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VIDEO: Chicharito goal vs Liverpool

chi by sr54r

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. santafereno says:

    Deo Gratias! Are we beginning to see the rebirth of our team?

  2. The Truth says:

    Classic Chicharito. God knows why Welbeck was preferred to lead the line against City. Oh wait, David Moyes.

  3. GFS says:

    Bold decisions from Moyes but it paid off in the end

    having the mobility of the youth at the back paid off

    its going to be interesting to see when/ if the oldies return to play again cuz buttner Evans smalling rafa were all amazing

  4. WeAreUnited says:














  5. The Truth says:

    Who took the decisive corner? That’s right it was THAT MAN Wayne Rooney. Let’s take a look at his season so far:

    Swansea – two assists
    Chelsea – best player
    Crystal Palace – goal, best player
    Leverkusen – two goals, assist, best player
    City – goal, best player
    Liverpool – assist, best player

    I’ll give the devil his due, Rooney has really stepped up to the plate this season despite not even wanting to be here. Fair play to him.

  6. davidjones says:

    “I’m very happy to have won the match without Suarez biting off Vidic’s arm or Evra’s ear or even try to French kiss any of my players. We were so worried about that during and worked on avoiding such situations with him. You are never sure what you would get from that lad”

  7. robplested says:

    Great goal his movement was brilliant and then the way he adjusted his body was amazing he needs to play more in my opinion and not always as a sub he needs to start games i really like him as a player

  8. davidjones says:

    During training*

  9. Hans says:

    Much needed victory. Performance wise, still a long way to go. Got to cut sloppiness out of our play. We often gave the ball away too cheaply and at times put ourselves under pressure by failing to clear the ball when we had chances to.

    Let’s now go on a run, and turn the season around.

  10. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Great performance by the team. Wonderful goal from Chicharito.

    Some team news just up on

    Cleverley out with injury! Moyes explains the choice of Phil Jones in MF.

    Moyes: I wasn’t sure if I wanted to play Phil in midfield but I felt he played very well. He broke the game up for us at the right time and we tried to get him in the middle of the pitch as much as we could.”

  11. Random says:

    Scored with his shin, no problem! His movement and anticipation cannot be taught. Still, needs more time to regain his decent standards of hold-up play, passing. Great celebration too.

  12. Sparkz says:

    Happy with the result, much needed. Particularly pleased with Buttner and Chicharito, love their attitudes as well as their performances.

    I don’t think we played that well. Were woeful at times in terms of keeping the ball and we were wide open in centre mid too often. Tactically, we couldn’t cope with Liverpool’s formation which was disappointing.

    Saying that – we played a much changed side, some of those guys hadn’t even had a pre season let alone played games this season! So good run out for them, and considering Liverpool played such a strong side…that’s a top result for us

  13. Ididnotzeeit says:

    Mexicutioner at it again. Fkn love this lad, purest poacher we’ve seen since Ruud (Saha with an honourable mention.) When he’s on the pitch he creates so much space for other plays as CBs are as nervous as pregnant nuns. Love his attitude, his humility and fk me, his movement off the ball is world class.

    Get in little pea and keep it up! Great win tonight

  14. Alom says:

    Is there any extended highlights anywhere? so sad I missed this :\

  15. MEXICO is RED says:

    It is great to read all your comments about Javier Hernández, it is sad that a lot of people in Mexico hates this chap, all because our national team is fighting for survival to go to the World Cup and we have a lack of goal, the problema is not him, the problema is the midfield, does not work.


  16. Sushi says:

    They hate him in mexico?? what the fuck, isn’t he the leading scorer of the national team??

  17. Red In Taipei says:

    Chicharito – Loved by Reds all over the world.

  18. DreadedRed says:

    Well done United! Especially David Moyes, who will be our Manager for a decade or more.
    I’m glad we still have the League Cup available to blood players and balance fitness.

    Next up, a home draw against Norwich City in the fourth round, late in October.

