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VIDEO: Cleverley and Van Persie Goals vs West Ham

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. NYDUDE says:

    By John Kelly Comments
    “He was a nice lad”: Manchester City yob who lunged at Rio Ferdinand was Sir Bobby Charlton’s gardener

    The yob that went at Rio at the Wastelands worked as a gardener for Sir Bobby…..

    Fcuk in kidding me!!!!!!

  2. NBI Red Onion says:

    Pass of the season for my money, take a bow Sir Giggs, if only Valencia could play those kind of passes. In fact I cannot think of a diagonal ball he has played like that, ever. The passing range and vision of Giggs and Scholes is yet to be matched by any of the players we have with the exception of RVP and Rooney on his day. RVP, what can you say that was peerless. He has to be in that class of top strikers now. If he was 25 he would be challenging Ronaldo and Messi on this form.

    I am not too worried about the reply unless they put it too close to the RM match. Otherwise we have the squad to see it through, hopefully a few more players will be fit. It is also at home so the boys can rest up and no need to travel.

    Not much De Gea could do about the goals. Joe Cole was class at times today and his passing for both goals was the difference. Marking could have been better but those were two very accurate passes.

    Rafael not a MF! I think we missed his tackling. I would rather have seen Smalling tried out in the Carrick role than Rafael at RW.

    Kagwa was out of position and I think this was just a fitness run for him, I would have liked to see him in Cleverly position for at least 30 mins. Welbeck looks like he is trying to hard to score and making bad decisions in the final third as a result. He has a great passing range and can offer more by way of assists. He has the ability but it has not clicked for him yet this term.

    Vidic looked a bit stiff and under the weather to me, I was watching him off the ball and he was moving a bit cautiously. Hopefully nothing serious.

    Also this match shows what Evra brings to the team, his defending is much better than he is given credit for and he is the best crosser of the ball from the left in the team other than Giggs on his day. He almost never loses possession and his passing game is world class, plus he has added goals and assists this term. Too early to judge Buttner. Would like Fabio to take his chance at QPR.

  3. Wakey says:

    I said this on Twitter but will repeat it here. The problem with Kagawa isn’t Kagawa himself but the way Fergie keeps structuring the team around him when he plays.

    Kagawa isn’t a player who is naturally suited for English football so no matter how good he is it will take him time to settle into the English game just as it did with Silva at City. This means his performances will be up and down, he will show immense skill but just as often find himself drifting completely out of games and building a team around such a player is going to cause problems as other players will have to sacrifice their qualities to fit in. For example in the early games this season our wingers were nullified by having to play narrower and the same for large periods today with Rafa (who would have been able to do a job as a winger but couldn’t use his natural talents in a Right side of diamond position)

    Until he is more settled in the English game we should be looking at how best to fit him in with the other players not looking to use him as the focus point and building expecting everyone else to accommodate him because to do that you need the key player to have consistancy because if he doesn’t do well no-one else can. When he has settled and the consistancy comes then is the time to start building a team around such a payer

  4. NBI Red Onion says:

    A cut price Wes maybe.

  5. Wakey says:

    @NBI Red Onions

    Except Kagawa wasn’t playing out of position. He was playing at a front of a Diamond in the hole. We then had Clev on the left of the diamond, Rafa on the right and Scholes in a DLP position at the back of a diamond with the width being provided primarly by the fullbacks.

    That is the exact position he would often play at Dortmund although they were more prone to playing 1 up top with an extra midfielder to offer the back of the diamond midfielder more support and let the Left and right of the diamond to play a little wider (but not as wide as wingers)

  6. WeAreUnited says:

    DDG, nothing to do, but I think, SAF made a mistake here, Anders should have been playing and DDG resting. He looked tired, but he’s our number 1, don’t forget that.

    Giggsy has been brilliant lately when he has played on the right win, today he played both.

    Kagawa is very great, this was one game that he wasn’t great but ok, the game was a tough FA cup at westham, what do you expect? It took also Silva to settle, and Kagawa is coming from an njury.

