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VIDEO: Come on David Moyes

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Markowire says:

    Moyes is running some risks I have to say. United’s back room staff has been the best in the land for years now. Fergie left him the foundations of the most successful football team in England and it seems Moyes has cleared it out. Steel was the best goalkeeping coach around? GONE. Meulensteen the best Coach…GONE.. Old mickey was at United since he played and was assistant to Fergie..GONE….

    Moyes you have my backing because you deserve the chance but we have a few question marks about the whole shake up.
    Round as your assistant? Everton fans are throwing a party now he’s gone.
    Woods as goalkeeping coach?? (Your fucking kidding me) Chris Woods was utter shit. There’s nothing De Gea can learn from that waste of space. De Gea is already 100% better than he every was.

  2. Sam says:

    Good luck David! Can’t wait for the season to start. The pre-season is doing my head in.

  3. NBI Red Onion says:

    Good luck……….!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May United thrive, at least now something real can happen, soon enough, a game.

    What a car, I thought Chevrolet was crap but that car Moyes drove in with looked a beast…landrover style with a nice finish.

    @ King Eric – I think hopefully back room changes are done now he’s started, but you never know, hoping Albert the kit man is kept on, he was an institution. Anyway, I have said my piece on back room changes time to move on and see what they do.

    @ slim – ha -not a nice visual though mate. I will focus on the car.

    Is it me or is Woodward a lot more chatty in the press that GIll.

  4. medumtum says:

    Really hope he does well at United. Can’t wait for the football to start. Silly season is always one long graft to avoid as many tabloid stories as possible. One things for sure, it’s a time for us to get behind our new manager and leave wishful thinking out of it.

  5. lordrt says:

    A legend in the making??? The adaptability time has started for him, and the players as well, I trust he’ll do a good job with the quality of the squad he has got after leaving Everton, we’ll just have to give him some time thou to start collecting the trophies, thou I can see the Community Shield heading to OT unless United really mess it up there. If however Moyes is really fired up to the task and the lads leave any “SAF” emotions attached so far and get fully behind him, then even Mourinho would not be able to stop them with his billion-pound squad…
    However he needs to bring in some quality players like Thiago, or even Cavani (he’s yet to sign somewhere else so why not??) and sort things out with players who have some doubts and he’ll be safe to roll on :)

  6. MombasaRed says:

    Welcome Moyes

  7. Andromeda says:


    When a professor joins the greatest school in the world, he is no more a professor he is a student.take this analogy into your mind and apply it on anyone joining up Manchester United.the club itself is the greatest Teacher of all time, that is why we were successful all those years!!

  8. OJM says:

    Nice to see everybody (on the whole) being supportive.

    Those of you that already have the knives out (Red Mist) can fuck off and find another club. United are different from City, Chelsea and the like because we have class. A club with dignity, that looks to build dynasties, that has a British core, that understands proper ‘football people’ and not just the latest, flashist fancy Dan foreign flavour of the week,

    Come on Moyes!!!

  9. NBI Red Onion says:

    @ Markowire and @ Red Mist – both actually hold views that alot of fans have at least at the back of their minds, so not going to slag anyone off for that, it’s a legitimate point of view and if we weren’t United fans we would be making it ourselves, but I think Moyes is the right man for the job as he was hired for character and potential to lead at this level and SAF would not have made that decision lightly, obviously, the backroom issue is worrying given who has gone out and come in and has soured it a bit, but Everton were not that bad, so lets see what they do, they are here now.

  10. Sam says:

    @ Markowire – How is Chris Woods shite? do enlighten us.

    I am glad Moyes is bringing in his team – He knows how to manage them and they have his trust. You need that kind of solidarity if you want your vision implemented.

  11. United till I die says:

    Now Moyes is officially in place I’m fucking excited. SAFs legend will live forever but change is good and its the right time for a new leader. Can’t wait to see what the new boss brings to the table in terms of team selection and tactics. It will be a clean slate fir everyone at the club with everyone getting the chance to impress and earn there spot on the team.

    My hopes for Moyes is he uses his experience as a centre half to tighten up the defense and get the back 4 and midfield all on the same page when it comes to defending. I’m also hoping a new manager has a positive effect on Rooney just like it did for RVP last season. If he can do that in his first season we will be fighting for the title in May.

  12. markynorbs says:

    I don’t think competing for the premier league title will be to much of a issues for Moyes and this new staff. But the lack of champions league knowledge does concern me. Part of me wonders if some of our more experience player may question Moyes methods in this competition. I’m sure Sir Alex will help him out but there only so much he can do. It’s certainly going to be a interesting season for the mighty Reds.

  13. MombasaRed says:

    What experience did the rest have before they started? Someone has to start from somewhere. We just have to trust the manager and the tactics he puts out. Any player who doesnt follow the manager’s word should go. This is a critical time and everyone should be pulling in one direction

  14. ady_mufc says:

    Being only 24 I’ve never experienced New management at utd but this day had to come at some point

  15. ady_mufc says:

    Being only 24 I’ve never experienced new management at UTD but this day had to come, personally I’m all for moysey fetching his team with him, anything to help him settle in, it will only benefit us! Cannot wait for his first conference!

