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VIDEO: Chicharito Goals vs Stoke

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. fergie is the boss says:

    Red Devil – it is what I call a balancing act when buying. I am all for finding gems like javier and chris that is what I like and that is what united pay the scouts for, but what I am not a fan of is? buying young players for the sake of it. and then they are of no use to us and they get moved on. Look at obertan, not being funny he has not exactly taken united by storm and he is about javiers age, and already hernandes is making the talk of the town. Look at what united could have signed instead of obertan, adam johnsen who went to shitty, and schneider both players transfer fees totalled together 20 million. So it shows if the club looks a bit harder there is always that quality out there.

  2. RedGem says:

    Cedars…better listen to the wifey…you’ll be happier that way…lol..

    I met Fergie, too, and I have a picture with him. Isn’t he just awesome?????

  3. fergie is the boss says:

    also red devil, if united sign a world class midfielder who is the complete package most of our problems will be solved. a left sided midfielder I would also like, but to reform the spine of the team united get that gem who can dictate and create this team will blow everyone out of the water. But at most united 3 players, a GK, a top class central midfielder, and a left winger. That is it for what united need for to complete the squad

  4. RedGem says:

    fitb..didnt you see our new left winger today?

  5. Red Devil says:


    I’ll agree with you on the looking harder for quality part…let me add Van der vaart to that list as well….

    But I think you’re being harsh on Obertan….He’s not really had a chance is he…I mean last year was his first year and he was injured for 4 months of the season. Of the few ocassions he got his chance, he showed glimpses of hi talent, (remember the Wolfsburg game..!)

    This year, he did really well in pre-season but the poor guy again got injured…So he hasnt relly got many opportunities to shos his talent has he? I mean look at him when he came on against Bursaspor….he looked a fucking monster…he’s bulked up so much and the EPL defenders will no longer shrug him off….I think he can go on to be a big player…let him at least have his chance before writing him off..

  6. Fze123 says:

    @Costas, I don’t know if it’s possible for a 29 year old footballer to get faster, lol. I would say that he is making decisions quicker this season, though. He is passing and taking shots more quickly, unlike last season, where he would keep the ball for 10 seconds or so, unnecessarily holding up play in situations where there’s a great oppourtinity to shoot for example, and then releasing it. Imo his vision and ability to calculate passes doesn’t require him to be a fast runner, a bit like Scholes in this aspect. Anyway, its great to see this consistency from him.

  7. Red Devil says:

    apologies for the poor spelling….its really late here and am a bit tired :)

  8. slim says:

    @ fergie is the boss

    ahem, i beg to differ on the obertan issue, the boy is simply a class act. The staff at the club are top noth but i believe they are missing a beat by not playing this guy more often. Granted he only had a few minutes today but his close control, off the ball running, passing are fantastic. In addition he’s bulked up too , maybe SAF feels it’ll send out the wrong message if he starts him ahead of other wingers, then again the only winger to start todays game was Nani. IMO we’ll be seeing more of him soon and i rate him to be just as good as adam johnson at shitty

  9. fergie is the boss says:

    RedGem – long term united need a new left winger, evra I still rather at LB. Bale would be a dream imagine nani and bale out wide that would make defenders shit their pants.

    Red Devil – maybe it was but he lacks the cutting edge and end product, nani and ronaldo took till the end of time to deliver so maybe he needs time or in better terms he does need time. But what ronaldo and nani had was time, ronaldo had giggs and scholes to look up to, nani had ronaldo scholes and giggs to learn from. Obertan does not have that luxury, and with giggs coming to the end a LW is needed badly.

  10. Fze123 says:

    @dela, yeah that counter attack was delightful too. I assume the formation we will be consistenly playing this season will be 4-4-2, which means we’ll see plenty of counters again. We have played plenty of fluid, quick football this season as this formation had allowed us to but too many goals have been leaked as a result of this.

