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VIDEO: Bryan Robson’s Goals

Get well soon, Robbo.

Thanks to Ryan Donovan.

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  1. gerkeo says:

    Now there’s a real captain, leader, legend

  2. theboogeyman says:

    I’m sure he’ll beat the cancer.

    Best of luck to him. And Mr.Giles Oakley as well.

  3. CedarsDevil says:

    Thanks Ryan, fantastic video my friend. The first goal against the dippers in the FA semi replay is very dear to my heart….

    Captain, leader, LEGEND

  4. Robert S says:

    I wish you all the best, robbo ♥

  5. willierednut says:

    How do you follow Cedars? Nicely said mate.

  6. Little Red Ant says:

    Those were some great games to have had the privilege of being at
    FA Cup Replay against Dippers at Shite Road
    Semi against Arse at Villa park and of course Barca at OT
    Great leader

  7. CedarsDevil says:

    Little Red Ant

    2 out of those three you mentioned for me, did not get to the Villa Park game but was at the other 2…


    How are mate?

  8. CedarsDevil says:


  9. willierednut says:

    Cedars – Feeling great still, after our comeback.

  10. TonyBee says:

    Hardest player off my time….Jesus could he get stuck in when needed…..

  11. bah_humbug says:

    Ah that brough back some happy memories! Great video, great player. Get well soon.

  12. CedarsDevil says:


    Agreed, but where is the smiley in your post? ;-)

  13. Xyth says:

    If we had someone like Robson in the team now, we would have been Champions by Christmas!
    Get well soon Robbo!!

  14. Giles Oakley says:

    Hey Mr boogeyman, many thanks for your kind thoughts.

    What a cracking compilation, brought back so many memories, goose-bump time, that’s for sure. For those that never saw him, a glimpse of why he means so much to those of us that did. One of the greatest players ever to don the Red shirt.

    Get well soon, Captain Marvell! We’re all thinking of you, wishing you were still playing for United.

  15. CedarsDevil says:


    Well said my friend, and well wishes to you & Robbo

  16. carloc1978 says:

    wow what a player great to see some of those goals again!

  17. CedarsDevil says:

    Nice one Robbo
    Nice one son
    Nice one Robbo
    Lets have another one

    My throat used to bleed singing that one at the Stretty

  18. kinny says:

    The word legend is used far too often these days but in this case it’s a fitting description of a truly GREAT play & captain.

  19. kinny says:

    Player that is lol

  20. james21 says:

    Used to always be a Steve Coppell fan and was gutted when his career ended. But Bryan Robson was a genius on the football field, hard tackling and thunder bolt goals were 2nd to none. Robbo is right on top with the greats and he’ll always be dear to our hearts. We could do with him in our midfield ATM He’s the origional and true Capt leader legend.
    Hope he’s past the vile cancer.

  21. lawman10 says:

    Wow……………..still love the fella what a player!!! how much a bryan robson today?
    get well soon.

  22. CedarsDevil says:

    I know some United supporters would disagree with me, but in my opinion Robbo is and was the best club captain we ever and will probably ever have

  23. United4eva says:



  24. Nafis says:

    Great video! Get well soon Robbo!

  25. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Spectacular work there Ryan. Cheers for this.
    Goal at 2:15 was very very special. Good times.

  26. dannysoya says:

    FUCKING AMAZING PLAYER!!!. You will beat Cancer for SURE.

  27. King Eric says:

    How much would Robbo cost today in his pomp. A real iron man, leader and inspiration. Would have died for united. A proper warrior. When you look at the present day Ingerlund captain and compare him to bryan robson it says it all. Well to be honest you can’t compare the two. A true leader.

  28. King Eric says:

    Sorry cheers Ryan pal. Cannot watch it on blackberry but will watch it tomorrow.

  29. Ryandunny says:

    Thanks King Eric! Hope you enjoy it!

  30. Red Neville says:

    A true Titan, an Indiana Jones of football if there could be such a thing. How many players are there today that regularly and routinely make goal saving tackles at one end – then pop up at the other end with a towering header or stunning volley?

    He would still be the first name in an all time United 11 for me, and I’m not just saying that because of his illness. Makes you wonder how things would have turned out if he had stayed clear of injuries.

    Great memories!!!

  31. bobbycharlie1968 says:

    Get well soon Robbo and Giles!

    Being only 18 I’ve been lucky enough to be spoilt with success as a red down the years, but I regret never having the chance to see the big names of our past. And always included in the lists of Edwards, Charlton, Best, Law and other legends that have had the privilege of wearing the famous red shirt, and we as supporters had the privilege to watch, Captain Marvel was always there, included in our all time greats. Unlucky not to watch him, but respect him and love him as a legend nonetheless. That goal against the dippers is sensational. True legend.

  32. King Eric says:

    Bobbycharlie1968. I didn’t think you were only eighteen pal. That does surprise me.

  33. rednz says:

    Brilliant. I have fond memories of his last game at Old Trafford at the end of the ’93-’94 season. A really dour draw against Coventry but Captain Marvel was worth the 90 mins of Midlands shite football. That was when we stood in the Scoreboard Paddock singing “You can stick your fuckin seats up your arse” for quite some time after everyone else had left.
    Love NZ. Miss MUFC.

  34. AB says:

    True United LEGEND – not only best captain but the best central midfielder we’ve ever had!

  35. chuffer says:

    My absolute football & sporting hero!! Total winner who dragged United through th 80′s almost single handedly!! An inspiration to all football fans & a truly top bloke!! Just the mention of his name gets me choked up when I think bout all the pleasure he gave to me as a United fan in my teens.

    The clips of him wearing the No.12 just don’t seem right – he was & will always be the greatest No.7 at United.

    Fingers crossed he can put the cancer behind him & carry on being my hero for many years to come.

  36. jespermoses says:

    Nice video but why the dramatic music?

  37. Mancuniac says:

    That has brought goosebumps and taken me back all my memories of being a young kid going to united and sitting on the railings in the streford end paddock before being finally trusted by mt dad to go in the Stretty with my mates aged 15.!

    As a player he was pretty much a one man midfield, the only players who have come close to him as United’s midfield General since are Keane and Ince.

    Get well soon Robbo

  38. MisterDavid says:

    An awesome presence, in an often very fragile side: at times he was the whole spine of the team by himself – defensive rock, creative midfielder, goal-poacher and more.

    All the very best to him.

  39. markynorbs says:

    Amazing stuff.

    Get well soon Robbo.


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