  19. DreadedRed says:

    The full League Cup draw:

    Sunderland v Southampton
    Leicester City v Fulham
    Birmingham City v Stoke City
    Manchester United v Norwich City
    Burnley v West Ham United
    West Brom/Arsenal v Chelsea
    Tottenham Hotspur v Hull City
    Newcastle United v Manchester City

  20. DreadedRed says:

    … Arsenal v Chelsea

  21. slim says:

    drat. was posting on the other thread, didin’t know this was up. still pertinent so

    Suddenly seeing Welbeck lumped in with the”he shouldn’t be playing” group.
    He’s one of my favourite so i’m gonna stick up for him. He should be playing.
    He brings boat loads, not much by way of scoring(yet) but he’s aquality youngster who’s not afraid to try stuff. Not his best form so far but i reckon he come good as the season progresses. Its simple really. Like someone mentioned with respect to Kagawa, Dannys a much better player with other quality around him. I really do believe we can see a whole new side to our attackers when and if we get not just the midfield in order, but the whole squad changing their attitude when it comes to starving the opposition of the ball.
    This is something we have to get to grips with. No one single player is going to do that for us and i’m waiting to see how DM intends to achieve this. Playing a 100 miles per hour is great if you have the right players, hell playing kick and run or hoof the ball works so long as you have the players who subscribe to that ethos. Not quite sure what we’re about yet. When we slow it down, the magic is missing when its time to deliver the last ball or even the 2nd/3rd to the last.
    I’d say we’re more inclined to play at a blistering pace with the players we have. And that brings me to my earlier point about keeping the ball and starving the opposition.Its simply not up to scratch and thats the most frustrating thing for me.
    I also think we should have competition for places nailed down. Our attackers are dynamic and can play in a number of positions anyway but it’d much better n my opinion if we can string together a decent run with settled 11 and subs getting game time in a adaptive way as opposed to reactionary.
    Of course, it doesn’t always go to plan but the onus is on us to get it right so that we can grow as a team

  22. DreadedRed says:

    He is a nasty little cunt, but it was a little harsh of that sniper to shoot Suarez in the back.

  23. midfield-man says:

    commentator “if anyone is going to be able to adjust his feet it’s this man” no shit.
    Considering RVP’s injury he should be playing 90 and NEVER be played ahead of wellbeck.

    Gem of a player, top attitude, improves his other skillset.

  24. samuel - united WE stand says:

    No suprises there, kagawa, nani, rooney all play as a forward line and although it wasn’t champagne football all round, we looked a lot more fluid. The attackers all possess technical ability and guile, all unpredictable and they combined superbly at times.

    Kagawa showed glimpses of his undoubted quality yet again. Guile, craft skill… He has it all. His movement off the ball is clever, he can be sloppy sometimes in terms being caught on the ball ocassionally but his passing both short and long range is superb. He always wants to get on the ball and the more je is handed it, the more confidence he will get. He is a smooth runner, glides effortlessly across the pitch, popping into space, creating and I think he will soon be more of a goal threat. Moyes needs to play him more, trust the lad. He is a world class player in the making. Kagawa is not the strongest but he works hard off the ball and if moyes instructs him to track players then he will do it but going forward, he can be one of the best players. That sharp turn, run and shot off the ball typifies what kagawa brings and we must utilise as best as possible.

    Nani wasn’t entirely sparkling but then again, this is his actual first start, he brought back that unpredictability on the wide role. He was playing short intricate passes, combining, carving out openings, making runs. A fluid and flexible gets the best out of nani for me. He can create, he can score. Give him the opportunity to get back to his best.

    Rafael again brought back what we’ve missed at right back. Energy, drive, flair. He is a,real powerhouse when going forward, his defending is also improving. Think rafael and nani could form a superb partnership if given chance. First game back, hopefully gets back to his best soon for rafael.

    Smalling looked solid. He is one centre half that has attribute to be the complete centre half. He is aerially strong, he’s got mobility and pace, he can tackle and reads the game. All he needs to add more composure, distribute the ball better and improve concentration. Needs to avoid injuries, he is capable of being first choice hopefully when he improves aspects of his game.

