve/u21 level. Stilll at 22 he is gonna have to shape up. Hes at that age now where he should be making Fergies head turn. Good luck to the lad!!

  11. Proverb says:

    The comments on here jeez, the guy has just scored a winner to send the reserves into the semis, we could do by praising the lad
    Everytime I’ve watched him he scores goals he has it in him you just cannot deny that. We should give all the time in the world to develop

  12. Theredderdevil says:

    The negativity by some so called supporters of the club is beyond belief. Bebe signed from a 3rd division club and was thrust straight into the epl. What did u expect? Correct me if am wrong but he has more goals this season than Torres. I keep on saying am sure we are about to see him in the 1st team. We don’t hear macheda banging the goals any more even in pre season its Bebe who steals the show among our reserves. Give the boy a chance his hard work has earned him another shot in the 1st team.

  13. Paranoised says:

    @ Theredderdevil:

    He doesn’t have more goals this season or any season than torres.

  14. The One says:

    Theredderdevil, spot-on!!

  15. Bobby Charlton's combover says:

    Some nice dribbling skills and a decent finish. Well done Bebe. Hard to know what the future holds for him.

  16. Theredderdevil says:


    I thought you’d understand the goals am talking about is in the league where he plays ie the reserves.
    Torres on the other hand isn’t banging them in his league ie the EPL

  17. Jon Phillips Rose Hill says:

    Hahahahaha! £7MILLION!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahaha! [repeat]

  18. Ruddy says:


  19. Bobby Charlton's combover says:

    @bitter – so how much have you spent on a team that has failed to get through the first round of the CL two seasons running?

  20. Redial says:

    Jon shitty is Bitter and he knows it.

  21. slim says:

    This guy is definitely in Ferguson’s plan. I have high hopes for him. He’s built to bulldoze defenders. Hopefully he’ll come good

  22. Costas says:

    Class. 8)

  23. tom c says:

    why the fuck are people knocking the lad, he just won us a place in the semis. why the fuck. he may not be a ready made star or even had anyone know his name ever before he signed but he’s been scoring goals for us and doing pretty decent. give him a fucking break.

  24. gnuh says:

    Watching him lately, he’s coming to age now where he starts maturing his game which more or less like Ronaldo type. He can definitely beat defender and get a powerful shot on goal. I’m exciting waiting for his first appearance in the past few years.

  25. wayne says:

    See we have another fucking Troll so sick of them,pathetic bunch of cunts

  26. wayne says:

    Probably some sad cunt who’s already been on here before and changed his name lowest life form

  27. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Still life in the bebe. I am willing him to make it against all odds. He clearly didn’t have any pro coaching as a youth and we can see that with his rawness but he could be one of those late developers, time will tell. Good goal by the way.

  28. Proverb says:

    This is crazy
    The amount of trolling on here……..

  29. Jay says:

    Bebe needs to go out on loan at 22 it is kind of pushing it if you are not even making the bench. I honestly think the reason he is still here is to train him up, give him more football knowledge and then sell him to make some of the money that was spent on him. 22 may be considered young and therefore people may be more lenient but Hazard, El Shaarawy, Pogba, Oscar and Sterling are younger than him and are playing in the top flight.

  30. Wakey says:


    Some payers develop at different rates though, especially with players who have the talent but lacked proper training early on.

    People are way too harsh on Bebe. Anyone can see he has bags of natural talent but just lacked formal training. And his first team performances have been no where near as bad as people make out, Infact on the whole they were good performances all things considered. It was really just the FA Cup game (where every player was awful including those with a lot more experience) and the Wolves league game when he came on for Hargreaves that were poor.

  31. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Bébé New years resolution:

    1. Keep playing for Manchester United, best team in the world.
    2. Figure out how to get into Carrington, my key never works.
    3. Figure out what Sir Alex meant about he signed me for the shirt sales. ?!
    4. Figure out how to end the season ranked higher than that twit Balotelli in FIFA Rankings

    Just saying. Lad should just keep his head down and see what happens. Livin the dream.