    Kagawa is our “silva”. he is everywhere that little japanese. And believe me or not, soon as Nani comes back an starts playing in his position, you will see Kagawa flourishing. He needs those kinda guys like Nani to interact, like he did with Götze. AMAZIng stuff, same with Ando.

    Chicharito, my wooord, the lad is a different man this season, he scores when he wants and now even assists when he wants. He’s one of our best players this seasons, includind Carrick, RVP and Rafael. AMAZING STUFF.

    RVP. ou ou RVP, the professor is really crazy, and now we have witnessed it, how can he let go the goal machine. I think RVP is now only beign recognised that he’s one of the best in the WOLRD, what can you expect when you play for UNITED.

    back 4, well it wasn’t that, good, not bad, but not good if you concede 2 goals in air in the same manner, but that’s football. Vidic will do better and buttner also.

    Cleverley, that boy is really starting to shine, he’s even doing very well, he really is now flourishing like we have expected him to do. COME ON CLEVS!!!
    Scholes, well great control, nothing more than a Scholesy performance, today not bad, but not great. by his standards and age Good.

    Welbeck, the unsung hero who is under the fire, I also have hit him, but not that he’s not talented or have a future, but sometiems the future is NOW.
    And today for me Welbeck proved that, he played like a pro, the only thing is that goalscoring or decision making. He could have assisted Chicha 2 times, but then if that first attempt would have gone in, we would be celebrating, but IFIFIFIFIF.
    HE will do good, let’s hope he gets his “Ronaldo” mode on and then starts scoring, cause the performance is there, but we need goals. he has time. I think for the moment he needs to adjust himself as a winger and when he gets his chance via injuries or FA-cups, he should score more!
    Good job DannyTheLad! great performance, could do better on scoring!

    I don’t know do you agree with me, but this is how I saw it, we played very good football, but then conceded, and the game changed, but we did a comeback for the 12th time, so no worries, at OT they have no chance.

    let’s enjoy our football! Liverpool here we come!

  7. Dan-young says:

    Yayyy lets all be negative cunts. Fucking hate some of the people on here with a passion. An opinion of the game is fine, such as valencia being up against a fullback with a lack of experience yet he never ran at him once. But as for morons like hammed abiola and robin van gora.. Fuck off. You are the same as piers morgan slating arsenalall the time… And theres a petition to get him banned from the country! Might be time to switch to ‘red flag flying high’ or is thst full of a bunch of people that say they support united too?

  8. WeAreUnited says:


    nice analysis on Kagawa, great job mate!

  9. Costas says:

    Good goals, both of them. It’s sad we didn’t see this tie through the first time of asking, but that’s the FA cup for you. I don’t like the fact that we have an extra fixture ont he schedule (probably sandwiched between the Liverpool and Tottenham games), but hopefully we will rotate effectively.

    I have to ask though. What’s the story with Fletcher? Carrick needs to be rested more often and I hate to think that what we saw today is the only realistic alternative.

    As for Valencia, it boggles the mind that this is the same player that sweeped the United awards 6 months ago. Boy does he need a Nani breathing down his neck…

  10. Wakey says:

    I think Fletch has had a relapse personally which will be a shame. Just look at the managers press conference which was just odd. Firstly the journalist specifically asked if he had relapsed which makes me wonder if he had some information he was hoping to get verified and the. You have Fergies frankly strange reply about heavy pitches

  11. WeAreUnited says:

    @Costas thank you for reminding me of Valencia, I didn’t even review him.

    But if we look at how our two other subs did, Valencia didn’t match them. I have to be really careful with my words about Valencia, cause some think I am in a witch hunt, which is not true, because


    I quote you and do my review for him:

    “As for Valencia, it boggles the mind that this is the same player that sweeped the United awards 6 months ago. Boy does he need a Nani breathing down his neck…”

    He needs his al back! I think he even my himself knows he’s not doing good, and as an ex-player that’s the worst position to be, you know you’re good, but the results aren’t there, what is needed is either rest or just keep trying. The latter isn’t working, so maybe rest?