    De gea was superb, shot stopping superb as we know. Hopefully will.only get better.

    A win is a win against pool, still improvements to be made, we still need to find that complete package in central mid, but the platform to be a top team is there, moyes must play the best players as he can. Robin, rooney, kagawa, nani, rooney should be the.main forward line for me, they are flexible and bring fluidity.

    Hope to see zaha soon, may get his chance vs westbrom

  25. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Oh and yeah, adding hernandez to it. He was superb, his all round game is improving all the time, his touch has got better and so has his passing. He also bagged his customary goal, sharp as an axe in front of goal, he won’t be happy to play second fiddle to van persie, he wants more game..quality player.

  26. berbatov9 says:

    The past 2 years is the poorest of form we’ve seen from Wayne Rooney…and added some indecisive loyalty toward the club…not going to say I love him…but Wayne Boy this season is world class…dont care about his main motivation as long as he keep up the great work…Welcome Back Wayne…

    Kudos to Moyes to not selling him…that is 1 job well done gaffer…

  27. In David We Trust says:

    samuel – like I said on the other post, all I have seen since 2009 is regression, I will always say this, the team is not in transition, if for 60% of games guys like ferdinand vidic evra carrick valencia young and giggs continue play, because we are not really seeing any improvement or potential in the team because of the age, or quality of the players, well in valencia and young their potential is has good as it gets, and now giggs case because of age.its average Now I have no probs seeing ferdinand vidic evra and carrick playing, they are key players in the team, I still stand by my view it made sense playing valencia and young, because other players in their position like nani and kags have hardly played. But if we are going to see improvement in the team in terms of transition, we got to start playing guys like nani and kagwa more, because they will offer the team far more in the next few years, and the fluency and technical ability makes the team better.

    Now my mate who is a liverpool fan, he made an interesting point to me, now we have all said the CM is a big problem, he thinks its not the CM that’s lacking, its the wide players in his eyes is whats made the team worse off. Which I agree with, but I still think the entire midfield is a problem, not just the wide.positions. But I do feel, if we continue to play guys like ashley young, we will have these problems

    Relieved that we won, but lets see in the coming months where we are at then, it shows once again why kagwa nani and hernandez should be well ahead of valencia young and welbeck in the starting births. They offer us so many different things, hernandez ability to score goals, along with the technical ability of nani and kagwa gives the team a much better variety and options, instead of pedestrian ability that valencia young offer the team.

  28. Yang says:

    No surprise with Chica scoring. I hope he stay with us as the first class super-sub. Welbeck is fine player and homegrown English striker so Chica won’t start as many game as he want though.

    Is there any player better than him in front of goal? Oh yeah, Messi and Ronaldo.

  29. Rd54 says:

    Mexico is red
    It’s ridiculous ,just like many people here hate wazza ,your top scorer waiting for record breaking ,fxxk

  30. danielandthebus says:

    Anyone else thinks sometimes the players stopped playing for each other? Seriously, there were lotsa times when there were space and no one helped the guy with the ball by running into space, keeping it flowing, instead they just stand at where they are.

  31. Dela says:

    Was delighted for Hernandez tonight to get the winner. Even if its just the Capital One Cup, it’s always nice to beat Liverpool. I think if RvP is still unavailable at the weekend there is little doubt that Hernandez will play, given that he was taken off with 20 minutes to go when there are other substitutions that could have been made.

    It wasn’t a terrific performance but it definitely was better than I expected. Liverpool, from their line up, clearly went out tonight to win the game. I knew they would play Suarez but I was surprised to see Sturridge in the team, and some of their other “big” names.

    Whereas for United, Evans and Smalling in center half, rafa just back from injury, buttner at LB, Giggs and Jones in midfield, Nani finally back, Shinji on the left, Rooney the only surviving outfield player from City and Hernandez just back, to get the win was definitely appreciated and above what was probably expected when the line ups came out prior to kick off.