  32. Red Robin says:


    The troll is trolling about the price, but he forgot who spent more. LOL

    How much Tevez & Nasri combined together, u troll? They couldn’t even form a freekick wall.

  33. ctl131 says:

    @Red Robin: well said. City dropped 50mil + for two shit heads that can’t even perform fundamental football tasks. The only thing worse would be dropping that much on one shit head that can’t perform basic football tasks (cough..TORRES…cough). He might have cost 7mil (I still have a hard time believing that is the real number unless its performance/appearance based) but I can guarantee Bebe wouldn’t hesitate to take a free-kick off the chops if it meant Utd. beating City in a similar situation. The same can be said for anyone on Utd’s roster, which is where the real difference is made.

  34. Wakey says:


    There have been many reports from reputed places that while United did match the £7.8mill buy out clause only £4.8mill was upfront with the rest being performance based. If they hadn’t rushed to get the buy him due to there supposedly sniffing around it would have no doubt been less if we and still wanted him after some Tim to develop in Portugal but could have also been more if a bidding war had started

  35. Jon Phillips Rose Hill says:

    £7[seven] million!!!!! Arrgghhh hahahaha! So funny!

    Yep – Tevez and Nasri have done nothing for City; apart from winning them the league and Tevez the Cup. Bet they’re gutted on missing out on Bebe.

    Yep ctl131; yep Nasri was very soft for that free kick. Almost like crying on the pitch at Anfield. CRYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t know what’s funnier – crying after a strong challenge or paying £7[seven] million for someone who couldn’t cross their own legs.

    So funny.

    SEVEN (and a bit) MILLION (+wages).

  36. Jon Phillips Rose Hill says:

    Did I say Seven?

  37. King Eric says:

    I have never been a fan of this lad BUT he has been playing well of late. Pace, power, can beat a man and scores goals.

  38. King Eric says:

    Jon Phillips – Ha Ha. 2-3. Champions NINETEEN times. European Cup winners. THREE TIMES. Jog on you bitter little blue nose cunt. Think you are big time don’t you at City? You are fuck all son. A shit plastic two bob fucking club. Who did you get in the draw today? Do tell.

  39. King Eric says:

    Tell you what is funny Jon. Milner 20 odd million. Garcia 16 million. Barry 20 million. Balotelli 26 million. Need I go on?

  40. Jon Phillips Rose Hill says:

    Hahahaha Seven please stop its hurting! Seven.

  41. orez says:

    I am happy with the draw.

    1. We can have Ronaldo back, sort of
    2. This is the reason for CL anyway
    3. I think we have a decent chance, so we will see how it goes

    Viva Ronaldo

  42. orez says:

    oops I posted in the wrong place.

    Good for Bebe, he should be given chance I say.

  43. Red Robin says:

    Obviously the troll didnt even pass elementary school.

    He laughed at 7 while 50 (and counting) is obviously bigger.

    No wonder they always claim the city is theirs while obviously reds is outnumber them all the years.. LOL!!

  44. Red Robin says:

    Tevez won you the golf cup heh? :D

  45. denton davey says:

    The match TheVirus played the other day was against a team that featured a goal from Manucho (remember him ?) while Mame Biram Diouf scored for Hannover against Dortmund in the German Cup. These guys were also “shots in the dark” and while they couldn’t make it at UTD, one is playing in La Liga and the other in the Bundesliga. So, it seems to me that UTD’s scouts aren’t as blind as those that won’t see. Getting to the top in the red shirt is a very steep mountain to climb – I’m hoping that Bebe can prove all the doubters/detractors wrong – perhaps it is futile hope but I still like to believe in the romance of the red shirt – particularly since he was wearing #7 (albeit in white !).

  46. denton davey says:

    One other thing – where was Didier Drogba when he was 22 ? Playing in the French third division. Some guys take time to come to the top. Maybe – NOT certainly – Bebe is one of them.

  47. Redninja says:

    Sinclear just scored for the massive club


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