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VIDEO: Berba Kick About In Bulgaria

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. smartalex says:

    WHAT ??? at 14:38

    The truth clearly stated, thank you.

  2. Jeet says:

    @WHAT???: Ohh, mate, I quite enjoyed the chicken jokes myself! I dont count then as racist at all – we Indians do it all the while, making jokes about the white expats who cant handle the traffic, and various communities within India! I don’t like comments like “The stupid Indian chicken farmers dont understand football!”.
    And yes, when I do post, I do plan to stick to my guns. What I pointed out is that there is a lot of OTT reactions to divergent opinions which can put off new posters – and it need not be that way.

  3. WHAT ??? says:

    @SmartAlex – Cheers mate.

    Easy mate, yeah it shouldn’t be that way but it is. Its all about passion and sometimes you just wanna tell somebody fuck off for saying something you disagree with, so new posters do get it in the neck sometimes, but they’ll live.

    Exactly, I’ve read you say your not exactly crazy about Nani a couple times, while my stance on Nani is probably crystal clear by now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t agree on other things, and we do. That what makes RoM work.

    Fuck me, we’re gonna have to all sit down crossed legged and sing Kumbaya after this.

  4. smartalex says:


    How about divergent reactions to OTT opinions?

  5. keano99 says:

    Jeet its not being racist they are indian they are chicken farmers and they are stupid end of.

  6. CedarsDevil says:

    Jeet – I understand the essence of where you are coming from mate and also great responses by Balaji and WHAT???

  7. Rai says:


    Gotta agree with you mate. I’m of Indian origin myself and if someone says “stupid fuckin Indian chicken farmers” – I have no reason to get offended. If someone said “I hope the Indian race gets burned alive” – (extreme example I know) then sure that’s racist!!

    Name calling and actual hate for a race are different things. If I call someone a “fat bastard”, it doesn’t mean I’ll seek and destroy every fat cunt!! I had a brick smashed against my head a few years ago because someone wanted to go “paki bashing”…now that’s when you call start using words like racist!!

    Sticks and stones lads…no need to create a fuss…

  8. rohan19 says:

    @ rai great post. like it..
    off topic… there seem to be tons of people seemingly let down by giggs..
    can’t understand this.. its personal. just lay off. footy players are human and they cannot all be idols..
    actua;y very few of them can be considered so.. cut the guy some slack.. he’s done great things for our club.. post this on a city blog

  9. WHAT ??? says:

    @Rai – Easy Mate, bet them thick Cunts don’t go Politician bashing do they? Nah course not.
    And I bet they don’t hunt alone. Fucking Cowards. But they’ll learn tho.

  10. Rai says:

    WHAT ???

    Hello mate. Yeah they definately don’t hunt alone!!!!!! Fuckers!! It’s life though shit happens. I just don’t like people using the word racist at a drop of a hat. If people get that easily offended then maybe they should join the forums where people can live in peace and harmony…

  11. Jeet says:

    ahh…comeon, Rai & WHAT???, I didnt mean to say a lot of guys on here are actual swastika branding racists. To be fair, I remember a lot of criticism when some cunt asked Balaji to “keep to selling calling cards” or shit like that. And I agree, true racism is more dangerous and violent than banter on a blog. The trouble is – it starts with ignorance, prejudice and lazy stereotyping. To give an extreme example, Hitler didnt wake up one fine day and think of gassing the jews. It started with the sterotype that the jews were all evil misers, looting the country and controlling the economy. So, saying something like the “dagos are all cheating cunts” etc. makes me a bit uncomfortable. In the end, its about individual sensitivities – I recognize that. As I keep saying, living with a woman has made me a sensitive soul (and her, an insensitive hole :D ). And just to make the point that it’s all relative – someone can see that joke as being offensively sexist.
    @Smartalex: I am all for divergence, so long as it’s not stupidly blinkered, arrogant or abusive.
    @All who participated in this dialog: We retain our subtle points of difference, but I am happy we understand some of the margins. Thank you for hearing me out with patience – I do feel we have taken a small step towards making this an even better place for all Reds.

  12. willierednut says:

    Here come the RedNut, with his two pennies worth. While Jeet makes some valid points, I would have to ask why, there is a section on here, that get pissed off at 6/7 posters having a good rapport with each other? even if you’re new on Rom, why be worried at all? I don’t get that one. Now, Jeets point about being allowed to have an opinion, without being shouted at by all in sundry. That shouldn’t be the case. This blog should welcome all opinions, just as long, as it isn’t personal attacks on the manager, or the players. I’ll defend anyones right, to constructively criticize the staff and players. I’ve done it myself ffs. I love this for the open ended debates. It’s always fun. We get differing opinions on players and on other subjects. Back to the clique issue. I really don’t think it’s an issue at all. I for one, I’m never worried about voicing my opinion on the RoM. From the Rooney debate, to talk about Modric. We don’t always agree on those subjects. I won’t change my mind on Modric, because KE, or Costas don’t rate the lad. Fuck that, I stick to my principals.

    Jeet is right in one aspect, we shouldn’t take the piss out of anyone, because their thoughts don’t concur with our own. As I’ve already said, I’ll defend anyones right to have an opinion on the republik. The flip side of that though, people shouldn’t worry about 6 or 7 of us, having a rapport with each other. What you have to understand is, we’ve been debating on here for a long time. We like each other, but don’t feel left out. Engage in the discussion. Don’t be a passenger.

  13. Jeet says:

    @Willie: Don’t want to be misunderstood – I have nothing against good friends on the blog. I actually believe I have a few of them as well, as far as online “friendships” go. I don’t think I mentioned anything against that either. My point was against something diametrically opposite – dismissing he “lone posters” out of hand.

  14. willierednut says:

    Jeet – I wasn’t brimming with friends, when I first posted on the Republik. You have to build that rapport over time. The problem with lone posters, as you put it, is we don’t know if they’re playing devils advocate, or looking to get a rise out of said people. For my part, I don’t really give a flying fuck if someone disagrees with my opinions. I didn’t come on here, to get a slap on the back(well done son) Na, I just wanted to hear and read other United fans thoughts on United. Sure, if my post gets a good response, that’s nice, but it ain’t the be all and end all for me.

  15. willierednut says:

    Jeet – I wasn’t saying, you had a problem with posters being friendly. I know I addressed you, but I was making a wider point. Sorry for any confusion. :)

  16. Rai says:

    Willie – I know what you mean mate. When I first posted on here (think 2007-2008) I think I was very unpopular with some of my opinions. I got loads of shit for my stance on the Glazers (as they had just forked out for Nani, Ando, Hargreaves, Tevez) and my continuous support for FC United. I was told to fuck off to a FC forum!!!! If people have an opinion there’s no need to shy away from it, you should have enough confidence in your view to express it and not worry what other people think!

    Jeet – I don’t think anyone dismisses lone posters out of hand. I chat a lot of shit and people won’t reply (this probably won’t!!!) but it doesn’t mean I’ll stop posting. If I’m thinking it, I’ll post it. Simple as. No matter how unpopular. I don’t mind who I upset if I feel strongly about my point, whether it’s someone I get along with or if it’s STR…


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