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VIDEO: Chicharito Winning Goal Against Valencia

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Coconut85 says:

    brilliant first touch AND deadly strike…with his LEFT foot. Just want to point that out.

  2. StatesideAussie says:

    So tonight, we “won ugly”. Who gives a fuck? We still won.

  3. Jeet says:

    Yesterday was really, really mixed. I had a 14 hr workday and came back all set for the match, only to find that by service provider wasnt broadcasting it. Thanks to all you guys, I got hold of a decent stream, but with bandwidth being what it is in India, it wasnt really a great experience. It was friustrating to see our ultra defensive performance and on at least 3 occasions, I could see the pass thast Scholes would have made if he had been there, the pass that nobody else could even think of attempting. Second half was better – a few nervous moments for us, and I was thinking “here we go again” and then…MAGIC!!! How good was el chicho’s first touch? and how lethal was the finish?!!! The guy is absolutely fucking dynamite. And so, I went to sleep very, very tired but very, very happy!

    As someone remarked, the real big positives from the match were, Rafael, Rio’s return, and Ando! I didnt find Carrick to be great, but then I dont have the tactical knowledge of the game to appreciate what he really does. So if someone says, that he was tactically very good, I’ll take it – but only bcos we won!!

    To my mind, we really need the Rio-Vida p’ship at the back. And Rafa at right back. And an on-form Ando, going from strength to strength from here on. We could be big, really big if all those pennies drop. What was frustrating, was the tactics – I know we won and I dont really care if it went off Nani’s bum, but we are manchester utd…we play a certain brand of football that is our way (eg. we lost to Bayern at OT, but I will always remember that game for its breathtaking intensity) and that was a sore pt. with me. Anyways, we go on BELIEVE-ing, we will never die!

  4. huzi says:

    StatesideAussie- It’s better to win ugly than to lose pretty :)

  5. Costas says:


    Park’s been with us for 5 years. And he is pretty much the same player. I think Fergie knows by now whether he can depend on the guy or not or what he can offer going forward. As long as Valencia is out and Obertan and Bebe are still trying to make the jump from the Reserves to the first team, we might as well get used to the fact that Park will play more often.

  6. Trevor says:

    Fergie made the right choice in bringing berbatov off!

    For the last 15 minutes that Berbatov played he was frustrated and stopped making runs and playing his normal game!

    First half he was great, second he went missing!

    Nani – One minute i love him next minute im pulling my hair out due to silly decisions & very poor crosses! i know it will come with experience though

    Ferdinand – He was immense! Hopefully we can keep him fit!

    Anderson – Good movement, Good Passing, I think he needs to up his workrate a little though.

    Hernandez – I think we have a star in this lad! – Fantastically taken goal! Very lively! – What also surprises me is that his link up play is not bad either!

    Carrick! – Carrick is in my books a player i wouldn’t mind seeing leave old trafford! I have been very vocal in this and have slated him before. Last night i got back down to earth and grew to appreciate the finer points to his game and have admitted he has something to offer us! Positional he was superb, never leaving the Defence exposed. Altough his passing isnt as good as scholes it is very reasonable, He can however defend better than scholes!

    Rafel – Was very good! A few more like these and we will have a fantastic right backl! Just needs to gain more experience!

  7. Costas says:


    In the second half Berbs had that great opportunity where he burst through the middle. After that, it looked like he never got the ball again. I was looking forward to see him link up with Chicha, but Fergie took him off. Probably with the SUnderland game in mind as well…

  8. Trevor says:

    @ Costas

    Yeah – Then went none existent however i guess the supply wasn’t there.

    I think macheda needed to come on as Berbatov got a little lazy and stopped running! Not what this level needs mind you! Macheda came on and was all over the place! So was Chicha!

    Thats one thing i miss with Rooney & Tevez in their day, they never gave the opposing defence a moments peace! Although a Small Strike partnership height wise. Their effort alone was worth many goals a season! Too often tired defenders made mistakes due to being tired from the hassle these two gave them! Often our we regained possession quickly as the defences had to play the ball forward quickly rather than having time on the ball!

  9. Costas says:


    Yeah I said it last night, but speed kills in games like that. And once Valencia started fancying their chances, it was evident that we would have to hit them fast on the counter. The changes were correct, no doubt. Plus, last night’s game reinforced my belief that no matter how hard he tries, it doesn’t work out well with Berba as the lone striker. He tends to do what he knows best, track back and organise things, but there’s no target man in the box. Especially if you are going to have your midfielders holding their line and not making a lot of runs.

  10. Thabsheer says:

    like they say …. u cant win anything with kids!!!!

  11. Thabsheer says:

    @ costa … i completely agree with you but thats our main problem with scholes not playing…. berba has to come back and bring in the organised passing that scholes brings ….. in the first half every long pass given to him was controlled well … but clearly u could see the lack of support…. giggs being injured and park playing on the left ain a good idea either… i think we’ll hv to adjust nani on the left and put park on the right just to get things flowing….. but then again nani is only 70% as good on the left… guess sum1 will hv to step up and take that position as his own …. and we badly need hargreaves to return coz when scholes ain playing hargreaves and carrick can defend while fletcher can make those runs down and support berba!!!