    I hope we get him back on FORM. cmon ANTONIO!!!!

  12. WeAreUnited says:

    He needs his PAL Nani back! I think he even by himself*****

  13. Costas says:


    I was discussing this topic with someone last week and we were wondering about how much Fletch can really be counted on. Even if he hasn’t relapsed (I hope to fuck he hasn’t), ever since the Reading game he’s made just 2 substitute appearances: Came on in the 86th minute against Cluj and the 89th minute against Newcastle. That’s roughly 10 minutes of action in the last 8 games. And he plays in a position where we’ve lacked cover. Like you, I have a hard time believing that was all down to the heavy pitches. I hate to speculate on what’s actually happening, but it’s an issue that needs addressing. I don’t mind Darren being a part of the team, but he shouldn’t be the only real alternative to Carrick anymore.

  14. Costas says:


    Valencia’s expression after his final miss was evident. He knows it’s not working at the moment. The guy hasn’t forgotten the football he knows in half a year but his confidence seems to be shot right now. It’s not something I am too worried about though. Valencia is a strong character and he should bounce back. And like I said, some competition will be just what he needs. The reason he became our player of the year last season was because he was hungry to reclaim his place in the starting line up. Players usually work better when they are threatened. Look at Chicharito this season.

  15. WeAreUnited says:

    @costas don’t even get me started on Chicha, I have no words for him. He’s like another player who challenges, goes past players, assists and scores goals when gets his chance, it doesn’t matter is it 15 or 90 minutes.

    As for Valencia. yeah that’s the case, you could see it, and I don’t call him for no reason as the SILENT KILLER, he just needs to get his mojo back, and that will happen when Nani gets back. he’s a strong character.

    Can’t wait for the moment when we have our all players on FORM and them banging those assists and goals together. SAF will have it hard task giving to the players gametime. Or put Kagawa, Nani, valencia, Chicha, RVP, ROoney, ando, carrick and clevs in the same team sheet.

    and people say we have no great players.

  16. WeAreUnited says:

    I found this funny, we could adress this to the westham supporters in the next game

    “you thought it was yours you thought it was yours you started singing then van persie scored”"
    “you thought it was yours you thought it was yours you started singing then van persie scored”
    “you thought it was yours you thought it was yours you started singing then van persie scored”

    We Are ManUtd and we’ll do what we want!!!!!!!!!

  17. MJ says:

    some really good pieces on here, now just my humble oppinion on valencia: yes, he hasn’t been in too fine form this season, but this is partly down to opponents doubling up on him now (probably i’m losing my vision, but i remember at least two west ham defenders standing near the line whenever he had the ball). a one trick pony he may be, but running past two defenders is not the easiest task, but i counted TWO crosses from his left foot, which is exactly two more than i’ve seen in his first 3 1/2 seasons. maybe he’s trying to change/adapt his style, who knows? plus, as far as i’m concerned, he has never really been in poor form before. every player has a right to be in poor form sometimes, you just can’t expect a player to spend 15 years on top form. the nani-breathing-down-his-neck piece sounds reasonable to me as well, hopefully it’s true, because in full flow he is a monster of a player. UP THE V

  18. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Smalling in midfield.. Classic from NBI there.

  19. NBI Red Onion says:

    @ samuel – just for this game, yes I think Smalling as defensive mid would have given more cover. I think Smalling can play as a holding MF. His best position is clearly CB, but he’s played on wings and we needed more defensive cover and he could also step back in to cover for the wings attacking. Someone has to be able to cover for Carrick, Jones has been tried there in the past but lacked a bit of positional awareness and seems to be injured a lot. I think Smalling is a better player than Jones and the most versatile of out fit defenders. Would rather have had Rafael at RB and Smalling covering the back 4, in 4-1-4-1 or 4-1-3-2.

  20. NBI Red Onion says:

    Played as wing back.