  11. fergie is the boss says:

    but the real priority is a GK and a CM, a winger should be last piece of the midfield jigsaw

  12. CedarsDevil says:

    @ RedGem

    Well spotted on our left wing situation, could actually be a striker as well! I was not lucky enough to take a picture with the great man, I just ran into him in a Manchester hotel and chatted with him for a couple of minutes, to me it felt like eternity!! LOL

    As for listening to the wife, you are spot on, YES DEAR is my fav statement and it works like a charm every time…..

    Now let us go on a run of successive wins and hopefully do to shitty what Eindhoven did to Feyrenord today……. That would make my year

  13. Costas says:


    I know it sound weird. But I look at him bursting forward and he appears to do it faster than say, last April at the Wastelands. I agree about his decision making.

  14. RedScot says:

    When united need a spark, enter the peitit poi, lol As natural a finisher as Micheal Owen in his prime.
    The boy with electricity in them there legs.
    The first goal for me was like a salmon leaping and turning and twisting it was magnificent.
    I also enjoyed seeing his pleasure and his team mates collectively embrace as a group.
    Just United through and through.
    Fitted in at this magnificent club like “Its meant to be”

  15. Fze123 says:

    @fergie is the boss, we do have someone who can play on the left side of midfield, I assume you have forgotten about Cleverley. I have a great feeling he may be brought back in January, if he wasn’t on loan I honestly doubt we would have had to resort to playing Evra on the left flank today. It’s a shame he didn’t stay because with Nani taking Valencia’s place on the right, he would have certainly got games on the left.

  16. fergie is the boss says:

    CedarsDevil – your defiantly whipped with the wife there LOL.

    na a striker is the last place united should be looking at

  17. denton davey says:

    Cantona 7 @ 19:25: “He is going to give Sir Alex a much more preferred dilemma than the newly-ended one.. haha..Chicharito links with Berba and Nani better than Rooney does.. Maybe Rooney will have to play left again after this.”

    This underlines an ongoing problem for the post-CR team – what is the best formation/tactical organization to best take advantage of the available talent ? For the past 18 months we have seen that DimitarBerbatov and WayneRooney don’t mesh well together; now, we see that Chicharito/Nani work much better with DimitarBerbatov. These three guys work well together and it might just make sense to stick with them. So, I think that it migtt be time to dust off the plans to re-cast WayneRooney as a box-to-box midfielder – today, for instance, the midfield lacked aggression (which is strange to say when DarrenFletcherinho is snapping at heels but neither PatriceEvra or the GingerNinja were really up to much – Scholes, in particular, was pretty dire).

    I know that a lot of you just don’t like that idea but, really, it’s also a question of necessity – which is, after all, the mother of invention. Look at it this way, SAF tinkers too much with the manpower so there is a certain lack of synchro-mesh in the play of the guys who should be “regulars”. What is it now ? 140 EPL games with a different first team. I know that he does this “Tinkerman” act because he wants to play a “squad rotatiion” but I think that he’s gone overboard. What works best in central defence is having a stable tirangle of Edwin, Rio. Vidic; what doesn’t seem to work is having a constant rotation among the attacking players. Or, consider this: UTD should be doing whatever possible to make sure that the team-sheet/formation/strategy that is employed for EPL games makes use of the best players – and, from an attacking point-of-view, that means WayneRooney can be re-deployed elsewhere. He might have been a real horse’s arse this week – and for about two months before that, too – but he’s a real talent.

    The manager needs to find a way to get his best players together on the field. And, if that means changing WayneRooney into a box-to-box midfielder then so be it. It might not make the maximum use of his own talents but it would allow Nani/Berbatov/Chicharito to build on their attacking success. But, more significantly, it would address the quality that is lacking in his midfield options.

    I’m just HUGELY IMPRESSED with Chicharito – as someone else noted, he has that “nose for goal” that used to characterize the YoungMichaelOwen. Great anticipatiion, great timing, great finishing, and an ability to live off the shoulder of the last defender so he stretches the field.