    I think Moyes has a lot to think about after that game. Even though we now have a fairly easy run for several weeks, don’t think that the game against shakhtar donetsk isn’t important, it’s VERY important. Six points on the board after two group games is crucial IMO. We want to top that group.

    Can’t wait to see the line-up against West Brom. Nani looked rusty at times tonight but I think he bought himself a ticket into the starting line-up, he put in a few decent balls toward hernandez that scared Liverpool at times which is great when you consider they had three across the center at back.

    Thankfully we only have to wait until Saturday :-)

  32. Ash says:

    Boy is really good finisher. One of the best in the world.

    Our players rating

  33. scholes says:

    brilliant win. jones was amazing today. covering up for mr giggs who had audacity to run at keeper playing in 4-4-2. giggs needs to stay in midfield most of the time if he plays as MF.

    i think we need to work on some 4-3-3 formations to revisit the era of ronny, roo & tevez. with carrick and fellaini as holding MFs and kagawa upfront, let rooney, RVP and chicha unfurl on oppositions. nani can slip in also. classic 4-4-2 is long gone and gets found out against better opposition. i still cannot contemplate how welbeck started against city,

    it is always a great feeling to get one over lpool.

  34. dazbomber says:

    So glad for our manager David Moyes

  35. greenman says:

    It was unreal how Chicharito adjusted his legs to guide the ball into the goal, it looked almost like the ball bounced off both his legs (or was that what really happened? It was too quick). He has to be given starts or we might end up underrating him like we do Carrick, they are both players whose vital movements off the ball are rarely seen on the TV, Gary Neville seems to be the only pundit out there willing to point things like this out, he had one session on Carrick which was priceless.

  36. samuel - united WE stand says:

    IDWT – I agree with your saying that to ensure a proper transition, we need to trust some of the younger players more, I suppose the coaches would say that too much could be too soon and of course the likes legendary giggsy will always command respect, you just wonder if the progression would be better with the younger players given more responsibility. They’ll make mistakes but they will improve all the time. You can’t underestimate experience and I think united have more often than found that right balance between having experience/spine of the team and continuity and progression of players with potential, I think moyes has to continue that philosophy, he needs to know when to move some players on. At some point we have to see the likes of smalling playing regularly, we need to see him ahead of rio and performing well, he is capable of it but needs to stay fit in order for continuity (of course on merit), you want to see the likes of jones starting regularly at centre-half, michael keane coming through, wouldn’t mind a purchase of another top centre-half

    Regarding kagawa and nani, you could see exactly what they bring and it’s unpredictability. When they are in the team with rooney, van persie or the improving hernandez, you could see the fluidity there, we are moving the ball at pace and from any angle. These players have strong technical ability, they can combine well due to their intelligence and individually, they all have skill, this is what makes the difference at the highest level, predictable placid and stale football won’t. Moyes said kagawa still isn’t fully match fit but he will be if he keeps playing, he surely is pencilled in to start vs westbrom and then we carry that on. I think when you have kagawa, van persie, hernandez, rooney, nani, zaha, januzaj etc, you have that flexibility, we become a lot more difficult to resist

    Regarding the wide-role, i’m not sure it needs as much of a fixing as we might think. Ashley young is a squad player for the duration of his contract, we know valencia is a plan B with his direct play and has a part to play for united in terms of changing tactics. In zaha, nani, januzaj and lingard, united can form those quality attacking wide players, of course 3 of them are inexperienced but you give them the chance to progress. Those 4 are technically gifted and can drift into any position across the forward-line and they’ll still look comfortable. I don’t think there are many avalaible readymade world class wide men out there, most are with big clubs. We have some of ours and if given time and chances, they’ll blossom. Also add larnell cole who is yet to get competitive football, I think these players progressing are key to the transition. One thing though, I disagree on welbeck. I think he has a big part to play, okay perhaps there are question marks and he has improvements to make in terms of composure and his finishing and in time, I think it will, I think he is worth persevering with. He’s got great technical ability, strenghth and skill but it’s that added composure he needs to be more of a goal getter. He has a tough battle trying to get in the centreforward position, think he could occupy those wide roles and still make an impact, just needs to improve some parts of his game, we must take our time with welbeck

