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VIDEO: Benitez Loony Bin Rant

You thought I was making it up? That Rafael Benitez couldn’t be as mad as I described him? Well here’s a ‘fact’ for you. Benitez has lost the plot and here’s the video to prove it.

Look at him with fucking notes! What a clown.

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  1. DarkDevil says:

    The best thing about the Benitez rant is his seemless impression of Robert De Niro’s accent. Or is that Al Pacino? Either way, he comes off sounding like a weird cross between Condoleeza Rice (the shivering voice) and DeNiro/Pacino (the accent).

    I can’t believe he had that paper of notes. That means he actually pre-meditated his rant. I wonder if he practised it infront of the mirror before the press-conference?

  2. Jake says:

    moron Rick, you’re better off reading a proper paper with an accurate analysis of Benitez’s rant and I can safely say it comes down on Fergie and United’s side

  3. LRED says:

    Yesterday Jeff Winter today Graham Poll, it seems everyone agrees with Benitez…,19528,11669_4773786,00.html

    it’s terrible to called out

  4. Jake says:

    Jeff Winter and Graham Poll……these are your new-found heroes and allies?…give it a break mate, every reasonable person (media-hungry ex-refs don’t count) can see what happened…bye bye premiership

  5. LRED says:

    O and another article which involves your team’s ‘sporting ethics’

    if you don’t want to read it all let me give you the shorthen version

    re: Stoke vs ManU

    ‘Pulis saw Andy Wilkinson sent off for two bookable offences against Manchester United in a Boxing Day fixture where Cristiano Ronaldo lashed out and Wayne Rooney swung an elbow without punishment.’

    and Tony Pulis (Stoke’s Manager)
    “Graham Poll was on the radio the other day saying he didn’t think Chris Foy would send a Manchester United player off because he is in line to do the League Cup final. That is absolutely crazy and ridiculous.”

    All these ‘rants’ from different sources, 2 managers and 2 Prem League Managers….of course Manu is right…because they ‘never see anything’ as Fergie always says

  6. corea says:

    they all hate us ))
    the sweeter the revenge ))

  7. LRED says:

    I don’t have hat much of problem with Manu fans Jake….just the blind ones…if you think your team’s behaviour is not borderline sometimes then you all seem to be watching a different side.
    It’s because of that Gamesmenship which makes you become even more unpopular, nobody would say this about Arsenal, but you and Chelski are famous for your bully tactics, and every year Fergie goes off about how you are victimised, that is bull.
    You don’t need to play mind games to win the league (you have a great team) so why do it?

  8. Jake says:

    I love the way your article comes from the mirror….you may as well have shown me an article from the Liverpool echo or something…all top teams do it, Chelsea and Arsenal have all been doing it for years too so you’re the blind one because you seem to think it’s just United, and your manager has just done it by attacking Bennett like he did, hypocrisy again? He’s a fool mate, the only point you need to take from all this is that a team who has not been in a title race for 20 yrs has just had the pressure put on them ten-fold for every game they play….by their own manager…it’s laughable

  9. LRED says:

    ‘every team does it’…when they are provoked by Fergie…what did Maureen say about it “maybe when I’m 60 I can talk about Ref descisons like some over managers without fear of apraisal”

    of course he was lambasted by kevin Hackett, I want to see Fergies response I’m sure it will be eloquent as usual.

    We are use to stress yes we have not won the title for 20 years (similar to your situation when Fergie finally won it for you) but we have dealt with pressure before recently (in Istanbul) and in the past and we will deal with it again.


  10. Jake says:

    Istanbul? are you a bit demented? Over the course of 90mins you have little/no time to consider the pressures of a situation, you just have to win a game and play football…Pressure in a title race comes from time spent having to dwell on something, consider what’s being said week after week, deal with the incremental pressures of every successive game as everyone starts to watch what you’re doing…only, unfortunately for you lot your manager has brought it on you much earlier than usual…and I think your grasp of english is wanting, I’m not talking about not winning the title for 20 yrs but the fact you’ve never even been in a title race for 20 yrs…if you think winning the champions league is as difficult as winning the premiership, you are sadly mistaken…it’s widely recognised that a 38 games season in a Grade 1 UEFA rated league like the Premiership is much more difficult than a cup competition in which luck often plays a big factor….div kid

  11. theboy says:

    just curious LRed, did you check the Sun’s take on all this? oh sorry, you can’t read a paper that may report the truth can you???

  12. DanS says:


  13. DanS says:

    Why is he talking about Fax?

    Also, is it me or does the report who kicks this off sound like Mickey Owen? ha ha

  14. LRED says:

    TheBoys – The Sun, I hope the rest of you ‘fans’ disown this scum

    Dan s – yes you are!

  15. OTRed says:

    Okay a question thats bugging me, actually two:

    1. Ferguson NEVER gets punished for talking at referees, what was the £10,000 fine and the 2 match ban for then?

    2. The respect campaign started with Mascherano getting sent off, so says Rafa. How can that be when the official respect campaign started this season and Masch’s sending off was last season?

    3. And also, I thought United were the only ones who complained about referees and fixtures,

    What was he doing in the above links
    Can anyone clear this up for me

  16. Wiggsman says:

    I think the FA should slap a charge on Rafa for bringing the game into disrepute – he’s accusing the FA of favouring Fergie in disciplinary hearings, referee’s being influenced continually be Man U staff and worst off all saying that SAF is responsible for this like theres some huge conspiracy going on…….hmmmmn lets see what the FA do here


  17. suhayl says:

    Cabbo we won by luck???? and playing shit????

    DONT FORGET will you..that we ve had the best players…played the best football…scored the most goals in top flight history….conceded the least…accrued the most points…got the best head to heads of anyone v anyone. Broken alsorts of league and cup records. Best attck and defence in clge. 19 match unbeaten run…a record in champions lge history…most points tally…least defeats…most wins.

    Yep we won all these cup due to decisions….ok looney.

    the same decisions that go for us alllllllll the time

    eg. Ronaldo strangulation v poggy…nowt given
    12 offside goals last year…WHICH WERE ALL ON
    adebayor handball goal
    clichy handball
    ronaldo 3 crude challenges in pen pen
    park poleaxed in pen
    scholes chopped v wigan nowt given
    joe cole nearly breaking evras leg…nowt given
    evra elbowed by davies nowt given
    2 clear goals v blackburn not given
    ronaldo clear tackle on swp….yet given card


    oh yeh..lest we forget

    Gerrards dives v blackburn, atletico, newcastle etc etc etc etc trying to con a pen
    henchoz 2 blatant handball saves on , in fa cup final 2001
    garcia phantom goal
    del piero clear goal at anfield not given
    gerrard dive in istanbul
    2 lame sendings off for inter last season v you
    hleb rapes by scouse players in box yet no pen


    DECISIONS MY ARSE…swings and roundabouts dickhead….you get some…you dont get others…get over it. And stick favouritism up that spanish cunts arse

  18. Kings says:

    Cabbo – I wasn’t calling you a cunt, I was calling Benitez that. The guy is a doughnut. It was funny seeing him explode in his press conference, even more so seeing him reading his notes that he prepared for the attack on Fergie (United fans can refer to him as that, anyone outside should of United should refer to him as Sir Alex, hence the calling of cunt to Benitez for calling him Mr Ferguson). Whilst watching the Stoke game on Setanta in the hope of seeing the scum drop points, which they did, he was seen writing more notes – I remarked to a mate of mine about his obsession with that. He is an idiot for rising to the bait, and anyone who commends him for doing so is a bigger idiot.


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