    For all the talk about “ambition”, it has seemed to me that the manager’s “tinkering” has rather undermined the quality of his first-choice, first-team. Since the departure of CR, SAF has tried all sorts of combinations to try to find his best one. I think that “thinking outside the box” and using WayneRooney/DarrenFletcherinho in box-to-box midfield roles – ahead of Scholes or Carrick who can either be the “quarterback” or the “defensive shield” (hopefully both) might be a way to unleash the talent that is presently firing fitfully.

  18. fergie is the boss says:

    Fze123 – I have not forgotten about cleverly. Unless cleverly is given enough games then the midfield is still in need of surgery. But a world class CM and a GK is the priority

  19. RedGem says:

    @Cedars…lol…I can see you’re well trained..anyway, if you need tips on what to say to keep a woman happy, let me know… :)

    I hope today is gonna be the real start of our wining ways and mentality! I am just so relieved…

  20. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Who is writing gabriel obertan off? The boy has hardly played for the first team, he has being affected by injuries too, but he always showed glimpses of talent.

    Now he has got back, he looks powerful and strong, added with his blistering pace and trickery, he’ll cause mayhem for defenders, just give him time, he has the required technical ability to make it, just needs to work on end product as that’s what seperates the best wingers from the rest, he should learn from giggs and watch how nani has developed.

  21. CedarsDevil says:


    I wan not saying we need a striker, if you read my response to RedGem, I was simply implying that Evra could play there………… Cheers

  22. RedGem says:

    FITB…agree w/ Cedars and also re my post, I also wasn’t suggesting that we turn Paddy into full time winger…it was more tounge-in-cheek tho’ in reality it could work.

  23. Tomo1982 says:

    Have to say it must be pretty disheartening for the likes of Obertan and Bebe if your left back is given the nod on left wing ahead of you.

    Now I’ve said many times Evra has the skill, pace and ability to play on the wing, but his form has been pretty woeful at times this season, and Sheasy has hardly covered himself in glory either.

    If the coaching team are happy with the depth of the squad then I’m not sure why we need to shoehorn players in to different positions… however they have a lot more experience and success than I do.

    To kind of contradict what I have just said, Rooney playing in the middle would be interesting to see… Fletcher seems to be struggling this season, he gave the ball away needlesssly at times again today, and I think he suffers without someone who can put in a good shift alongside him in the middle and Rooney will vertainly do that… though he is far from forgiven yet!

  24. CedarsDevil says:

    @ RedGem

    Thanks for the offer my fellow red devil, will keep that in mind….One last share before I hit the hay, an ex boss of mine once told me ‘ a person may change jobs, change countries, political opinions and even wives/husbands but the one thing people NEVER do is change love for a football club’……

    UNITED for life

    Night all

  25. StatesideAussie says:

    @DentonDavey … I agree that Berba, Chicha and Nani all work well together, and have thought so for some time. I also agree that Berba and Rooney do NOT work well together — there seems to be no chemistry or understanding there at all. And never has been. (And as I have said in the past, that isn’t necessarily a criticism of either player.)

    I hadn’t thought of Rooney playing in the midfield. He certainly has the energy to go box-to-box, as you said. I am not convinced it will work, but perhaps it is worth a try. Wonder what Rooney would think of that? Hahaha!

    Anyway, Chicha is hot right now — and long may it continue. I thought had some long stretches today where he went missing. Berbatov was excellent, causing havoc and creating chances in and around the 18-yard box. I would like to see him keep scoring himself as well, though. If these guys keep it up while WR is injured, that is going to give SAF a lovely little problem to deal with: drop one of the in-form guys for the out-of-form WR, or leave his highest paid player on the bench.

    Or, as you say, do something completely different.

  26. RedGem says:

    @statesideaussie…completely agree with your post..

    so did you watch the game at 5:30Am today? if i recall, you are on pacific time.

  27. cantona7 says:

    @Denton Davey well i think that is a brilliant idea. The closest we have seen in the whole league that can ping a pass almost as good as Paul Scholes is, Wayne Rooney. Wayne Rooney has the perfect mould to become a midfield libero, and i also think he actually does not look natural upfront. Rooney is not so talented in positioning, he took long time to hone it, and when he loses form, he will again need long time to regain the positioning sense. Maybe “not so talented” is not the most suitable phrase but he does seems to be thinking too much.