  21. mara says:

    Costas, Wakey….someone from medicine bussines said that thr problem that Fletch got means: it is pretty much done with his football…
    And about Kagawa…he is young, so he has time…but i think we had the same problem with Veron…he didn t play bis position. Modric for example is not playmaker…he plays in front of defence and connecting with passes players up front…playmaker and strikers but from deep of midfield…so kagawa should be the same…but i was convinced that he played behind strikers

  22. NBI Red Onion says:

    Valencia seems to be struggling with decision making in the final third this season in a way I have not seen him do before. Before it was simple. Spot Rooney try to stick ball on his head. The two of them had a great partnership when Rooney was lead striker. With multiple attacking options and players who like to run onto the ball he seems to struggle. Also his cross field passing needs practice and in general he seems to struggle a bit getting the ball out from under his feet. But he was doubled up on alot. I still rate him and he still troubles defences even though they know his game. I think when Rooney is back it will help him. Hopefully.

  23. NBI Red Onion says:

    Another huge plus, Nani is not going anywhere. At least for this season

    Agree with above, read up on Fletch condition and it sounds pretty bad and they may even need to cut out a lot of his intestines. But I Olympic multiple champ Steve Redgrave had the same problem and managed to keep rowing though it did affect his ability to compete at times and causes exhaustion, so that might be what SAF meant, Fletch energy wise would struggle on a muddy pitch.

  24. samuel - united WE stand says:

    NBI – Personally, i think smalling is mainly a centre back and i hope he will eventually become top class but in midfield, you underestimate the attributes needed in central midfield. Smalling will carry out the defensive role well but he will get caught out positionally, his distributions to the more attacking minded player would be lacking. I really would rather see some of the younger midfield players getting opportunity rather than players played in no man’s land. Same applies to jones, he’s not a midfielder. Some bring up his brute strenght and mobility but you know damn well you need more than that. Jones has the potential to be one of those no nonesense centre back able to gallop forward powerfully, it will take patience and more game time in that position for him to develop. Need to see less of players moved into areas in which their strenghts decrrase, although i do acknowledge versatility.

  25. samuel - united WE stand says:

    People get all hasty with kagaws. Calm down, he needs to get a consistent run in the side and needs to adapt to a physically tough league. He gets barged and knocked around but i can assure you that the physios will be getting him to work more on his upper body strenght. Technically, he’s quality. Always looking to create or score, his passing and intelligence is top notch and like i said, he may well be important in europe. I believe he will thrive with the likes of anderson, cleverley, nani. Those small but quick feet/skillful players, i also think he’s yet to link up with the likes of rooney and van persie regularly, i still don’t think united have gathered all their best attacking options. Give him time

  26. Ash says:

    Don’t write off kagawa. His one on one play is great. His one touches are fun to watch. He just needs time. He will be like Silva and Mata.

    Also I hate the fact that many don’t want us to win this cup. I am a big fan of FA cup. We need to win this. I hope we do take this seriously. A league and FA cup would be Great. Winning the champions league would be really tough but I am writing off Manchester United. We can do it.

    Seeing RVP score reminds me of Ronaldo days. Christiano used to score like this. Still a lot of improvement needed. But I am sure we will do that. We have a fighting squad and I am confident in pressure situation they will deliver.

    Welbeck was good. They boy has abundance of skill. How could even talk of selling this guy is beyond me. Glad Sir alex is our manager and not some impatient bunch of People.

    Cleverly is becoming into a class midfielder. Whether he can become World class only time will tell but he is developing very fine and is doing a great Job.

    Valencia should have done better in the last minute. If that ball was with a rvp that would have been dangerous and we may have won the game. But we should understand An inform Valencia can be our best player. I have full faith with him.

    Those who are sad we will have one more fixture to deal with I disagree with you guys, I am happy that I will see one more Match of my favourite team. It makes my week. Only thing I hope is we win and don’t have any more injuries.