  12. kel says:

    It is really amazing. Nani did well and was easily the MOTM. Tell me who did better than him for the whole match? Carrick? Ando? Only Rafael will be around Nani. Nani been providing a lot of assists and goals. What more do you want from him? You want Ronaldo? Then go Real Madrid. You want Kaka? Go find him. You want other stars? Go play Football Manager.

    It’s really sad that the fans can’t appreciate what a good player he is. His crossing is better than last season and his decision making improves so much that he is a complete player from last season. In one season, he being a sell away player to one of our consistent and dangerous player. I like Nani! End of Story.

  13. Costas says:


    He did miss Scholes. We’ve played some great suff this season and a lot of that is down to Berba and Scholes. The problem is that when both of them play in the side and we line up with 4-4-2, it leaves gaps in the midfield for the opponents to exploit. So if we are going to play Berbs as the main man, we need to have Scholes behind him as well as 2 wingers that will make runs for him. And that’s where we are suffering right now. We only have Nani who can do that. Park is a different player and truth be told, both of them play better on the right. But I prefer it like this. Nani on the right. We are using him to maximum effect…

  14. Schmucks says:

    from a Portuguese to an Italian, finished by a Mexican. 1 nil Manchester United.

  15. CedarsDevil says:

    @ Trevor (8.17)

    Very good points mate and totally agreed on Ando… I have some posters disagree with me when I said his performance was encouraging which I really think it was. People forget that this was his first high profile competitive match for months…

    Thrilled to bits with the win…

    UNITED for life

  16. Costas says:

    Ando did well, but personally, I’d like to see him play in the heart of the midfield and not so high up the pitch.

    But it’s great to have him back.

  17. King Eric says:

    A solid away performace in Europe yet still people fucking moan. What do they want? Free flowing football away from home?

    Jellybean – Hello. Have to disagree about Carrick love. He is old? Yeah so what? 29 ain’t old. Its experienced players we NEED in Europe. He isn’t living off “one good season”. He was quality his first three yet dipped last year. No coincidence with him and Rio back who was fantastic last night we look more solid. He gave away possession a couple of times but grew as the game went on. Making blocks , interceptions and allowing Fletch to roam. He also keeps the ball moving with one and two touch passes. Great to have him back.

    Obertabnthenewstar – Sorry mate but your namesake is not ready for the first team. simple as. He doesn’t track back like you said and struggles to beat his man if he cannot outrun them. Still looks too light despite bulking up.

    What a fucking finish from Hernandez. Really do wish though we called him Hernandez and not Chicarito. What would Keano say?

    No all in all a solid performance and got the job done at an inform Valencia. La Liga my arse.

    Rafael was excellent.

  18. King Eric says:

    Jeet – What are you on about? We cannot play swashbuckling footy away in Europe. Have you watched United the last 15 years ? We used to go like that and get fucking punished. Cheer up lad we won.

  19. CedarsDevil says:

    @ King Eric

    I will drink every drop of booze I have in celebration of your post… cheers my friend

  20. willierednut says:

    If people want swashbuckling football, go and watch Barca, because we don’t play that kind of football. The way we played last night, was the way we played 2 years ago, when United won the champions league. Wasn’t it the Roma coach at the time, that said United played like a Italian team, counter attacking football at it’s best that year.

  21. Costas says:

    King Eric and willierednut are right. Maybe people are remembering the Milan game where we won 3-2, but that wasn’t a great performance on our behalf and the game opened up due to the early goal. Looking back at our wins at Besiktas, at CSKA, at Porto or the draw at Barca, you will see a lot of similarities with yesterday.

    IMO our most dominant European away performance was at Inter Milan and we didn’t win that!

  22. Costas says:

    And oh yeah the Roma game was similar. Spaletti said that about us. Hit them with some of their own medicine. :)

  23. CedarsDevil says:

    @ willierednut & costas

    Spot on mates… Would any of us replace that night in Moscow with a season of so called free flowing football away in European games? I think not…

    People do have short memories though

  24. King Eric says:

    willie, Costas and CedarsDevil – Spot on lads.

  25. Thabsheer says:

    @ Costa …. i completely agree with you but i’d rather hv park playing center like last season … he kind of fills the gaps with his three lungs….. i’d prefer nani on d right to …. but if they put two players to covering nani’s run … we wont hv attacking options!!! and berba is having tooo much to do when scholeys not around!!!

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  27. sandstone says:

    i completely agree with you but thats our main problem with scholes not playing…. berba has to come back and bring in the organised passing that scholes brings ….. in the first half every long pass given to him was controlled well … but clearly u could see the lack of support

  28. Cheap Soccer Jerseys says:

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