    Regarding central mid, I think it’s the position holding united back. We still go into big games trying to hit on the break. It’s admirable and united’s counter attacking must always be part of the style but some top teams will nullify it and impose their game on united, we need to be able to step up and match that, go toe to toe, I think re-construction is still needed. Powell and petrucci are out on loan, both centralmids, I hope they progress well and come back to challenge for a first team but we have to bring in top quality, doesn’t necessarily have immediately proven but quality potential players that will continue to develop and be amongst the main-stays in central mid. We can’t be having giggsy and jones in there.

    I think the platform is there for a powerful team, it may take time for it all to fall in place and it’s also up to moyes in terms how smooth the transition will be, he has to evolve his mentality and blend with not only the modern way of football but also manchester united. He.s shown he isn’t afraid to play younger players like januzaj, he is hopefully showing he isn’t against having playmakers like kagawa, he needs to be bold, progressive but also find balance, balance is key.

  37. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Can I also add that rooney is looking superb. He looks hungry, driven and sharp. He looks lean and lighter across the ground, he looks like he’s got a yard of more pace back. He looks powerful and fully fit, he is creating and scoring goals. Some tried saying he was finished and I disputed that through-out, I knew that a fully focused rooney can still be key for united, he is a,talisman without a doubt. The fact moyes is playing him in every game is good, keeps him sharp, you get wayne in best shape possible. He is returning to his rampaging best, he has clearly been practising a lot of his freekicks and has added another string to his bow. It’s good for united, another new contract may be cooking in the oven.

  38. xyz says:

    I agree with a lot of the reaction on here to yesterday’s performances and formation/tactics in general. However there’s a few elephant’s in the room that need to be addressed. I am not a United player basher so will try to keep the criticism constructive:

    1. Buttner is not and never will be our first choice left back. It’s a shame because he is fast, has a good engine, is good on the ball and crosses well. But his positioning is dreadful and he comes off his feet way to easily which leaves him exposed to “tricky” players. I wonder can we rebuild him as a winger?

    2. I am worried Phil Jones is going to be another John O’Shea. Yes he has bags of talent – strong, brave, fit, reads the game reasonably well and for a defender is fairly comfortable on the ball. But he’s not a good enough crosser to be first choice full back and I believe he is behind Smalling and Evans at CB. That leaves midfield holding player but I’m not sure his passing is good enough. I know he is still young but at this stage (I am not writing him off!) I fear he’s going to be a solid utility player for us rather than a stand-out centre half.

    3. Smalling should no longer be played at right back unless all of Rafael, Fabio, Jones and Valencia are injured. I don’t care if he gives us more height, he is a centre half not a full back. And I think he’s going to be a damn good centre half too. Yes he had a few careless passes yesterday which put us under unnecessary pressure but I think he is a class act and the long term replacement for Rio.

    4. Kagawa is not a left winger. He’s not fast enough on the counter, does get back to cover the full back enough. It’s a terrible shame as I think he is a class act but it seems his only position is playing at 10 which at the moment Rooney is doing unbelievably well. I don’t know what the answer is though – Moyes is trying to give him game time but he is not playing well there and seems to be getting more and more frustrated. I wonder could we try him in centre midfield alongside Jones or Fellaini? I know he’s not going to be breaking up play but maybe he can get more involved there.

    As others have mentioned, great to see Nani back, great to see the Little Pea getting a run out and scoring, Rooney’s form is quite remarkable. Would love to have seen Zaha get a run out but other than that, there was a lot to be pleased with in the performance.

  39. Norman-85 says:

    Interesting fact: United’s goalscorers this season – van Persie (6), Rooney (4), Welbeck (2), Hernandez (1) – awsome attack
    Oh yeah and Valncia got the other – just trying to point out how effective our forwards are though.