  27. Ash says:

    Ohh typo. I am not writing off Manchester united. Silly me . :)

  28. andromeda says:

    Cleverly is the new Iniesta!!wait for him in the next few years and we will all see an evolving prolific midfielder that can run all over the pitch dribbling, shooting and scoring.Robin Van Persie seems as if he can’t stop scoring, hope he will remain injury free for the rest of the season.

    As for Chicarito, the guy has got everything and he is just starting his career, he is even starting to play the role of play-maker.he is unstoppable right now.

    Welbz, is our local lad, his stamina and pace is superb, he is always on defender’s ass, running all over the pitch tackling and fighting for the ball.many united fans are criticizing the lad for not scoring, but who cares as long as we got Robin goal and Chica!!the lad can take other different roles and that is the beauty about our squad.

    Kagawa is not playing his best football but we must give him more times, I am sure he will find his form in the upcoming fixtures, love his first touch and dynamism.he has got vision and football mentality different from the rest of our midfielders.the bad thing about knee injury is that its scary for any player, its deteriorating and that is the major culprit behind Kagawa’s lack of form in my opinion, the gradual physios to strengthen his thigh muscles should sort things out for him.

    I am not sure what is happening to Tony, is it a temporary problem?yes, sure.Is it lack of confidence or and ongoing injury problem?I can’t tell!perhaps its just a short psychological blackout that keep him out of form, may be a family or personal issue.whatever the problem I hope he can deliver in the coming weeks, he is vital for our title challenge, the lad is tough as nail and brave as lion so no panic.

    Our defensive worries is not solved yet and this time its the set pieces, Collins has killed all our defenders last night, De Gea has all the right to be disappointed after such horrible performance from the back lines.will be eagerly waiting for the lads to respond against Liverpool.

    Valencia is

  29. andromeda says:

    BTW I forgot to mention Giggs, top 50 yards pass to Robin, when all the players are slacked you can just depend on this oldie but goldie even for a short glimpse of time.what a legend!

    This comeback could prove crucial on all our titles ambition this season.Keep it up lads.

  30. Rednemz says:

    I don’t get, people bashing welbeck.. That lad had an ok game considering he hasn’t been playing regularly.

    RVP is pure class, his goal celebration reminded me of Ronnie on his day. His touch was absolute beauty.
    Cleverly also had a good game, took his goal brilliantly, I hope he keeps improving.
    Kagawa started well but disappeared as the time kept ticking. He needs to settle well.
    On Fletcher, does anyone know what’s up with him?

  31. dazbomber says:

    SAF team talk ,give the ball to RVP.

  32. Redhot Concepts says:

    Pure genius Giggsy!! Class don’t care age!! Thk you

  33. United Till I Die says:

    Giggs was class. He’s putting in back to back performances now, but its funny how his poorer games get the most comment. I love the way he hit that pass to RVP and then casually jogged off. Danny and Cleverley both put in a good shifts, their link up play with Hernandez for Tom’s goal was brilliant. Should go without saying that RVP’s first and second touches for the equaliser were ridiculous. Who can argue that Berbatov isn’t the poor mans RVP in terms of scoring brilliant goals often? Sorry Dimmy…. but the Arsenal lad is different class.

    But one thing I’ll add, we only miss Evra when he’s not there! Defending his flank is a big job in itself, so the fact he attacks as often as Valencia, while pegging his opposite number back, makes him invaluable to the opportunities we create. When he’s not there, and we don’t have Fabio handy, we create much less overall, regardless of the formation.

    Buttner put in a decent shift, and we’ve got enough LB cover this season, but I still think Baines on the cheap isn’t a bad idea for NEXT season. He’s the right age, he’s consistent, and he’d also give Evra real competition too. Fabio and Buttner are for the future, but we still don’t have proper cover for Paddy imo.

    But thats picking bones. Apart from the glaring lack of creativity on the left, a draw is a half-decent result for those players at Upton Park. End of the day, Ferguson will have a strong Squad to choose from next weekend and thats all that matters really.

