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VIDEO: Chicharito, Jones and Fabio goals vs Norwich

Manchester United 4-0 Norwich City All Goals by all-goals

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  1. GENTLEKEZ says:

    Jañuzai is a step above his generation. He looks like d leader of d team controlling d game with such charisma and swagger. He is not a winger but a play maker.
    Dannysoya says that calling for zaha to future in d first team is a joke then what will u say about ashley. Let me help PATHETIC.
    Fabio needs to b trusted, this is a player that played in UCL final 2yrs ago, so he is not that bad.
    It was a good performance from d lads let’s keep d momentum going.

  2. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Lindegaard: “I think it’s lovely to see how great Adnan is doing,”
    “He gives hope to the whole United spirit, a young lad coming through from the academy into the first team. He’s doing absolutely fantastic. You see what an impact he’s had, not just tonight but on other nights as well.

  3. FletchTHEMAN says:

    I suggest we go back to the days of Best and Charlton with the shirt numbers.

    If you are Keeper, you wear the #1, RB 2, etc. Best wore 11, 10, 9 and 7 at various times.

    It would be a marketing boon as well becuase you might need both a Januzaj 7 and 10 in your collection.

    Retire the set numbers with Giggs and move back to pure football.
    Just a thought.

  4. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Regarding the match….

    Not sure Zaha will has any future as a winger.

    Since when did a ball from a United winger look like reaching a lad in red?
    Been a few years anyway.

    Just sayin. ;)

  5. Redkenyan says:

    Fabio did more in 20 mins out of position, than ashley young has all season in his natural position. Left Midfield

  6. samuel - united WE stand says:

    You pay 27mill for an actual central midfielder and attacker who isn’t a specialists of the role should fill it, i’m sure the penny pinching wouldn’t want a return on their investment. Fellaini will be given every chance even if he turns out to be the wrong acquisition. Cleverley will be given more chances even if has what he brings but not necessarily what united need. Hopefully the club go out and get proper central midfielders rather than shove players into there because they can do a job.

  7. Barrington Red says:

    @ Denton. that cross from young to pea was from the right wing. the guy struggles on the left (too easy to read). he doesn’t help himself with his theatrics but I wouldn’t mind to see young given a run on the right – at least we’d finally see if he is united quality (or not) – if not (most likely), ship him and go back to Tony v.

  8. FletchTHEMAN says:


    One can see that we are struggling to replace Giggs as much as we are Scholes. With a long term solution to either one still up for grabs.

    If current squad is to be chosen from. You might consider Evra at LB and Fabio on the left wing.
    Fact is, neither Young or Nani are natural Left wingers. Nani probably being better, but still a bigger asset on the RW if it can be accomodated.

    Soon enough Zaha will come in to it. But probably a couple years away.

  9. FusilliJerry says:

    Is it just me, or is Buttner a potentially lethal left winger being played out of position at full back ? He has acceleration, can cross, shoot, cannot defend for toffee. He started his career as a winger and whoever “converted” him into a defender has done the player a massive disservice.

    When Januzaj is being rested, think Buttner would do a better job on that wing than Welbeck (centre forward), Young (right footed), Kagawa (a No.10).

    And on the basis of last night, would see Zaha given a run on the other side than Valencia or Nani.

  10. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Think it’s just you then Jerry.

    Can’t really Imagine Buttner would pip anyone of the senior wingers for a spot.
    OK, I’ll give you Bebe.

  11. nambuktu says:

    I have a feeling Fabio’s goal celebration last night has a tinge of farewell. Will be really gutted if he goes. Hope Moyes plays him more in the future.

  12. Barrington Red says:

    Not the worst shout ever Jerry – maybe one for a dead rubber ucl game or a league cup venture (or loan). personally I think he still has scope to learn to defend and we should work on that in every game he gets.

  13. Sparkz says:

    I thought Zaha did well first half, tailed off in the second but that was understandable. Linked up well with Adnan, good pace and strength, and worked very hard.

    Januzaj – wow. This kid is really special. Saw him last year and his talent was clear but didn’t think he’d adapt to first team football this quickly.

    Buttner also did very well – I may be in a minority but I think his defending has come on leaps and bounds in 2013. Bar the 5-5 vs West brom, he’s been better than people think. Great going forward too.

    Chicharito was excellent, both with the goals and general play. But can we stop this crap about Welbeck playing ahead of him? Most of Danny’s games in the last year have been out whoever’s place he’s taking, it aint Chicharito

  14. Sparkz says:

    Yep I thought Fabio looked to be saying bye as well unfortunately

  15. SirAlex'sSon says:

    There are some on here whining constatantly about the midfield pair of Cleverley and Jones, but won’t give them credit on their good deeds e.g constantly closing people down and Cleverleys quick forward passes. These lots are so blind and stupid that they won’t admit and give praise where it’s due (NBI). Whinny fucker!

  16. Markowire says:

    United need to go on a big run now. Most teams find it hard over the xmas period and points will be dropped by however United cant afford it. If they get though now till xmas without any defeats then we will be well and truly in the race again. They need to build on there confidence and no slip ups. A couple of high scoring games and not conceding is what we need to take the pressure off a bit.

  17. The Truth says:

    A lot of talk about playing Buttner and Fabio as wingers. Put it this way they’re both an upgrade on Ashley Young! Fabio could probably outshine Valencia on the right too.

  18. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    At SirAlex’Son – clearly you are not a new poster just a new name. And fuck you. I do give credit where I think its due. It might now be the same as your cock sucking opinion you fukwit. But this is a blog you cunt.

  19. zibbie says:

    Fuck you NBI

  20. zibbie says:


    No brained individual

  21. SirAlex'sSon says:

    At NBI…-there’s still no denying that during matches you constantly bore this blog with your incessant moan and whine. Always looking to a scape goat and banging on about such player non stop. This I agree certifies you as a spoilt whinny cunt!

  22. zibbie says:

    Andromada? the medical doctor.
    in big Manchester United fan.
    I am not aware of the surgeries Fletcher had. I was involved with medical underwriting in know his troubles. D Dave. suffers from this medical condition. with successful surgery is he just looking for quality of life? which is what I hoped for him suckin my greed want him back does he have any chance doctor? my knowledge up to the surgery no real chance of A. come back

  23. zibbie says:

    you are so spot on. NBI=tool

  24. zibbie says:

    a shout out to all those who read and never post.
    a big shout out to all those who used to post and now only read.
    67 more!


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