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VIDEO: Brilliant Bebe Goals For Reserves

Bebe goal vs Wigan Res
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Bebe cracker against Wigan res 3:0
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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Danny Salford Red says:

    SUPERTRAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

  2. Danny Salford Red says:

    Pat Rice? Id sooner stroke a noodle

  3. SJ says:

    He already looks better than Balotell, and unlike balo the mercenary he actually looks like he enjoys playing football. Go bebe.

  4. StatesideAussie says:

    I can’t believe how negative some people are. Young guy that non-one had heard of a few months ago scores two excellent goals in the reserves and here come the ‘nattering nabobs of negativity’ … he’s too raw, isn’t up to first team standard, won’t fit in anywhere, hasn’t proved himself, cost too much, can’t cross … I mean, give it a break. What SAF’s doing is gathering together a bunch of hugely talented youngsters, all of whom have loads of potential, and then putting them through the regime at Carrington, working on their fitness, their skills, their interplay, immersing them in the UTD culture, precisely in order to see which ones have ‘the right stuff’, which is something no-one can know (not even SAF) until they’ve been through this.

    It’s like taking the best of the young recruits in the military and putting them into Special Forces training: some will make it, many won’t, but you’ll never know until you put them up against it; and the ones who do make it will be very good indeed, while those who don’t will still fetch a decent return elsewhere (or maybe become useful squad players for us).

  5. smartalex says:

    STR, I do not read your posts.
    Readers, I do not read your comments.
    I am not writing this.
    I will not click on ‘SUBMIT MY COMMENT’
    ROM is Geriatrically Biased.
    PatRicia is lovely, ooh!

  6. King Eric says:

    its in my blood – No worries pal!

    Gotta say Scott I too am amazed this isnt your full time job. You must check it bloody regularly though as if someone raises a question you are straight back. Good work mate.

  7. denton davey says:

    StateSideAussie @ 18:30 – I totally agree with your rebuttal of the criticisms – and also your suggestion that this is a kind of sink-or-swim test for this crop of kids. Clearly, there has been a plan in place to meet UTD’s “ambition” by setting up an academy for a selected group of elite prospects – rather than splashing hundreds of millions of quid and ending up with James Milner, Gareth Barry, Joe Cole, Lassana Diarra or others of that ilk. One would imagine that there are two motivations at work here: first, of course, is the economic one since, as you mention, the ones who won’t make the grade will be sold off to pay for their wages/expenses (like Chris Eagles or Kieran Richardson or Gerrard Pique and countless others before them) and, second, it is probably hoped that this is a way to instil a team spirit/ethic in these kids so that they are likely to remain loyal to UTD as their careers progress – or else be sold off for mega-buxx like CR7 (and maybe WayneRooney) if they get too big for their britches.

  8. King Eric says:

    Denton and stateside. Absolutely bang on lads. They wanna groom them for want of a better word , into the whole united ethos. As we are all to aware a fair number won’t make it at united but by fuck at this time there is some serious talent in the current bunch. Keane top drawer a natural finisher. Morrsion a born gifted player. Pogba who is still seventeen. Eikrem who is becoming some player not to mention tom. Corry who personally may not make it. Then the like of kiko obertan bebe and hernandez. Smalling all young players brought in with kiko at a young age. Dudgeon the list is endless.

  9. McQueen says:

    Thought process for the 2nd goal:

    Is he actually guna hit that on the volley? From there?? Surely not???


  10. StatesideAussie says:

    Denton and King Eric … yeah, I never saw this emphasis on youth as just a way to save money in an inflated market. Grab the best young players that you can, put them through the mill, mold them, distill them down until only the very best are left … and then in a few years, you’ve got yourself a terrific team of the finest young players in Europe (or most of them) who are already steeped in the “UTD way”. As opposed to spending a fortune on a bunch of over-rated, over-priced mercenaries who only want to whore themselves out to the highest paying customer in line, and who couldn’t give a flying fuck about this great club and its traditions. And even if you do splurge the dollars on rebuilding the team with ‘name’ players, you still can’t be sure they’ll work as team: just because a player has done well at another club, doesn’t mean he’ll do well here (memo to Barca: how much did you pay for Zlatan Unspellable again?).

  11. Louis says:

    Agree with stateside aussie [as usual]. One thing though, I think that Bebe might take a few years to really become a world class player so I hope well all have the patience to wait for him. Because of his physique and natural skill, he may make the first team quite quickly, but if he doesnt then start to produce, that fact may work against him. So we need to have patience with him.


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