  34. Costas says:

    @United Till I Die

    Well I can still argue about the Berba/RVP thing. :) In terms of brilliant goals (and not goals in general) I don’t think RVP’s frequency is any better. Crucial goals I agree with, provided I saw basis for comparison between the two.

  35. Raf's curling tongs says:

    Sticking with the positives for now because the amount off knee jerking on here is appalling.

    It was a tough game against a full strength PL side which we drew with; 2 players in key positions returning from injury, 2 players who haven’t played much football, a new back four again, and a new formation. It was a Fergie experiment more than anything.

    We went a bit slack after our goal and conceded. It happens. But how is it so easy to forget the football we played in the first 20mins? WH barely had a touch. They had no response to us.

    We can and will maintain that over the full 90 over the coming weeks.

  36. Strik3rr says:

    Love how RvP’s last 3 are from right foot, really has everything.

  37. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Buttner needs to improve massively. For a man with his pace, he gets beaten far too easily. His positioning, reading of the game and composure has to be sorted before he can realistically become more than a back up. He also needs to give more going forward, although he improved on that,as the game dragged on.U would give him time to sort it out. I persomally think in fabio, united have a potentially top full back, the experience he’s gaining will hopefully imorove him ti return for a place in the team. Baines is superb going forward, a set piece expert as wel but defensively, i’m not sure he’s as solid as people make out, i would rather give the likes of fabio a chance than pay more 10mill for a left back.

  38. Marchwithfergiesarmy says:

    Worda of the “new” song. Rooney melody. Cheers

  39. United Till I Die says:

    @Costas, Berbatov is obvious class, but Van Persie really is on another level.

    So far he’s scored City Away (scored the winner) Arsenal Home (scored the first) Chelski Away (took us 2-0 up) and LFC Away (scored the winner). Thats 12 must win EPL points he’s helped us secure in four huge games.

    In between that, Robin’s been scoring for fun. He’s been our only scorer in two EPL wins and one CL win (6 odd goals) and he’s doing better than one goal every other game, in January.

    In the games where he’s played and not scored, we’ve only lost twice, and they were soft results to Norwich and Spurs. Other then that, he’s been nothing short of amazing.

    Im only teasing about Berbatov, but there is a difference in Class in terms of immediate impact and application to a new system. RVP does score a lot of quality goals imo, but its not always about the finish, sometimes its the movement and positioning before the shot.

    For me RVP is the most clinical striker in Europe at the moment, and when you consider the season he had with Arsenal before he joined you have to tip your hat to his professionalism. He’s applied himself 100% to Ferguson’s system and our Squad, and not every class player manages that.

    @Samuel – I understand your reluctance with Baines, but a lot of people thought the same about RVP considering we’ve got younger strikers. Back to Baines, if he hasn’t been the third best LB in England since Cole and Evra stepped up, who has been? 10m for that kind of consistency (attacking, scoring and defending) makes sense imo. Its gonna take games for Fabio and Buttner to get up to the same speed as Evra, so a player like Baines could ease the transition for our youngsters, a bit like RVP is for Danny (22) and Hernandez (24).

    Mind you im just speculating. Any time I see us without Evra, signing Baines as a cheap, no-nonsense back up makes sense. Fabio hasn’t had any luck this season so far, and Buttner isn’t ready for week in week out EPL and 3 Cup runs just yet. Baines on the other hand has the games under his belt, and very few Clubs in England have a better LB. Its not like Fergie doesn’t like a bargain!

  40. Costas says:

    @United Till I Die

    Yeah mate. No denying his immediate impact. 20 out of the club’s 71 goals alone is impressive. And most of them have been extremely crucial. While I hate comparing players with different styles, I agree with you about the fact that RVP has fitted in better. And that’s where their main difference lies. By nature, he was always suited better for our style of play.

    But when we compare the two in terms of classy goals, one might discover some similarities:


  41. Sparkz says:

    Don’t agree with the stick Welbeck is getting, people have their preconceived opinions and don’t wanna change them. He was arguably our best player in the first half…his touch, passing, movement and link up play were brilliant. He didn’t actually give the ball away until about 40 minutes.

