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VIDEO: Chelsea’s Joe Cole Handball Which The Press Missed

There has been one thing that has surprised me in reading the match reports of today’s match between United and Chelsea. Not Park being given a ’6′ by most player ratings, when for me, he was probably our best, most determined player (and it seems I’m not alone, with the fan vote on MEN suggesting the same). Not the omission of the mention that Michael Ballack shoved Paul Scholes with two hands in the chest once the whistle had been blown. But the fact that Chelsea’s best chance of the game, other than the goal, being the result of blatant cheating from Joe Cole.

What did the press have to say?

The Times: There was always a nagging fear Joe Cole’s failure to find the net when he robbed Patrice Evra to give himself a clear sight of goal was going to prove costly.

The Guardian: There had nevertheless been signs that United were not watertight either, but Joe Cole missed the target when through on goal following a Nicolas Anelka flick.

Click here to see Cole control the ball with his arm before missing the target. It’s a bloody good job that he did miss, considering everyone is seemingly so blinded to his cheating, meaning he would have received full credit for it. I wonder, how selective is this blindness. Would the match reports have missed such a blatent handball if say, Cristiano Ronaldo was the guilty party…

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  1. denton davey says:

    Yeah, I thought that that was a handball, too. The announcers passed on it.

    Overall, though, Joey Cole had an appalling game – he couldn’t find the target on three very good chances. Anelka, was absolutely anonymous and I was surprised he wasn’t substituted when they brought on Drogba, who didn’t do much but was a hand-full.

    The game itself was rivetting, from the beginning to the very end. It was, as I wrote in commenting on another topic, kinda like a reprise of the CL final – we dominated them for the first thirty minutes and had a load of chances; the RentBoyz came on strong in the second half.

    Fletcher, Hargreaves, and Park (Park, especially) were just terrific in the opening thirty minutes. Fletcher had a strong game and I think he made the pass-of-the-match when he kicked the ball with the outside of his right foot – diagonally, across the pitch – into Ronaldo’s path down the right wing. It was a piece of skill that was the more surprising because Darren Fletcherinho isn’t supposed to do things like that.

    For me, the turning-point was the terrible shot by TheBoyWonder when he was alone on the edge of the penalty area after a pitch-length counter-attack. It was against the run-of-play but it could have put a nail in their coffin.

    Fair dues to the RentBoyz, they kept UTD from doubling the lead and then got something of a gift for their goal – who was supposed to be marking Kalou ? He was in behind Rio but I don’t think he was Rio’s responsibility – it seemed to me that he got away from John O’Shea. Anyone have a better view of that breakdown ?

  2. OTRed says:

    @Yep Denton Davey: Yep once again just like in the Boro match last season, O’Shea lost his man.

  3. OTRed says:

    …and why are the papers reporting United held by Chelsea???ffs we were the underdogs in this match and it was at Stamford Bridge, we are meant to be the ones doing the holding, lol

  4. Tom F says:

    Yeah, Davey… I agree on the Fletcherinho pass! I thought it was Scholes at first glance, just based on the quality of it.

    I thought Kuszczak could’ve made a proper decision when the ball came in for Kalou’s equaliser. I think he hesitated and ended up rooted to his spot. Rooney still hasn’t ‘found it’ but I still hope he keeps playing until he does, because he still had a good game at Stamford Bridge. Speaking of missed chances, I am just glad that Anelka didn’t react to what would’ve been an open goal.

    Over-all, we drew, so as Moz would say “I’m not happy and I’m not sad”.

  5. ManUnited10Titles says:

    I thought the Fletch pass was brilliant as well.

    Is it just me or does anyone else think that Rooney should have at least put that shot on target? I always knew he wouldn’t though…(I ashamed to admit it, but that seems to be my feeling whenever he gets those opportunities these days)

  6. nigel - mufc till i die says:

    Clear hand ball!

    Fletch and Park done us proud today, but……anyone else dissapointed with Berbatov’s lazy performace?

  7. Drew Vader says:

    The cross for their goal was headed in within the six yard box, which should never happen. A keeper should own the six yard box and clean up everything that dares to come in there, instead of being rooted to the spot.

    Did anyone see O’Shea do anything positive? I swear, that substitution is what cost us the points I think. When you are just playing “not to lose” instead of trying to fucking win the game, then you aren’t going to have any success. He came on, whiffed his first attempt at passing a ball, and then did absolutely nothing. Nothing. I personally would have taken off Berba and put on Tevez just to liven things up a bit and because Berba was horrible. Oh well. It feels like a loss

  8. reeeeeeeeeeeeedd says:

    i swear fletch always makes those passes tho

  9. Eujen says:

    it really does feel like a loss. normally i dont mind when o’shea comes on. but he came on to play in the centre of midfield, where we holding the play nicely, which disrupted the whole rhythm. You can tell from their goal Rio was in two minds whether to mark terry or kalou, so he ended up pushing terry out of the way to try and get to kalou. Though it was still dissappointing with Kusczak’s indecision to hold his position.

    I’m looking forward to see more of Darren Fletcher this season now. He always steps up nicely. Johnny Evans had a great game too, cleaned up all the spills in the box. But with the attack, the chemistry isnt there yet. Berbatov is doing all this flicky crap without looking and its going to no one. He needs to anticipate where Ronaldo and Rooney will so we can take full advantage, or otherwise just hold it up.

    ps. Michael Ballack does ten times to Paul Scholes. Paul Scholes reacts, then gets booked. I have no idea how Chelsea fans can say the FA are not sided with them.

  10. suhayl says:

    VDS = looking more and more suspect by the day. Flap flap and more flaps. Instilling real lack of confidence in him by the back 4. Rio getting vexed with him every game. Good he went off. Or he may have cost us more.

    Kushy = Steady..but should have come out to punch the ball in HIS own box. VDS mark II. Both keepers look suspect.

    Rio = awesome
    Jonny = brilliant
    Left back pat = top
    Nevo = lak of games and pace showed..lost a yard and got found out, bar that steady performance. Hope he gets better and fitter and gets that yard back.

    Fletcherino = surprised us..good performance
    Hargreaves = needs more game time to be more effective..but good job tracking done
    PARK = MOM brilliant

    Rooney = worked hard..great endeavour…lacking quality and composure in final third. His chance could have won us the game. Improving needs to be done.

    Berbatov = yes no pre season, transfer turmoil, time to settle in, hard game up first. Even so he look lazy in passing shooting..wayward fancy flicks and passes….too casual too cavalier…no running helping players etc etc. And he was the last man whp played kalou onside. Should have played carlitos..

    Ronaldo = needs more games
    O shea = ineffective

    A point = not good or bad


  11. suhayl says:

    oh yeh forgot the ginger magician = riley ruined his game with soft yellow..which meant he has to tread a fine line..with his record..hence SAF took him off

  12. suhayl says:

    and scott..answer to that is…NO they wouldnt have missed it if it was OUR player handballing like that… Riley would have given a straight red to our player had he done the same

  13. alan wood says:

    the chelsea goal was aclear foul because the ball was being headed by ferdiand was pushed by kalu see reeplays mates


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