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VIDEO: Carrick and Van Persie’s Goals Against Stoke

STO 0-1 MUN by Samu21213

STO 0-2 MUN by Samu21213

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  1. iced earth says:

    rvp will try to win the golden boot i belive he will beat the rat boy

  2. Marq says:

    Best moment of the match = Rvp’s celebration

  3. Red Robin says:

    3 more wins (if City keep on winning as well) and the trophy will be back to Old Trafford.

    … We’ll come on May to take it away….
    ,,,Walking in the Fergie wonderland,,,

  4. Andromeda says:

    That celebration stuff tells ya we are Champions but still work to be done!!!full concentration, six games to go.

  5. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    the nest two games are crucial. Especially away to west ham. They are very very tough side to play at Upton Park. And be rest assured they will not be as toothless as stoke. We have to be right up for it from the beginning to the end and must play with urgency for the full game. If we win the next two, then I will relax a bit. Van Persie’s drought is over so I expect him to start banging them in from here on out. COME ON BOYS!!! GET IT DONE!!!

  6. Marq says:

    Rvp is only 2 goals behind Suarez I think. The team should help him get the golden boot

  7. Doghouse says:

    Good win. Hard work and it was never going to be pretty.

  8. FletchTHEMAN says:

    3pts. Great result 80 points on the season with 6 to play.
    Pretty much seal the deal with 2 more wins. But any additional point puts it out of reach.

    What can you say about Carrick. Works so freaking hard. Gets way to little respect.
    Very tidy goal and he definitely deserved it.

    Michael Carrick’s goal was United’s 100th goal of the season! Very fitting that it be him!

    What can you say about RvP. What a class player! Starting to really love this guy. Great reaction after his goal. Who was the last guy who ran and hugged the manager. Must have been a top moment for Sir Alex as he has stood by Robin through a bit of a dry spell. Top lad!

  9. Hans says:

    @Red Robin
    It is actually 2 wins and a draw!!! We can win it at the Emirates!!!

    Before today I had a strong desire to see Sunderland go down use of their fans behaviour at the end of the last season. After today, and their fans sick taunts, Stoke have moved ahead of them. Their fans should fuck of, together with their Delilah, to Championship and hopefully further below!

  10. Taabu Lawrence says:

    We must play our full strength team against West Ham and Aston Villa to secure 6 vital points then pick u only on more from an other game…. then it will all beover. Under no cirumstance should we reserve any good player for a game not at hand. ManU ought to pay all the remainig games as if they were all finals.


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