    I would also like to see Rooney practice more on his freekick, and he can be our main freekick taker. He scored from a freekick on his debut for us. I mean, he can ping a long ball cross the field with deadly accuracy, freekick should be simple for him..

  28. denton davey says:

    StateSideAussie/Cantona7 – thanks for the “props”; it’s good to know that some other don’t think i’m daft-as-a-brush.

    On a related issue, “CaughtOffSide” is reporting (or should I write “reporting”) that Fergy’s #1 target is Sebastian Schweinsteiger for 35 million. He was the best player at the World Cup and even at 25 he is immensely experienced. Schweini would be an absolutely perfect addition to UTD’s first-team. Operating behind WayneRooney and DarrenFletcherinho and we’d have a truly awesome midfield – as good in its own way as the FabFour at the turn of the millenium.

  29. Colbert says:

    @denton davey

    His name is “Bastian Schweinsteiger”. I would love to see him here, because he was absolutely immense at the World Cup and is a fantastic player, but it won’t happen in a million years I think. He’s way too expensive for us and seems like he’s well settled in Bayern.

  30. utd4life says:

    ridiculous header and then a textbook poacher’s goal..he’s got great positional sense, pace and heading abilities..I fancy him to score 15 goals this season..The team has to exploit his pace a bit more because he leaves defenders for dead with those well timed runs..He had made such 1 run but was wrongly flagged offside.. I simply love the trio of Nani-Berbatov-Chico..Hope SAF plays them regularly so that they can build up their chemistry..then we will be devastating on the counter attack..

    All SAF has to do is just sort out the midfield because it lacks creativity and urgency..As Denton Davey and Stateside Aussie mentioned..Why not try Rooney in the midfield??It could just work..Another experiment I wouldn’t mind seeing is trying out Fabio on the left wing..but i hope obertan gets more games because I believe he will come good once he starts playing on a consistent basis..

  31. willierednut says:

    caughtoffside = Bullshite

  32. denton davey says:

    willierednut @ 12:49 – you’re probably right BUT I hope not ! I used to be a huge fan of Daniele De Rossi but Schweinsteiger’s performances against UTD in the CL and then at the World Cup changed my priorities.

    Colbert @ 4:46 – actually, his name is “Sebastian” but his nickname is “Bastian”. So much for the inventiveness of nicknames in the present game. When I was a kid – a long time ago and far, far away – I used to select my teams-of-choice (Rams in football, Dodgers in baseball, and les Canadiens in hockey) BECAUSE they had players with nicknames like “BIg Daddy” or “CrazyLegs” or “Tank” or “Deacon Dan” or “Night Train” or “Preacher” or “Duke” or “Pee Wee” or “The Rocket” or “The Pocket Rocket” or “Boom Boom”. Now, what do we get ? “Giggs-y” or “Scholes-y” are just lame so it’s not a failing that is confined to other teams’ players, such as “JT”.

    But, be that as it may be, as UTD4life @ 8:37 writes, the Nani-Berbatov-Chicharito combination seems to have real chemistry which has to raise questions about what to do with WayneRooney. I don’t think I’m alone in believing that he might be better used (as far as the team is concerned) by deploying him in “the engine room” where his drive, energy, and new-found sense of contrition might be best exploited. The guy is, first and foremost, a footie-player – a street football player – who would be a marvellous “replacement” for the GingerNinja – and at almost no cost (leaving aside the monstrosity of his contract !).

    It seems to me that if we’re looking for a new, updated version of Bryan Robson then we only have to take another look at what is already in the squad. But, then, what do I know ? I thought that Alan Smith would have been a good replacement for the great Keane-o (and he might have been IF he hadn’t had that horrendous broken leg…….)

  33. Rajabu says:

    U ar still leading to score big up u ar self chicharito…

  34. emily says:

    o my god this cute and sexi guy is an awesome player………….. :) besides bieng cute and hot he is a really good athlet……………. love you chicharito!!!!!!!!!!!!


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