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VIDEO: Chicharito’s goal vs Swansea

Manchester United vs Swansea City 1-2 All Goals by Oleeh-1

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  1. WilliamAR says:

    nice finish from chicharito but we can’t keep relying on our goals coming only from crosses.

  2. Fletch™ says:

    The goal was a good moment. Tidy outlet pass from Fletcher and a great cross from Buttner. Fletcher and Buttner were very good all game to be fair.

    But there wasn’t enough of it over the 90minutes.
    Kags invisible again, Cleverley not clever enough.
    Thought the Red was very harsh, but Moyes said it was deserved.

    So we move on with one less competition we don’t need to worry about.
    Rio certainly didn’t play like a man who wanted to win an FACup, neither did most of the lads.

    Fair enough, anyone can be beaten on the day. Good luck to Swansea, played some decent controlled football that would make some of use reminded of us on a better day.

    I can’t fault Moyes. I blame Woodward and Glazers for letting us all down last summer. Massive fail from them.

  3. Fletch™ says:

    Darren Fletcher on MUTV via ESPN

    “It’s a massive blow. Let’s not kid ourselves here, this is a really bad result, and there are a lot of angry, hurt players and we feel we have let the manager and the fans and everyone down by losing.

    “It’s not good enough and we’re going to have to raise our performance levels.”

    Fletcher said he understood the disappointment of the fans and believes United have to produce a response when they face Sunderland in the first leg of the Capital One Cup semifinal on Tuesday.

    He added: “To be fair to them, they are really sticking by us, and that’s great to see as well and we’ve got to repay that.

    “I think the players saw that today coming off, yeah there were a few boos but when we got to the Stretford End there was a lot of fans clapping and singing for United.

  4. Fletch™ says:

    United fans have to be gutted. But that doesn’t mean they have to be manipulated by the press.

    Support Moyes. Sack Woodward! :Twisted:

  5. WilliamAR says:


    i would definitely give woodward the time to learn the job of negotiating for top top players as i don’t it would take too long for a guy like him to learn but the manager is a different kettle of fish for me.

  6. Fletch™ says:

    Moyes was hired but then not brought in until end of summer.
    None of clubs or his (if he had them) targets were acquired.
    He wasn’t my first choice, but he was given a diabolical start in the league and bunch of players who weren’t his. Everyone can take pot shots at Moyes. But they are hollow and cheep without any evidence that the club are backing the manager.
    AVB got 120M in new players, Moyes got a 12M player who cost the club 27M in the end.
    You blame who you like. But Moyes deserves a proper run at a summer transfer window. Sure he has made mistakes, but if we got any of our Summer transfer targets (and I am not talking about Big Top) I suggest the season would be looking very different.

  7. Fletch™ says:

    I don’t mean to be a Moyes apologist. I didn’t think he was a brilliant choice but I understood the clubs motives in bringing in a manager who knew how to develop talent.

    There are serious draw backs to Moyes that don’t need to be itemized by second rate pundits to be obvious.

    From my perspective, I think Moyes has been horribly served by Woodward. I don’t honestly know if it can be fixed. But these rediculous rumors of Ronaldo, Bale, Fabrigas and Contrao and de Rossi just hight club level failures more than Moyes in my view.

    If there are any firings, it should be Woodward the first to go. Or send him back to London to run the “Business”. Leave the football to men or women as the case may be who know what they are doing.

  8. Tommy says:


    AVB never got 120mill tho did he? Minus the anywhere between 80 – 90mill they got for Bale (Depending on where you read the figure)

    The goals we conceded were pathetic today, who was marking Bony? and the first goal the lad just ran through the team to score the goal, Utterly embarressing. Our goal was a decent ball in from Buttner (Quite hopeless from then on) and a poaches goal from chico (Shame thats all he can do, hes got probably the worst 1st touch I have ever seen and hes constantly off side as if he does not know the offside rule) Frustrated again today!

  9. Gain Fitness Systems says:

    Man you can can defend Moyes all you want but attacking Fellaini doesn’t make sense

    Fellaini can’t be considered a 12 million signing if he cost Everton who are cash strapped club 15 million as youngster when he wasn’t proven in the Premier league or anything like that

    At the time it was a record for a Belgian player and it remains a club record for Everton

    guess who paid the 15 million for Fellaini? The same person you are defending

    If you are going to give Moyes a chance you need to give Fellaini a chance too

    Fellaini didn’t have a pre season with us
    Fellaini had an injury that needed surgery while playing for us
    Fellaini didn’t play that many games to be considered a success or flop


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