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VIDEO: Bebe scores a screamer

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. TywinnLannister says:

    That’s it! Our missing link!

  2. m09538061 says:

    Bebe →→→→ Scholes !

  3. martin the nairobian says:

    Even bebe wouldnt be as bad as this two clowns in the form of valencia and young.
    They steal a living in the guise of playing football for man united.
    Take valencia to west brom for example and i can bet on my wife he wouldnt start.
    Moyes can be absolved from blame for many things but not for continously picking antonio valencia to start every fucking game for us despite being shite in most.ffs if wing play formation aint working,tinker with the squad and try different formations…you dont need to be a rocket scientist to notice valencia is a liability as a winger..the argument about his workrate and covering his RB adequately is some lameass can as well play smalling and rafael on the right wing if all your looking for is defensive solidity.

  4. martin the nairobian says:

    Ion news,its time for kagawa to hand in a transfer will never work for him at man united.not with moyes as manager.
    We got both rooney and rvp out but still cant get a game in his preffered position..
    He has lost his consolation spot on the left wing to januzaj and with rooney back in two weeks he’ll struggle to get any gametime.
    A straight swap for gundogan can be magic piece of business but i dont think gundogan in his sane mind would dare come play for moyes .esp when he is banking on a strong 2nd half of the season to get picked in germanys 23man squad for the world cup.

  5. Tommy says:

    Moyes bring him back haha, great finish

  6. sir matt martin says:

    So while at the moment it is no
    clearer if United will sign anyone in
    this transfer window, there are
    certainly answers out there, if Moyes
    is prepared to ask the right questions.

  7. eko412 says:

    for now United is suck, i don’t know what moyes is doing, but i believe him

  8. FBr David Lee says:

    truly warms my heart that Bebe living his dream. best wishes to him.

  9. Colin Lee says:

    In my view we have been poor for some years now. We have managed to rouse ourselves for key games and then coast through the lower rank teams. Winning at the last minute simply means we weren’t good enough to put the game to bed before. Credit SAF for that. I feel that recently we have not bought tried and tested players except for RVP. We used to – Ferdinand comes to mind. Money has been an issue and we all know that. Quick fix buying is near impossible as we can’t or don’t want to pay premium prices. So we are forced to buy for the future and that’s a risk. Not many potentials make it to the top echelon which is where we are and hope to remain.

    Forget about asking players to buy into the MU dream. They are players and earning a living for a short period. I am an employee myself and I’ll bolt our of my current employment if someone waves a fistful of dollars at me. In this day and age, its a big ask to find someone who lives and breathe MU and will play for MU for lower wages if someone offers more.

    That leaves the manager. SAF was and is one of a kind. We all know that. To try and get another top flight manager would be asking a lot if you don’t give the funds. We haven’t been spending and by the looks of it, the entire team bar one or two positions need strengthening if we want CL games next season. Otherwise, we are good for mid-table; as they always say, the table doesn’t lie.

    Personally I don’t think Moyes has done a bad job. He has to manage with what he has. So maybe he screwed up the summer signing but if the team was as good as it was supposed to be; they could have carried Moyes. The team is not and deep down I think most of us know it. Asking any manager to re-build (and maintain the standards) of almost an entire team without major funds is seriously debilitating on anyone. Don’t forget, the fans are asking for a CL competing and a PL champions chasing team. On the evidence before me, this team is lacking the skill to compete at that level. Moyes will have aged a lifetime by the end of this season if we are seriously expecting him to chase these dreams.

    Now the problem is maybe the team is losing faith in Moyes. That is dangerous. Where there are doubts then you lack the desire to fight and therein leads to a cycle of failure. With SAF the creed was we cannot lose. That fear of losing is surely gone now. If we resign ourselves to losing, then we have lost. Right at the top, if your heart ain’t in it, the battle is already lost.

    As for the Glazers, its a business. So long as MU is making money and it is sufficient to fund the loans and make a return better than where they can place their money, they will be the boss. Remember, their ethos is probably spend the least possible for the maximum return. So they will spend but only enough to maintain current standards. So I expect them to authorise spending sufficient to get CL football not the title. Competing with the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern is only for the real fan and there hasn’t been anything I see emanating from the Glazers that says they are real fans.

    Rant ended.

  10. TywinnLannister says:

    Ok so guys, if I compile all your suggestions.. pretty much the entire team but DeGea needs to go.
    I think y’all brilliant. So proud to be among brilliant United fans.

  11. Jackie Spain says:

    @Colin Lee: Just what evidence is there that the Glazers has turned down any transfer targets? SAF seemed to get who he wanted without much effort. You say the Glazers are running United as a business – which they are – so if United slips from the limelight then that impacts their business. Winning any competition brings in more money than not winning and winning brings in the fans etc and so the bandwagon rolls on.

  12. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    Valencia is so shite! He should be playing chAmpionship. He’s terrible, and useless


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