    Should’ve done better with his header in the second half, and that’s his weakness, finishing. But other than that he did really well….he rarely starts up front any more but when he does, he puts in good performances (see the West Brom game last week).

    Other than that, good result IMO. Kept ourselves in the Cup, more than confident we can do the business at home. The only problem is that the replay’s sandwiched in between Liverpool and Spurs, but hopefully the likes of Nani, Anderson and Rooney will be back.

  42. Bc1050 says:

    Well he is getting stick because he is a striker and struggles to score goals – at the end of the day that’s how he should be measured and currently he is underperforming on that regard

    Chicharito is way ahead of him

  43. Sparkz says:

    @BC1050 – how many games has he played as a striker this season though? 4, maybe 5?

    Last season he played up top regularly and got 14 goals, which considering his age and the fact it was his first season, was brilliant. Scored some huge goals as well…City in the FA Cup, Arsenal home and away, Spurs. More importantly, his all round game was quality, we looked a far better team with him than without him (I say more importantly because in the modern game an all round game essential to be a regular striker at the top teams)

    With regards to Chicharito, I don’t get the comparisions. Chicharito is way ahead of him as a poacher, he’s one of the top poachers in world football IMO. Welbeck has a better all round game, and once he adds more composure in front of goal, he’ll be a top class player.

  44. Bc1050 says:


    Chicharito set up Cleverlys goal yesterday so clearly there is more to his came than poaching……

    I do hope Wellbeck develops his game and starts to score goals and agree he is young still but how long does he need to learn?

  45. Costas says:

    There’s not a lot to compare really. Chicharito is 2 years older than Welbeck and has played 90 professional games more than him. It’s natural that he would look more like a complete article compared to Welbeck. Plus, he’s only played in one position throughout his career and has developed his skills according to that.

    I agree with Sparkz. Welbeck has a very good all around game and that often makes the manager use him as a winger. Which does nothing for his development as a striker. Once Danny gets a run of games in his natural position, he will start scoring more frequently. Don’t get why fans are so impatient with him. Look how long it took Andy Cole to settle at United. And he was already 24 when he joined us.

  46. WeAreUnited says:

    “6/1/13: Sky Sports report that Hull City have agreed a fee with United in order to make Robbie Brady’s loan move permanent. The Republic of Ireland international has had two spells with the Tigers and it is suggested he will cost in excess of £2million.”

    I think Robbie Brady would be worth the chance? what do you fellows think?

    Why get rid of him??? 2million from him is too little. Give him the chance, he looked promising.

  47. King Eric says:

    March with fergies army.

    Song: we fought in France, we fought in Spain
    We fought in the sun and we fought in the rain
    We took the kop and Chelsea too
    But what we love most is kicking a blue, kicking a blue…………

  48. belfast red. says:

    If we beat w.h we play fulham or Blackpool at home in the F.a cup.

  49. wakey says:

    The problem with Welbeck is his work rate is fantastic and when he doesnt have time to think about something he shows great ability (look at the goal he scored for England in the euros for example) but the minute he has even a few seconds to think about it his composure goes to pot and thats a major issue as he wastes so many chances. Evan last season he may have scored 14 goals but he also wasted some fairly easy chances both to score and to put it on the plate for someone else.

    So if you need a goal the likes of Hernandez, RvP and Rooney should always be the preference unless Welbeck can get out of his own head and just play free.

    Based on other deals for our younger players there will be more to it than £2mill. Will have first option clauses, sell on clauses and most likely so addons

  50. Sparkz says:

    @Wakey – I agree with that totally, he’s the one I’d least like a crucial chance to fall to. BUT – we have to remember he’s still learning his trade. As Gary Neville said last season, he has 90% of the tools already, it’s that last 10 he needs. But I’d rather he was in that situation than having only 10% of the tools and needing to work on a lot of other stuff


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