  40. Little Red Ant says:

    Loved the live blog last night – full of United passion

  41. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Xyz – is kagawa playing as an orthodox left winger though? It’s the position he primarily starts off with then he drifts and combines, he is not playing as a left winger. A more fluid and flexible tactics would bring the best out of kagawa. He is best in a free role, I think the 3 attacking players behind the main centreforward should be licencsed to roam and pop into pocket of space. United need to be more clever and inventive, not rigid. Kagawa starts off fron the left and then drifts in, when united lose the ball then he can tuck to that left side. Fact is, he isn’t the strongest and isn’t going to put in bone crunching tackles but if he instructed, he will track back, he has the work-rate to do so. The best players tend to get back and help the defence, they take it as a responsibilty. Look at bayern, you have ribery and even robben putting in a shift and I think kagawa can take that on board. His job of course is to reak havoc and create or score goals but he can also get back, it’s a team after all.

  42. xyz says:

    @Samuel – always a pleasure to have civilised debate on tactics!

    I take your point about him playing more like an inside left in attack and then winger in defence. The problem I see is that he often ends up in hte box when an attack breaks down and opposition teams immediately attack down the right – this is no coincidence, they do their homework. It’s true that he may have to learn the position including the art of tracking back, but I fear he lacks the pace to get back in defence quickly enough. Danny, despite not being a natural winger,, busts a gut (and is quick) and so provides good cover for the defense when he plays that roll. He’s not nearly as creative as Kagawa but works hard and has an eye for goal. At the moment, even though I think Kagawa is a better player than Danny,I would start Danny on the left wing before Kagawa. Though I think medium term Zaha and Nani will be the wings……

  43. Saad says:

    Chicha scores regularly against Chelsea and Liverpool, two of our biggest rivals. Even if RVP and Wazza are fit, Chicha should get the start or at least get 30 mins against these two rivals.

  44. WeAreUnited says:

    @samuel,dela and IDWT

    Great comments, especially Samuel, spot on. Did you btw noticed guys how well Nani and Kagawa combines? They could find each other and play amazing football, I think that’s something for Moyea to look on.

    Also Rooney is the Rooney we love, DID YOU SEE the celebration he made when chica scored? He jumped and celebrated like when we won the 08CL, now tht’s the guy we need, put a pen on it! Gotta say he’s winning me back, of course 90% is forgive 10% don’t forget.

    Chica was amazing, remember samuel when I talked about him and how his all around game will be crucial for him to be infront of welbz, though if Welbz adds thoae goals like in his first game then he’d be even a bigger threat, but if he continues like this (only 7 games in, hard to judge) then he will be a wideplayer or the 4 choice, depending on Moyes.

    We did not play fluid football, but we showed yesterday what we have in our locker, fresh players willing to fight for their place.

    Januzaj getting again 20 minutes was welcoming.

  45. scholes says:

    @ xyz

    excuse me for disagreeing with you mate but i do not see welbeck as LW or as an guy who has eye for goal. he is a typical english CF who hustles and bustles.

    regarding kagawa on left and accompanying defensive problems, i think playing carrick and fellaini together will solve that problem. with tendencies of both fellaini and carrick to hold onto their position any swift counter attack can be broken by either of them. if giggs is playing in MF (with lack of positional discipline) then utd are in spot of bother

    i firmly believe if we play kagawa, rooney, rvp, nani together we do not need much of a creative midfielder. we would have too much of a creativity upfront and with strong MFs who can just pass the ball to them quickly utd will be a hard team to handle.

  46. WeAreUnited says:


    Good point on kagawa and that even though he has to track back more, maybe does not have that pcae to track fast, and we’re veing exposed there ALTHOUGH, players should cover each others if this happens.

    But the thing is, kagawa can’t take rooneys plays the way rooney is playing. So we either change the tactics so kagawas side does not get exposed or put someone else in, AND I would go with kagawa, we’ll see what Moyes does

  47. ChichoTheLesbo says:

    I also noticed that Chicho cut down on his offsides, too. Just sayin’.

  48. BK says:

    I think we should play Kagawa, Nani ahead of Welbeck, Young. Also Smalling in place of Rio.


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