  16. ady_mufc says:


  17. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    once again like I said yesterday. All the best David. We are behind you and we know we will not be let down cuz you are a superb coach. NOW FOR THE SIGNINGS.

  18. United till I die says:

    What’s the over/under on how many games we are into the season before SAF makes a appearance sitting beside Sir Bobby? I reckon he will avoid the league games just to give Moyes his space and not take the focus off the new manager. I’d love to see him make a return for the champions league games after the group stage is over. Just thinking back now to the camera zooming in on Sir Matt Busby and seeing how much enjoyment he still got from us winning makes me smile.

  19. Andromeda says:

    Fair point mate, although I wouldn’t be that annoyed by lack of European experience, Fergie’s era was exceptional but remember the first champions league success came at 1999, that is 13 years after Fergie took the reign.Champions league is perhaps the most difficult competition on the universe, so any top manager would suffer from the fierce competition among the European elite, personally I think we should concentrate on continuing the domestic success and Moyes would gradually gain enough experience to handle the European atmosphere, and as you said he has Fergie on his side so no worry…

  20. Bill Hick's Ghost says:

    Chris Woods was a top quality keeper. No worries there at all.

    De Gea will enjoy working with him.

  21. FletchTHEMAN says:


    A) You have entered The Twilight Zone! OR
    B) Everton fans taking the p*ss! OR
    C) Glazers havin a Laugh

    ;) Welcome to the club!

  22. Redninja says:

    Welcome to united the envy of all them c unts!

  23. NBI Red Onion says:

    I don’t think SAF will interfere, especially not be seen if there is a tricky bedding in as he would not undermine Moyes, he is supposed to be on a tour with his wife and promoting United globally, he does not have an office anymore at United, will not be there daily or even once a week, just board meetings which are not that frequent. but he is on the end of a call. This will probably be a very difficult moment for him to let go, but being the master he is he has probably made up his mind and now enjoying racing and tennis. One thing he always had was great mental strength.

  24. markynorbs says:

    I hear what your saying Andromeda. But these day United are expected to compete in the final stages of the champions league. And if they don’t the financial loses would be huge and will not be excepted by the Glazer’s. Also it may have been 13 year for Fergie. but the circumstances are very different now. Back then English teams lost a lot of ground on the European sides from the 6year ban and that bullshit foreign players rule was a nightmare. Moyes has inherited a great team and result will be expect quickly from fans, owners, players and the press.

  25. Bill Hick's Ghost says:

    Teary eyed…

  26. drv3011 says: a little off topic’s this for a pose by our little legend as he models the new training kit?

  27. drv3011 says:

    good on Moyesey for accepting the opportunity to manage the greatest club in the world.I’m glad that SAF will still be around to watch over club matters but its up to Moyes to take over the reins as manager now.Good luck to him and here’s to more success for Man Utd in the Moyes era.

  28. bernowatson says:

    I’m a little worried about Moyes, will he have the same win at all costs attitude like Fergie?

  29. orez says:

    I do support Moyes, but I do have doubts. He didn’t do himslef a favour by chaging the backroom stuff.This is a high risk, high reward aprouch. he believes that to succed at United, he needs to impliment his vision and to impliment his vision, he needs to change the backroom. The risk is that such major changes can have drastic effects on a team. Only time will tell, but the manager should get credit for the sheer willpower and courage to do this.

  30. Gerriered says:

    welcome DM..Guys lets give tthe new team a chance. some say Woods is shite…if he made Howard who was shite for us into yhe consistent performer he is now then i will take that shit.Get signing boss Kondoogbia, Thiago and more n if Roo leaves ship him out of epl for enough quid to buy Lewa..

  31. Rukky says:

    I’v got to say the support here is damn impressive. Thanks ya’ll. Ön our facebook page you will be digurted by wat you see.

  32. King Eric says:

    NBI – No Albert retired sadly pal.

  33. wazzer says:

    Hope you do well :)

  34. Scoreboard paddock says:

    I just about remember the Busby, McGuiness, O’Farrell saga I don’t think this will be a repeat of that! Well I sincerely hope not look where that ended relegation just 6 years after winning the euro cup!

    My concerns with Moyes is his back room staff especially Woods! Can’t believe that appointment, how will they cope with the current playing staff? we have much bigger names and far superior players than they have ever worked with, can you honestly see Giggsy being told how to play from Round and Lumsden and to top it all they are all British! Meaning will they bring anything new to the table?

    The main concern will be Moyes transfer nounce Fergie signed Fergie type players I’m not sure what type of players Moyes players are.
    For his sake for our sake for the clubs sake lets hope he gets it right!

  35. SULLY says:

    I’m feeling better when I’m surrounded by you and when I’m in your company. You’re so bright. Thank you

  36. SULLY says:

    Welcome aboard Moysey. A classy appointment that flies in the face of the ‘buy now fuck it up later’ attitude of the citeh’s and rent boys of this world.
    Let’s get behind our man. The possibilities are endless. One Love.

  37. Red Mist says:

    Kanchelskis and King Fuckwit……

    it’ll all be over by Christmas and then we’ll see who the cunt(s) are.

    Just cos Fergie picked him you think he’s a nailed on success?

    You do know that Fergie recommended McLeish to Villa…and he nearly took them down.

    If you’ll be happy watching Everton play in red next year, then you’re in for a treat.


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